you know you love the game why not RP it. Make your own characters from Humans civilian to a member of ONI. Covenant from grunts-a prophet unless you want to be in the war then an Elite.
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Aaron held his hands up. He could hear the desperation in the woman's voice. Her assistant might still be alive if she were this intent. Normally he wouldn't think to go on an SAR run if someone were to ask; victims were panicking more often than not, effecting their judgment of the situation. Chakwas seemed better composed than that, however.

"Okay, slow down, Doc. Where did he say he was going exactly?"

4/4/2012 #61
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane held her head in her habds again. "Ngh... Not sure. Said he went to help find civilians. More than likely headed east towards the local towns surrounding the ciry." she explained

4/5/2012 #62

UNSC Marine Private William Buckett pried the boot off his foot and threw it at the nearest wall. Said boot impacted the bulkhead with a thud before immediately loosing velocity and dropping straight to the floor. Soon the boot's opposite found itself in a similar position on the floor. The Private eased his armored vest off and onto the bed where it slowly depressed the cheap mattress until the box-spring would give no more, Buckett eased himself to his feet giving his right foot a quick massage. Putting the foot back to the floor he undid the snaps holding his pistol magazine pouch in place and undid the holster for his handgun.

Now clad in nothing but a fresh undershirt and a clean pair of fatigue pants the Private made his way to the bathroom with his tooth brush, the only hygenic supplies he'd managed to retain. He didn't even have an toothpaste. William ran a hand through his hair in front of a mirror. His hands resting on the sink as a pair of hollow gray eyes stared back at him. He desperately wanted to just punch the damn thing and make the mirror disappear.

"F*** this s***," he muttered, leaving the sink and mirror behind as he left the bathroom in a huff. Forgetting his toothbrush on the edge of the sink.

4/5/2012 #63

Aaron was in a slight bind. The convoy wasn't even at full strength and now he was begin given word that not only were civilians still in the towns, but base personnel had gone AWOL. The Private shrugged. "Ma'am, I don't have the authority to authorize a search..."

He glanced off to his right, near the vehicle depots as the higher ranking staff and NCOs started their informal debrief. It was going to be quiet around the base in a few minutes, even more once everyone started settling back in. This was only the first month since the Covenant arrived on Reach and the UNSC was already losing ground. It would make for a hell of turnabout if they were to draw at least one line.

Aaron glanced back at Jane and tapped his helmet, the 525's holographic monocle flickering to life over his right eye. "But I'll see what I can do."

Shuffling his boots against the tarmac, he about-faced and headed back to the nearest personnel carrier. "Cal, I'm gonna go for a run. Lemme know when you got that thing fixed."

"What about my rifle?"

"Taking it with," he said, reaching into the bed of the LRV and taking a stack of 7.62x39 magazines. As he stepped back, his elbow bumped the turret's spare ammo crate, sending it falling off the back with a jingling crash. Cringing, he hissed out a "Sorry, Cal" through gritted teeth.

"Damn it, Lockett! This is why we can't have nice things!"

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Arrancar Zero Azer

Zero saw two people talking to each other. One of them appears to be in the medical branch and the other in the military/army.

4/5/2012 #65
o 116 o

It'd been a long day for the freshly transferred Lance Corporal. He shuffled his sleepless corpse past another soldier, into the bathroom and towards an empty sink. As he reached for the faucet, his eyes locked onto the sight of a rather overused- and apparently freshly brushed- tooth brush. His face wrinkled into an irritated snarl as his temper flared.

"Hey, *** face!" He shouted, brandishing the dental cleaning tool. "You're not the only ***hole that has to use this sink! Mind cleaning up after yourself, princess!?"

4/5/2012 #66

Buckett turned around, halfway to the barracks and halfway to the bathroom.


He squinted slightly, the action was pointless but he didn't care. He was kinda pissed himself, though he didn't see what this guy's problem was, so he'd play up the act a little bit. He was obviously gonna get his a** handed to him if this guy decided to fight him, seeing how the Mexicano had a height and a weight advantage on the Private - plus Buckett knew from experience that anytime he'd gotten into a scrap in high school he'd ended up mangled for the rest of the month. But he was in the Corps now, against his will essentially but still, he was a Marine. He didn't need to take no s*** from nobody.

Get a couple of medals, go home and use 'em to bang babes and get some benefits. Easy s***. Get beat up and get sent to the infirmary for a few days, that meant a few days his a** wasn't getting shot at. It was a win-win situation. He either stood up to his aggressor and angry man back down or he got the s*** beat out of him and sat in the medbay for a while all shot up with morphine.

"I missed that, sorry. Can you repeat i?"

4/6/2012 #67
Arrancar Zero Azer

(Try not to say any bad words. Thank you.)

Zero approached the doctor and said, "How do you do ma'am."

4/6/2012 #68
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane sighed, before turning to Zero. "Fine. Still confused with Covenant." she stated, before craning her neck at him. "Name?" she asked bluntly.

4/6/2012 #69
Arrancar Zero Azer

"Zero. Zero Azer." Zero replied. " Whats to be confused about the Covenant."

4/6/2012 #70
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane smiled, indicating for him to follow her as she walked back to her personal tent. "Covenant have culture. Beautiful really, elegant in design, destructive in beliefs. Odd to think that their religion bases one species like us to death." she explained.

4/6/2012 #71
Arrancar Zero Azer

"Is that so," Zero said.

4/6/2012 #72
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane nodded, "Yes. Why not base destruction on a more barbaric or dangerous species? Like brutes, or elites. Both more genetically advanced, as well as the brutes beast like nature. Why base destruction on humans? Leaders lying perhaps?" she guessed, scratching the bottom of her chin.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #73
Arrancar Zero Azer

Zero tried to process what Jane said in his head but couldn't really process it. He gave her a confused look.

4/7/2012 #74
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane face palmed, "Beliefs make no sense. Humans not barbaric yes? Brutes are...." she explained slowly, using her hands to indicate her meaning as if he were stupid.

4/7/2012 #75
Arrancar Zero Azer

"Sorry ma'am but I am kind of tired, becides I haven't been studying the Covenant's Beliefs," Zero replied.

4/7/2012 #76

Anthony being able to leave the medical center. He starts to look for jane. he finds her talking to a man hes never seen before. he approaches them and salutes the two. "sir, ma'am. doctor i need you to sign my paper so i can return to duty" and show the papers to the doctor.

4/7/2012 #77
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane rose an eyebrow, taking the papers into her hand. "How long have you been resting?" she asked bluntly, reading the papers swiftly.

4/7/2012 #78

"Two days, just like you said."

4/7/2012 #79
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane nodded, before she punched him where his bruises were. Hard. Despite the fact Jane was a doctor, she had to deal with several uncooperative patients, so she was stronger than most would expect.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #80

Anthony held his are arm over his bruise and cringed in pain "what was that for."

4/7/2012 #81
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane frowned again. "Checking. Avoid use of injured limb for another day. Should be fine." he stated, signing the papers for him

4/7/2012 #82

Anthony gave the doc a mean look snatched the papers and walked to his quarters

4/7/2012 #83
Arrancar Zero Azer

"What was that punch for," Zero asked.

4/7/2012 #84
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Jane shrugged. "Felt like it." she stated simply.

4/7/2012 #85
Arrancar Zero Azer

"Well I will see you later, I guess," Zero said, as he started walking to his quarters." I will catch a nap or two."

4/7/2012 #86
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Meanwhile, in the middle of a civilian colony.

"This is freaking ridiculous!" ODST John Dane yelled, taking out another grunt with a simple pull of the trigger. "Ray where's your radio?!" he yelled at a marine, before the marine shrugged. "I gave it to you!" he yelled back, running back to him. "Right. Get it for me!" he ordered, before the marine went behind John and began to search for the radio, while John gave him cover fire.

4/7/2012 #87
Arrancar Zero Azer

(I should make a combat RP. This is the safe Reach (for now).)

4/7/2012 #88
Jack of Blade's Daughter

(.....Maybe he gets to be one of the first unlucky people to fight the covenant on reach? *Puppy dog-eyes*)

4/7/2012 #89
Arrancar Zero Azer

(I guess)

Zero opened the door to his quarters and turned on the lights as soon as he entered. He could see letters from friends from back home on his desk, scattered. He shut the door and locked it and walked up to the desk. Zero then gathered all of the letters and put it in a neat pile.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #90
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