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This is an RP. It's like a RPGs where you play as either main characters or OCs you come up with.

Characters you can Audition for:


Mate: Kenzi (Played by me)

Species: Succubus


Mate: Lauren/Ciara (Your choice)

Species: Werewolf


Mate: (You can use an OC or come up with one)

Species: Siren


Mate: (Make one up)

Species: Human


Mate: (Doesn't have one yet)

Species: The Ash


Mate: Dyson

Species: Fae

The Morrigan

Mate: (Doesn't have one)

Species: Dark Fae


Mate: None

Species: Dark Fae


Mate: (Either Dyson or you can make one up)

Species: Human

Your Name:

I'm Playing as:

Character you want me to play as:

We will make up lines and I'll see if you make it. Then we can make up an episode and act as the character you chose.

5/26/2012 . Edited 5/26/2012 #1

Bo sounds cool. Are there any other succubus in the series?

5/29/2012 #2
Well the only other is Efa, her mother but she's not very good and not a main character. You could be Dyson, the awesome Detective/Werewolf. You have to fill out the questions (under all the characters) and we can begin. You can even make up your own character (For example it can be human, A Human/Werewolf Hybrid, A Human/Succubus Hybrid or even a Vampire)
5/29/2012 #3
I would also recommend watching Lost Girl before auditioning
5/29/2012 #4
Blessed Belieber

Uh...who should I play as? O.O

5/29/2012 #5
Since you're a girl. I'd suggest Bo the Succubus or make your own. Either human Succubus, Werewolf, Siren, Dark or Light Fae, or a hybrid.
5/29/2012 #6

This is nice.

10/24/2013 . Edited 10/24/2013 #7
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