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Rider Paladin

What makes a hero is often his rogues' gallery. A good rogues gallery can be just as iconic as the hero it opposes and push that hero into even greater iconic status. Such has been the case for Batman and the Flash in DC Comics . . . and for our Marvelous web-slinging hero Spider-Man. The movies and the animated series have given greater spotlight to many of those rogues, adding new layers of depth and characterization and dread to them with each iteration.

Doctor Octopus, the mad genius with psionically bonded metal tentacles whose every act of villainy is designed to carve the memory of his genius into the world that scorned him.

Kingpin, the insidious crime lord who has bedeviled not only Spider-Man, but also his close friend and ally Daredevil.

Green Goblin, the megalomaniac whose garish green garb belies just how much of an insidious terror he poses to both Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

Venom, the twisted shadow and antithesis of everything Spider-Man is and has ever been.

Jackal, the cloning genius whose efforts to destroy Spider-Man's life have ironically led to the creation of two mirror images of the web-slinger, the affable drifter Ben "Scarlet Spider" Reilly, and the violent, amoral killer-for-hire Kaine.

Hobgoblin, the would-be successor to the Green Goblin's legacy of evil.

Scorpion, the three-time loser who "upgraded" himself into the embodiment of "the spider's natural predator" in the hopes of defeating Spider-Man.

Spencer and Alistair Smythe, the creators of the Spider-Slayer robots that have dogged Spider-Man's steps for years.

Rhino, the titan of destruction, the unstoppable human locomotive . . . except for whenever Spider-Man shows up.

Sandman, the sand-shifting crook with a surprising heart of gold beneath all that sand.

Electro, the devastating human dynamo of raw electrical power.

Mysterio, the illusionist who's put his mastery of special-effects trickery to not-so-good use as a criminal mastermind.

The Lizard, a scientific genius tormented by the deadly reptilian alter ego born from his attempt to regenerate his lost arm.

And many, many more for us all to discuss here, but remember to be civil to one another even when you disagree about anything you might discuss in here.

3/11/2012 #1
Flipper Boid Skua

Yes!! The Spidey villains are my favorite characters of the franchise!! I go out of my way to collect comics and watch episodes specifically featuring them!! My favorites has got to be: The Lizard; Demogoblin, Hobgoblin, and Green Goblin; Venom and Carnage; Vermin; The Spider-Doppelganger; Doctor Octopus

And I'm pretty sure that list is going to get bigger. It's just sad that three of those characters (Demogoblin, Vermin, and Doppelganger) don't get very much attention at all. I wonder why that is. . . .

5/28/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #2
Rider Paladin

Doppelganger reappeared in the two recent Carnage miniseries by Zeb Wells and illustrated by Clayton Crain. The first is currently collected in TPB and hardcover format under the name Carnage: Family Feud, and the second, Carnage U.S.A., just finished. As for Demogoblin, he's dead. On the issue of why neither of them get that much attention, Marvel seems generally embarrassed by its 90s output and thus tries to shove it as deep into the nearest dark hole as they can manage in hopes we'll all forget about it. Of course, some of those elements seem to be creeping back into Marvel's more recent output, like the Jackal being behind Spider-Island and the new Scarlet Spider title spinning out of that event starring a physically (and mentally) healed Kaine as the titular character. Then there's Venom being revamped as "Agent Venom," a symbiote-bonded covert operative struggling to retain some semblance of a normal life and his humanity in the face of the symbiote's corrupting nature and the threats he has to go up against --- and it's Flash Thompson as Agent Venom, no less. Carnage has reappeared in two miniseries so far as mentioned earlier and there is a third one on the way that'll also be an Agent Venom/Scarlet Spider (Kaine) team-up event.

5/28/2012 #3

I look forward to that but i wonder if they have another reason to team-up besides taking down Carnage.

5/28/2012 #4
Rider Paladin

That would be a good question.

5/28/2012 #5

I think something has happen to Peter as Spider-Man and Kaine comes to investigate and Flash wanting to help his hero also investigate but he and Kaine collide thinking that other is the cause unaware that it was exactly Carnage.

5/28/2012 #6
Rider Paladin

A tried-and-true method, yes.

6/21/2012 #7
CMR Rosa

Remember Roderick Kingsley who was killed in the Spider-Man Big Time storyline, it turn out that was his identical twin brother Daniel Kingsley and he was really in the Ecuador under the alias 'Devil-Spider' until he learned that his brother had been murdered and planned his return to New York, I can't wait to see him reture to New York, one person online who was horribly offended that we killed Daniel Kingsley, they thought the character had so much potential, Dan Slott said Please. His potential and purpose was specifically to be a dupe and a red herring, and while I agree with him I believe with the right writer he could have beine more then a dupe and a red herring, what do you think of that and that Roderick Kingsley still alive?

8/24/2012 #8

I was shocked as hell..but then i realized the goblin Phil killed did die way too easily.

8/24/2012 #9
Rider Paladin

Indeed, that was far too easy for someone of Roderick Kingsley's ability and skill. And I will be looking forward to Kingsley's battle with Phil Urich for the title of the one and only Hobgoblin. Hopefully Phil doesn't get it as bad as Jason Macendale.

And speaking of Spider-Man foes, Carnage U.S.A. is now in hardcover format and will likely make it into TPB format in due time. Plus, it'll only be a month or two more before Minimum Carnage, the Venom/Scarlet Spider crossover, begins! Fun for everyone!

8/24/2012 #10


8/24/2012 #11
CMR Rosa

Did you hear Doctor Octopus going to find out Peter Parker Spider-Man and he only has hours left to live, I will admit I originally thought it would be better for him to die in the Ends of the Earth storyline but this may be better, he on his last legs, he has no master plan, all he wants is revenges and he has nothing left to lose and that great, it a great way for the character to die, what do you think?

8/31/2012 #12

i love it i want to know how far will ock go to ruin Peter's life.

8/31/2012 #13
Rider Paladin

Indeed, CMR Rosa, it is an excellent way for Doctor Octopus to go out if this is his final story arc. And yeah, O.N., I'm pretty sure Ock will go very damn far to ruin Peter's life --- probably take inspiration from Norman Osborn's playbook and go after everyone Peter loves or cares about. Somebody could damn well die by the end of it, and as long as we're talking about the Deadly Foes of Spider-Man, Roderick Kingsley is alive after all, hiding out in Ecuador as "Devil-Spider," and is coming back to New York to reclaim the name of Hobgoblin from Phil Urich. Oh, and the Hobgoblin Phil killed was Roderick's twin brother Daniel, which explains why he went out like a b***h, Lunatic Laugh notwithstanding.

9/13/2012 #14

Hey, Rider. Nice forum.

Ock ruining Peter's life.... oh, ho. If ASM 698 wasn't any indication. I think Spidey will need Kaine's help on this.... especially on the monster vs. monster brawl.

11/21/2012 #15
Rider Paladin

Considering the real Spidey may well be dead and Ock is still setting about messing with his life, I'm thinking you might well be right. By the way, thanks for coming to the forum. Welcome aboard.

11/21/2012 #16

That and it explains the upcoming Superior Spider-Man series.

11/22/2012 #17
Rider Paladin

Yeah, but we got two more issues to go. Three if you count 699.1, which is supposed to set the stage in a big way. Oh, and there's also Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, which is supposed to deal with the aftermath of Amazing 700.

11/22/2012 #18
CMR Rosa

I have to admit so far it was the most original start to the storyline, I never would have see Doc Ok switch minds with Spider-Man.

11/22/2012 #19

Agreed also during the whole Goblin War thing turns out Norman Osborn has escape once again and here's an awesome story idea i heard that a fan came up with to bring Osborn back.


11/22/2012 #20
Rider Paladin

That is pretty awesome, and it does fit Norman's diabolical nature. Also, with Blackheart being the ultimate mastermind behind everything, it's a good nod to One More Day, as like many other fans, I believe dealing with Mephisto should have ultimately come with consequences.

11/23/2012 #21

Yeah that would make an awesome story.

11/24/2012 #22
Rider Paladin

It all depends on Amazing Spider-Man #700, Avenging Spider-Man #15.1, and Superior Spider-Man #1, at least in terms of where we go from here.

11/26/2012 #23
Rider Paladin

And now that Amazing 700 and Avenging 15.1 have come out, we know where the story's going from here. Superior Spider-Man is indeed Doctor Octopus's mind in Peter Parker's body, accomplishing what no other foe of Spider-Man ever has --- killing Spider-Man. And yet, Spider-Man lives on. Even in this perverted form, Otto Octavius is determined to "honor" Peter's legacy by becoming an even better Spider-Man than Peter ever could be, spurred on by the lingering emotions from having experienced every last memory of Peter's as though they were his own. Alas, will a man whose entire life's work has revolved around avenging the slights against him and his mind by a scornful world really be suited for protecting the world that he's hated and wanted to destroy for so long?

12/31/2012 #24

Its almost like a redemption story if you put that way.

12/31/2012 #25
Rider Paladin

Yeah, that is kind of the idea, but the "fun" part will be seeing if Otto really has what it takes to be a hero or if he's just going to backslide into his usual habits.

1/1/2013 #26

Yeah but that well be heard since he going on the same lessons as Peter had great power and great responsibility.

1/1/2013 #27
pegasus spider
But he still is the same old OCK, he is still sellfish, he still thinks he's better than all heroes , and he even uses a GUN in the third cover, nothing heroic if you ask me.
1/1/2013 #28
CMR Rosa

True but I was wondering what were his goals and motivation when Doc Ock started out as a supervillain, I can,t find anything in the comics, it like he become a supervillain just because he got powers, like in Spider-Man 2 he wanted to perfecting fusion power, and in the end of his life he wanted a legacy, but I can,t find what he wanted in the beginning, your right he is selfish, but he can also be sympathetic when he want to be, like with Mary Alice Anders, she was a fellow researcher who befriended him when Otto impressed her with a demonstration of his harness, and the two began a courtship, In due time, Otto proposed marriage to Mary Alice, However, Otto's mother did not approve, believing that no woman was good enough for her son. To please her, he ended his engagement, although they may not have spoken, Otto still cared for her deeply, he eventually stole some blood samples and radioactive isotopes to try and cure her disease, He failed and she died of AIDS, showing that he can care, it to bad she die, I would have love for her and The Superior Spider-Man to meet.

1/2/2013 #29
pegasus spider
What you say just incriminates OCK even more i mean, someone who's willing to do something wrong even if its for a greater good can't be spiderman, and OCK doesn't give a damn to the costs, he only cares about the results, but that just my opinion.
1/2/2013 #30
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