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Shaded Reality

You know. Because of the title of the topic

4/4/2012 . Edited by Hatake Kai, 6/6/2012 #1

And Shay and I get bored rather quickly? xD

4/4/2012 #2
Shaded Reality

Correct! You have won a third of a heart container! *insert Zelda sound effect here* XD

4/4/2012 #3


So... Who wants to start~?

4/4/2012 #4
Shaded Reality

(I will~(It would've happened anyway XD))

Arthur hummed to himself as he wandered around the streets, not quite knowing where he was going. But now that he thought about it, he kind of wanted a cupcake and some tea from his home...

4/4/2012 #5

(It would have... xD)

Alfred hissed, touching his swelling black eye. He had to remember not to get Matthew angry anymore... That probably wasn't going to happen.

He hoisted his baseball bat over his shoulder and looked around. "Hm... Where to now?"

4/4/2012 #6
Shaded Reality

Arthur tilted his head, looking around to see if he could tell where he was. When he heard a familiar voice, he turned, looking for it.


4/4/2012 #7

Alfred looked up at Arthur, waving. "Hey."

He quickly moved his sunglasses down to cover his eyes, effectively covering his black eye.

4/4/2012 #8
Shaded Reality

"Hello hello dear Alfred~" Arthur said, blinking curiously when Alfred moved his sunglasses down.He shrugged, grinning.

"Do you know where my house is~?"

4/4/2012 #9

"I'm pretty sure," Alfred blinked. "Why, you don't know?"

4/4/2012 #10
Shaded Reality

"I got lost~" Arthur replied, grinning.

4/4/2012 #11

Alfred smiled slightly. "I'll take ya home, then. Guess ya need it."

4/4/2012 #12
Shaded Reality

"Thank you~" Arthur replied with a smile.

4/4/2012 #13

Alfred reached forwards, took Arthur's hand, and lead him down the street.

Am I limping? No, I don't think...

4/4/2012 #14
Shaded Reality

Arthur grinned as Alfred led him down the street, though he blinked as he watched the younger walk.

"Have you been hurt~?"

4/4/2012 #15

"I'm fine," Alfred said automatically. "...What makes you ask?"

4/4/2012 #16
Shaded Reality

"You're walking funny... and you put your sunglasses on right when you saw me, like you were hiding something," Arthur replied, watching Alfred closely.

4/4/2012 #17

Alfred adjusted his sunglasses slightly, looking away from Arthur. "I'm fine. Let's get to your place."

4/4/2012 #18
Shaded Reality

"Alright~" Arthur said, dropping the subject.

4/4/2012 #19

Alfred walked down the street, pulling Arthur along. His eye had begun to throb slightly.

He really wanted to sit...

He quickened his pace slightly.

4/4/2012 #20
Shaded Reality

Arthur hummed as Alfred led him down the street, nearly stumbling when Alfred's pace quickened.

4/5/2012 #21

Alfred didn't even look back as Arthur stumbled.

The Brit would be okay, either way. Alfred would be dead by now if Arthur had a problem, wouldn't he?

He stopped after a moment. "...What street are we on? Do you know?"

4/5/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #22
Shaded Reality

"I think... Baker Street~" Arthur replied with a grin.

4/5/2012 #23

Alfred nodded. After another minute of thought, he turned right.

Almost there...

4/5/2012 #24
Shaded Reality

Arthur hummed as the buildings became more familiar. He scrutinized Alfred; there was definitely something off...

4/5/2012 #25

Alfred stopped outside of the familiar looking house. Cottage-y. Pink. Lawn needed to be mowed a bit. What seemed to be a bit of blood on the path...

Definately Arthur's house.

"C'mon, let's go in..." Alfred muttered, pulling Arthur towards the house.

4/5/2012 #26
Shaded Reality

"Alright~" Arthur replied as he was pulled towards his home. He watched Alfred, wanting to ask how he had gotten hurt, but since he'd probably deny it... Arthur grinned as he thought of a plan.

"You sure you're not hurt~?"

4/5/2012 #27

"Positive," Alfred muttered, adjusting his sunglasses again. He walked up to the door and let go of Arthur, turning to look at the Brit. "...I'm fine, okay?"

4/5/2012 #28
Shaded Reality

"Then let me see your pretty red eyes~" Arthur said, reaching for the Alfred's sunglasses.

4/5/2012 #29

Alfred edged away, eyes widening slightly. "I-I'm honestly okay..."

His eye was throbbing still... And now his head...

4/5/2012 #30
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