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Rider Paladin

Yeah. It gets a bit more serious when it turns out that Norman Osborn is actually dead and has predictably gone to Hell/Niflheim . . . only he's become a real demon and is plotting to use his new power to wreak havoc on Peter Parker's life once again. First, he starts by "haunting" Harry from beyond the grave and driving him to become the new Green Goblin to avenge himself upon Peter by proxy, specifically by convincing him that Spider-Man/Peter was responsible for driving Norman to his death and "masqueraded" as Harry's friend simply to undermine the Osborn family. Second, he manipulates Professor Miles Warren through his unrealized love for Gwen to make him believe that Spider-Man was responsible for Gwen dying and that every minute he lives is another minute Gwen cries out from beyond to be avenged, thus unhinging Warren to the point that he becomes the Jackal and initiates his cloning experiments so he can "revive" Gwen and torment (and kill) Spider-Man.

As for Thor's involvement, the response would be that, "Yes, my Prince, you save Midgard every day with your stalwart guardianship, but have you given thought to how you can actually make the mortals' lives a little bit better? Make their smiles a little wider, their eyes shine a bit brighter, make their days something more than mere doldrums punctuated by sheer terror for their lives in the face of the dangers you confront on their behalf?" That sort of thing. And I could see Amora/Enchantress trying to get in on the action, only to be kicked out for trying to manipulate mortals through their wishes to push herself closer to Thor.

5/22/2012 #61

I can see the female Loki getting involved with Peter for some reason.

5/22/2012 #62
Rider Paladin

Female Loki trying to seduce Spider-Man so as to break the bond he has with Belldandy and the other goddesses would work out quite well as a plot point, too . . . and get Thor on her @$$ faster than most other things, since Spider-Man is kind of a fellow Avenger and all. Also, it would be revealed that part of the reasons goddesses and demons (Mara, Hild, and Hagall) alike are attracted to Spider-Man is that they can sense the latent power he possesses as the unwitting avatar of the spider-god Anansi, and the plot from JMS's Spider-Man run with Loki's daughter and the sorceress possessing her would be adapted in this story as well. Tess Black would be a new student at Empire State University who becomes interested in Peter when he helps her with some science homework, only for the immortal sorceress Morwen to hijack her body and begin trying to seduce Spider-Man to control the power he bears as an avatar of Anansi. I could imagine Amora trying to do this as well, albeit to use Spider-Man as a pawn and his power to forcefully claim the affections of her true object of desire --- Thor.

Also, when the Lord of Terror arc comes along, a Lord of Terror-possessed Spider-Man would look like a BDSM version of his Black Suit form, with lots of buckles and straps, the suit being made out of what looks like latex or leather, and his mask looking a bit like a gimp's hood. Speaking of costume modifications, Skuld would make him a Spider-Armor looking like the silver-and-black one he wore in Web of Spider-Man #100, only with a lot more gadgets and equipment than just bulletproofing, which would make it more like the Armored Spider-Man's costume from the 90s animated finale. And later, Peter would use principles he worked out with Skuld and his fellow superhero scientists --- Tony Stark, Hank McCoy, Reed Richards, and Hank Pym --- to create his own specialized suits and even modify the suit he wears normally, which would come in handy on occasion.

5/22/2012 #63

Man that sounds awesome.

5/23/2012 #64
Rider Paladin

Thanks. Speaking of awesome, on the other end of "Magical Girlfriend," I was also thinking about a Spider-Man/Elfen Lied crossover. The idea would be that Richard and Mary Parker found Lucy/Kaede after her first murder spree (those kids that beat her dog to death) and, mistaking her for an innocent survivor of the massacre, took her into their care and flew back to America with her after the science exhibit they were in Japan for ended. After having to go on another trip, at which point their plane malfunctioned and crashed in such a way that it killed both Richard and Mary, Lucy Kaede Parker and Peter Benjamin Parker were taken into the care of Richard's brother Ben and his wife May, who was a close friend of Mary. Lucy and Peter were raised together as brother and sister, although Lucy latched onto him the same way she would have Kohta in the canon and to Uncle Ben and Aunt May since they were so kind to her and Peter. Lucy still dresses like a goth-loli when she's grown up, and is the sole reason Peter enjoys some semblance of peace from bullies like Flash Thompson --- none of them want to end up being beaten like a streetwalker that owes her pimp money, and Flash is still terrified of Lucy to this day.

Then Peter gets spider-powers and starts pulling away from Lucy because he's busy making money in illegal fight clubs as Spider-Man, which doesn't sit well with Lucy. Then Uncle Ben gets killed in a robbery that might have been stopped had Peter been home at the time instead of sulking over his fight manager ripping him off --- and not let the same robber escape when he was at the fight club in the first place. Then Peter starts isolating himself out of guilt over the death of Uncle Ben and throwing himself into near-suicidal acts of vigilantism to atone for it, much to Lucy's displeasure . . . so she decides that she's gonna go out there and watch his back and not let anyone hurt him. Unfortunately, with her Diclonius instincts demanding that she kill the humans, she doesn't exactly have a sense of proportion, which leads to some serious conflict with Peter/Spidey over damn near killing their opponents. Making things even worse is that, a la Ultimate Spider-Man the TV series, Norman Osborn wants to make Spider-Man into a template for his army of super-soldiers to score a juicy military contract for OSCORP, something Lucy obviously won't let him get away even if it puts her on his radar, too. Then there's how she reacts to the girls that are starting to try to get themselves "acquainted" with him --- namely, very poorly, and the inborn killing instincts of her Diclonius genes make it harder and harder for her to resist letting those girls know just how she really feels about them sniffing around her brother.

5/23/2012 #65

She would make a perfect Venom.

5/23/2012 #66
Rider Paladin

Now that I think about it, yeah, since the whole thing with the symbiote is psychotic obsession over the "first love" that rejected it, i.e. Spider-Man, so fusing with Lucy would be perfect. In this version, it'd be a lot more painful for Peter since he has to fight someone he dearly loves to free her of the symbiote's grip, even if he doesn't quite love her the way she would want him to love her.

Also, another idea came to me. Spider-Man/RosarioVampire. Not Ultimate Spider-Man, but Spider-Man. The idea would be based somewhat on JMS making him a teacher in his run on Amazing Spider-Man. The plot would be the the Headmaster of Yokai Academy conscripting Peter into becoming the academy's new science teacher by promising him that he will help Peter "find the missing piece of his life." Thus, Peter ends up as Yokai Academy's new science teacher, passed off as an American "Onigumo," or demon spider, which causes some of the savvier students to wonder if he's related to "that Yankee superhero Spider-Man," and in turn prompts a joke from Peter about how he used to be a big fan of the New York Yankees. He does end up in a bit of a love triangle with Shizuka Nekonome and Ririko Kagome, the former causing Peter to remark to himself on how much cats seem to like him, "although a snake-woman is something new." It's a whole bucket of crazy sexy adventure time, particularly when a certain Jorogumo decides to scope out the new spider on the block. . . .

5/23/2012 #67

I like that idea...it'll be interesting to see Peter trying to teach Yokai.

5/24/2012 #68
Rider Paladin

Uh-huh. Definitely. I'm thinking of adding in other Marvel mystical/supernatural characters as students or teachers in Yokai Academy. For example, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider could be the sponsor of a Mechanics Club, and Satana Hellstrom could be the new succubus on the block and the new librarian. Sylvie Lushton, the Young Masters' Enchantress would be a student and a fellow witch for Yukari and Ruby to befriend, while Jacqueline Crichton, the vampire speedster Spitfire could act as the new art teacher. Kid Loki from the current Marvel comics would also be a student, a "child prodigy" like Yukari, and the resident "hustler" of Yokai Academy, and others would come in when I can come up with a sufficient excuse for them to do so.

5/24/2012 #69

Cool.also i've been thinking alot more on Takeru Yamato as the Spider-Man in the Spider-Man/Code Geass x-over.

5/24/2012 #70
Rider Paladin

Cool, wanna share?

5/24/2012 #71

I will i have been looking up all the Code Geass manga i could find to expand the characters...but i also wanted to work more on Takeru's connection with the characters i also had this idea that we take C.C and V.V and add five more like them making seven immortals with the code and these codes relate to the seven deadly sins.

5/24/2012 #72
Rider Paladin

That works out for me. C.C.'s desire was to be loved and so her Geass gave her the power to make everyone love her. That could be tied to lust. I just wonder what V.V.'s original Geass power was.

5/26/2012 #73

Yeah me too..guess we'll have to make that one up..also an idea came to me that Takeru as a cyborg has a Geass Canceller like a certain orange boy along with his own geass this Geass can allow Takeru to borrow another Geass user powers but only if he's is close to the user like he their friend or lover.

5/26/2012 #74
Rider Paladin

For lover, who would you be thinking of? Maybe Anya Earlstreim . . . but then again, she's actually possessed by Empress Marianne, who was the one with the actual Geass. If you went with the alternate Nunnally from Nightmare of Nunnally, who had combat precognition as her Geass-based superpower . . .

5/26/2012 #75

I was also thinking of added characters from Nightmare of Nunnally to add to the villains and as in lover i mean someone Takeru would have strong feelings for or someone who has strong feelings for him.

5/26/2012 #76
Rider Paladin

Hmm, all right, then. Speaking of anime crossovers with Spider-Man, you ever think that the tribal markings around Ichigo's Hollow hole when he was in full Hollow mode in the fight against Ulquiorra resembled the legs of a spider? Because looking back on it now, I'm thinking that could be an awesome tattoo for Takeru and to symbolize a Wired Geass, which in the Nightmare of Nunnally continuity seems to grant incredible physical powers if Zero is anything to go by.

5/26/2012 #77

Yeah that would be awesome and i was thinking that Lelouch as Zero became more like the Zero in Nightmare of Nunnally for the R2 version of the story.

5/26/2012 #78
Rider Paladin

Sounds awesome.

5/28/2012 #79

Thanks i also had an few ideas for one is that due to Takeru getting involve he prevents a few deaths that really needed to be prevented also i'm thinking of how to being in the Mark Nemo either at the beginning of at the R2 version of the story.

5/28/2012 #80
Rider Paladin

Hmm, which deaths would those be? Just out of curiosity's sake.

5/28/2012 #81

Euphemia and Shirley personally i cried when they died.

5/28/2012 #82
Rider Paladin

Yeah, those were terrible. I suppose Takeru will use his Geass canceler to break the hold on Euphemia so she doesn't start killing Japanese for no good reason.

5/29/2012 #83

Yep and prevent Rolo from killing Shirley for no good reason.

5/29/2012 #84
Rider Paladin

Definitely that. After all, if Rolo can't screw with Shirley's perception of time, then what he's left to deal with is someone who is objectively much faster than he is.

5/30/2012 #85

Right...by the way i been watching Elfen Lied and i love it actually i'm thinking of having Lucy be Sho's true love.

5/30/2012 #86
Rider Paladin

That would be awesome. Lucy is such a sad and tragic figure, I'd think she'd need someone to love her more than anything else. Speaking of, I'm thinking the Diclonius experiments could actually be done by Alchemax Horizons and Lucy and Sho would have bonded as prisoners and lab rats for AH, and that Lucy could have escaped when Sho did, since he was wreaking havoc all over the place.

5/30/2012 #87

Yes and then something along the way and they get split up with Sho losing his memories of her for awhile and forming the Avengers while Lucy becomes Nyu and meets Kohta.

5/30/2012 . Edited 5/30/2012 #88
Rider Paladin

Sounds good to me. In the meantime, I have an idea for my own Spider-Man/To-Love-Ru crossover fic. It starts with Peter Parker beginning his senior year of high school and having already been Spider-Man for 18 months and fought most of his more notable enemies and a few not-so-notable enemies. Having come back from a terrible fight with the Sinister Six and just barely won, all Peter wants to do is wash off the blood and sweat and sleep . . . only to get an unexpected surprise in his shower, namely the runaway alien princess Lala Satalin Deviluke! At first, all Peter's worried about is how he's gonna explain Lala's presence to Aunt May without her thinking he's some kind of pervert . . . or how he's gonna get through school with her and still be able to confess to Mary Jane Watson how he feels for her. Unfortunately, Peter's life hasn't been that simple since he became Spider-Man and with Lala by his side, it just gets more complicated, as Lala's presence on Earth gets the planet targeted by the Kree and Skrull Empires seeking to use her as a hostage against her family's intergalactic empire or the Shi'ar Empire looking to defend Lala because of its leadership's relationship to Lala's family. Since those intergalactic empires have all had prior dealings with Earth's organized superheroes --- the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men --- it is those same superhero teams that get involved, as does S.W.O.R.D. (Sentient World Observation and Response Department), a branch of S.H.I.E.L.D. that specializes in aliens, and it just complicates Peter's life as both himself and Spider-Man even further.

How does that sound?

6/1/2012 #89

Dude that sounds amazing why better then my To love Ru/Spider-Man fic.

6/1/2012 #90
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