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The events that took place in Seatle weren't an isolated case. More and more changed people are appearing every day. Create an OC and join in on the story of the few, that are the apex
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(Welcome everyone to the begining of the RP forum. I hope that this will be a fun and interesting place where many people can participate and have a great time doing so. Before we begin, I would just like to say this; Good luck, have fun, and follow the rules. With that out of the way, this is all I can say; BEGIN!)

2/22/2012 #1

Terroja stumbled exaustedly towards the rather large city of Seatle. He had just flown across the ocian in order to get to where he was currently, and as it turns out, doing that can take a lot out of a person. Despite his tired and weary feelings he smiled, he had wanted to come to this city for a few months now. When he found out about an incedent that involved two flying kids chucking large objects at eachother, he had been naturaly curious. This curiosity only grew a hundred-fold when he happened upon a cave that contained an odd object that granted him the ability of flight. So, after a few months worth of practicing his new found ability, he thought that comeing to the place where it all supposudly began was a good idea.

His thoughts were shot back to the present, however, when he realized just how tired and hungry he really was. He stumbled tiredly towards the rather large city of Seatle. Smiling all the while. His thoughts began to drift to when he first found out about his ability, he thought about how freeing it was to lift off of the ground and take to the sky's. Looking around, he was shocked to see that he had somehow wandered rather far into the city. Realizing that his hunger was far more importaint at the moment compaired to his tiredness, TJ looked around, trying to spot a place where he could rest and have something to eat.

His search didn't take too long, as he soon happened upon a simple looking diner. He turned and walked towards the diner, smiling as he did so. TJ entered the diner and sat at the nearest table he could find, ordering a burger and fries. While he was waiting for his food to be made, TJ looked around the diner and at all of the people that were there also. Finding nothing interesting, he felt himself start to doze off, hovering barely above his seat while he did so.

2/22/2012 #2

Skye sat in class, very bored. She looked around, and at the clock. 5 more minutes till class ends, She thought. She drummed her fingers on her desk, not paying much attention to her. She felt her phone vibrate. She looked at it. It was from Carleen. Waiting outside by the flagpole. Meet you here. Skye nodded, then texted back, Okay. She heard the bell ring, then gathered up her stuff, and left the class room. She soon saw her sister waiting for her. "Skye, come on," Carleen called. Skye ran over to her. "Let's go hiking," Carleen said when Skye got over to her, "so we can practice." Skye nodded. "Let's go."

2/23/2012 #3

Terroja woke with a start, flopping back down onto his seat quetly. He looked around the diner with a surpized look on his was only after a few moments that he remembered where he was. 'Right' He thought to himself. 'I'm in Amerika... How could I forgoten that!?' He rubbed his face for a second, looking for a clock so he could find out the time. Finding one, he saw that it was around three o'clock. He stretched lightly as he thought about how much his last flying session had taken out of him.

He was brought out of his musings when his food was brought out to him. He smiled at the service person and was bout to start eating when a thought crossed his mind, turnign to the service person he asked if he could also get a cup of coffe. When answered in the positive, he began to eat after muttering a quick thank you. It was only a few moments later that he recieved his coffe, and it was only about a minut afterwards that he was finished the dark liquid, his food following soon after.

Getting up, he placed a few bills on the table he was just sitting at. He turned and left the diner in a small hurry, he realized how much of a problem longer flights, like the one he had just gone through, were. Terroja resolved to get in as much training as he possibly could before begining his real search for information. Looking around, he started off towards the diection he came from in the first place, knowing that it was the fastest way to the seclusion that he wished for his practicing. He continued to head to the outskirts of the city, and once he reached the tree-line, he pushed off the ground. Smiling as he moved through the air with ease.

2/23/2012 #4


Skye and Carleen soon reached the forest. "Ready to practice?" Carleen asked Skye. Skye nodded. Carleen lifted off the ground. "This is fun!" She went up higher. "Don't go to far Carleen," Skye warned. She nodded. "I won't," she lied. Carleen then flew off. Skye rolled her eyes, then began to practice. She lifted some rocks off the ground. I wonder if anyone else has powers like me and Carleen. Andrew and Matt did, so I'm wondering if others do too........

2/23/2012 #5

(Hello, sorry I took so long to reply, like I said though, I've got rehearsals for a play, and the first showing is in a few weeks.)

Terroja was cursing his own stupidity. He had began his flight like he normally did, pushing off the ground with a large smile on his face, but one thing he forgot to take into account was how much energy he had wasted that day from his earlier flight. He was feeling increddibly overexerted, and was begining to feel himself slip into the realm of unconsiousness, falling towards the earth at an alarming rate. He felt blood flowing from his nose like a river, and the wind whizing past his ears sounded louder than a jet engine. There was nothing he could do except keep his eyes open as he plumeted. He knew that there was no chance of him surviving the fall, so he began to resign himself to his horrifying fate. 'Damn." He thought. 'And I was so close too...'

2/23/2012 #6

((It's okay:) What play are you doing?))

Carleen looked up, smiling, then saw Terroja. She was confused, but then snapped out of it. She flew as fast as she could over to him, and half caught him. She tired her best to keep him from falling. She used all her strength to keep him from falling, and felt blood run down her nose. She closed her eyes and hoped for the best.

2/23/2012 #7

(It's the world premier of it, so even though I'm going to tell you the name you wont be able to find anything about it. It's called Terminus, and it's written by Conni Massing)

Terroja vaguely felt himself being grabbed by something, and even though he couldn't find enough strength in himself to open his eyes to take a look at his savior, he could feel that the person was quite small. The cold was getting to him now, so he tried to take his mind off of the freezing winds rushing around him violently. He tried to stay awake for as long as he could, knowing that if he passed out he would only be dead weight to whomever it is that is saving his life.

2/23/2012 #8
Aria was on her way to Seattle, driving her old grey jeep wrangler. She drummed on her steeringwheel along to the music of Ellie Goulding, not paying attention to her surroundings. She didn't even see the guy flying to the left of the road. Aria was excited to be going on a trip to study nothing but fashion.
2/23/2012 #9

Terroja, after fighting off teh alluring call of sleep, finaly felt adrenaline flowing through his veins. focusing as hard as he could, he worked to slow their decsent, sucsseding to do so only just before the ground met them. With his work done, he allowed himself to fall into unconciousness. He had no idea where his savior was, infact, the only thing that he knew was that he was sprawled out on something solid.

2/23/2012 #10

Carleen coughed, and looked at Terroja. "Skye!" She called, still coughing. Skye heard her name, then came running to Carleen, and saw Terroja, and gasped.

2/23/2012 . Edited 2/23/2012 #11

(Sorry, I fell asleep XD)

TJ was completely unaware of his surroundigs, as he was still in his state of unconciousness. He was lulled out of his impromtu sleep by the sound of other people calling... something. He was vaguely aware of the cold ground beneath him, grass tickling at his exposed skin. As he became fully awake once more he sat up with a start, taking a loud intake of breath as he did so. When he opened his eyes he was met by the blinding light of day. Once his eyes adjusted to the light, he looked around where he landed, seeing to young girls looking at him. It was then he noticed the amount of blood that was coating his face.

2/24/2012 #12

((It's okay xD))

"What happened Carleen?" Skye asked. "I saw him falling, and went to help him," Carleen responded. "Are you crazy?" "No, I thought, Hey, I'm going to save this guy from falling to his death," Carleen snapped. She wiped some blood from her nose.

2/24/2012 #13
Aria pulled off the main road and turned on to a scenic dirt road that went through the woods. "Everybody starry eyed..." She sang as she looked around at the birds flying through the trees.
2/24/2012 #14

((Hi xD))

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2/24/2012 #16

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2/24/2012 #17
( I'm just working on a drawing for my art class.)
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2/24/2012 #19

(Hey, if you guys are going to chat without posting any character bits, could you please move your conversation over to the Chat topic?)

Terroja used his shirt to wipe away as much of the thick, red, liquid off of his face. When he was satisfied with his cleanlyness, he turned to the other two people near him. It was then that he realized just how young they looked, he also noticed how much they looked alike, 'Probably sisters.' He thought. Clearing his throat by spiting out a gob of blood, he said to the two arguing girls, "Hello?"

2/24/2012 #20


Skye jumped then looked at Terroja. "Hi," she said. "Hi," Carleen greeted. She wiped more of the blood from her nose.

2/24/2012 #21

(It's okay, just keep it in mind for the future, I just don't want too much unnecesarry clutter.)

Terroja looked at the two, and realized that one was at the very least a few years older than the other. He could only sit on the ground in silence as he tried to think of something to say. After staying in this position for about a few moments, he decided on trying to get to his feet. He would have normaly just hovered himself into an upright position, but he knew that if he tried that he would be back on the ground in no time at all. He lifted himself off of the ground, grunting in slight pain as he did so, before turning to the two girls in front of him. He studied each of them for a few seconds before he opened his mouth to speak, "So..." He began awkwardly, "Who do I thank for saving my life?"

2/24/2012 #22


"Me," Carleen said, holding up her hand. "I'm Carleen." She held out her hand.

2/24/2012 #23

(Damn, my computor is having some problems with the site, sorry if my replys become slower.)

Terroja smiled and stumbled over to Carleen, accepting her handshake readily. Taking her hand into his he started to shake with perhaps too much enthusiasm. "Briliant!" He said rather loudly, a large grin forming on his face, "The first hour I'm here and I meet someone who can do the same things I can! My name's Terroja, by the way!" He released Carleen's hand and turned towards the older looking of the two. "Hello!" He said, holding out his right hand with energy he didn't posses only moments ago.

2/24/2012 #24

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"Hi," Skye said, not accepting his handshake. She took a small step back. "What do you mean?" Carleen asked.

2/24/2012 #25

Terroja's smile faultered a little when the older looking of the two girls refused his handshake. His toothy grin returned in full force when he was asked about what he meant. He pointed to the sky giddily, before saying, "Flying, of course!" It occured to him just how crazy he must have looked to the two at that moment. He lowered his arm to his side sheepishly. "Sorry." He said, "Almost falling to ones death can give a person one hell of an adrenaline high."

2/24/2012 #26

"You can fly?" Carleen asked. Skye watched Terroja shifting uncomfortably.


2/24/2012 . Edited 2/24/2012 #27

"Well, ja!" Terroja said, his German accent sneaking its way through into his normaly fluent english. "How else would I have gotten that high up in the first place if I couldn't?" He said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Realizing that he might have sounded a bit rude, he said afterwards, "Sorry I'm being so... loud." It was then that he noticed that he didn't get the name of the other girl, he asked her, "Und what is your name?"

2/24/2012 #28

"Skye," she said coldly.

2/25/2012 #29
idc chan

Allie climbed out of the truck as quickly as possible without seeming rude. The female driver had seemed like a blessing at first and had quickly turned into a nightmare. A lecture about the dangers of being out as a female alone followed by a six hour rant about how hard it was to get by as a woman in a man's world had Allie just itching to jump out the window onto the interstate at 70 miles per hour and take her chances.

"Thanks Ingrid," she said quickly, grabbing her bag and turning away before she could hear another lecture. She all but sprinted towards the truck stop just off the interstate, an exit or so before the main part of the city. She headed for the bathroom first, using the opportunity to wash at the sink and change into a slightly cleaner shirt. She combed her hands through her hair and sighed, trying to control the butterflies in her stomach. She was close to her goal, close to what might be answers.

Allie shook her head and headed for the restaurant, she hoped she could charm a cup of coffee out of on the waitresses by looking properly pathetic and see if could find some directions towards town. She smiled at Ingrid as they passed each other, but didn't engage the older woman in conversation. She saw a woman sitting behind the cash register looking bored and soon was chatting with her. The woman did end up giving her a coffee, and stellar directions to get to the city- if Allie happened to have a car, which she didn't.

As the sun started to rise, Allie decided this wouldn't be a real good place to sleep and she was too keyed up to rest anwyas. She headed out of the truck stop and walked towards the woods she could see in the back. She figured this close to a town they weren't bound to be all that dangerous and she might be able to rest a little better outside somewhere as long as the weather held.

2/25/2012 #30
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