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Kamilia saw him leaving, quietly followed keeping a safe distance behind.

5/25/2012 #511

Suddenly, something tugged on Kamilia's pants. It was Lyle.

(perhaps Lyle becomes like Kamilia's Monroe)

5/25/2012 #512

Kamilia stopped and glanced down. "Hi."

[maybe so]

5/25/2012 #513

"Daemonfeur," Lyle said softly.

5/25/2012 #514

Kamilia nodded. "did you see what happened?"

5/25/2012 #515

"I'm a Messermate," Lyle explained," There is nothing I can't sense."

5/25/2012 #516

"A what?" Kamilia asked.

Adalind walked down the street, minding her own buisness.

5/25/2012 #517

"A Messermate," Lyle answered," I'm a shark in a nutshell." As an emphasis, he shifted into his creature form, and bared his serrated teeth.

5/25/2012 #518

"Whoa.. Ahh I see." Kamilia said. "How much do you know about them? Daemonfeur.. or what ever they are called."

5/25/2012 #519

"Think of them as dragons."

5/25/2012 #520

Kamilia listened. "That would explain the fire."

5/25/2012 #521

Lyle pointed at Jaenette and Seth.

"The woman there is a Fuschbau, a fox, and the man is a Lausenchangle, a snake."

5/25/2012 #522

"Ive seen him before...And i think he saw me. The girl Ive never see before." Kamilia said. "how old are you? Just out of curiosity"

5/25/2012 #523

Jaenette stood with him and walked toward the car, "thank you," Jaenette said looking down.

5/25/2012 #524

"I'm 12, my parents died when I was 10," Lyle answered," I live in a pond, eating things like turtles, birds, or fish."

Seth tried to walk, but his injury proved bad, as he fell back over.

5/25/2012 . Edited 5/25/2012 #525

Jaenette caught him. "Here," she put his arm around her should and her's around his back to try to help him walk. "Is that better?"

5/25/2012 #526

Kamilia nodded. "sorry to hear that."

5/25/2012 #527

"He must of hit my back hard."

"You're a Grimm," Lyle said plainly," My parents told me about you."

5/26/2012 #528

Jaenette felt really bad, "Let's get you to the hospital..can you drive or do you want me to?" Jaenette was limping a little, she thought to herself 'oow..I must have hurt my ankle when I fell.'

5/26/2012 #529

Kamilia nods. "I am. lack experiance and knowledge. What kind of things did they tell you?"

5/26/2012 #530

"So what do you like?" Will smiled back.

5/26/2012 #531

(Hey...So I'm new obviously.....Can someone tell me where they are so Tessa can pop up?)

5/26/2012 #532

"I don't know if I can drive," Seth said," But what I'm really wondering is what a Daemonfeur is doing here."

"Many things," Lyle answered," They told me to fear you."

5/26/2012 #533

[hi she can talk to Adalind.. or be some where near by.. idk your choice, pretty much anywhere you want.]

Skye smiled. "well I play guitar.. I like to draw. and i use my powers to help people not hurt them."

Adalind was leaving the grocery store after shopping.

Kamilia frowned slightly. "Why is that? I have ever done anything wrong. I have accutall be sheltered form this." She hated the reputaion they were given already, and she dident even know about any of this.

5/26/2012 #534

"Well, my parents weren't killed by a Grimm, they were killed by a wraith."

5/26/2012 #535

"Wraith? intresting." Kamilia replied.

5/26/2012 #536

"They want revenge," Lyle said softly," The wraiths.... want... revenge."

5/26/2012 #537

"Revenge on what.. or who?" Kamilia asked curious.

5/26/2012 #538

(Thanks, I appreciate it, on a couple of forums folks don't talk to new people at all...Sorta defeats the point of a forum really. Glad ya'll aren't like that)

Tessa noticed the small group talking near her new apartment,she couldn't tell their species from this distance, but it was pretty obvious that they weren't mortal. Putting down the box she'd been moving in, she walked towards them. If she was sticking around she might as well try to get to know the locals.

5/26/2012 #539

(Adaline and Tessa could be the first to find out about the Geisterhaftes return)

"Everyone...," Lyle murmured," The wraiths will kill... everyone."

5/26/2012 #540
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