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Destiny's Call

So, we all need to start discussing more of the story outline. I've got the basics, but I'm still not sure how all the people with Organization members find each other. Ant ideas?

2/23/2012 #1

They should find each other on this imaginary website where KH fans unite! Like my idea?

2/23/2012 #2
Destiny's Call
Hm. Well, it's better than anything I came up with. (Nothing)
2/23/2012 #3

What about it being some careless bloger? Xe could say that he met the real (Insert member's name here) and only the appropriate people realise...

2/24/2012 #4

Oh my gosh, that was what I was thinking!

2/24/2012 #5

What the...?

It wasn't all that bad an idea actually.

2/24/2012 #6
Destiny's Call
OMG! Me gusta! (I like it.)
2/24/2012 #7

Me encanta la idea.

2/25/2012 #8
Destiny's Call
Yo también.
2/25/2012 #9

Lets stop talking in Spanish for those people who don't know the language.

2/28/2012 #10
Destiny's Call
Yeah. Okay. So I was thinking... what if when they get to Disney World, they are attacked by Heartless?
2/28/2012 #11

That's good idea!

2/28/2012 #12
Destiny's Call
So, here's the outline so far: 1) All the Organization members are found all across the globe. 2) All of the people who found them start discussing what to on chat, Skype, etc. 3) Road Trip! (For me and Zexion, that's public transportation the whole way there since I can't afford two tickets to Orlando). 4) They meet up in Disney World and are attacked by Heartless. 5) After defeating the Heartless and saving Disney, they return home. (If you want to add anything, speak.) Also there's another thing we need to discuss: pairings. Since the Organization members will ALL be returning home, any relationships with them will end in heartbreak. (No "Oh, I love you so much I'll stay here with you!" crap.) And if there are any pairings between the OCs... well, that's kind of like pairing us authors together, sort of. Anyway, what are your thoughts?
2/28/2012 #13

Cool! :D

2/28/2012 #14
Destiny's Call
*Headdesk* I mean different pairings in the story.
2/28/2012 #15

It's an interesting idea. And I'll have to say we use FF for talking across the internet. Nobody else will realize!

And as for pairings... If we were to pair up every Organization member, then that would lead to four yaoi couples, and there would still be one left over...

I vote Xemnas to be the one left over.

2/29/2012 #16

Great ideas so far guys! :) I can't really come up with anything, so meh. XD I'll most likely have to catch a boat or airplane to Disney Land... Hey Hawk! How about we randomly bump into each other while going to Disneyland? Since we're both in the same country (kind of) and all... actually, forget it. :D

So; what pairings do you guys propose we do? I don't really want to pair up any of the Organization, since we don't NEED romance in order to write a good story. I'm sure that it'll be awesome on its own, without it. We might turn off people who dislike yaoi//yuri, and we don't need to lose any potential readers, right?

But if we ARE voting, then I vote for Zexion. Because he can be. ^_^

2/29/2012 #17
Destiny's Call
Pfft, yeah right. I'd get Zexion, because I'M the one who found him. Go seduce Saïx or something.
3/1/2012 #18

No, BOF is right. We don't need romance, and any in it at all with bump off people, whether it's people who like Yaoi/Yuri and hate Het, or vice versa.

An I think that would be interesting. Let's figure out where exactly we could meet. And why...

3/3/2012 #19
Destiny's Call
Yeah, I agree with no romance. I was just joking. And that would be kind of cool.
3/4/2012 #20


It would be. Now, what about an airport, Jaden?

3/7/2012 #21

I am confused. And we seem to have a new person, yet he hasn't shown up on Destiny's list of people yet. And she updates fast. Hmmm....

That would work great, Hawk! Now, if only I could coax Saix from my books...

Has anyone else got any ideas? ^_^

3/12/2012 #22


3/12/2012 #23
Destiny's Call
Godly, Bon-Bon means me. And well... I've been distracted. (New Anime)
3/12/2012 #24

Ooh, which one? (totally off topic XD)

3/12/2012 #25

Right. But what was that anime?

3/13/2012 #26

I'm curious too. And kind of in the same boat. I've fallen in love with Eden of the East...

3/14/2012 #27

I just realised, there's a ghost!

Kinda scary...

3/14/2012 #28

Realy.... So Destiny what was the anime?

3/14/2012 #29
Destiny's Call
Soul Eater. I watched 43 episodes of it in two days. It's on Netflix and on Funimation's channel on YouTube if your interested. But yeah, total off-topic. I'm gonna go make a thread just for chatting, 'kay?
3/15/2012 #30
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