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Guilty Crown shall rise from its vacant forum state! All Guilty Crown fans, gather here to roleplay, debate or just discuss Guilty Crown! GC forever!
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With everything, there are rules. Here are the rules for this forum:

1. If you want to make an RP, post in the proposals thread and I will review it and accept.

2. If you want to join an RP, post your Characters in the RP thread and wait for the gamemaster to accept your character.

3. Don't stress yourself out. RPing is just for fun :D

4. Don't harrass other people. No starting fights or being mean to each other (Unless it's RPing...Then, it is perfectly acceptable xD). If you are fustrated about something in real life, post it in the Venting thread. I am quite active so I will be glad to let you shoot your fustration at me. As long as it's in the venting thread xD

5. If there is a fight on here you are involved in, just calm down and think of a way to end it. If that proves impossible, just message me or a Moderator. We'll sort it out. Don't worry, we'll treat it in confidentiality. Plus, we actually read and respond to people :D

6. No killing someone else's Character (Unless permission is given by either the RPer or a Moderator)

7. No controlling someone else's Character (Unless permission is given by either the RPer or a Moderator)

8. No GMs. Think about it: Would you want to RP with someone who could take out 600 opponents with a flick of his wrist? No. So, no GMs. (Unless the situation somehow allows for your super epic ability)

9. Don't ignore others in a RP. If they talk or do something to you, acknowledge them. No one wants to be or feel left out.

10. No begging to be moderator. Or asking. I will offer the chance to those I feel would be suited for the role. I don't want to sound like an ass or a dictator but if anyone gained Moderator status by simply asking, there would be chaos in the forum. Being a Moderator brings great power but with that great power comes great responsiblity. And with that great responsibility, comes a great risk. To me. However, don't worry - At some point, I will make a thread dedicated to posting Moderator applications. Just keep on standby for it and watch this space ;)

11. This is more of a suggestion rather than a rule but make sure you've watched Guilty Crown before RPing/Chatting in here. Spoilers will probably be mentioned here and I won't ban it because this is a Guilty Crown forum. Of course, it's completely up to you but don't come on here without having finished Guilty Crown and then have a tantrum because someone spoils it for you. If it has been spoiled for you because you came here, then I feel your pain because Guilty Crown is a great anime but you would have kind of brought it upon yourself.

(I'll think of some more to add along the way)

Well, that being said...Have fun! :D

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