The 70th Annual Hunger Games! a Roleplay
This is a role play page for the 70th hunger games! You can be whoever you want, a tribute, victor, or just some random person from whatever district! Details inside!
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yay! thank you! so, head on over to the actuall rp whenever!

5/12/2012 #31
New person!!
5/12/2012 #32

I know! We only need a few more now!

5/13/2012 #33

Name (full): Myles Taksa

Age: 14

District: 2 (masonry)

Looks: He has light brown hair that falls over his eyes, bule eyes, he is quite short but is still strong.

Talents (can be anything/ doesn't have to do with fighting): He is really good with anything to do with technolgy.

Tactics (things that will help them win the game, if needed...): He is good at hiding himself in trees and keeping very queit. He is vey sneaky.

Weakness: He would really freak out if he saw a tracker jacker. He has trouble co-operating with a group of other people. He is better if it was just one to one.

Personality: He is quiet but he is always thinking about something. He can be funny and romantic if you get to know him.

Family (if any): He has a 7 year old sister called Sasha.

Choice mentor (if you are still the age to be in the games): Brutas.

If you are in the reaping, your character has to be 12 to 18. You can also roleplay a past winner. You can also have tessiree , and be in the drawing more than once! Please join in, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

5/15/2012 #34

awesome! Now, head over to the "All District conversation" whenever you want to bring him in!

5/15/2012 #35
Nightly Vigilant

Name: Arknas Mayfleet (ark-ness)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

District: 4

Looks: dark brown hair, blue/green eyes, normal stance

Talents: Swimming (obviously)

Tactics: I'll never tell ;D

Weakness: You actually expect me to put that!?!? :3

Personality: You'll see

Family: Brother and father, you'll see later ; )

Choice Mentor: *doesn't really care*

5/25/2012 #36

Hey there! I don't know you, but I'm Shannon! Nice to meet you! Thanks for the character! The games'll be starting soon, so if you want to get in on the pre-game randomness, I suggest you hurry! lol

5/25/2012 #37
Hey your here!! :)
5/25/2012 #38

you know him/her?

5/25/2012 #39
Not personally but yes.
5/25/2012 #40
Nightly Vigilant

I am a her. X3

My name's Amber, but you can call me Ice. Nice to meet you!


5/25/2012 #41

go! be random! XD

5/25/2012 #42

Name: Robin Kye

Age: 12

District: 10 (livestock)

Looks: Long dark brown hair that is always in a ponytail, big bright blue eyes, a button nose, slightly pointed ears. She has an olive skin tone and is very petite. She smiles a lot, too.

Talents: She is good at hiding, and running. She's really good with hand-to-hand fighting, but she can use a knife and archery if needed.

Tactics: Is somewhat good with medicine, and what to eat and what not. (like Nightlock for example xD)

Weakness:She's small, though that can also be an advantage. She's too friendly; She doesn't like to hurt people. She hesitates to fight back.

Family: An older brother: Dusty Kye, 19 years old.

Choice Mentor: Haymitch

If there's anything I need to add or change, let me know. :3

5/26/2012 . Edited 5/26/2012 #43
Ohh hey!! No I'm sure your good just wait till Shannon comes and gives you the. OK
5/26/2012 #44

Kk! :D

5/26/2012 #45

great! Thanks for coming! Erm... does she have any tessiree?

5/26/2012 #46

his name is just Nyo?

5/26/2012 #47

note: we just need a D5 and D6 boy, then we can start!

5/26/2012 #48

Name: Sean whiler


looks:black hair blue eyes



Family: mother and father

one more to go

5/26/2012 . Edited 5/26/2012 #49

Umm... I'm gonna say maybe? Maybe not? If you want, you can make one, lol. I really don't mind either way.

5/27/2012 #50


5/27/2012 #51

I'm sorry! I got confused. I'm on a RP on another website, and forgot what I was talking about. xD Sorry!

No, no tesserae.

5/27/2012 #52


It's cool. I'm in like 4... it gets busy... lol!

5/27/2012 #53
Pennate Marauder

Name: Crystal Syrilica

District: 11

Age: 16

Looks: Pale skin, unlike the common appearance of those in her district, grey eyes, long, brown hair

Talents: Sings well

Tactics: Is fast and can jump from tree-to-tree

Weakness: Is not very heavy and if tackled, doesn't stand a very good chance unless she has the right weapon

Personality: Shy when around others, but when alone sings to the mockingjays. She can be sharp-tonged if prodded enough and has a fiery spirit beneath her shy cloak.

Family: Her mother, four younger sisters and brothers (underage)

Choice Mentor: (not sure...anyone will be fine)

She has her name enter 12 extra times for tesserae

5/31/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #54

woah, nice character! I'm Shannon, nice to meet you. Head on over to the "All District Chat" whenever! XD

5/31/2012 #55

Okay, now all we need is a D 10 girl! If someone could make her real quick, we should be able to start! XD

6/1/2012 #56

Wait... I thought Robin was District 10?

6/1/2012 #57

oh! That's... okay... I got confused... never mind...

6/1/2012 #58

Lol, it's okay. Happens to me all the time. xD

6/1/2012 #59

yeah... that's what running a whole Hunger Games does to a person... lol

6/1/2012 #60
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