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RP Title: Right of Way

Mood: Conflicting opinions will make for a sad story which will result in a lose-lose situation for all

Back Story: The year is 2025. Judgement day seems to be coming closer and closer. Resources are near complete depletion. Oil is running out. Food and wealth decrease rapidly as more and more parts of countries are falling into absolute poverty. More and more riots happen from the people who outcry to the government stating that they are not fit to run a country. Only a percentage of the world are living in decent conditions. Many children have been abandoned because of the poverty increase. Some parents don't have the wealth or strength to be parents. With no hope seen for the world, there has to be some created. But, by who? By what? Who is fit enough to bring the world back to it's stable state? That is the problem - There are many candidates for it. Many factions have now been formed with aims to fix the world or at least their country. However, there are many factions and due to this, there is war. Not just between the people and the government...But, between all Factions who battle for the right to fix this rotten world...On top of that, the governments of each country have formed a special army unit to defend themselves. They are the GEP unit (GEP stands for Government Emergency Protection). While the governments try to fix the world, the GEP unit will defend the government from any attacks, assassinations, etc.

Plot: The world is in a terrible poverty state. Resources are dangerously low, wealth has decresed, social order is no more, riots, poverty and crime rates have increased dramatically. However, there is advanced technology (Seeing as this RP is like 13 years into the future...) and you can use your imagination to make up these advanced technology items. Throughout the world, riots, poverty and disorder is happening. Many Factions have been created in a fight for power and government status to try and fix the world. Some have uniforms to identify one another, some don't - either because of wealth issues or just personal choice. While some join these Factions and this war, some just roam the streets homelessly while gathering all they can to survive. Many children have been abandoned because of the poverty increase. Some parents don't have the wealth or strength to be parents.

Any Other Information (Optional): For this RP, I am altering the following Void/Void Genome rules: 1) I am increasing the amount of Void Genomes from 3 to 6. This can be justified by saying advanced technology has allowed the creation for more Void Genomes. 2) I am increasing the age limit of Void Removal from 17 and under to 59 and under. This makes it so that you don't have to be a child to have your void removed and used.

Goal(s) (If any): The goal of all Factions and the Government is to achieve stability throughout the world through their own methods.

Setting: The world is your oyster. The world shall be used and you can start in any country. The Void Genomes will be placed wherever you see convinent for a Void Genome "King" to find it. Technology has advanced beyond our current modern time period. How far the advancement goes lays upon your imagination. There are many Factions (RPers can create their own Factions). Some have uniforms to identify one another, some don't - either because of wealth issues or just personal choice. Religion still exists but a significant amount of people have abandoned Religion as they believed God has forsaken them.

Any Extra Rules (Optional): 1) One Void Genome King per RPer. 2) The void of your character must link in somehow with their personality and be unique to them. Whether the link be big or small. The more interesting the link, the better.

Game Master: I shall be the Game Master as well as any other Moderator

Mini Bio: The world is reaching its own Death. Resources are depleting fast. Poverty rates have skyrocketted. Crime is increasing, day by day. This includes Riots which have disrupted they way of living. The government obviously cannot handle the job of managing the who can...? Many Factions have been created to answer the call of help...However, only one Faction can save this world. War shall emerge from even the deepest corners of the earth. This isn't World War, this is much more bigger than what World War 3 could ever become. the Right of Way War. Which Faction will win control and fix this rotten Earth?

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8/17/2012 #2

Shukai walked across a field where a battle took place. He casually rummaged through piles of ashes and other obstacles to find anything of value that would assist Ailovin Soulifer. Kain and Seto (Two other members, I'll post OCs later) were with him, also searching. "This seems like it was an intense battle..." Shukai said, to the two, while searching through another pile. Seto nodded, while gathering a few coins and said: "Yeah. It was pretty fierce. I hear it was between MoonShine and Nother Ketoken. Those two factions have a pretty dangerous hatred for each other..." Kain laughed as he discovered a few samples of the result of war. He kicked a few bodies and said: "Shukai! Seto! Come take a look at this! I've found a few dead people!" Seto sighed: "You know how I don't like staring at dead people...Geez, find something useful to do..." Shukai blinked as he rummaged through another pile. He found something...Something that stood out. It was sticking out. It seemed like...metal? He rummaged through and pulled out the item. It was a neon purple substance surrounded by glass and two metal ends. ' this...?' Shukai thought. He slipped it into his pocket. He figured he should find out what it was before letting his Faction get a hold of it.

8/17/2012 #3
Yuna walked quietly behind the other three her footsteps padding softly on the ground, like a mouse. She listened curiously to the conversation they were all holding- Shukai, Kain and Seto. Seeing that Kain had wandered off to yet another pile of dead bodies, she watched him curiously. Then her eyes flickered back over to the boy she found interesting. Yuna glanced over at Shukai curiously as he looked through another pile. The fuschia-eyed girl peered at him closely as he pulled out something familiar. "Shukai..." He slipped the Void genome in his pocket.
8/17/2012 . Edited 8/17/2012 #4

Shukai noticed a soft voice behind him. Yuna. "Yuna?" Shukai said, glancing behind him. He kept his hand in the pocket he had placed the Void genome in, hoping she hadn't seen.

8/17/2012 #5
Yuna stepped up to Shukai and gazed down at his large brown eyes. She bent down next to him and placed her hands on the ground for balance. After regaining balance, she brought her tiny fists up to rest in her lap. Yuna glanced down at the ground, ignoring direct eye contact. "What do you have in your pocket?" she asked quietly.
8/17/2012 . Edited 8/17/2012 #6

Shukai gulped quietly and bit his lip slightly. "''s..." He thought about showing her, but soon decided not to. 'No...I can't show her...If this thing is dangerous...I don't want it to hurt her...I...' Shukai diverted his eyes sideways, nervously: "It's...nothing...just a few coins..." Shukai, too, tried to avoid eye contact knowing he couldn't look Yuna in the eye and lie to her.

8/18/2012 #7
Yuna could tell something was in his pocket- the Void Genome- yet Shukai refused to show her. "Why are you nervous? Why are you lying to me?" she questioned quietly as she looked up to face Shukai. "Why are you scared?" she asked reaching out to place her small, soft hands on Shukai's. "Why won't you show me?"
8/18/2012 #8

Shukai bit his lip again as Yuna reached out to him. "P-Please don't do this, Yuna..." He muttered, while blushing and diverting his eyes further.

8/18/2012 #9

(You can probably tell but I thought that when Shukai blushed it was adorable!>w< (and I assume things a lot so I think Shukai likes Yuna lol.... but he probably doesn't?!XD)

Yuna pulled her hands back and placed them cautiously on the dirt beside her. She tilted her head slightly at Shukai. "Why not? Don't you want to know what it is?" she asked calmly. "It won't hurt me..."

8/18/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #10

Zian stood in a small cold room. He stood like he was waiting for something. In front of him was Azula Eurton, the leader of Taka Kurana. After a while of silence, Azula began speaking: "It's been a while...hasn't it, Zian?" Zian nodded. Azula continued: "We've come a long way...but we're at this point...You've served under Taka Kurana for a while and you have been an exceptional member. I want to reward you with a...commanding officer position..." Zian's expression didn't change. Azula could she this. She gave a little laugh before saying: "Your dull reaction is to be expected. However, I should tell you...This position doesn't come free...I want you to prove yourself for it. With a test. But, you won't be alone. I want you to partner up with a teammate and complete this task..." Zian said: "Do I get to choose this teammate?" Azula shook her head: "We've decided your partner and your test. You are to meet up with her in a few hours in Preperation room B2. Understood?" Zian nodded. "Good..." Azula said, before giving a little laugh and exiting the room, leaving Zian to divert his eyes suspiciously in Azula's direction while standing still.

8/18/2012 #11

"Don't be a coward Shukai, its unmanly." said Shuya as he jumped from his perch atop some rubble, "I see the both of you are getting along with eachother." he said in a joking tone before his expression became serious. "The Void Genome... you now have one in your possession, so what will you do now that the Power of the Kings is in your hands... use it or dispose of it... if you're not going to do one you the other." said Shuya with a look of genuine concern.

8/18/2012 #12
Yuna sighed and diverted her eyes away from Shukai blushing slightly at the way Shuya had addressed her and Shukai's relationship. Rolling her eyes slightly, she decided not to press the issue. "It's not nice to eavesdrop..." she told Shuya calmly as she stood up.
8/18/2012 #13

(Yamai, I'll leave that a surprise ;) xD)

Shukai turned his eyes back to Yuna. He really hated lying to her but...he didn't even know what it was. As he was about to speak, Shuya intervened. Shukai didn't really have a close connection with Shuya, which was expected seeing as he was co-leader. Shukai was suddenly taken back after Shuya's words. How did he know it was a 'Void Genome'? And, why was his orders to decide what to do with it so sudden...? Shukai decided to follow Yuna's actions. He walked forward and stood beside her: "Yuna's right, Shuya...And, what do you mean 'The Void Genome'. With all due respect, I have no interest in making a decision with something I know nothing about..." Shukai's voice trailed off as he realised he could speak clearly about what he found to Shuya but not to Yuna. He also realised she had heard him speak about the thing he was so keen to hide from her. Upon realised this, Shukai blushed a little bit and turned his gaze away from Yuna while trying to maintain his stance against Shuya.

8/18/2012 . Edited 8/18/2012 #14

(I love surprises!!!! >w<)

"The Void Genome is a substance that holds "The Power of Kings" within it," Yuna began to explain. She turned to face the boy next to her. "Shukai." Yuna stated seriously. "The Void Genome was supposed to be a biological weapon to control the Apocalyspe Virus. It is a genetic sequence and only certain people can use it. You are one of them. You hold "The Power of Kings", a special ability that allows you to analyze intron sequences in a human's soul. You are able to convert the introns into Voids."

(Yuna really wanted to explain this to Shukai lol! That's why she hid her irritation from Shuya!XD And I looked it up..... Because I never realize there was a Void Genome in the anime (I seriously need to pay attention to the anime better! And I'm forcing myself to watch it all over lol!)

8/18/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #15

Shuya felt slightly hurt that Shukai or Yuna didn't trust him, he had always tried to make friends but was never very good at it, it was usually his personality that turned people away from him. "Since you found it thats your property, do with it as you will..." Shuya said as he walked away with his hands in his pockets.

8/18/2012 #16

(I can totally see a love triangle between Shuya, Shukai and Yuna like Inori, Shu and Gai!XD)

Seeing that Shuya had suddenly got quiet and turned to walk away, Yuna tilted her head slightly. What was wrong? Unable to understand anything of what Shuya's emotions read, Yuna ran over to Shuya and wrapped her hands around his left arm. "Wait.... what's wrong? Are you mad?" Yuna asked calmly. I've explained it to Shukai... He hasn't said anything yet....

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #17

Shuya got flustered in a matter o seconds, "Uh um, no ! not at all !!!" Shuya was especially terrible at dealing with people... especially girls. He was trying to use statistics to think of how to resolve the current situation but was failing.

8/19/2012 #18

(XD To be honest, some parts of the anime were quite confusing)

Shukai became intrigued as Yuna explained it to him. 'Intron sequences? Voids...?' Shukai took out the Void Genome and looked at it. After staring at it for a while, he sighed and put it back in his pocket. 'I don't think I want to use it just yet...But, for some reason this thing seems to be least, to Shuya and Yuna' After Yuna explained it, Shukai gave a weak smile and said: "Thanks" As he watched Yuna run off, he heard a loud laugh. He turned to see Kain carrying a dead body towards Seto while laughing. Seto groaned and tried to keep his distance. Knowing there probably wouldn't be much further progress, Shukai decided to start heading back. It was probably smart to have Nobu or someone else examine this 'Void Genome' more before using it.

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #19

Hearing Shukai's voice, Yuna turned around to face and gave a small smile before turning back to Shuya. "Are you sure?" Yuna asked calmly. Her eyes sparkled with interest. "You look worried.... about something..." She could see it in his eyes. There was something wrong. "Why are your cheeks red? Are you sick?"

(@Soul: Lol! Why don't we all just read Wiki repetitively?!XD)

8/19/2012 . Edited 8/19/2012 #20

"N- I mean yes, YES, I came down with a cold this morning and um... yeah I should go get some rest and um... yeah." he said very quickly, stuttering in-between words and red roses continued to bloom on his cheeks.

8/21/2012 #21

(Ah... Someone came on.... I was wondering where you guys went....)

"Do you want me to help?" Yuna questioned quietly. She looked up at Shuya and smiled softly at him. "You won't be alone." she answered sweetly, her voice soft and quiet.

8/22/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #22

Shuya's eyes widened as he finally managed to calm himself down. "O-okay..." said Shuya.

8/23/2012 #23
Smiling softly at Shuya, Yuna proceeded to lead Shuya towards their group, Ailovin Soulifer's, base. "Here, you can just rest in your room." she stated calmly leading Shuya to his room. "In here." she demanded softly. Turning around, she made her way towards the kitchen. "I'll be back."
8/24/2012 #24

Shuya actually did have a small cold, nothing that he would stay in bed for but still... maybe he would tell her his feelings, just maybe. He sighed as he pulled out his PSP and was about to insert a UMD before hearing a gunshot. "Guess I got to save that for later..." said Shuya as he cocked his pistol and headed to the door.

8/24/2012 #25

(Oh my gosh! Feelings...?!>/////<)

Yuna made her way down the hallway to the kitchen and turned the corner. Getting some soup ready and a damp cloth to place on Shuya's forehead, she made her way back out to Shuya's room. "Shuya?" she questioned softly, opening the door slightly. In her right hand, she held a cloth and bowl with luke warm water. "Shuya, why aren't you laying down? You have a cold, right?" she asked tilting her head slightly. A gunshot sounded through the air. He was up, with a pistol in his hand. "Where are you going?"

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/25/2012 #26

"Outside, as Co-Leader it's my responsibility..." he said as he opened the door, "Shit." he said as he saw several members gunned down, "Stay low, Yuna." said Shuya trying to keep out of the gunner's line of vision.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #27
Watching as Shuya made his way to the door, Yuna quickly set the bowl and cloth down on Shuya's nightstand. Turning around, she quickly dashed up to Shuya's side and stayed beside him, slightly behind. "What's happening?" she asked calmly.
8/24/2012 #28

"An enemy faction... the bastards got them from the behind..." he said as he quickly ran back into his room and pulled out two rifles. "Provide support from the roof..." I'll take out what I can he said as he loaded his rifle.

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #29
Yuna nodded and quickly did as she was told. Dashing outside, and around the corner, Yuna made her way up to the roof and took cover. Eyeing the enemy faction members, she almost gaped. She could recognize one of the enemy faction members.
8/24/2012 #30
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