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Okay, usually we see the apprentice's opinion on what training is like. But what about their mentors? They have a voice as well.

So you will tell the story of a mentor, and the challenge they face with their apprentice.

For the Warrior: Pick a number 1-6. I will tell you the cats name, their description, and one (small) fact about their personality. The rest is up to you.

(Numbers not picked: 2-6)

For the Apprentice: 1-6 again and I'll give you an apprentice, just their name and looks. Personality and warrior name is up to you.

(Numbers not picked: 1-4, 6,)

Problem: Pick a number 1-6

(Numbers not picked: 1-3, 5,6,)


* Over 500 words please. There's no max, if you want to make it a full length story, go ahead.

* I will assign you a problem that the mentor and apprentice must face. How it arises is up to you. In fact, you don't have to make them overcome their challenge, let them fail if you wish.

* The problem assigned will always effect the apprentice, the story is partly about the mentor dealing with it.

* The problem I assign must be in the story. If you want to include other challenges for the pair to hurdle, go ahead.

Hope you all like my first challenge!

6/27/2012 . Edited 7/30/2012 #1

I'll try :)

Warrior: 5

Apprentice: 2

Problem: 8

6/27/2012 #2


5. Hailclaw: A white tom with darker paws, excellent fighter

2. Mosspaw: a brown she-cat with light green eyes

8. Has to deal with a parent's legacy (Either parent, and either they were a hero or a villian. Your choice.)

6/27/2012 #3

Imma have great fun with this... *maniacal laugh*

6/27/2012 #4
Dreams of Screams

Warrior - 6

Apprentice - 6

Problem - 1

6/27/2012 . Edited 6/27/2012 #5




6/27/2012 #6

@ Endless Hourglass

You get a medicine cat! Only one actually.

6. Deerpelt: A brown tabby she-cat with green eyes, the medicine cat

6. Heronpaw: light gray tom with white paws and blue eyes

1. Wants to be a warrior

6/27/2012 #7

@ XForeverInParadoxx24x

12. Eaglewing: A light gray tom with dark yellow eyes, he's full of energy

5. Swanpaw: White she-cat with long fur and yellow eyes

4. Problem: The apprentice is being disrespectful to the mentor

6/27/2012 #8
Isi Writer

Warrior: 7

Apprentice: 7

Problem: 7


6/27/2012 #9

@ Isi

7,7,7. Coming right up!

7. Silvercloud: a silvery gray she-cat with green eyes, very kind

7. Stonepaw: Dark gray tom with green eyes

7. Is an insomniac (I don't know why he is, that's up to you. But it'll effect his training, because have you ever gone to school after almost no sleep?)

Have fun!

6/27/2012 #10

This looks fun!

Mentor: 8

Apprentice: 8

Problem: 6


6/27/2012 #11

I hope it will be!

8. Jaywhisker: an older gray tom with white chest and stomach. Has amber eyes and is very sensitive when hunting and to others emotions.

8. Darkpaw: Black tom with yellow eyes

6. Is struggling with training

6/27/2012 #12
Prin Pardus

Ooh. Sign me up for this one as soon as I'm accepted. Can I reserve 4, 4, and 2, until then? :)

6/27/2012 #13
Ruining Hopes and Dreams

1, 1 and 3. :)

6/27/2012 . Edited 6/27/2012 #14

@ Prin

Sure, I owe you one.

@ Ruining hopes and Dreams

1. Whitetail: A white tom with green eyes, good at hunting

1. Icepaw: A pure white tom with green eyes

3. Is hiding the fact they're being bullied

6/28/2012 #15

Do I need to be accepted in order to take a challenge? If so, would you mind reserving me 9, 9, and 5?

6/28/2012 #16

Sure Shady.

Then I have to refresh some stuff, so... some stuff.

6/28/2012 #17
Ruining Hopes and Dreams

Thanks. :)

6/29/2012 #18
Prin Pardus

Can you go ahead and give me the names and stuff, Wolfster? It's been five days since I auditioned (hovering on the edge between five and six, really, since it's almost 12 here) and Misgivings hasn't been on, and I'm getting kinda anxious. I have an idea for Reversed that could coincide with this, and I wanna start ASAP. If you can't, it's cool, I'm just kinda tired of waiting. :c

7/1/2012 #19

I think we can make an exception for you Prin. Wolfgrowl feel free to go ahead and give Prin the names.

Oh and I wasn't signing up for this XD I have too many challenges to complete!

7/1/2012 #20

@ Hunter

Sure, I figured you weren't signing up, you didn't give me any numbers! XD

7/2/2012 #21

@ Prin

4. Reedfoot: a dark brown tom with amber eyes, good at hunting

4. Shellpaw: A tortoiseshell she-cat with yellowish green eyes

2. Is injured during training

7/2/2012 #22

I've still got four warriors and apprentices, if anyone wants them.

7/3/2012 #23

@ Shady

Congradulations on being made an apprentice. Here are your cats.

9. Fernfoot: A light brown she-cat with yellowish-green eyes, a good tracker

9. Tigerpaw: Orange tabby tom with amber eyes

5. Refuses to listen to anyone but their mentor

7/3/2012 #24

Eeep. I got a Tigerpaw! c: Thanks Wolfy.

7/3/2012 #25

Yep. You're welcome Shady.

7/3/2012 #26

Lets try 10 and 10 and 1!:D

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #27

All right then!

10. Volefang: A very sarcastic black tom with green eyes

10. Mistypaw: A pale gray she-cat with light yellow eyes

(And I recycled my four favorite conflicts)

1. Is hiding the fact they're being bullied

7/3/2012 #28

Awesome, i'm on it! I will tell you now that I am not too good at sticking with stories but I really will try my best with this. Also, the bullying - which is it? Is Volefang bullying Mistypaw or someone else bullying one of them?

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #29

Someone is bullying Mistypaw. You can make it Volefang, but the point of the challenge is for them to overcome, or fail to overcome the problem I gave you. So maybe she's small and the other apprentices tease her for it.

7/3/2012 #30
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