The 70th Annual Hunger Games! a Roleplay
This is a role play page for the 70th hunger games! You can be whoever you want, a tribute, victor, or just some random person from whatever district! Details inside!
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Scribe trinket 16 D-7 and CapitolĀ  Features:White hair black streaks,dark blue eyes with light blue rim and flecks,fair skin and about 5'5 and cherry red lips. Family:Sister of sage trinket,cousin of Effie trinket, pretty much has the same family as sage except she lives with Joanna. Personality:She acts really crazy like sage but is more "I will kick your ass" than sage is and is really protective of her twin. Talents:Is a really good kick ass dancer,and when sage and her dance they are crazy!!! Tactics:really good at climbing trees but is FREAKEN awesome with an ax and making traps. Weakness: sage,Effie and the victor family are her biggest weakness.but she broke two ribs when she was younger so it starts to hurt at times. Choice of mentor: Beetee or joanna(ya she BA!!!) Sorry if you don't like her I can take her off if you don't. But here she is!!! =D
4/25/2012 #61

yayz! thank you!

4/25/2012 #62
Yep yep yep!!!! =D =) =D
4/25/2012 #63

Name: Marco Samantha Yewa

Age: 17

District: 5 (power)

Looks: Tall, red hair, black eyes, skinny and tan.

Talents (can be anything/ doesn't have to do with fighting): clever, fast, and mean. Has no pity for anything.

Tactics (things that will help them win the game, if needed...): Fast, Good with guns, and hand to hand combat.

Weakness: Her toughness is her weakness.

Personality: Scary, mean, harsh. Harsh is probably the best word for her.

Family (if any): ... pet rat...

Choice mentor (if you are still the age to be in the games): Would kill whoever got nearher in the games, so...?

Tessire: 60

4/28/2012 #64

Here's the list of tributes we have so far!

1 boy:Robert Kanver (0)

girl:Night Strike



3 boy:chip jarves ( )

girl: Faronila Onnert (36)


girl: Anya Sorenson


girl:Marco Samantha Yewa (60)

6 boy:

girl: Lucy fairchild

7boy: Remi Marco Geneva (23)

girl:Scribe trinket ( )

8 boy:

girl: Lyon Hynello (75)

9 boy:Alexander gram ( )

girl:Lee Scott ( )

10 boy: Luke Watari (60...)

girl:Sage trinket ( )

11 boy:

girl:Ana Griffin ( )

12 boy: Zander Heffen (40)

girl: Michaela tiy

girl: Lexis Roma

girl: Lily Roma (10)

girl: Sage trinket (capital part time)

5/12/2012 . Edited 5/15/2012 #65
Name: Sage trinket Age: 16 (just turned) District: 10 and capitol
5/15/2012 #66
Name: Alexander gram Age:12 District: 9 HE CANNOT DO ANYTHING!!!! Took care if himself since he was 7 and is a scrany little thing Features: black hair brown eyes TEALLY thin and height 4'7
5/15/2012 #67

Snow! Great! I added them to the list above! Thanks!

5/15/2012 #68
Question?!?!?! What does the like (60...) or the ( ) things mean?
5/15/2012 #69
Name: chip jarves Age: 15 District: 3 Features:curly brown hair, blue/green eyes, 5'3 tanish He can re-wire things to help his needs
5/15/2012 #70

The tessiree each character has! lol

5/15/2012 #71

oh! you can give chloe um... 45 tessiree

5/15/2012 #72

cool! Thanks!

5/16/2012 #73

Name: Mikhail de la Cruz

Age: 16

District: Throw him in wherever he's needed.

Bio: He's a florist. He lives a normal life. (getting lazy)


(Copy and paste that into your address bar to see him.)

Tesserae: 74

Other: Lyon's love interest.

Lazy, so it's short... Shannon, tell me what district you put him in, please

5/21/2012 #74

I put him in D4, K?

5/21/2012 #75

Name (full): Harvy Romano

Age: 15

District: 11 (agriculture)

Looks: Red/brown hair, green eyes. Scrawny and short, covered in freckles.

Talents (can be anything/ doesn't have to do with fighting): He is a dreamer, and comes up with totally random ways to do things. Very smart, and artistically talented. Can play guitar and sing too! XD

Tactics (things that will help them win the game, if needed...): Is unpredictable, and has a talent for causing trouble. Loves animals, and can almost talk to them. Inventor.

Weakness: He's really weak, small, and clumsy. He also stutters... and has no experience with weapons. Doesn't like hurting animals or people...

Personality: Quirky and sarcastic, brave, but too small to really do anything. Loves all living things, and couldn't hurt a fly, (unless necessary).

Family (if any): Lives with his father, who hates him. Has an uncle and cousin who stay with them most of the time.

Choice mentor (if you are still the age to be in the games): He doesn't care... He'll die anyway...

5/24/2012 #76
Hey he has the same last name as me!
5/24/2012 #77

your last name is Romano?! *dies*

Romano is a totally awesome dude from a TV show I watch! XD

5/24/2012 #78
XD! Yes Alexis Romano is tho name:) I always say " you know Romano like the cheese"
5/24/2012 #79


5/25/2012 #80

:) well at least someone loves my last name! people spell it like no your stupid its ROmano.smh.

5/25/2012 #81

it has to be Romano! That's so cool! XD

5/25/2012 #82

note: we just need a D5 and D6 boy, then we can start!

5/26/2012 #83

now just D5 boy

5/26/2012 #84

Okay, now all we need is a D 10 girl! If someone could make her real quick, we should be able to start! XD

6/1/2012 #85

never mind on that last comment! lol

6/1/2012 #86

lol yay hope we start like tomorow!XD

6/1/2012 #87

... once we can get Miakis on here with the last boy... lol

6/2/2012 #88


6/2/2012 #89

I'm so freakin' excited! XD

6/2/2012 #90
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