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The Captain turned and walked out the alleyway, "Well, now zat we have found Mr. Engie...we need to find Pilot!!"

He stole a glance around his domain and wondered where his missing could be, Zis is growing into a predicament. Next thing I know Mr. Snippy will go missing too!! ...Nah!! Mr. Snippy wouldn't leave his Captain!! He's a faithful minion!!!

Walking a little further he cupped his hands over his gas mask, "PILOT!! Come back and serve your Captain!! We have Mr. Engie!!!"

He noted that voices had stopped, About time too...zey were starting to give me a headache!

Reaching down he tightened the scarf a little more, oblivious of the tiny scream in the back of his mind.

3/22/2012 . Edited 3/22/2012 #61

We're moving again...

She was pouting, hovering close, but not too close. Just enough to let Alex know she was there.


No response. She searched her data and programs and the mast volumes, finally admitting a louder, more dramatic "~SIGH!~"

When he still didn't respond, the drone dimmed her lights and stuck out a robotic hand, grabbing his hood and following him like that; like a little girl. She 'smiled' when she noticed his head cock to the left a little to glance at her.

Acknowledgment: ACHIEVED.

3/22/2012 #62
eight 0f hearts

"Captain! Captain!" Pilot yelled as he ran back towards where he had last seen their leader. He glanced around in confusion, then brightened as he saw the Captain walking out of a nearby alleyway.

"Captain! I found Engie! Do I win the game?" Racing forward, he tripped over some rubbish on the ground, the wheelbarrow catapaulting forward to tip the rather stunned dog at Captain's feet.

Pilot staggered upright and saluted. "Engie has been turned into a dog! Where's Snippy?" Peering over Captain's shoulder, he frowned as he caught sight of Snippy, as well as…. Engie? And a strange robot drone of some sort.

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #63

The Captain stared down at the creature at his feet. He was confused as to where his minions were finding their weird companions and wondering why he himself didn't have one, I think I deserve a companion too! But where would I even start?

The voice in the back of his mind seemed to his in protest but he didn't acknowledge it. He opted for leaning down and picked up the dog. He looked it over and a grin spread across his face beneath the mask, "He does look like Engie, doesn't he? Furry and yellow eyes! But we have an Engie, still there is always need for more minions!! Good job, Pilot!! Now that we are all together, we have business to attend!! Like find a new headquarters and gathering supplies!!!"

3/24/2012 #64
eight 0f hearts

Pilot beamed and bounced up and down, happy with the Captain's praise. The dog, now starting to recover from the shock of being rolled at top-speed through bumpy terrain, began to growl and snap at the oblivious Captain, obviously wishing to tear the entire group to shreds. It seemed to catch sight of the Catalope in Snippy's arms and snarled ferociously at it.

"Where first, Captain?" Pilot asked, looking around.

3/24/2012 #65

The Captain took notice of the dogs' vicious behavior and handed it back to Pilot, "First, you will put a hold on zat creature! It can't be allowed to eat zee other minions!! And then..."

He walked out further and looked around, "We will go this way!! To find new headquarters!!"

The Captain started walking out towards the west, a slight bounce to his step, Now I have all mein minions back!! Not to mention new ones!!! I'm zee happiest Captain in all of Captania!!!

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/24/2012 #66

Was Green insane!? What was it thinking by bringing that vicious thing into their group? The fur on the remnants back stood straight up as deep down the DNA memory of the form it took definitely did not like that horrid creature. Now that it had caught sight of the cat it was driven by the need to rip the smaller creature to shreds and struggled to break free of the man holding it. Finally it clamped down on Greens hand causing it to yell and drop the beast. With nothing to hold it back the dog charge at them with teeth bared and those glowing yellow eyes flashing like hellfire.

Run, it didn't even need to think about it, the instincts of its body had already taken over as it twisted its way out of Blues arms and hit the ground running. It's terrified heart was pounding as it heard the massive paws of the dog pound against the cracked pavement in close pursuit of its prey, the remnant could almost feel the dogs hot fetid breath on its fur. Quickly the cat darted under the belly of a decaying car and it couldn't help but be amused as it heard the dog slam against the metal and yelp in pain. To its dismay the loud baying of the beast soon started up again. The remnant ducked into a dark alley but skidded to a halt when realized too late that it was a dead end, how fitting.

Huddling against rusted garbage cans it tried to think if there was anyway to possibly fight this monster. It didn't have a chance, after being struck by the death light it's DNA mutation had slowed to a crawl to conserve energy. Need to be bigger it thought as it stared at the moss growing at its feet. Need to be bigger.

The dog followed the green plant trail into the alley and stopped. Something wasn't right, it had been chasing a cat. Whatever was in this alley wasn't a cat. The dogs tail curled between its legs as the shadow of a massive creature began to move in the darkness. It slowly turned to the dog, a huge black colored mutant with shaggy fur hanging from its shoulders stared back at the smaller animal with hollowed eyes. Stepping forward on pillar like legs it let out a rasping hiss. The dog backed away whining. The mutant then reared up on its hind legs, brilliant patches of glowing radiation flared along its sides and on its face while tentacles erupted from its back and flailed wildly. Another step towards the dog, empty black eyes glaring, emitting the rattling hiss and the dog finally came to its senses and ran out of the alley yowling in terror.

Once the dog had fled, the beast collapsed on itself becoming nothing more than a massive pile of twisted vines and seed pods. The remnant stepped out from behind the garbage cans feeling quite pleased with itself.

3/24/2012 . Edited 3/25/2012 #67

looking away from annet as she made a loud noise that could have been the equivalent to a human sigh, he noticed that chris had showed up. he wasnt alone either, the pilot had an odd creature that had once been a dog. apon hearing the captain, alex scoffed at the idea of the mutated dog looking anything like him. fallowing after the captain engie turned back to see if annie would be fallowing though he had a feeling that she would.

3/24/2012 #68

Snippy was torn. The cat-like creature had leapt out of his arms at the sight of the feral dog, and took off running in the opposite direction of where the group was walking.

He wanted to go after it, he really did. He had a feeling that little thing could hold its own, but against a rabid, psychotic mutated dog? He didn't know.

But he also didn't feel like facing the 'wrath' of Captain and Pilot for not obeying the Captain's orders.

He stood there for a moment, deliberating his options.

He turned and started walking towards where the animals had bounded off.

3/25/2012 #69

"Mr. Snippy! Where are you going? We must head in zis direction!!" The Captain points outward, "And where is zee furry little minions? Don't tell me zey are lost now too!?"

All zese minions are getting lost under my watch. Am I losing it? Nein! I am zee best Captain, ever! Why would zey make me Captain if I was not good?!, The Captain thought a little angrily. This was starting to become most frustrating for him. But the more he got angry, the more the voices in the back of his mind talked. But he squashed it out, "Enough of zis dilly dallying!! We must find zee furry minions AND ZEN we will find a new headquarters!! Or you all face zee tea."

3/26/2012 #70
eight 0f hearts

Pilot turned to Snippy angrily. "Your stupid moose-kitty scared away Engie 2!" he accused, jabbing a finger at the Sniper's chest. He gazed sadly into the distance, where the dog had vanished.

He turned to the Captain. "Captain, I volunteer Snippy to go on this mission!"

3/27/2012 #71

"While I would usually agree, we will all go!!" The Captain said as he raised his mug into the air, "I must take responsibility for mein minions!! No more of zee hide and go seek!!! You're hiding skills are most horrible so we will work on zee seeking!!!"

He took a sip from his trust straw and an unnoticed wide grin spread across his face, "NOW PILOT!! MR. SNIPPY!!! Lead zee way!!! Find mein minions or you face zee deliciousness!! And Mr. Engie will not be able to make you feel better!!!"

3/27/2012 #72

Snippy sighs, ignoring the group behind him, remembering where the animals had bounded off.

Right over there, he thinks.

Right into that mysteriously dark alley.

Snippy reaches behind his shoulder, an instinctual move; his gut clenches when his hand finds emptyness.

And of course, he thinks sourly,the times I might actually need my gun are always the times I never have it.

He reaches under his mask to pinch the bridge of his nose as he walked; his headache was getting worse, and Pilot's incessant jabbering and noise behind him really wasn't helping the issue.

3/27/2012 #73

Sitting atop its throne of vines it hoped that horrible mongrel hadn't chased it too far from it's pack. Running for ones life didn't leave much time to pay attention to where one was going. Well, better to be on the move than just sitting there. Carefully making its way down the pile it headed to the entrance of the alley. Don't want to be lost it thought. Its ears perked up, noises, raspy breathing, they were near by! It poked its head out the alley, it was still nervous that the dog might still be close by but it had a feeling that its little trick with the vines had made it run far away.

No dog in sight and even better it could see its taller pack members just a little ways down the street. Meowing a happy greeting it bounded over to Blue and brushed its side against its leg. Have good companions it though. It caught sight of Green and its playful behavior change to serious. Glowing eyes blazed as it stalked towards Green. Once close enough the vine that had stealthy wrapped itself around Greens ankle snapped back up a light post leaving the man hanging upside down and at eye level with the cat. The remnant then reared back and began swatting at Greens head and screeched at it in anger. It had no intentions of hurting Green, just letting it know that it wasn't happy about the little incident with the dog.

Once frustration had been properly vented the vine loosened and let Green fall to the ground. It made its way back to Blue and sat next to him while giving its paw and few licks, trying to smooth down it ruffled fur.

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Pilot let out an indignant yelp as he was dropped back to the ground. Rubbing his head, he sat up and shot an angry glare towards the catalope.

"What was that for, you stinky bumtrinket?!" he cried. The creature was now firmly ingrained in his mind as ENEMY. First it had taken the Captain's attentions, then chased off Engie 2, and now it was being mean to him. And as if that wasn't bad enough, it seemed to have taken a liking to Snippy. No, Pilot did not like the beast at all.

3/27/2012 . Edited 3/28/2012 #75

The Captain chuckled a little as he watched the events between the Catalope and his minion unfold, "Zee little furry one is daring!! I like zat in mein minions!!"

Bending down, he picked up the furry little creature, "You remind me of mein Snippy Sniper. So...snippy and stubborn! It is no wonder why he likes you!"

He scratched it behind the ears before leaning in and whispered for only the Catalope to hear, "Don't tell anyone...but I like you better zen zat mutt. Good job scaring it away. But enough nattering! We have work! Mr. Snippy, take your glowing kitty!"

3/28/2012 #76

Snippy, who had been in the middle of re-living that previous moment, paused when he felt the kitten brush up against his leg as it sat down. He smiled, enjoying the fact that it had taken a liking to him. Or maybe it just knew who was and wasn't insane.

He glared at Pilot as he started calling the creature names. "Oh, please. Why did you even bring that thing around? I mean, sure, it looks like Gromov, but it was vicious! You're just so dense sometimes, Pilot!"

He watched as the Captain crouched to pick the kitten up and whisper into its ear. He scratched it between the small space between its antlers, and suddenly said in a booming voice, "But enough nattering! We have work! Mr. Snippy, take your glowing kitty!" He thrust the small creature towards him and he had just enough time to take the creature around the middle before the Captain had spun around and walked away to do something else.

He gave the kitten-thing an apologetic look right before he placed it back in the crook of his arm; loosely holding it in case it wanted to find a more comfortable position, and walked on with the group.

3/28/2012 #77

Green was mad now but the cat was sure it would get over it eventually. The remnant hadn't really done anything to hurt Green, it didn't even have its claws out. Besides, Green had started it by bringing a hostel predator into the pack. It's main concern now was what would happen after this rash display of aggression against one of its own members. It had unwittingly made a dominant move against what was clearly a much bigger creature than itself. How the others would react would let it know just where its place was among the pack hierarchy. It felt that a swift punishment would be coming soon, maybe even exile. What happened next was very unexpected.

The tall dark one, Purple, started making noises as it picked up the remnant. This one was often the loudest and seemed to be important to the others, Purple was the closest one it could call to a pack leader. If it was going to be punished it would most likely be from this one. Waiting for a reprimand it was surprised to hear oddly gentle whispering sounds. A pleasant scratch on the head revealed it to be praise! Its little act of aggression had pleased the pack leader and now the remnant felt much more secure in its position in the group. Passed back into Blues arms it began wondering just where the others fell into order.

Purple, pack leader. Blue, unsure but felt like they both were on equal ground with each other. Yellow, unsure, it never really had a chance to really observe its actions. Round Thing, not sure but it wouldn't really count as a member if it wasn't really alive right? Green? Somewhere on the bottom.

It wondered how long it would take for it to finally fight the remnant to regain its position.

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eight 0f hearts

Pilot glared at Snippy. "I'm not dense!" he replied angrily. "Anyway your opinion doesn't matter because you're a shoe! Shoes can't call other people dense so therefore you can't call me dense!"

With that feat of logic, he turned to Captain and frowned. Captain was talking to the Catalope and scratching it behind the ears. His frown deepened. The moose-kitty has trapped Captain under his spell! It wants to steal him away from me.

"Where are we going now Captain?" he asked when Captain finally put down the cat, trying not to make his voice sound too miserable.

3/29/2012 #79

The Captain glanced around his domain. There were so many potential places to call their base but it needed to be the right one.

If I were a base, where I would I be?, The Captain pondered. He scratched the underside of his chin, taking a moment to contemplate. He turned to Pilot, "We are going to where zee perfect base is! Now, no more playing hide and seek!! We will have time to practice are warfare strategies later! Onward, my minions!"

He pet the flyer on the shoulder before walking in a completely random direction.

3/29/2012 #80

"You are dense," Snippy muttered. "You're so dense you don't even seem to realize that I can call you whatever the hell I want." Following the Captain, he knocked his shoulder roughly into Pilot's as he passed, making the flyer stumble backwards. All this commotion only a few hours after being revived from the dead was really taking a toll on him. It didn't help that his stomach was empty and there was that constant pounding in his head and he had no rifle and he was just so tired.

3/29/2012 #81

It seemed as though the silent treatment she was giving them all wasn't working. This had worked in the past! Well... sorta. She had people to hug back then. She tried to hug Alex, but he had shut her out long ago. The pilot, Chris, was... well,brokento say the least. Officer Snippy was also a lost case, he'd never been hugable. Then there was Seven. She didn't want anything to do with his mind, let alone hug him!

The silent treament went on through most of the events. She was rather good at the game; she had had lots of practice. When the dog chased the cat away, she simply hovered five feet away and buzzed. Alex did nothing! He didn't even comment to the group. He was good at the game to... well, her love was good at anything~!

...She almost let something slip when Chris was lifted into the air. But she was better than that. She simply turned around and shut them all out.

It was when they were walking away and looking for a 'new base' that she finally was about to explode! She made a ruffled-robotic noise and screamed,"I CAN'T TAKE IT! WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LOVE ME AGAINNNN?"She 'bawled' circling all four of them rapidly. The others halted and stared in shock and surprise. Alex had also stopped, but he didn't make any moves. She let out a robotic sniffle then a wail of sadness before she transformed into a human-like creature and ran to Alexander, throwing two metal arms around his waste and activating tears.

3/29/2012 . Edited 3/29/2012 #82
eight 0f hearts

Pilot's smile returned when Captain patted his shoulder. He skipped after their leader, but stumbled when Snippy shouldered roughly past him. "I'm going to ignore you," he declared rather childishly as he continued walking, "because you are dense. As dense as a slug. A shoe-ish slug and shoes are only good for getting stepped on and shoes can't have opinions or call people names therefore your opinion is void and you are a slug slug snippy slug jiggly slug...."

He continued to ramble on under his breath as he happily followed Captain along.

3/29/2012 #83

Alex stumbled backwards. "Gah! Annie, let go!" He was startled by her new humanoid form. Had she begun upgrading herself? That couldn't bode well. Or was she using some kind of new, military technology he was not aware of? She had never expressed any interest in being transferred to a new hardware unit before. She had never even wanted to leave the facility, not that he hadn't suggested it... but then, she had never had a reason to. Looking up, he saw that everyone was staring at them. On top of his concern about her new body, not to mention the destruction of his bunker, he felt a rush of embarrassment. This was not how he wanted his creations to be seen behaving by the rest of the world. Especially that damn tour guide... He felt his face burning and was glad it was covered by his mask. "Get off me," he muttered, pushing at her robotic arms. She obeyed, reluctantly, but kept hold of his gloved hand with her metal one.

3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #84

"But I don't want to leave you!" She whispers as he tries to shake his hand out of hers. Suddenly, she realized her position. She'd never shown him her humanoid form before, considering he had always said he liked her the way she was. In her mind, nothing had changed between them since the fallout. But strangely, he was acting much different.

He at last yanked his hand away from her and even went to the extra length of stepping back a few. She stood there, humanoid form expressing little emotion, but more than before. Everyone was staring at her now, staring and waiting for her to do something. So she sighed, leaping in the air and transforming back in mid jump. This made the green cat thing jump a little in Officer Snippy's arms. Unaware of how much she embarrassing Alex, she flew over to him and said softly, so that only he could hear, "Sorry... I meant to tell you about the new programming the directorate assigned for me, but that was the day that Seven spilled tea on me... so..."

Minimumly aware that she had changed from the days before the apocalypse, she gave her best try at a 'smile' before zooming behind the group.

You've read this in that teen magazine, Annie, just give him space with his guy friends and he'll come crawling back in the end!

The group still shot glances, or rather glares, at her as they walked. However, she tried her best to remain possitive.

Rule #1 of Apocalypse Life with Alex: Don't turn into a humanoid without warning... it scares them.

3/31/2012 #85

The Captain had stopped in his tracks.

He was unable to brush aside what he had just seen. He tried to remind himself that stranger things have happened, That horrible revolution...all that lemonade...glowing kitties...but they never attacked mein minions! If this thing thinks it is taking mein minions has another thing coming.

He turned to Engie and the drone, "Are you quite finished with your round pet, Mr. Engie? Unless you'd like to face zee mug? Or maybe I should make you walk Photoshop? As for round thing, you can follow us but I must remind you, I am Zee Captain. Zat means only I can discipline mein minions. So, no more attacking zem!!"

Satisfied that he asserted his authority he turned and started walking.

4/2/2012 #86

He glanced at the Engineer, then at the hunter-exterminator drone.

Did the Captain really expect that thing to become his 'minion'? Does he not realize the harm and chaos that bloody thing can easily create?

He glanced around at the newly-destroyed wasteland, thinking of the threat Gromov had just received. I wonder if Photoshop survived. Thinking of the outcome that had most likely happened, he smiled to himself. No more dislocated shoulders for me!

4/4/2012 #87

What was up with seven? I'd never seen him quite like that.

Other than the time when he spilled tea on ANNET.

Perhaps ANNET overreacted a little.

4/4/2012 #88

Never a dull moment with these creatures.

Attacked by Biomass, hit with the death light, resurrecting companions, finding out Biomass survived, and the dog chase. Now non living things that acted as if they were alive and shape shifted was just another oddity to add to the ever growing list of strange events it witnessed within the pass few hours. Luckily it looked like Purple was reestablishing order to the group, like a good pack leader should. Maybe it wouldn't have been so stressful if it could actually understand them. They all seemed to communicate so well with each other, even the Round Thing was better at making noises then the cat. The remnant was listening, trying to figure out what sounds meant but the sounds just moved to fast. In time, in time it would understand.

Shifting around in Blues arms it looked out into the wasteland. Its feline eyes saw a drab gray world, even with its life seeing eye there wasn't much out there. The death light had been thorough in destroying any life in the area. It buried its face in the crook of Blues arm. Not all life was dead, if they survived then something else must have too... Right?

4/4/2012 . Edited 4/4/2012 #89
eight 0f hearts

They had been walking for 10 minutes when Pilot collapsed.

The Catalope's powers could only go so far, and while bringing two fully grown men back from the dead was no mean feat, the process was not entirely without its faults. Chief of which was the fact that the resurrection, while initially quick to revive them, had taken a lot of energy. It seemed that the injured body was still recovering from the shock of injury, death and restoration, and needed to shut down for a while in order to recover fully.

In any case, Pilot dropped to the ground with a rather dramatic THUMP. Snippy, having sustained larger injuries, would most likely be next.

4/7/2012 #90
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