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(Due to popular demand- Draco kept saying stuff about a zombie RP- we are doing Resident Evil style zombies! Refer to page 58 of the Discussion thread for details)

Feliciano ran ahead of the group, excited. "Ve, we're almost at the safe town house thingy" He chirped, turning back to his brother.


"Lizabeth!" Madison called, looking around. She'd lost her good friend- not literally, she just couldn't find her- a few minutes ago. "Where the bif did you go?"

She reaalllyyy didn't want the zombies to get the girl...

(Yay, derpy opening)

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Lovino rolled his eyes.

"Stay with the damn group! You don't know where zombies could be hiding," He narrowed his eyes, constantly glancing around or looking over his shoulder.


Lizbeth looked up, hearing Maddie call her name. She picked up the crowbar she found on the ground and walked toward the voice.

"Hey, I'm right here! Look what I found," She replied. They didn't have many weapons, so the crowbar was a welcome gift.

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Draconis Darkess

(My English teacher has a word for things like that its called smeppy. Also is Antonio with the Italy brothers?)

A zombie looked over towards the group of two Italians and started to hobble slowly towards them, several others following it.


Antonio sighed, "Lighten up Lovino let the kid be optmistic for once, is it wrong to be excited about a place to be safe in?" he patted Feliciano on the back, "Good job looking ahead Feli~"

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(Si, Antonio is with us)

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(Si, what Ane-chan said~)

"Ve, fratello, we're almost there~" Feliciano chirped, grinning up at Antonio. He looked back at Lovino. "There they won't get us!"


Madison jogged over to Lizabeth and grinned. "A crowbar! Amazing!"

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Lovino scowled at Antonio, a little hurt by what he said.

"Shut up, bastard! You haven't had to watch out for him your whole life!" He growled, suddenly catching sight of a hobbling creature.

"Oh sh*t!"


Lizbeth nodded, resuming their walk to the safe house with Maddie.

"We've got protection now,"

5/5/2012 #6
Draconis Darkess

The zombie started to hobbel at a faster pace. Then suddenly one darted out of the woods it's head covered in blood and it's claws sharpend as well as its teeth practically roaring for the feast to be had.

(Crimison head is what this is called, don't worry I'm only sending one for now.)


Antonio looked over, "Madre de Dios!" he looked at Lovino, "You got anything to hit them or shoot them with?!"l

5/5/2012 #7

Feliciano stared at the zombie for a moment. Blinked. Stared some more.

After that, he latched onto Lovino, screaming. "I DON'T WANT TO DIE!"


Madison nodded. "Oui. Hopefully, we'll find more weapons on the way. Who'd leave something like that just laying around, though?"

5/5/2012 #8

Lovino snarled and pulled Feliciano off him.

"Shut up! Others will hear you!" He pulled a revolver from his hip, tossing it to Antonio and grabbing another. The Italian took aim and fired, lodging a bullet in the zombie's head.

"You'd think an ex-hit man for the mafia could take out a zombie or two."


"Si, that would be nice. But one man's misfortune can benefit another," Lizbeth gripped the crowbar tightly, her knuckles turning white.

"How far are we from that supposed safe house?"

5/5/2012 #9
Draconis Darkess

Several other zombies started to come out of the woods all hobbling towards them, one of them crawling on the ground because it was missing it's lower half. Another Crimsion head rushed from behind them.


Antonio turned around and fired the revolver blowing a leg off of the Crimsion head causing it to front flip, "Crap the gun fire is just making this worse, I think we should run for it!"


A zombie was hobbling through the forest following Madision and Lizbeth, it then moaned in hunger as it started to head towards them.

5/5/2012 #10

"Fratello!" Feliciano whined. "W-we need to go!"


"Not too far," Madison replied. "Five minutes?"

She whirled around. "...Did you hear something?"

5/5/2012 #11

Lovino pushed Antonio and Feliciano in the direction of the safe house.

"Run!" He screamed, taking off after them.


Lizbeth turned around, her green eyes searching for any movement.

"Yeah....Think you can run for five minutes straight?"

5/5/2012 #12
Draconis Darkess

The crimsion head crawled at a fast speed grabbing Lovino's leg with its clawed hands, Screaming something out un-intellegiable "Bradadsfinsssss!" was something along the lines of what it yelled.


Antonio kept running only looking back once before the zombie grabbed Lovino.


The zombie started to hobble fast at them moaning in hunger.

5/5/2012 #13

"Lovi!" Feliciano screamed, turning back from his running.


"...Possibly," Madison said, edging backwards.

The thing was getting faster... "Actually... Maybe not."

5/5/2012 #14

Lizbeth grabbed her and took off.

"Well, you better hope you can!" She yelled, making sure her friend kept the pace with her.


Lovino screamed and shot the Crimson head, shaking him off and sprinting as fast as could.

"Run Feli! We're almost there!"

5/5/2012 #15
Draconis Darkess

The zombies pace didn't slow as they followed after them, though they were slower than them. Though more and more flooded out of the woods towards the noise they were hearing.


Antonio gulped, "This is rediculous!" he shot one in the body sending it to the ground as he continued to run forward.


One of the zombies downed ahead of Lizbeth and Madison started to turn into a crimsion head because it was not burned or shot in the head. It got up and looked towards their direction.

5/5/2012 #16

"Si!" Feliciano whimpered, beginning to sprint.


"Gah!" Madison ran after Lizbeth. She looked forwards. Her eyes widened and she attempted to skid to a stop. "Ah! Liz! Stop stop stop!"

5/5/2012 #17

Lizbeth skidded to a stop beside Maddie. The zombie was fast.... And hungry.

"This way!" She pointed to her left, running as hard as she could.

"What about the crowbar?!"


Lovino looked around, eyes widened in fear.

"There! It's right there!" The safe house was right in front of them.

5/5/2012 #18
Draconis Darkess

On the top of the safe house laying it wait for its prey was a licker, the final evolution of a huminoid zombie. It could hear them coming closer and crawled back into the shadows waiting silently.


Antonio reached the door first, stopping shortly to catch his breath, "Do they ever f*cking stop?!"


The crimsion head turned to them again and ran at them extremely fast swinging it's sharp claws at them, shouting loudly as it ran.

5/5/2012 #19

"We may need it!" Madison replied, running after Lizbeth. "That thing is fast!"


"W-why are there so many of them?" Feliciano whimpered.

5/5/2012 #20

Lizbeth nodded, pulling the crowbar back like a bat and crashing it through the skull of the crimson head.

"Home run, bastard!" She screeched in triumph as the safe house came into view. "We can do this, Maddie!" Her legs were beginning to burn.


Lovino stopped at the door, gasping for breath.

"Why aren't you opening the door?!"

5/5/2012 #21
Draconis Darkess

The licker crawled silently to the edge of the safe house roof it's elongated tounge rolled up inside it's mouth still waiting for the right momment to strike, and now that all three were there it wipped it's tounge down grabbing Feliciano by the throat and started to back up.


Antiono looked up as Feliciano was starting to be dragged and grabbed him, "F*cking hell what's that around his neck, open the door I'll get Feliciano down!"


The crimson head fell to the ground it's body twitching before it stopped all together. However the other zombie had started to catch up to them, and with the sound of Lizbeth yelling more zombies started to follow them.

5/5/2012 #22

Feliciano let out a strangled yelp, tears welling up in his eyes. Something had him...

He was finding it hard to breathe...


"Liz!" Madison said, gripping her friend's wrist. "Shut up. There are more..."

She began sprinting, pulling Lizbeth along.

5/5/2012 #23

Lovino couldn't shoot at the licker for fear of hitting his brother.

"No!" He opened the door, watching as Feliciano was pulled higher. "You bring him back to me!" The Italian screeched at Antonio, tears filling his eyes.


Lizbeth shut her mouth and followed Maddie, suddenly remember that there were other zombies.

5/5/2012 #24
Shaded Reality

Arthur glanced around warily, sneaking his way toward the safe house. He gripped a cricket bat in his hands, so far unstained as he had kept a low profile. He scowled at the gunfire, but kept moving.


Aaron ran, occasionally glancing around to make sure there weren't any zombies around. He held onto a bloodied water faucet he had somehow acquired. As he saw two girls ahead of him he sped up slightly. Safety was in numbers.

5/5/2012 #25
Draconis Darkess

(Nice Shawn of the dead ref. Shay.)

The licker continued to pull both Antonio and Feliciano up to the roof finaly getting both up it unrapped its tounge from Feliciano's neck and jumped on him, its obviously showing brain pulsing as it hovered above its pray drolling, raising one big claw before being shot at it then pounced on Antonio sending them both off the roof on the otherside of the building.


Antonio cried as he was knocked off the building by the licker and the grunted heavely when he hit the ground the wind knocked out of him.


The zombies started to gather around Madison and Lizbeth ignoring Aaron completely as he was larger and probably more dangerous.

5/5/2012 #26

Feliciano screamed when Antonio shot at the licker. He sat up, crawling to the side of the roof Antonio fell off of. He whimpered, then yelled, "FRATELLO!"


Madison stopped, breathing hitching. "L-Liz..." she squeaked. "...I-I think we're surrounded..."

5/5/2012 #27

Lizbeth's eyes widened. She looked at Maddie, her eyes angry and sad at the same time

"If we die like this, I'm killing as many of those motherf*ckers as possible!" She snarled, handing Maddie the crowbar and ripping switchblade from her pocket.


Lovino looked up at Feli.

"Are you okay?!"

(Lizbeth grew up on the Streets XD)

5/5/2012 . Edited 5/5/2012 #28
Draconis Darkess

(I'm going to say this now a licker is the final form of a zombie, yeah you can kill it with a head shot to the exposed brain, but it's not that easy to do, but I'm going to let it go, because it would be pretty sh*ty if I killed off my only character right now.)

The licker rapped its tounge around Antonio's neck and started to drag him off towards Arthur's direction not fully aware of him being there.


Antonio grunted as he was dragged off, 'oh god is this how it ends? Licker food?'


The zombies started to charge at them one even grabbing Madison by the arm.

5/5/2012 . Edited 5/5/2012 #29

(I already changed my post D:)

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