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Shaded Reality

Vlad looked around the city streets, hands in his pockets, trying to pick out somewhere to eat. He sighed, bored from being alone so much. But it was better that way, like when he still lived in Romania...


Arthur glanced around at his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was. Exasperated, he sighed, wondering how he had gotten himself lost in the first place. He could always use magic... but that would attract too much attention.


Emil loaded two revolvers as he set out from his current home. One with blest iron and the other with silver bullets. He shoved them in the holsters on his belt, draping his coat over them.


Yong Soo quietly hummed a tune as he walked the city streets. Night life had always been his preference, but it wasn't like he had a choice anymore anyways...

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Hatake Kai

Fiona walked down the street, having just gotten off of work. She sighed as the wind picked up, putting up her coat's hood to stop her ears from being cold.


Collin walked into the pub he was supposed to be meeting Fiona at. He looked around, Of course she isn't here yet... He hoped his sister hadn't gotten into any sort of trouble.

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Belle latched onto Emil's arm and smiled.

"Hey, If you're going out hunting, Atleast take me with you! I got new knives today," She blurted out as she tied her medium length blonde hair back into a ponytail. Her eyes lightened with the prospect of a chase.

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Draconis Darkess

(Oh this Roman mood has got me in a great mood for RPing.)

Triestan sighed as he looked behind him before moving ahead, he had to find a safe haven for now as he was growing weary from the travel, and in that kind of condition he would surely get killed by either of his greatest enemies.

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Francis leaned against a wall, simply looking up at the sky. He was getting somewhat hungry...


Gilbert grinned, walking up to a woman who had recently pulled up her hood. "Hello~" he said brightly.

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Shaded Reality

Vlad blinked as he saw some man leaning against a wall, looking at the sky. He heard it was supposed to be chilly today, so he wondered what he was doing just standing there. Shrugging he continued onward.


Emil glanced at Belle and sighed, but the corner of his mouth twitched upward in a small smile.

"Alright. We'll be less suspicious if they just think we're some normal couple out to see a film or whatever."


Arthur sighed as he kept walking. Seeing a pair of people ahead, what looked like an albino man and a woman, he felt marginally relieved. He could likely ask them how to get out of this city. He had already been there for too long...


Yong Soo stiffened slightly as he smelt vampires and magic users on the breeze. He looked ahed, frowning as he caught sight of two people.

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Belle grinned broadly and slung her purse over her shoulder - no one would suspect such a normal looking bag held so many weapons. She had three silver knives, a wooden and blessed iron one, plus some stakes that she picked up at half off. They ranged from the size of a toothpick to an average size stick. All were razor sharp with the intent to kill on contact.

"Great," She squealed, "So were are we going, darling," The Belgian winked in a playful manner. Their relationship was completely platonic. Sure, Emil was cute and she would've totally dated him if she got the chance, but they were strictly work partners.


Lovino took a small drag from his cigarette and breathed out slowly. Lord, he had needed this smoke. Ever since he had been changed to a werewolf two years ago, he really couldn't care for his mortality. The Italian was not proud of the creature he was, but nonetheless, Lovino would keep himself out of obvious danger. No need to be observed by anyone "Concerned" about his health.

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Draconis Darkess

Triestan decided to take refuge in an allie-way in order to find rest for a little while, hopefully he wouldn't be tracked into this place, if he was it would be just him and his silver sword to fend them off.


Feliciano had decided to take a visit to his brothers town or at least he heard his brother was here, hoping that he would find him so he could talk to him about what had happend.

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Hatake Kai

A chill went down Fiona's spine as her stomach seemed t twist. Shit! She tried to keep calm as she replied, "Hello."

5/2/2012 #9

Gilbert smiled sweetly at the woman. "My name's Gilbert~ You look rather lost."


Francis looked around, watching a small Italian pass by. I wonder...

He walked up to the Italian. "Bonjour~"

5/3/2012 #10
Hatake Kai
Fiona smiled reservedly at Gilbert, keeping a good distance between him and her. "Thanks, Gilbert, but I'm not lost."
5/3/2012 #11
Draconis Darkess

Triestan took a long breath and headed out into the streets trying his hardest to apear casual as he walked around, though he was always on guard, however he seemed to see a certain family member who hadn't seen in years, "Lovino?" he said aloud though he was suppose to be thinking it instead.


Feliciano blinked and looked towards the French-man, "Ciao~" he said in reply before turning around to continue walking.

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Shaded Reality

Vlad sighed as he glanced up at the sky, accidentally bumping into a man standing on the sidewalk.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I didn't hurt you..."


"Anywhere you like, dear," Emile replied, smiling slightly as he humored Belle. He rather enjoyed their working relationship...


Arthur paused in his approach of the pair, sensing something slightly off... so they were of the supernatural, eh? That made things more interesting...


"Oh no, I'm fine," Yong Soo replied as a man bumped into him. He turned from where the other scents were coming from, beaming at-what he guessed was-the Romanian.

5/4/2012 #13

Lovino's head snapped up as he heard his name. His eyes caught another as he scented the air. Another werewolf, but family.

"Uncle Triestan?" He sputtered, not believing his eyes. The Italian dropped the cigarette and quashed it underneath his foot as he walked toward the older werewolf.


Belle grinned brightly.

"Hmm. Maybe a romantic walk in the park," She cooed softly, eyes alight with mischief. The park was a great place to hunt. A common place where tons of people spent free time. Truly perfect.

(We should run into some people on the way :D)

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Draconis Darkess

Triestan nodded, "Lovino? What are you doing here?" confusion spilled all over his face, it was nice to see him again, but a little awkward at the same time given what he did to him.

5/4/2012 #15

"You sure~?" Gilbert chirped. "This is a big place. It'd be bad to see a sweet face like you get lost~"


Francis followed. "Are you looking for something, mon ami~?"

5/4/2012 #16
Draconis Darkess

Feliciano rubbed his chin thinking, "Well I'm looking for mi fratello, he's my twin~"

5/4/2012 #17

Lovino narrowed his eyes.

"I live here...But I guess it may be time to move on, especially if my own Uncle finds it strange to see me here." Taking a deep breath, he looked Triestan in the eye.

(should he know that Triestan made him a werewolf yet?)

5/4/2012 #18
Draconis Darkess

(Not yet.... Not yet....)

Triestan rubbed his head, "Well, I wasn't expecting to see you here, last I had heard you had run away.... no one knew where you went except for by word of mouth and rumors."

5/4/2012 #19

Lovino relaxed slightly, closing his eyes and sighing.

"There's a reason why I ran away, and I'm sure you know why. It's not something Dad would keep from his dearest brother,"

5/4/2012 #20
Draconis Darkess

Triestan sighed, "Well you could say that I know tid bits about it, but not the whole story, he was very vague about the whole subject." he looked around to see if there was a place he could sit.

5/4/2012 #21

Lovino scratched his arm absentmindedly.

"What exactly have you heard?" he inquired curiously.

5/4/2012 #22
Draconis Darkess

Triestan looked up holding his chin as he tried to remember, "That you had... assulted your home in the form of some monster, and was chased away by your father.... thats all he would say on the subject."

5/4/2012 #23
Hatake Kai

"Yes, I am." Fiona replied, not letting Gilbert out of sight, trying to figure out what kind of creature he was.


Collin left the pub. Fiona was never this let without letting him know why.

5/4/2012 #24

"Well, not much more to say about it than that," Lovino replied bitterly. Something bothered him though.

"I never knew that you were a werewolf as well.. Your scent says it all."

5/4/2012 #25
Draconis Darkess

Triestan tilted his head in acknowledgement, "Yes I am, I was born a werewolf if you must know, your father however was lucky enough to not be born with it."

It was the truth.

5/4/2012 #26

Lovino snorted softly,"Maybe it skips a generation."

He ran his fingers through his hair and tried to smile at Triestan, but couldn't manage it.

"So how's Feli been since I left?"

5/4/2012 #27
Draconis Darkess

Triestan laughed a little, "Yeah maybe."

He then frowned, "He's looking for you, still a little thick in the head but as bright and optimistic as ever." managing to smile a little bit at the end.

5/4/2012 #28

Gilbert grinned. "Whatever. So, why the hood? Trying to hide a pretty face so big bad monsters don't get ya?"


"So he looks like you, oui?" Francis hummed.

5/10/2012 #29
Draconis Darkess

Feliciano nodded, "Si~ But I just can't find him.... I miss mi fratello." he sniffeled a little bit sad because he couldn't find Lovino, he honestly had hoped he could find him here.

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