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Rider Paladin

This is for Spider-Man's various supporting characters and allies in both identities, for all the people that have gotten caught in the web of Spider-Man . . . and it's a tangled one, indeed. We've got love interests like Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, and Felicia "Black Cat" Hardy, to say nothing of Peter's current cutie Carlie Cooper (hey, I had to alliterate), we've got friends like Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn, Robbie Robertson, Betty Brant, we've got the curmudgeonly Daily Bugle owner-turned-mayor of MU New York City J. Jonah Jameson, we've got allies in the NYPD like Captain George Stacy, Captain Jean DeWolff, and most recently Captain Yuri Watanabe, we have new friends like Max Modell, Peter's current employer at Horizon Labs and the supporting cast from there like Uatu Jackson, Sajani, Brady, Bella, and the mysterious No. 6 (whose identity will be a welcome surprise to longtime Spider-fans). Then there are his superhero allies like the Prowler, Rocket Racer, the mercenary Silver Sable, the blind acrobat Daredevil, the Human Torch of the Fantastic Four, Wolverine of the X-Men, the armored Avenger and "billionaire philanthropist playboy genius" Iron Man, and the positively marvelous (pun intended) Carol Danvers . . . who may or may not be interested in Spidey in a "more than friends" kind of way.

We could even discuss his enemies here, for they, too, are an intrinsic part of Spider-Man's life, some more than others, like Norman Osborn/Green Goblin or Eddie Brock, the original Venom or the symbiote that still carries a murderous torch for the wall-crawler in spite of so many subsequent hosts or MacDonald Gargan/Scorpion, created as an assassin for Spider-Man by a disgruntled Jameson or even Miles Warren, the Jackal, whose obsession with Peter's erstwhile love Gwen led to the Clone Saga and the creations of Ben "Scarlet Spider" Reilly and the troubled (and until recently, degenerating) killer clone Kaine, who is now the new Scarlet Spider.

We could also bring in others who have adopted his motif, whether for good or for evil --- like the Spider-Women from Jessica Drew to Julia Carpenter to Mattie Franklin to Charlotte Witter, or the young heroine Anya "Arana" Corazon, now known as Spider-Girl, or the crime lord Black Tarantula, or Ezekiel from J. Michael Straczynski's run on the Amazing Spider-Man title, or the mysterious seer Madame Web, or Spider-Man's armored fan the Steel Spider, or the trio of Scarlet Spiders created by the Initiative, or short-lived and obscure foes like the Tarantula, the Blood Spider, and the cybernetic Scarlet Spider, among others . . . or even the would-be queen of all insects and spiders Adriana Soria. I could go on, but I think I've been pretty comprehensive as is. As with the other threads, remember to be kind to one another even when you disagree; no need for personal attacks or things of that sordid nature just because you part company on a particular issue or topic.

3/10/2012 #1
CMR Rosa

You know Jessica Jones, I think she would be a great Spider-Man supporting characters, she was in the same high school as Peter Parker and had a crush on him, I know Marvel Comics can't make it that they were friends in high school but I don't understand why no one on fanfiction.com made storys about her or Marvel Comics made a alternate continuities comics, here my idea of how to use her in a fanfiction, she should be Peter Parker first real friend in high school, she is 13 years old when she meet him, she had a crush on him and plucked up the courage to speak to him before the spider bite and but is to shy to ask him out and instand becomes his friends, in my story she would have meet Aunt May and Uncle Ben, what do you think of that idea?

6/21/2012 #2
Rider Paladin

That would have been a very interesting fic idea, and I had something like that in mind for a Smallville-style retelling of Spider-Man. Jessica Jones being friends with Peter when he was young and the first person he went to with his new spider-powers and intent to become a superhero. She'd also have hacking skills strong enough to covertly purchase equipment that Peter could modify for use as Spider-Man.

6/21/2012 #3
CMR Rosa

Can you tell me more about the Smallville-style retelling of Spider-Man, Do you plan to make Mary Jane Watson a childhood friend to Peter Parker like they did in Ultimate version?

6/21/2012 #4
Rider Paladin

The idea would be that like Smallville did with Lex Luthor and Clark Kent, it would focus just as much on Harry's eventual descent into the Osborn legacy (with his father Norman as the initial Big Bad) as it would on Peter Parker's development into Spider-Man. The source of Peter's powers would combine elements of classic, Ultimate, and John Byrne's attempted "Chapter One" reboot back in 1998-1999, in that it would take place at an Oscorp exhibit designed for Peter's class field trip. The exhibit would be Doctor Otto Octavius displaying the use of his robotic arms to monitor and manipulate a new form of energy that would be the centerpiece of the exhibit, and a spider escaping from one of Oscorp's other experiments would be the unforeseen variable that sabotages the experiment, causing the new energy type to become extremely volatile to the point of explosion.

While most of Peter's class would escape unscathed due to evacuation protocols put in place by Oscorp, Peter himself would be caught on the edge of the blast and bitten by the stray spider, which had been altered by prior experimentation by Oscorp scientists. The combination of the unique energy and the spider bite would have mutational effects on Peter's biochemistry, causing him to adopt the traits and abilities of a spider as proportional to the size of a human being. Having been in the center of the blast, Octavius would be physically and neurologically fused to his tentacles, which would drive him insane and cause him to lash out as Doctor Octopus, and for added pathos, he would have been Peter's former mentor (and inspiration) at a science camp Peter attended as a child like in the 90s animated series.

And that would be the beginning.

6/24/2012 #5
CMR Rosa

I just what to say that this idea is brilliant, it so good you have to do it, tell me what will your versions of Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, and Harry Osborn and other characters you have plan to appear? What will Spider-Man enemies be like and will there be other heros?

6/24/2012 #6
CMR Rosa

Hey did you hear Spider-Man going to get a sidekick Andy Macguire, a brash 15-year-old who becomes the superhero Alpha, while on a school field trip to Peter's laboratory, young Andy is zapped by a malfunctioning invention that leaves him with superhuman abilities. Feeling responsible for the accident, Peter decides it's his duty to help Any discover and use his powers for good, he differen from Peter, while Peter was an insecure and lonely, Andy is confident and unpredictable -- and more powerful than Spider-Man, what do you think of him?

7/1/2012 #7
Rider Paladin

This is either the setup to a beautiful partnership or a horrific tragedy. In Batman terms, he could either get Dick Grayson or Jason Todd.

7/1/2012 #8
I now have possession of Spiderman: Edge of Time. My only thoughts so far are: Get the Time Gears! Get the Time Gears! Get the Time Gears! XD
7/2/2012 #9
Rider Paladin

Are you thinking Legend of Zelda or something like that?

7/3/2012 #10
Have you ever played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky?
7/5/2012 #11
Rider Paladin

Unfortunately not. Why?

7/6/2012 #12
Well, It has a similar premise. A hero of a dystopian future goes back to the past to help save it before disaster strikes. In this case, he has to collect five Time Gears. Unfortunately, when he succeeds, he, including everone else in the future, disapears because they no longer exist. It's actually pretty sad. :(
7/12/2012 #13
Rider Paladin

Yeah, it is pretty sad, though technically they disappeared because they never actually existed to begin with in the new timeline.

7/13/2012 #14
CMR Rosa

Alpha (Andy Macguire) after 3 issue was dispower by Spider-Man, Im torn on one hand I can see why Peter did it, he was getting out of control and dangerous but when I saw him cry I realize he was just a kid who did not know how to use his powers the right way, I thought it was a little creul of Peter to just put him back at his school were he just going to get bully, I see two things happening, one he learn from his mistakes and try to be a better hero but make a few more mistakes a long the way, two he learn nothing and get anger enough to wanr revenge on Spider-Man, what do you think?

10/21/2012 #15
Rider Paladin

I also think it was cruel of Spider-Man to just strip Alpha of his powers like that, but at the same time, Alpha saw being a superhero as merely a ticket to fame and fortune and all the perks thereof and completely disregarded the risks to himself and more importantly to others around him, bystanders and family members included. If it wasn't for Spidey in that last Alpha issue, that plane would have crashed thanks to Alpha's reckless energy discharges and everyone on it would be dead or severely injured, and worse of all, Aunt May was on that plane, so she would have been dead and as is will have to get by on a walker or a cane from now on. Granted, it was uncharacteristic of him to be so ruthless toward a kid in desperate need of guidance, but none of what Spidey was trying to drum into his head seemed to actually stick and it probably wouldn't until he got hit with some kind of personal tragedy because of his actions.

Given his level of power at the time, I could also argue that it wasn't just about Alpha being a reckless, immature punk with his powers, it was him being reckless and immature with his powers in a world where just a year or so ago in comic book time, superheroes had gone to war with each other over a registration act implemented precisely because of the actions of reckless and immature super-powered youngsters that led to 612 people being killed in an explosion. If Alpha were to screw up that badly, that would not only get a whole bunch of innocent people killed for no good reason, it would also lead to another crack at a registration act with demagogues crawling out of the woodwork to condemn superheroes and stir up public antipathy, and another Civil War arc would ensue. As brutal as Spidey's treatment of him was, I would thus argue that Spidey was doing the only thing he thought he could do to avert serious tragedy down the line and if one kid who wouldn't learn his lesson otherwise had to lose his powers, so be it. Not like Spidey sleeps that well, anyway.

10/21/2012 #16
CMR Rosa

Do you know of Sally Avril, Tiny McKeever, Seymour O'Reilly, and Jason Ionello, if not I understand they are the minor and forgettable member of Flash Thompson's entourage that appear Amazing Fantasy #15 and the Untold Tales of Spider-Man comics, Sally Avril was the ambitious, thrill-loving girl who took blue ribbons in gymnastics and typical high school mean girl who coaxing Liz away from Peter rather than offer sympathy after the death of his Uncle Ben, Tiny McKeever was under constant pressure from his abusive father to keep his grades up for football but genuinely lacks the intelligence, so Tiny takes it out on Pete because school seems so easy for him, he dropped out of school but came back at the end and gain a measure of respect for Peter after the latter helped him with his homework, Seymour O'Reilly was a cowardly jerk who always egging on abuse of Peter Parker and a kiss up to Flash Thomson, and Jason Ionello was another bully of Peter Parker who Flash even admits that he would sometimes go to far and was always trying to take the spotlight from Flash Thomson, all four of these characters where in The Spectacular Spider-Man (TV series), only Sally was a main character while the rest got cameo appearance, I like for this characters to appear more in fanfiction and Marvel comics, there the characters we like to hate, while Tiny McKeever is more sympathetic and you can a lest understand why he the way he is not that it makes it right, both Sally Avril and Seymour O'Reilly are dead, Sally Avril die while she was trying to take pictures of Spider-Man with Jason in his car when the car was struck an oncoming bus, with Jason incurring mild head trauma, and Sally being killed and Seymour O'Reilly was killed by Venom (Angelo Fortunato) while attending his High School class reunion in Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #7, I believe there a lot of potential for these characters like I alway thought Jason had a crush on Sally so that would make a great love triangle between Jason Ionello, Sally Avril, and Randy Robertson, in my opinion Jason Ionello and Sally Avril are made for each other, there both mean jerks who think there better than everyone else and Randy Robertson deserve a better girlfriend, you can show a rivalry between Jason Ionello and Flash Thomson on who more popular and who a better football player, Seymour O'Reilly can be the same creep he was in the comics, along side Liz Allan all of them were childhood friend of Peter Parker but by the time they arrived at Midtown High School, Peter had drifted apart and the clique was taken over by new student Flash Thompson, I have a scene plan in my Spider-Man story where they meet Mary Jane who is also a childhood friend of Peter and ask her why she hanging out with Peter and she tells them off and saids I rather hang out with Peter then you jerks, so what do you think of them and do you have any ideas on them?

11/23/2012 #17
Rider Paladin

Thanks. It's been a while since I thought about those characters.

11/26/2012 #18
CMR Rosa

Your welcome, people ten to forget about Sally Avril, Tiny McKeever, Seymour O'Reilly, and Jason Ionello and I don,t blame them senes there old character, any change of them appearing in your stores and if so what ideas do you have on to use them?

11/26/2012 #19
Rider Paladin

Not to mention that some of them were only introduced or elaborated on in Untold Tales of Spider-Man, which was actually pretty decent. Hell, the main reason I remember Carl King was that he became a very creepy antithesis to Spider-Man when they confronted each other in the first arc of Spider-Man's Tangled Web.

11/30/2012 #20
Rider Paladin

Some of Spider-Man's old supporting cast has been returning in the pages of Superior Spider-Man, albeit under less than favorable circumstances. For example, Dr. Ashley Kafka returned in Superior Spider-Man #4, only to be killed by her patient Lyman "Massacre" Marcus and have her eye ripped out to unlock a retinal scanner-based entry/exit. Earlier on in Amazing Spider-Man, Phil Urich, who was once the heroic Green Goblin, went insane and killed what he thought was the original Hobgoblin to make himself the new Hobgoblin and right-hand man to the Kingpin, only to later be abandoned by Kingpin when the Superior Spider-Man stormed his Shadowland base and subsequently exposed, jailed, and recruited into the Green Goblin's rising new criminal empire as the Goblin Knight. As a result of this, his uncle Ben Urich has been forced to take time off and his girlfriend Norah Winters to be fired from The Daily Bugle due to the embarrassment of her closeness to Phil.

Oh, and why am I resurrecting this thread after all these months? Liz Allan and Normie Osborn are back. Apparently, Liz Allan has become the head of Allan Chemical, and Normie still sees Spider-Man as a very bad man that somebody should do something about, only now he has a much better reason since this Spider-Man is Otto Octavius inhabiting Spider-Man's body. And as for Peter's old friends at Horizon Labs, Tiberius Stone has taken over and gotten Max Modell arrested, perhaps by pinning his crimes on Max and claiming Max set him up to take the fall instead. Plus, Tiberius turns out to be the grandfather of a certain futuristic upholder of the legacy of Spider-Man . . .

9/5/2013 #21

Interesting turn of events.

9/5/2013 #22
Rider Paladin

Yeah. Interesting and ominous.

9/5/2013 #23

Spider-Man future is looking bleak.

9/5/2013 #24
Rider Paladin

Yes, very.

9/5/2013 #25

Man Peter is going to experience some tough times when he returns...which i'm betting is going to be soon.

9/5/2013 #26
Rider Paladin

Depends on how soon "soon" is.

9/9/2013 #27

Yeah i'll give you that.

9/9/2013 #28
Rider Paladin

And now Marvel is doing a new initiative called All-New Marvel NOW, and one particular teaser is of interest and potential relevance to this forum.

"The End." Dan Slott/Giuseppe Camuncoli. Given how that particular writer/artist pair has been associated with Spider-Man and the current and future developments surrounding Superior . . . could this mean . . . could we dare to hope . . . ?

9/29/2013 #29

Peter Parker finally returns.

9/29/2013 #30
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