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Name- What is the name of your character. This can include a nickname.

Age - How old is your character?

Gender - What is the sex of your character?

Nationality - Where was your character born. Remember though; if they are born in Japan, should they not have a Japanese name?

Faction -Are they an ESper or a Mage?

Appearance - This can be a loose description of the physical appearance of the character or it could be, if you so wish, a picture.

Personality - A short description of your characters personality.

Background - A small description of the characters background and his past experiences.

~If a mage~

Mage name- Latin word followed by three numbers

Magic- What is there magic and the applications of said magic?

Faction- Catholic, Puritan, Russian orthadox, etc.

~If a ESPer~

Ablility's name- What is the ability called?

Level-A number 0-5, zero having just about no powers and 5 being the most powerful.

short description of how it works- What scientific jargon can explain why and how your ability works.

Applications- What can your character do with the ability?

Faction- Are they a member of Judgment, a student, etc.

2/25/2012 #1

(This is my character)

Name- Sergei Petrovich

Age -17

Gender -Male

Nationality -Russian

Faction -ESPer

Appearance-Sergei a rather tall, well-built, blond haired, blue eyed Russian male who speaks with an accent. He typical wares a white, plain tee-shirt, dark-blue jeans, and black combat boots.

Personality -Sergei acts quite chivalrous, though at the same time act cold to others to protect them if needed. He would do about anything for the friends that he cherishes. It is quite easy to win his trust, though if one is able to lose said trust it enters the realm of almost impossibility to regain.

Background -Sergei was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia into a poor family. He was never given the right to play as a kid, only work and studying. He found he had a natural aptitude for Esper powers, and decided that he should study abroad to learn how to effectively use his powers. He joins judgment for sometime before quitting due to unknown circumstances.

Esper power

Ablility's name- Water Excitation


short description of how it works- Sergei take water and adds heat energy to water and can absorb heat; though he needs to absorb energy to transfer energy. In direct sunlight he needs not worry, but without direct sunlight he needs to be careful of his energy consumption. Though he needs energy to excite water, he is able to absorb heat from water at any time.

Applications- Changing the phase of water. (Water into ice, Ice into steam, steam into water, and vice-versa) and Absorbing heat energy

Faction- Judgment (Former), now a normal student.

2/25/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #2


2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #3
Shintaro Kozu

Name: Gregory Yagami " Greg"

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japanese American, but only slightly

Faction: Esper

Appearance: Gregory sports Jet Black hair. He has a lean Figure, but when his clothes are off his muscles are obvious. He has black, American oriented eyes, with White skin. People only notice he is Japanese by his last name. he Prefers where black suits, with a matching color tie. Some times he wears a red tie with the suit. Only if it is nesassary will he wear casual clothes, and jeans.

Personality: Gregory can be seen as an indifferent person almost all tings, except for girls. Due to his childhood, he is willing to due anything if it concerns a girl, anything. he is extremely intelligent, but sometimes tends to underestimate his opponents emotional resolve. He is capable of doing unspeakable things if it is to further his goals at that moment. He is horrible at making up names. He also has a love-hate relationship with blondes * he might hate some with a passion, while love others* HE tends to be a bit of a gambler if there is anything interesting he wants from you.

Background: Gregory Is a Psychology genius. He simply knows how to get under your skin if he wants. This was beaten into him by his scholar of a dad. His dad though, frequently beat him, and his mother, which resulted in his extreme protectiveness of woman. He vows to never strike a girl, ever. He is currently as student, trying to live peacefully. Because of this power though, he tends to distance himself away from people. He has been intructed in numerous martial arts, just in case things go slightly awry.

Esper Power

Ability's Name: Psych-Map

Short description of how it works: with one touch, Gregory knows everything about you. Your strengths, your fears, your emotions, desires. Anyting.


Applications: It cannot physically harm anybody, but if you use it correctly, it can drive you opponent emotionally to the ground. It can also be used as a motivation tool when in need of cheering up. it can be used as a tool to predict matches as well, perfect for gambling.

Faction: Student

2/25/2012 . Edited 2/25/2012 #4


2/25/2012 #5


Hikaru Ogata










Hikaru stands at about 5 feet 3 inchs and has a rather slim build with shoulder length white hair that hangs in his face. He is rather pale so his eyes always seem as if they are glowing, he has Heterotrophic Irises so his right eye is green while the other is a deep blue. He wears thin dark green hooded vest over a cloth long sleeve black shirt with a pair of black jeans and Vans shoes..


Hikaru is hot headed and stubborn and will fight for what he believes in even if he knows he will lose. But, even with his pride he still puts his friends over everything else even if it hurts his pride. He dislikes people who don't take responsibility and feel bad for themselves. He believes life is a treasure that someone can lose at any time so he likes to have fun and live it up as much as possible.


He's spent almost all his life in an orphanage here he was mistreated and often given very little food and mostly had to steal to live. Despite this he still enjoyed life and when he turned 10 he ran away from the orphanage and soon became fascinated with computers and magic and soon created a unique magic style using data as it's element which angered many traditional magicians and soon he was on the run from them all, he soon stumbled across academy city where he is currently taking refuge.

~If a mage~

Mage name-



He can solidify and manipulate data creating real weapons out of a call of duty disk or creating shields out solidified data. He can also create solid projectiles which he can shoot at high speeds. It also makes his thought process extremely accurate by using mathematical equations and statistics as a computer. He can also convert objects into data and store them in computers, phones, flash drives, etc.



2/26/2012 #6

Analyst! Glad you could make it! Accepted by the way!

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #7

Name- Ryuto Shidou

Age - 17

Gender - male

Nationality - Japanese

Faction - Esper

Appearance - A rather bookish looking young man, he is quite a bishonen without his glasses, though he cannot see as well. Despite his stance being constantly slumped and looking rather shy, he is actually a very muscular, strong individual. He wears a white button up shirt, square glasses, a black jacket, jeans and boots.

Personality - Ryuto is one of the shyest kids at the Academy, despite being quite capable, in fact, the only thing holding him back from becoming a more powerful Esper is a lack of confidence. He does have a more hot blooded side to him that occasionally surfaces when he uses his ability. He has an analytical personality that lets him immediately look for faults in defensive forms, and exploit these very well. He is a big fan of robot fighting clubs, and has often joined them. He has many, many secrets, mostly regarding family. He is actually a very ambitious, closetedly ruthless man with antisocial tendencies, though these don't emerge often. He has the goal of "capture Touma Kamijo and find out why he's able to do what he does."

Background - Ryuto was brought up as Tsukiharu Shidou, the youngest child in the branch family of the Shidou Family, and then he was adopted into the main family when his already prodigious talent became evident, mostly surrounding robots. When he was brought into the Esper Program, he was able to quickly climb the ranks, but as much as he wants to, he cannot become a Level 5.

Ablility's name- Robomaster

Level- 4

short description of how it works- The materialization of technology from the mental sphere's imagination, and combining it with a measure of electrosignal control power into a robot or weapon of varying form. The trick here is that there has to be a blueprint or some such for the technology, and that once in our world, it becomes "natural." Thus, for Touma, countering his power is a matter of timing.

Applications- Creating and amplifying robots, the electrosignal portion of his powers have some very dark implications indeed. He can make technology and then suspend it in the air as a form of shield.

Faction- He is a member of the Science Club.

2/26/2012 #8

I like him! Accepted!

2/26/2012 #9

Name- Rei Tokushima

Age -15

Gender -female

Nationality -Japan

Faction -Esper

Appearance-She is a rather short (about 5"2) pink haired girl with twin tails on ether side of her head. She wears the standard school uniform with several rings on each of her fingers except her two ring fingers. Each one of these rings is a different metal; Iron, Silver, etc.

Personality -She likes to play jokes on others, the most prominent of the pranked as Sergei. She hates to have anyone put their hand atop her head. Doesn't like talking about her personal life. She has an almost intoxicating sense of justice. If her friends breaks a law, then she will probably scold or if severe enough, will attack them. She normally calls Sergei her 'Onii-chan' in normal conversation; scarily using his name much to his dismay.

Background -She was sent to academy city at a young age after her parents died in a fire at her house. She blamed herself for the death of her parents. One day she when she was stealing from a jeweler, she ran into a member of Judgment; one Sergei Petrov. After beating her, Sergei asked him if she would be willing to join his organization. She obliges and becomes Sergei's partner for a short time before he quit. She stayed however and keeps in contact with her former partner.

~If a ESPer~

Ablility's name-Electro-Magnetism


short description of how it works-If she touches a metallic item she can convert it into a magnet

Applications-She has the ability to magnetize several metals. If a person has a piece of metal on them, such as a chain, ring, belt-buckle and others, she can force it to attract or repel to another piece of metal. Lets say that her opponent has any form of metal on them, she could force her rings to attract to said piece of metal allowing her to preform heavy punches despite her size. She can also magnetize any piece of metal that a person has on themselves, such as if they had on a ring, she could force it to attach itself to anything metallic. The problem is that she needs direct contact to magnetize the metal.


2/26/2012 . Edited 2/27/2012 #10

Name- Zach "ZD" Donner

Age - 16

Gender - male

Nationality – United States

Faction -ESper

Appearance- Zach stands at around 6' with short brown hair that's spiked. He usually walks around in jeans and a black muscle shirt and black skate shoes and a red leather jacket. He also has a tattoo on his left calf of a cross dripping blood.

Personality - Zach can be quite the smart ass and tends to find trouble where ever he goes. He doesn't do well with authority and tends to have quite the rebellious streak. Match that with his flirtatious and routy nature and you have a big problem in one package

Background – Zach grew up with a single mother who had 3 jobs to support them, so it was no wonder when he began to get into trouble and started to bounce in and out of juvenile detention centers. In his last visit he met another teen that used parkour to break into a gas station through the roof. After Zach got out he started looking into parkour and because of his ability took to it quickly. After practicing for awhile with it Zach got into a fight with a kid and when the police showed up he ran through an urban area and was able to avoid them through his new found skills but they were waiting for him when he got home. After he was taken in a strange man gave him the option of either being locked up once more or attending some academy in Japan. Andre chose the ladder and now is about to begin his new life at this academy.

Ability's name- adrenaline rush

Level- 3

short description of how it works- his body can naturally produce large amounts of adrenaline, causing his heart to beat around 600 bpm and higher. This severely increased amounts of adrenaline gives Zach the ability to move extremely quick and react very quickly, so much to the point that he can actually see and dodge bullets and run just under 30 miles per hour, as well as jump about 15 ft in the air. This does however is extremely effect his heart in a negative way. Whenever he uses this the blood veins in his right arm up to his shoulder blade and neck take on a strange pigment of florescent blue, causing what could easily be mistaken for as a glowing tattoo up is arm ending on his shoulder blade in the shape of a featherless wing.

Applications- this ability is applicable in fighting, sports, and evading unwanted people.

Faction- student

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #11

The only problem that I can see with your characters this: If a human ran 30 mph their ankles would break. That is just too much stress on the joints, muscles and bone.

2/26/2012 . Edited 2/26/2012 #12

Ok, I was thinking it was 35 but your right, max is just under 30 so I'll edit.

2/26/2012 #13

Alright! He seems good now! Accepted! now there might not be much activity right now as most everyone left for the night so tomorrow we should be able to post fully. It is also getting late, so maybe considering that he is a level 3 he could be in the same school range that Sergei and Alex are in. We can meet up in the dorms.

2/26/2012 #14


Yuuta Takeda

Age -


Gender -


Nationality -


Faction -


Appearance -

Yuuta is extremely short for his age, standing at 4 feet 8 inches and is quite often mistaken for a little kid, he has shoulder length black hair green eyes and very pale skin, he often wears a long black trenchcoat over a bullet-proof vest. His Bokken is always strapped to his back and his Desert Eagles are always kept hidden.

Personality - He is extremely childish and immature but has a strong sense of justice and knows what's right and wrong, however beware of his wrath if you make fun of his appearance he will hunt you down.

Background -

Nothing is known about his background or past.

~If a ESPer~

Speed Bending




He can alter the speed of almost any object for a short period of time, making his sword slashes faster than bullets he can also suspend an object in a frozen position generally using that as an escape or chance to attack.



2/26/2012 #15
Shintaro Kozu

Name: Midori Daiz

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Nationality: Japanese, with a little bit of french.

Faction: ESPer

Appearance: Midori looks like a typical Japanese student, she has shoulder height black hair, and is a little small for her size. This size difference though means nothing when you get her pissed off. Usually likes her school uniform, though will be known to wear anything casual. She looks timid and cute in some instances, but that can quickly change to a face that will haunt you in your nightmares if you piss her off too much.

Personality: Midori is a very timid, shy kind of person. Because of this trait, she usually isn't noticed much. It is only when you get to know her that she is a complete jealous prone person. If the date is too good, she will kill you, if the date is too bad, she will kill you. If you dare to cheat on her, she will do way more than that. She is attracted to mysterious, foreign guys. Also likes cute things very much.

Backround: Born to Japanese Father, and a French mother. Midori was raised by her father, when her mother would go and study some rare form of clothes weaving ( Because she is a fashion designer). SHe always liked her father, and is still grateful for all of the combat techniques he taught her. When she found that she had ESPer powers, her father was more than happy to train her in the ways of sword play.

ESPer Power

Ability's name: Threadline.

Short description on how it works: Threadline allows Midori to take any woven, or cloth like Item, and turn them into sharp objects. She has mastered it all the way into making it a katana, which she uses regularly on boys.

Level: 3

Applications: Because this power relys on her own strength at the time, it can be useful and hopeless. Mostly used to slice and dice people, things or anything she wants. This does weaken her reasonableness to a tad on the unreasonable side though, because of her powers immense strain on her brain, she tends to lose her temper, and make mistakes.

Faction: Student

2/27/2012 #16

Both are accepted.

2/27/2012 #17
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Name- Joseph Tiers

Age - 17

Gender - Male

Nationality - America

Faction Esper

Appearance - Joseph is of average height with medium length blond hair and black eyes. He wears a standard school uniform, but outside of school he WILL be wearing formal wear - black suit and blood red tie. Should he escape that which will be explained below, however, he will change into casual wear, wearing black jeans, a hoodie and a strap on bag with the strap going across him like a sash.

Personality - Joseph is kind and fun loving - which makes him VERY annoyed with all his duties. He will often sneak out and cause trouble for his tutors, only one of which is sympathetic to his plight. He also likes to solve people's problems, for helping people is one of the things he likes to do. He also plays RTS games to keep up his micromanagement abilities. His tutors and aides often insist he break his ties with judgement because of the dangers of being a part of it, but he flat out declares he would do no such thing.

Background - He and his family are the owners of Titan, a corporation that deals in military uses of Esper abilities. He left the family at the age of 10 because he did not want to contest the ownership of the corporation with his sister, but a traffic accident killed his family, leaving him as the sole heir. However, he lately have been shifting the company's focus into the uses of Esper abilities for the betterment of society, and as a result has been targeted by several bigwigs who don't appreciate that.


Ablility's name- Command Influx

Level- 4-5 (different methods of testing show different results, as a result many scientists often debate about his classification)

short description of how it works- An evolved form of telekinesis, he not only able to read minds, but to any mind that consciously accepts him as a leader, he can view as many at the same time. This gives him an advantage in that he can see what is going on and have a clear view of the situation, while his followers can focus on their duty without needing to report what is happening to him consciously. Also, he is able to telepathically send messages and instructions, but here the reason why his level is disputed - 1) He does not need to be in direct contact with the person he is reading the mind of, for the whole point of accepting him as a leader is to open their mind to him. 2) Building on that type of "trust", he is able to use his follower/subordinate's mind to read the mind of people the FOLLOWER can see, using that mind as a medium between his mind and the opponent's, which leads to very interesting forms of information gathering. Aside from his Esper abilities, he is excellent at micromanaging people and giving instructions.

Applications- He is able to use the multiple aspect to find out who is against him and who is not; testing the TRUE loyalties of his followers. He also uses this ability to direct his corporation and used it to crush several other corporations who have attempted to use the shift from military to peaceful use as an opening for a hostile takeover. More often than not, he had outwitted the CEO of a rival company into a situation which would cause his company to collapse, leaving Titan in a perfect position to shut down the threat. As a result of his abilities - as well as his ethics and morals in never doing a economic move for greed or wealth - his corporation is one of the best managed and respected in the world.

Faction- Student/Titan. He also acts as a consultant and (in Major incidents such as stand-offs or hostage situations since he IS COMPLETELY useless in quick combat situations), field commander/information relay to Judgement.

Other: When he is forced to fight, he will use a TITAN Custom Equ.DarkMatter powersuit ( with the main power source being developed artificially by TITAN technology instead of the original powers of Dark matter. He can fight on equal grounds against most espers up to and including level fours with this, but while he is using the suit due to a problem in it's design he is unable to use command influx at the same time, a problem he knows about. He will fight without the mask on the original design, instead using Titan technology to form a more compact but weaker power source on the back, which can emanate into the wings used for attack. He also has a sidearm gun when he fights in this form, but as much as he tried to, he admitted that adding a sword would look more cool but would also significantly make him weaker since he had no idea how to use one.

(I have read the rules. Also, I would have argued a point in that rule 5 would not have applied if I never used that ability against another character, but I respect your judgments and have deleted that portion of his power.)

2/27/2012 . Edited 6/6/2012 #18

I like the character itself (Like everything but the power) but that power is just a bit OP. Could you just trim it down a bit?

2/27/2012 #19
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Should I knock out the overload part? That would make him completely useless in a physical fight

Or should I knock out the implanting?

Or both and shift it into reading his opponent's mind?

I'm sorry, I can't decide so I'm leaving it up to you.

2/27/2012 #20

I don't like the 'implanting' part, so that I think should be scraped. Sorry; just don't like the idea of characters being 'forced' to do anything you know. Now read up on the rules, change your character and then when I reread I you can join. Alright. Tell me when you are done though.

2/27/2012 #21
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

Done. Awaiting judgment.

2/27/2012 #22


2/27/2012 #23
Shintaro Kozu

Name: Amanda Rolland

Age: 17

Gender: female

Nationality: American.


Appearance: Amanda has semi long brown hair that is usually worn in a ponytail, but looks really good naturally as well. She wears expensive casual clothes, but is not afraid to wear anything else. Jeans are her favorite type of pants. Her white skin is decided pale, and is considered cute, but tends to cover it up by wearing ugly glasses.

Personality: Amanda is fun loving, and considered a girly girl. She is very caring to those who are less fortunate, and will do anything to help. When it is called for, though, she will shed that part of her, and do her best to help those who will save other people. She tends to be active.

Backround: Before she had discovered her esper powers, she was a popular cheerleader. Unlike her television counterparts, she was well liked by all of her students. That was, until guys with guns came in and killed every-one but her. She had not known how to use her powers back then, so she couldn't do anything to stop them. After intesive theropy and training with her new found powers, she was able to move on. When the parents of the killed students found out about her power, they burned down her house because she couldn't save their children. Her parents decided it would be better if she wiuld be arond kids with similar abilities. Because of the pain of her past, she diecided not to be as out going as she was.


Ability name: Pheonix Tears


Short description on how it works: Pheonix Tears is a healing ability of massive capabilities. It can even bring people back to life. With her hands touching the wound, it instantly heals. This takes immense energy, and usually can only bring 3 people back from the dead in one day. She can only revive the dead once, and they have to be recently deceased. While it takes some energy to heal wonded people, she can still heal many more.

Applications: Basically any wound. This power can't save you from illnesses and poisons though.

Faction: Student

3/1/2012 . Edited 3/1/2012 #24

That power is a to epic. How about she can only revive people once and they have to be recently killed?

3/1/2012 . Edited 3/1/2012 #25
Shintaro Kozu

Ok ok...

3/1/2012 #26
Azure of the Auspicious Rain

3 seems a bit low for that level as well. It's only a suggestion - I don't have any real power - but that ability could easily make four, maybe even five.

3/1/2012 #27

Naxlyd does bring up a good point.

3/1/2012 #28
Shintaro Kozu

Fine... It's four because of the limitations on her bringing people back from the dead...

3/1/2012 #29
Shintaro Kozu

* Laughs* my harem will be a reality!

3/1/2012 #30
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