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I love him too, by the way, why not just say he has the face of the guy in that picture of his body?

3/30/2012 #31

I just did too!

3/30/2012 #32


3/30/2012 #33
Black Raven 2539
Hmm. Oh I wanted him to have that short curly cropped like jet black hair. And that skin tone. Lol. I'm glad you guys like Pierce.
3/30/2012 #34

oh, so why not try ian somerholder, jake gyllenhaal, or like someone else...oo steven r mcqueen

3/30/2012 #35
Black Raven 2539
Actually, I don't really know those people.
3/30/2012 #36

lo lwell if it helps, try looking them up, by the way do I need to add more in my post?

3/30/2012 #37
Black Raven 2539
Hmm. Idk, but should I post on rp?
3/30/2012 #38

sure lol, though I gotta get going so I won't post until tomorrow

3/30/2012 #39
Black Raven 2539
Just had to say some thing! Happy april fools! I think I should have put a joke in front lol.
4/1/2012 #40
Black Raven 2539

For Pierce, I'm thinking about making an OC, maybe a love interest he once had in Aeneas' army. She would still be evil, and he would have to go through an internal struggle because he must kill her or change her over to Acamas' side before Aeneas releases the titans? Just thinking, but she wouldn't come in til waay later. She was once his lover and sparring partner when he was still as Aeneas' top guard. Does that sound good?

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #41
Black Raven 2539
Sorry my phone glitched on me when I wrote this. If you want her ill make a profile for her, but she wouldn't be in there til way later. Or if the oracle(apolline) says somethin like you must decide the fate of the one you love. But pierce, only living in the moment doesn't realize what she means until that very time comes.
4/1/2012 #42

I love that idea!

4/1/2012 #43

Well, I keep imagining quite the climax in this roleplay so it seems nobody's fate is certain for right now I think....possibly besides Acamas.

4/1/2012 #44
Black Raven 2539

Name: Jade

Age: 24

Sex: Female

Personality: sly, clever ( like Pierce), evil ( might change depending on prophecy), envious (of Freya ooh!), and spiteful ( after Pierce disappearance from Aeneas' army)


that was the best thing I could find to kinda describe her, sorry

Personal Background: Was Pierce's sparring partner and lover, they both worked under Aeneas, until Pierce disappeared after a confrontation with Aeneas. She turned spiteful and envious.

Other info- She was not always spiteful and envious, she turned that way only after Pierce left, she actually was once gullible to Pierce and completely infatuated with him. But When

Pierce left it told her that love was nothing more than something that would hurt you in the end.

Was hers good? Edit if need be

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #45

Well, I for one enjoy it

4/1/2012 #46
Black Raven 2539


4/1/2012 #47

I love her too!

4/1/2012 #48
Black Raven 2539
Thanks, so you guys can decide whenever you want to add her. So for now she like super super evil until she meets Pierce, which will probably be in the war, then shell either die or become good. EPIC FIGHT BETWEEN LOVERS! She used to be his sparring partner, so she's as equally combat ready as Pierce. AWESOME.
4/1/2012 #49

Name -


Age -


Personality -

Quiet, loyal, bloodthirsty, willing to sacrifice.

Appearance -5'11, muscled build, short black hair, olive skin tone, brown eyes, covered in tattoo's of mythological creatures.

Personal Background (Please keep reasonably brief) -

Deimos was the only son of a legionnaire who died fighting Hyperion's legion, After his fathers death Deimos became a mercenary selling his sword to anyone with the coin to pay him and quickly grew a insatiable thirst for blood, With the land at war again he now finds himself with a chance to earn himself a fortune.

Occupation/Species -Mercenary, Human.

Any other info (optional) -Loves to use poisons on his weapons.

5/9/2012 . Edited 5/9/2012 #50
I like him! Welcome to the RP!
5/12/2012 #51
Chase 'A' Winter
NAME: Kyros

AGE: 23.

PERSONALITY: Humble and warm. But can be stern when needed in serious times, but open and valiant, curtious, sarcastic with a sense of humor.

APPEARANCE: Chiseled jaw, tan skinned. Lean and fairly toned with blue eyes and raven hair that falls to just below his jaw and goes into a ponytail from there to just below shoulders. Basic golden helmet, shield, cape, sidesword and spear a Spartan would carry. A black tight fitting shirt and tunic.

PERSONAL BACKGROUND: Son of exiled Spartan warrior. Was raised in Spartan combat with excellent physique. He now wanders as a way to find his place in the world.

OCCUPATION/ SPECIES: Wandering warrior/ Hermit.

Any other info: Knows magic tricks.

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6/9/2012 #53

Name -Davos

Age -28

Personality -Relaxed, Faithful, Loyal.

Appearance -6'1, muscled build and covered in old scars, thick black hair.

Personal Background (Please keep reasonably brief) - Grew up listening to tales of Theseus from his father, His mother taught him all she could about herbs and toxins before she died from disease, His father was a warrior hired to defend a temple of Ares so he grew up with great respect for the gods.

Occupation/Species -Human, Warrior

Any other info =(optional) - Likes to ask riddles when he gets bored and will trade a story for the correct answer.

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6/28/2012 #55

anyone on?

12/11/2012 #56

Name -Alessa (Meaning "protector of humanity" in Greece)

Age -18

Personality -Sweet, kind, pure hearted, and protective of her people.

Appearance -When not in the castle: When in the castle:

Personal Background (Please keep reasonably brief) - A princess born with kindness, and compassion. She is always against corruption, and making people fear there ruler. Since she is next to rule due to being the heir of her kingdom they try to teach her to rule with a iron fist which she refuse because she wants to rule the kingdom with kindness, and less corruption. She even free innocent people that are wrongly accuse. She never met her mother who left when she was still a baby.

Occupation/Species -princess/demigoddess

Any other info (optional) -She is the daughter of Athena, and has a gift to see who is innocent, and who is guilty.

6/27/2015 . Edited 6/27/2015 #57
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