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Inspired by an RP forum I am currently participating in, I decided to make this one myself. Just so you know this forum is open to everything and anything so long as its roleplaying VK. More information inside.
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This is where you create your own characters, please use the base below:














Additional Information:

And do not use your OC until they have been accepted. When using species it can be more then just Human, Vampire or Vampire Hunter- be creative, but the story must fit around the original plot of Vampire Knight somehow as well. Also, if your species is a vampire, pleased list what type as E, D, C, B or A or simply as Pureblood, Noble/Aristcrat, Common vampire and then Level D and E. OC's cannot kill Canon or other OC's even if they are insane E's without permission.

OC's can be related to CC's.

Names for OC's must at least be real in one language or another.

3/6/2012 . Edited 3/6/2012 #1
Kurisuta -White Rose
Bryn / 17 / Female/6'0/ 125/ a dark golden tan/ Long wavy black hair with gold tips/ dark with amber fleaks/ Pureblood/ Bryn has never known anything about her past except that shes a pure blood and that shes the last of her family./ none atm/ Bryn is straight forward outgoing valiant open minded girl./ She wears dresses, Short skirts, tube tops and strapless shirts with high heels... /
3/8/2012 #2


3/8/2012 #3

Name: Quinn Mori

Age: Eighteen

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 110

Skin: Extremely pale white

Hair: Long black hair, straight fringe that cuts just over eyebrows, two pieces of hair fall over the front of her shoulders each side and cut off just before her belly-button while the rest trails down to her ankles and then cuts off straight there.

Eyes: Pale blue

Species: Human

Background: Quinn lived a normal life until she came to Cross Academy. Her mother died when she was born and her father is always away on business trips. They were a very big family, she has fifteen other siblings, but her father and mother left their family to be together because their family didn't approve so she doesn't know much about them.

Relationships: She has a good relationship with her dad, who calls every once in awhile, and loves her siblings and misses them.

Personality: A determined and mythical girl. She's nice, kind-hearted, but if you get in her bad books she can be cruel.

Clothing: She tends to just wear her uniform and then just long, plain dresses or shirts and jeans.

Additional Information: She suspects the Night Class are vampires but doesn't know yet- she wants to find out the truth.

3/8/2012 . Edited 3/9/2012 #4
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Can a vampire, also be a hunter like Zero... Also can OC's be in relationships with CCs
3/11/2012 #5
Kurisuta -White Rose
welcome Sasu cherie
3/11/2012 #6

Yeah, hiya Sasu! Soz it took me so long to answer, I'm a bit dizzy from a blood transfucion. They can do almost anything you want! ^^! Cept murder OC's or CC's without permission.

3/12/2012 #7

Name: O Toyo

Age: 10000 years old

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6

Weight: 100lbs

Skin: White

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Red

Species: Pureblood

Background: She wishes to destory Quinn and her family because they were originally hunters although the family today does not know of this- she also wishes to bring back Bryn's memories so the girl can remember who she is and join her on her quest to destroy all purebloods that do not bow down to her and accept her as the Queen

Relationships: Hooded Woman's daughter, seems to know Bryn and Quinn, has everything against the Kuran's as well

Personality: Tricky and beautiful, she is as deceptive as Eve (really wouldn't know much about that, it's not my religion!)

Clothing: She enjoys to dress in typical gowns and jewels that make human's think of vampires

Additional information: She is the Hooded Woman's daughter and belives all shall bow down to her and accept her to rule them- she also sees all humans as food and cannot wait to gorge herself on the Mori's.

3/12/2012 . Edited 3/12/2012 #8
Kurisuta -White Rose
can i make a brother for her?
3/12/2012 #9


3/12/2012 #10
Kurisuta -White Rose
Name: Shiva Toyo / Age: 10000 years / Gender: male/ Height: 6`2 / weight: 135 lbs / skin: Ivory white / Hair: white blond / Eyes: lava red / Species: Pureblood / Personality: Cruel, Calm and vicious. / Background: Same as Toyos / Relationships: he could careless of people and the cared only about himsef /
3/12/2012 #11
Kurisuta -White Rose
Clothing: He dresses in what ever he wants but mostly suits. Additional Info: shiva is Toyos brother which makes him the Hooded womens son.
3/12/2012 #12


3/13/2012 #13
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Name: John, Hastings (Haste-ings)

Age: 9369

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9.

Weight: 153 lb

Skin: Pale white.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Purple

Species: Pureblood

Background: John has been alive since before even the beginning of recorded history, or even before the so called 'christ' was killed. Not much is known as to how John became a vampire, or how he has managed to live for so long. All most people know about him, is that he is soon to be a professor for the night classes at the school. And that he is, in all vampire standards, very powerful.

Relationships: N/A

Personality: John is generally a quiet person, keeping to himself most of the time. When he does speak, it is generally in a sarcastic, and rude manner so the unlucky victim of his words will leave him alone.

Clothing: John generally wears just a simple black trench coat, a black long sleeved shirt, pants and black leather boots.

Additional Information: John always seems to have both a odd little mask, either covering his face or hanging on the side of his face, hiding his left eye from view, as well as a simple O-Katana strapped to his back.

3/14/2012 #14

O-O OMG new person (glomps!)


3/15/2012 #15
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Ok, thanks
3/15/2012 #16
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Is this good? Name: Sasu Sarukiji Age: 16 Gender: female Height: 5'6 Weight: ...? Skin: dark/tan Hair: black Eyes: gray/red Species: vampire (b) Background: Her Adopted dad is Yagari Toga... She lived in Tokyo for most of her life with her mom, until she Father asked her to join cross academy. She's known Zero since she was little, but they grew apart cause of the Hio incident... She had always loved zero and now she gets her chance to be with him Relationships: zero is her soon-to-be boyfriend  She doesn't like yuuki (that much) thinks she's too Girly, but does have a good heart... She likes kaname and his gang (rima, takuma, shiki, aidou, kain, ruka and seiren ) Personality: mean, caring, emo, tomboyish, very smart... Clothing: crops uniform, punk clothes, wears black a lot  Additional Information: vampire/hunter (like zero) Sorry it's so short...
3/15/2012 #17

Sounds good. We're not really agreeing on vary many couples at the moment until we've passed the whole love triangle thing etc. but she is accepted and I can't wait to meet her!

3/16/2012 #18
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
What love triangle? And thanks
3/16/2012 #19
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Thank you Doujin-san!

3/16/2012 #20


And I mean KanameYuukiZero

(soz I've been gone for ages!)

3/18/2012 #21

Name: Ruby Toyo

Age: Ten

Gender: Female

Height: 3'9

Weight: 30lbs

Skin: White

Hair: Red

Eyes: Red

Species: Pureblood

Background: She's O and Shiva's daughter from ten years ago, after O refused to marry anymore and unoffically got together with Shiva. She doesn't know much about Bryn, but suspects the other might possibly be her sister or something along those lines. She was born a natural red-head, though doesn't know why. As for Quinn, all she knows is when the Mori family were hunters they did something to harm O and Shiva a long time ago, possibly killing an uncle/aunt/sibling.

Relationships: Hooded Woman's grandaughter, daughter of O and Shiva

Personality: Fun-loving, happy, a normal little girl

Clothing: She likes cute dresses

Additional information: She doesn't want to stay with her parents and wants to be with the academy instead

3/24/2012 #22
The Cat Died Nobly

Name: Emiko Himura

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5'4

Skin: Very pale

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Eyes: Blue

Species: Aristocrat

Background: After her family was killed by vampire hunters, she was adopted by the Aido family.

Relayionships: Has a slight crush on Hanabusa, nothing more.

Personality: Energetic, cheerful, talkative, childish, easily manipulated, absent minded, easily jealous and positive.

Clothing: She loves wearing blue and white. Often dresses.

Additional Information: Her power as an aristocrat is the ability to control metal.

3/29/2012 . Edited 3/29/2012 #23


4/13/2012 #24
Kurisuta -White Rose
Name: Freya Age:17 Gender: Female Height: 5'6ft Weight: 112lbs Skin: dark golden tan Hair: Black Eyes:gold Species: half vamp Background: Freya is one of Shivas human children but knows that Brynn is a Toya like her and is Quinns roommate Relationships: none atm Personality: anti-Social calm emo and Narcassitic like most of the Toyos are but does care for those she holds close. Clothing: dresses all kinds
4/13/2012 #25


4/14/2012 #26
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Name: Rin Sarukiji Age: 16 Gender: Female Height: 5'6 Skin: pale but not too pale Hair: Black Eyes: Purple (dark lavender) Species: Hunter/ level C vampire Background: she is Sasu's adopted sister and real daughter of Yagari Toga, she's known Zero since birth and Sasu when, she found her. Her mother is Zero's aunt (Zero's father's sister), she's Zero's cousin...! Relationship: Her boyfriend is Maze Usui Personality: Energetic, cheerful, talkative, childish, manipulating, absent minded, easily jealous and positive (sometimes). Clothing: She's scene... So she wears punk, gothic clothes... Additional Information: ...?
6/8/2012 #27
Sasu-Sama' Sarukiji-Sempai
Name: Maze Usui Age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 5'11 Skin: tan Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Light brown Species: vampire Level B Background: Unknown Relayionships: Girlfriend is Rin Sarukiji Personality: Quiet, nice, positive, caring, evil (not really), smart, And manipulating Clothing: Dark clothes, punkish... Additional Information: Yagari was not happy that his only daughter was in love with a vampire but accepted it cause of Zero and Maze's love for Rin!
6/8/2012 #28

Name: Akane

Age: 17

Gender: female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 124lbs

Hair: straight magenta-red; falls down to the bottom of her shoulder blades


Species: human

Background: Although Akane's parents attained High Social Status her parents had no sense of direction as to what they should do with Akane's life because of her personality and attitude towards everything around her. Therefore they grew weary and became demotivated causing Akane to fall from her mom and dad's parenting. They had never much payed attention to her seeing how she was and the way she saw things in life. Tragically, her father died in a car crash a few years later and her mother became an alchoholic. Akane began taking care of herself- cooking, clothing and feeding herself to make up for the affection she should've gotten from her parents. Her mother died later on from overuse of drugs.

Relationships: None

Personality: serious, seductive, gullible (sometimes), stubborn, kind (only to some people but hardly anyone), indifferent, rebellious, rude, tsundere, apathetic, bossy (sometimes), impulsive

Clothing: simple gothic clothing (black, dark purple, dark blue are some colors she would wear), doesn't like skirts, doesn't go overboard on her clothing, likes punk clothing (things with chains and side pockets), likes tank tops and sphagetti straps (she wears sphagetti straps more often though), likes to wear simple long-sleeved shirts, frayed jeans and cut-off jeans, pants with holes in them, layered tank-tops (like gray, white then black on top,etc.), doesn't wear a whole bunch of bright colors

Additional Information: N/A

6/10/2012 . Edited 7/2/2012 #29

Name: Rika Kitamura

Age: 17

Gender: female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 123lbs

Skin: white

Hair: inky black

Eyes: forest green

Species: human

Background: Rika didn't have the sort of family every loving daughter did. Her parents didn't include her in as "part of the family" like her siblings. She suffered verbal abuse from each of them. Her siblings were always right; she was wrong even when it was opposite. She's just basically had a pretty hard life until her parents transferred her to Cross Academy. She hardly made friends- maybe one or two and that was it. Gradually, she sort-of began to open up to everyone but that didn't stop the past from haunting her.

Relationships: N/A

Personality: anti-social, gullible, charismatic, kind, quiet, shy, hostile, sadistic, perfectionist, low-self esteem

Clothing: gothic and punk clothing, casual clothing

Additional Information: More secrets about her past will be revealed through the RP.

6/11/2012 . Edited 7/1/2012 #30
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