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First of all- there is no "application", please just try and include everything about your character in your submission. This may take a while, so please think it over before posting.


Also, this isimportant, please take the time and take the litmus test below and add your score from it to your submission. This will determine your character will be accepted or not. Really.

Please refrain from posting block posts, keep it well spaced please.

3/7/2012 . Edited 3/7/2012 #1

( "scaley underdoos", and my score was 20)

Name: Carlotta Prickstion (changes last name to Levair after first Arkham visit)

Alias: Brain Teaser

Alignment: (Good(Hero), Bad(Villan)... ect.) Villianess

Age: Past 20 and before too old (She won't reveal her true age, using it to tease Eddie's mind to try and guess)

Gender: Female

Abilities/Powers/Skills: Can make puzzles meant to either trap, escape, take, or confuse mostly, but can fix them to do most anything she needs in a crime. She is also flexible and knows basic hand-to-hand

Weaknesses/Limitations: Overconfidence, can be 'scatterbrained', certain herbs will make her drowsy and sick, and she tends to get a bit more physical in battles. Also, if you diss Nigma and/or his work, she will go balistic

Personality: Acts childish and ditzy to be hard to read, but is actually calculating, mischevious, intelligent/intellectual, witty, and sly

Fears: Degraded to among the 'morons', being kicked off her high horse (it would have to take something BIG),becoming a metaphorically speakingzombie, Edward killed/hurt

Appearance: Almond colored hair with ebony black bangs and streaks to her chest in a "perfect"(she calls it that herself) ponytail, "Athena"(as she calls them) grey eyes, fawn colored skin, gymnist's body with almost fragile-looking curves'

Casual Clothing: Her hair in the 'perfect ponytail', a pastel pink button up shirt, light grey dress pants, and white sneakers

Costume: Hair is in a tight bun tied with a green ribbion, black domino mask with green insides, black sleeveless leotard with corset, elbow length green gloves, white tights with green fishnet covering, & black knee-high heeled boots

Bio: The top of her classes, Carlotta took up puzzle making at a young age as a simple hobby for after she got her homework done. By the time she was 10 though, she began to use it in almost everything she did. Concerned, her parents tried to set her up with a 'cuu-koo's nest doc', to which the girl uses her then 99 IQ(By the time Riddler accepts her, it will be around 135 IQ, as she's introduced she should be around 122 IQ)to talk her way into proving her sanity and that she was fine. Deciding then it was nothing to worry about, they sent her to a private school in Europe where she only enhanced her projects in secret until graduation at age 17. She kept doing so throughout her colledge career at Gotham University, where she made her class's valedictorian with degrees in computers, mathematics and science. Only during that graduation year, she found herself the victum of rape by a total stranger. This unlocked the darkness in her, what opened her want to be on the side of capital B.A.D., and also why she flips out when someone trys to get her hair down. All she needed was inspiration on how to make her mark.

A year after graduating college and getting a job as a secret computer programming company which she was very bo red with, she saw a report on the Riddler's first case. Upon seeing his work, she was intrigued at his use of intellegence so creatively. She uses her hacking skills in the company's mainframe computer to get promoted to a secretary and secretly set up a lab at her home with parts she either stole from the company or bought herself. She began modeling her own work after Nigma's until she commits her first crime of killing her tormenters from childhood who teased her for her intellegence or looks. She got two males with jigsaw puzzle bombs, one female with a pyrimad puzzle variation in which she was one of the poles, and a brother and sister duo by trapping them in twin giant Chinese puzzle boxes. She was about to get another man by burying him in a 'Rubix Cube Coffin' until Batman came to stop her. After being defeated, she is sent to Arkham Asylum.

Even more unluckily for her, Riddler is hating her guts for thinking she's copying off his style, but Carlotta's personality isn't about to let him think that. So as she continues her work, she's setting out to prove her orginality to Riddler. Though she'll soon find herself becoming his student of sorts, resorting to his nickname she has for him: Mr.Nigma.

Other: At first modeling her work after him, she will end up falling for Nigma. Likes to sit quietly in her roommaking little puzzles, drawing on the wall just to bug Edward,making little puzzles, reading,making little puzzles, "playing" with her dolls, talking with Queen Bee and Ivy when she can, and of coursemaking little puzzles. What she grows to adore is seeing Eddie working and his reactions/retailiations when she comes by

4/6/2012 #2
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