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Want to choose your own state alchemist title? Then come here! For all things Fullmetal Alchemist related.
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1. Obviously, the site's rules.

2. You may choose to be an alchemist (or non-alchemist) in the military OR a civilian. Whatever you choose. Please tell us your name and/or rank.

3. Don't copy names. Please check the list before suggesting your name and/or rank.

4. Bashing is fine, but don't insult others who disagree with you.

5. Feel free to debate.

6. If you have a topic suggestion, we'll take it into consideration. Most suggestions will be used.

7. This forum is for ALL things FMA related, so everyone is welcome. Invite your friends!

Be sure to choose a name and rank you wish to be called, because that's how we will address you - much like in the Amestrian military. For example, I'm the Furher (because I started this forum) and I will respond to either Furher, Q, or Unstable. Preferably Unstable.

Once you join, you will be added to the list below.

1. Quicquidlibet - Furher Q, The Unstable Alchemist

2. theBrillianceofNight - General DC, The Explosive Alchemist

3. Unseen-and-Happy - Saturday Glass, civilian automail mechanic

4. Troliver1994 - Dante Knights, civilian alchemist

5. MegatronLove - Colonel Megatron, The Life Alchemist

6. ScrollAlchemist - The Scroll Alchemist

7. luigiofawsome - Colonel Blade, The Hundred Blade Alchemist

3/5/2012 . Edited by theBrillianceofNight, 8/17/2013 #1

Hallo. I am here now.

I am a General because I am Q the Unstable's friend, I supported this idea (THIS FORUM WOULDN'T EXIST WITHOUT ME... okay, yeah, it probably would anyway...), and because I will help her to sort out this forum from the mess that is her brain.

So I am General DC, The Explosive Alchemist.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the letters, just ask. And no, it's not a rule, we just liked the whole "initial" thing. Otherwise, I don't wanna explain.

OH! And sorry if I seem childish and immature at times *coughallthetimecough* because I like sugar, and sugar simplifies my brain functions so I don't always act as I am told I'm supposed to...


3/6/2012 #2

how do you two work this with out an RP or OC registration?...Or something like it? By the way do we HAVE to be apart of the army?

3/24/2012 #3
The way it works is you just pick a name for yourself and that's what we call you. There'll probably be a RP eventually if enough people are willing to start one, but we'll have to wait until someone else is willing to start it, cos I have no idea how they work. You don't have to be in the military if you don't want to, you could just be a "civilian" if you want. Or a "terrorist", cos you never know. (kidding, don't worry)
3/25/2012 #4

Well cool.

Saturday Glass, civilian automail mechanic!

um, also do you have to accepted her?

3/25/2012 #5
Accept? Everyone is welcome as long as we don't have any repeating names. Nice to meet you Saturday Glass! I'm Führer Q, but you can call me Unstable. I'm not quite sure where Explosive has wandered off to, but I'm sure she'll find her way back soon to say hello. I hope you have an enjoyable time here in this nuthouse.
3/25/2012 #6

Well, see, "Saturday Glass" won't technically be an OC or anything.

That's your new name.

Like for me, "DC", or "Explosive" is my name in this forum.

Not necessarily a character, just a name for ME.

So, nice to meet you, Saturday Glass! Glad to welcome you into our world!

3/25/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #7

OH! And just to warn you, if you subscribe to be alerted when replies are added, be aware that we may flood your inbox because we like to talk.

A lot.

3/25/2012 #8
Explosive! There you are, cariad! Thought you got abducted by Drachmans or the like! Shall we move to the breakroom?
3/25/2012 #9

Yeah, I'll be there.

3/25/2012 #10

Hi, Fuhrer Q and Explosive!

3/25/2012 #11

Hallo there! Sorry, I got rather distracted, but I'll be in the Boardroom now if you'd like to chat.

3/25/2012 #12
Hello Saturday! Sorry, I was playing poker with my family (Yeah, that's right. The teenage Führer gambles.) and I WON! WOOHOO! But yeah. As Explosive said, most of the chatter happens in the Breakroom, so head on over!
3/25/2012 #13
*cries miserably at the lack of people*
5/3/2012 #14
5/3/2012 #15


5/4/2012 #16


...I missed a lot, didn't I....?

5/5/2012 #17
Yes. You did.
5/5/2012 #18

We need more recruits.

6/14/2012 #19

We do.

6/14/2012 #20

*sigh* I need a minion to do paperwork for me.

6/16/2012 #21

Don't say minion. It'll give people the wrong idea (despite the fact they practically are minions).

6/16/2012 #22

(Is it ok if I join?)

Dante Knights. A Civilian alchemist. (Is it alright if a player has seen the gate of truth, if I've selected a appropriate toll.)

7/14/2012 #23

This isn't a role play, this is just people talking and using false names. Sorry.

But you're still welcome around here! And if you want to have seen the gate, fine by us.

I'm Fuhrer Q, the Unstable Alchemist. Nice to meet ya.

7/14/2012 #24

That reminds me, DC, have either of us seen the Gate? Cos I think I'd remember that. I haven't, have I?

...have you, Explosive?

7/14/2012 #25

Hello everybody! I'm Colonel Megatron the Life Alchemist. Everybody okay with me joining ?(:

7/19/2012 #26

Yeah, of course!

Nice to meet you, Megatron, I'm General DC! You can also call me Explosive, take your pick, I'll probably end up not answering to either because I'll be too busy thinking up plans for "accidentally" destroying my paperwork.

Hope to talk to you a lot!

7/20/2012 #27

Heyo, Colonel. I'm the Fuhrer. I mostly respond to Unstable or Q. Nice to meet you!

Just a warning, we're rather unorganized...

7/22/2012 #28

Hey! I'm the Scroll Alchemist. I don't really have a rank in the military, they just find me if they need to know something or want something recorded, so, I'm more of a walking library/Printing press. I am called the scroll alchemist because i invented a way to transfer knowledge/words/ideas/pictures onto a piece of paper, book or scroll using alchemy. I'm quite well, known, and yet few know much about me.

1/15/2013 . Edited 1/15/2013 #29

Hello there, Scroll Alchemist! Nice and fitting title ya got there, but do you have a name we can address you by?

I'm the Explosive Alchemist, but I go around here by General DC or just plain old DC.

1/16/2013 #30
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