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Cybernetic Author unit 5


So, to clarify for anyone else, RP stands for Role play, you make your own character and play as them, simple enough, right?

2/21/2012 #1
(I think we should create a different topic for creating OCs... I'll do it! :P )
2/21/2012 #2
Kori slipped into the shadows unseen, like she was so good at. She hated training with the others in the day. It just wasn't her. She simply hated the fact that she was a ninja, but it really couldn't be helped.
2/21/2012 #3
Cybernetic Author unit 5

"Hi," said Khile, appearing seemingly out of nowhere next to her.

2/21/2012 #4
The dark blue-green ninja's eyes widened, then she glowered at the other, not making a sound. She only ran quickly in the opposite direction, away from the boy. She hated being around others... Simply hated it! Unless they were close friends or thieves, they had no right to be around her, in her own way of thinking.
2/21/2012 #5
Cybernetic Author unit 5

Khile was sitting by himself in the wilderness, quietly wittleing on a piece of bambo (this might be a good place to put the serpentine in, hint hint)

2/21/2012 #6
Shimmer, walking on her own because of the stupid males of her species annoying her so much, spotted a boy in the trees ahead. She stopped and his behind a tree, seeing that he was a ninja. She didn't mind this, of course, but she didn't want to be attacked.

(He is wearing his ninja suit, right? Because they mostly wear them full-time...)

2/21/2012 #7
Cybernetic Author unit 5

(he isn't a ninja, but he can handle his own in a fight.)

Chris held up the bambo, which he had made into a small flute and started to play a quiet tune.

2/22/2012 #8

(Oh. At first you said it was Khile in the woods. I knew Chris wasn't a ninja. :D )

Shimmer blinked her crimson eyes. It was a lovely tune, to be sure. But she couldn't reveal her hiding spot to a human. After all, it was a well-known fact that humans disliked the Serpentine.

Without realizing it, Shimmer began to sing along softly, not really words but a soft melody. Her hypnotic powers were made stronger by her soothing voice, which made others more comfortable around her for the most part.

2/22/2012 #9
Cybernetic Author unit 5

Chris heard her and turned, "Hello? Is someone there?" he saw her shining scales, "I don't care what you are, I'm not going to try to hurt you."

2/22/2012 #10

Shimmer looked out from around the tree. "R-really? I thought all humans hated Serpentine."

2/22/2012 #11
Cybernetic Author unit 5

Chris shook his head, "Not me."

2/22/2012 #12

"Why?" Shimmer asked, sitting down. She tilted her silver, blue-green, and gold-scaled head curiously.

2/22/2012 #13
Cybernetic Author unit 5

"I don't know, I just don't." He looked at her, she was rather beautiful up close.

2/22/2012 #14

Shimmer blinked her eyes a couple of times when she realized he was staring. "May I ask why you watch me so closely?" she asked, just a hint of bitterness in her voice. She thought it might have been because he really didn't trust her, no matter what he said.

2/22/2012 #15
Cybernetic Author unit 5

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was staring," said Chris shaking his head and mentaly slapping himself. "Anyway you don't hate humans it seems, I guess I don't hate serpentine for the same reason you do."

2/22/2012 #16

"The humans never did anything to hurt us. We did strike first." Shimmer sighed, closing her eyes. Then they flew open and she grinned. "Excuse me for forgetting my manners. My name is Shimmer. And yours?"

2/22/2012 #17
Cybernetic Author unit 5

"Chris," said Chris. Even though he tried not to, he could help staring at her for short perieouds of time.

2/22/2012 #18
Shimmer closed her eyes, listenin to the birds for a moment, then she sang out a simple four-note tune. The birds quickly hushed, and she repeated it. She smiled as the chorus was taken up by the birds, one by one starting up the four-note tune and sending it back to her.
2/22/2012 #19
Cybernetic Author unit 5

(She's a bit..... girly XD)

"Sooooo...." said Chris, not sure what to do next.

2/22/2012 #20
(Naw, she's meant to be a guy. *rolls eyes* Nah, just kidding. :P )

Shimmer opene her eyes. "Do you sing? Or just play?" she asked, her deep crimson eyes staring at Chris. The melody was quickly forgotten with no one to keep it going, and it was lost in a sea of other forest sounds.

2/22/2012 #21
Cybernetic Author unit 5

Chris blushed a little, "Uh no, I just play."


2/22/2012 #22
"Cool." That was Shimmer's only response as she stared into the trees. It was like she was searching for something. Se hesitantly placed her hand on a small silver dagger by her side, not liking to fight but fighting anyway. She had the skill, anyway. She glanced at Chris. "Sorry if I seem on edge, but Skales doesn't like me escaping into the woods from him. Sometimes he tracks me by my voice, and I forget that and sing anyway. It lets me feel free, I guess. More welcome with everyone instead of just the Serpentine."

(I just mean that she's a girl, so she might act like one at times. C: )

2/22/2012 #23

Kai came out into the training area. Seeing Kori wasn't anywhere, he sighed, letting his shoulders sag.

2/22/2012 #24
Kori sat down by a little fire in he uncle's shop. He was a blacksmith for a different part of Jumanicai village than Kai used to be, but now he was overworked because of the other shop closing down. "So, any news of more nets being set?" she asked cooly in the thief code.

Her uncle shook his head, stoking a different fire across the room then pounding at the metal with his hammer. "No, no ropes have been recently strung."

Kori nodded in understanding and took the cup of hot tea she was given by her uncle's wife. The two, Todd and Dannielle, were thieves as well. After all, those of the same kind sometimes were attracted to each other instead of their opposites...

2/22/2012 #25


2/22/2012 #26


Suddenly, a knock came from the large wooden doors. Kai lifted his head and walked over, opening it. "Oh, hey Senshi." Once he looked back down again, he snapped his gaze back up to the farmer. "Senshi?"

The farmer was from a town far away, Blossom Towm. Near the Caves of Despair, and that was quite a distance from the monastery, which made Kai wonder.

2/22/2012 #27
After draining the cup of tea, Kori stood and left after a quick goodbye. She was heading back to the monastery as slowly as she could, still not wanting to train with the others.
2/22/2012 #28

Senshi quickly brushed his hand through his spike black hair, then quickly looked up at Kai. "There's been some activity near the Caves of Despair. Blossom Town is too afraid to go. One person even said that--!"

"Woah, woah, woah, easy," Kai assured. "The Caves of Despair?"

2/22/2012 #29
Sighing, Kori tried to find something to amuse herself. She put up her hair with a long light blue ribbon, practiced bending the shadows, even just sat there whistling random things for a while. Finally, she got up and just walked back. It wouldn't kill her to go back there.
2/22/2012 #30
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