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This basically a forum about Hades, Persephone, Hekate, Hypnos, Thanatos, Morpheus, andor stuff that has to do with the Greek UnderWorld.
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Who thinks that hades & Persephone belong together? I think so. I think they're relationship is like the "Opposite Attract" relationship. Persephone being the happy one while Hades is the gloomy one. ^_^
8/22/2006 #1
I do....I had a ricky start...but they are perfect together....
11/18/2006 #2
The way Persephone was tricked into stay with Hades is an awful story but I think that they are good together. ^^ bring light and spring to the Underworld. And since Hades was willing to go to such large lengths to woo Persephone...doesnt that tell you that he loves her a whole lot? ^^ Shel
3/7/2007 #3
Sitting With Strangers
There's also some version that says Persephone CHOSE to eat the pomegranate seeds, kind of like a gesture of fidelty or consummation of marriage or whatnot... I like that version because it's terribly romantic, but unfortunately I believe the tricking version's right :(. But Hades/Persephone all the way!
4/16/2007 #4
laal ratty
I agree, they balance each other out, Persephone's rebirth qualities are a compliment to Hades's death ones.
5/18/2007 #5
one mourning dove
I wonder though, if you're rewriting the myth, how do you justify Hades kidnapping Persephone so that it makes moral sense (to readers familiar with current moral standards wherein kidnapping is wrong)--product of the times, lonely, perv? I personally love them together...but I was just wondering, you know?
6/20/2007 #6
one mourning dove
ps. how cool is this icon thing?!
6/20/2007 #7
Sitting With Strangers
I say a mixture of product of the times and lonely. I mean, while Hades is in the underworld hanging out with dead people, his brothers are off philandering with goddesses, nymphs and the most gorgeous mortals. It's enough to drive you mildly insane. It's rather similar to the Phantom of the Opera in fact.
6/20/2007 #8
one mourning dove
true but in the phantom of the opera the phantom doesn't get the girl...characters who are terminally selfish (i.e. lacking in a moral center) are punished by not getting the perfectly happy ending. I think the only thing that makes the hades and persephone myth work is that he doesnt get her all the time, only half.
6/20/2007 #9
Sitting With Strangers
I think Hades' case is even more tragic, while although the Phantom loses Christine forever, he loses her once. Hades has to deal with losing her every year.
6/20/2007 #10
one mourning dove
really good point but he also gets her every year. there's a certainty that she will be back.
6/20/2007 #11
Sitting With Strangers
True, that definately is a plus. But is it willingly every time? Did she REALLY want to come back? Is she REALLY sad to leave? As loyal as she may seem, doubt and suspicion can plague every single moment. ...Or because he's a god he doesn't get such human emotions. Although he has lonliness and lust. An extremely intriguing character.
6/20/2007 #12
laal ratty
Definately, I think the morals are something that should be ignored when dealiong with classic literature. Or at least if they are the message is surely 'don't behave like the Greeki and Roman Gods'. Writers like Sophocles and Euripedes were writing for the time and the whole point of the Oedipus tale was to show what happens when you disobey the rules even if you do it unknowingly.
6/21/2007 #13
one mourning dove
I dunno, I think writing in the current times demands a sense of moral balance, unless of course you're writing a tragedy and then you're free to have the characters do whatever you like as long as they all die or jab their eyes out with brooch pins at the end of the story...
6/21/2007 #14
I think that Hades and Persephone are awesome together. There are dirty versions of the myth, and there are versions when he just took her to his home and didn't do anything to him, and that she chose to eat the pomegranate seeds. So yeah, Hades has to deal with losing her every year, as was mentioned, so it gives his love with Persephone a bittersweet sort of taste. I personally love this pairing, and I think that it is an awesome myth.
8/15/2007 #15
Kalona's Goddess
i think the myth is the best myth in the world!
1/21/2008 #16
I don't know ... Who can say if they loved once? No one. In ancient Greece the parents took the decisions who will marry their daughter. This case is the same - noone asked Persephone if she liked Hades or not. Zeus things that he has found a good husband to her, but I'm not sure. You made your point - usually the opposited are attracked by each other, but not in all the time. Sometimes I think they are happy together and Persephone wants to be with him, but my imagination has given a birth to a happening when she stayes with her mother and she doesn't want to be with him. So I don't know :D There are a lot of stragne things is this myth.
2/19/2008 #17

Mythology is so loosely based on many many many versions of a story passed through a generation. It is impossible to determine the exact original myth. But the fact the Persephone was his Queen and equal and that she stayed I think gives a more solid point to myth than his "abduction".

Until Hades, she was just her mother's daughter. With Hades she became Queen of the Underworld, totally changing her own dynamic. That choice says a lot about her relationship with Hades too.

I think they're characters balance each other very well and continually fascinate each other and that's what keeps them together through time. That, and absense makes the heart grow fonder, so it's hard to hate each other with all that alone time they get.



7/2/2008 #18

You greek mythology fanfiction people have to many stories about Hades & Persephone!!!! Gosh, it gets boring after a while!!!!

7/6/2008 #19

And you people need to read the Percy Jackson & the Olympians series!!!! IT's amazing!!!!

7/6/2008 #20
Little Gem Magnolia

I, personally, love the story of Hades and Persephone and do believe that they were made for each other. I love greek mythology so much and the story of Hades and Persephone has always been my favorite. [It's actually the story that got me so enthralled in history.] They definitely belong together.

7/27/2008 #21

I must admit, I am all for Hades and Persephone. One, when things occur in history they're doomed to happen. But do they love each other, or are even attracted to each other? Let me think in writing. . .

Well, opposites attract came to life for a reason. Persephone is of life, and Hades mof Dark. Hades is of the dead, and Persephone brings nature to life. It keeps the intrigue up for the relationship with things to learn from one another. It also adds to the exotic mystical attraction.

There's also the factor that it opens for fear and arguments. Different opinions meet anger from those who can't understand. Hades, however, is so profoudly intelligetn he won't get mad at Persephone. And Persephone is so light and made of goodness, so her arguments would be downplayed from the usual fight scenesyou would imagine. She would probably get a little frustrated, but she wouldn't completely argue; she would leave the scene, or runaway from her problems. In any case, Hades is wise and old while Persephone is new (comparitively) and innocently naive. Perfect for teaching and learning. However, Persephone might be afraid of the foreign objects of the underworld when first abducted, and as such never truly learn and be completely submissive to the will of Hades, which isn't quite. However, with how wise Hades is, he would find a way o quench most of her fears and keep only the ones to be used at his advantage.

To my belief, the myths aren't entirely correct. Persephone wouldn't lose her spark in the underworld; Persephone loses her spark without any inner light. And I believe, after a few years of bonding time, Hades could give it to her. I'm all for Hades and Persephone, becasue it was the antural course of the world. It happened (if you believe in the Greek Mythology) and that means it should have happened. No ifs or buts. All things in moderation, which means the half of the year devoted to her mother is an excellent representation.

Persephone and Hades rule together, the underworld has now their white rose!

5/25/2009 #22
Agas Spenjahgra VII

Eh.. I'm not sure what to think, as there are some who depict the story as Persephone being kidnapped then hoodwinked into eating the seeds, and there are some others who say she did so willingly. I like the pairing for some reason, and I don't know why. So to speak, it IS very similar to Phantom of the Opera. Made me wonder if POTO was based on this myth.

10/16/2009 #23
Dejsha's World

With the talk of him having her part of every year; I think its a balance. Sometimes you get what you want and others you have to lose it...

11/8/2009 #24
Kalona's Goddess

I agree and its pretty fair for both Demeter and Hades i suppose...better than nothing right? But still its pretty iffy on what Persephone wants herself...

I believe in the theory that her mother was too controlling and that she wanted to get away. You know, I find this one of the more romantic stories ever and a lot of my friends say I'm crazy for it because "how can an abduction be romantic? Its obviously a Stockholm Syndrome thing!!" but i disagree. XD

11/25/2009 #25

If you're crazy, I'm insane with you. I agree.

11/26/2009 #26

No, not fair, I think. Demeter is stupid ... and ... and ... I don't like her. Look at it this way: Every child grows up and then they had their own families and lives. Persephone has grown up, she is making her family with really powerful man and Dem. don't allow her to do so, she wants Persephone to be child forever. And that is not fair. Killing people by making them starving because you want to hijack Zeus so he would take into consideration what you want is not fair, because people have nothing to do with Hades and Persephone. If she has a problem, she could try to fight with Hades, let's see who will win :D

2/13/2010 #27
Partner-In-Crime v 2.0

Ah but there is a theory that this myth is the telling of how marriage worked- the Groom effectivley "kidnapping" the bride from her family. Plus there are loads of time eras where arranged marriages happened without the mothers permission (Victorian etc: Heck even now in eastern countries etcetc)

Hope that helped someone somewhere xD

4/9/2010 #28

I AGREE COMPLETELY!! Demeter even changed Persephone's name(which meant 'she who destroys the light', ironically) to Kore(which means, 'the maiden'). Who names their daughter that if they aren't going to be a maiden/girl forever, am I right or not? Basically, Demeter is just a controlling birdcage and, believe me, Seph(my and Hades' little nickname for her) knows why the caged bird sings; she simply needs to break free(AKA rendevous with a certain Dark King) and Demeter needs to chill (under my breath: in a block of ice somewhere..... yes, I'm a Demeter hater!!!)

8/27/2010 #29

I like your point, but technically, she was Kore/Cora first -- Persephone came about after she and Hades "hooked up." :P

8/29/2010 #30
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