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Name: Meddy (paramedic)

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Weapons: Surgical knifes and other goodies from her first aid kit

Apearance: Short-ish. Wears Standard white trench coat that falls around heels. Red cross in center of coat. first aid kit. scarf wrapping up hair. Red, bio-hazzard symbol goggles. gas mask.

Love interest: Snippy (Yes, I know a lot of girls love Charles :) I sorry, but he's my favorite...)

Attitude: Meddy loves Lifealope, argues with Engie all the time, and has small meltdowns whenever she gets stressed out. Perhaps it was the radiation, who knows. After being saved from a cancer spawn, she's recruited by force to Captain's army. She perfers Mr. Snippy over the others, but is friends with Pilot. Captain gives her headaches, but she is loyal to him and listens to what he tells her.

Orignal Name: Alice SinClaire

3/15/2012 #1

Name: Pyro Gender: Female Age: 27 Love Interest(If any): Zee Captain Appearance/Wears: (remove the () marks from the link) htt)p://th07./fs70/PRE/i/2011/242/ /0/tf2___lady_pyro_by_superkusoka)o-d48as38.png Sound of Voice: A muffled sound, no one can really make out what she says without listening closely. Weapon(s): Flame thrower and fire ax. Bio: No one knows much about the pyro besides the fact that she has a love for fires and explosions and that whenever she speaks one has to really focus. Whether it be due to her mask or the fact that she is constantly exposed to the chemicals used to fuel her flame thrower, her voice is heavily affected and no one can make sense of what she's saying ninety percent of the time. The Pyro is usually seen by Captain's side with her flame thrower lit.

3/15/2012 #2

Plot Ideas, Pyro? :)

3/15/2012 #3

Hudda hudda hudda!

Hm...I'm not too sure about plot ideas.

3/15/2012 #4

Hello! Sorry to intrude, but could I join, or is it just you two?

3/16/2012 #5

@InsaneMistake LOL We could start off with Pyro's beginning. Have her first meet captain. I don't know how to start with Meddy, so I'd be fine with doing Pyro's first ^_^ @SoulxCyanaide It's ok with me if it's ok with Pryo ^_^ I'm Meddy, btw, a paramedic. It's nice to meet you---do you have any injuries ~crazy grin~ ???

3/16/2012 #6

Alrighty, I'll get to work on that as soon as I figure out how I want them to meet. Hmmm, perhaps during the whole thing with Cancer?

3/16/2012 #7

Yea, like, while Captain is waiting for Snippy and Pilot to get back 8D And she can be with them when they find Meddy-meds then xD

3/16/2012 #8

(Hm, okay. It's a bit short, and I didn't put anything up for Snippy since we already know what's going on his half. xD)

The Pyro walked/skipped over the debris and twisted metal. Her flamethrower was lit and ready, lots of strange creatures had attacked her moments ago, however she easily took care of them with her flamethrower. She hummed casually as she wandered around with a slight skip, she was trying to find something that caught her interest. Though she rarely had interest in something for too long, and whenever that happened she lit said thing on fire. Seeing a figure in the distance, she tilted her head and started heading right towards said figure.

3/16/2012 #9

--as captain--

Seeing a figure in the distance, skipping their way towards him, he calls, "AH! Mr. Snippy? Pilot? Is zat you? Vell, zis is surprising! You have already given up on zee seek and hide?"

But as the creature drew closer, he realized it has glowing things in it's hands. "Hey!" He snapped, still thinking it was his minions, "Ver did you get the radioactive cake?!"

At last, the figure stopped about ten feet in front of him. It was a female! Ah, how surprising. "Mr. Snippy! Have you been turned into a girl by zee cancer? How aweful!" but the woman only tilted her head in confusion. After a moment, she lifted the glowing objects-fire straws? How trendy!- and pointed them at him. "Are you going to let me have a sip of your fire straws? How generous! However, you should know, Zee Captain shares his staws with no man! Nor woman!"


"Vat vas zat?" He asked, craning his head to hear.

3/17/2012 #10

- As Pyro -

"Hudda.....hudda....hudda...." the Pyro repeated. The figure, she was quite sure it was a man, hadn't understood her. She had no idea why! She was pronouncing her words nice and slowly. Whatever she was saying it sounded like it had something to do about 'Snippy' and something and something. The Pyro looked around for the 'firestraw'. Saying yet another muffled sentence, Pyro clicked her flame thrower off and put it over her shoulder. The heated surface of the muzzle should have melted off her skin, but her suit was completely and totally fireproof. The Pyro laughed- or rather giggled.

3/17/2012 #11

-as captain-

Zee creature let out another small sound. "I'm sorry, vat? Speak up!" he paused when she giggled more, and said, "Oh, I get it!"

The girl ceased and tilted her head in a confused gesture. "You vant to become one of my minions, yes?" She once again muttered and mumbled some things that sounded like confusion. "Nein." He held up a hand and she stopped her murmuring. "I see you have one of zose fire-straws! I know what to call you~" She seemed to be listening.


She recoiled and shook her head 'no...'




Again, another 'no'.

"Hmm... Vat to do?" She pointed to the fire-straws, then made a heart shape with her hands. "...Pyromaniac...?" he inquired. She clapped and 'giggled' some more. He let go of a small smile and clasped his hands together. "Velcome to my army, Pyro!"

3/17/2012 #12

It couldn't hurt to join his army, after all, she had nothing else to do. It'll also be an excuse to light things on fire! Having no name, Pyro really wasn't exactly sure what he meant by 'I know what to call you'. Though time passed by quite nicely, when he called her 'Pyro' the woman clapped her hands together laughing, liking the sound of that very much. It seemed her laughing was the only thing he could make out of the things she said.

Pointing in the general direction of 'Cancer', Pyro gestured to the flamethrower. She had a feeling that the rest of his 'minions' were busy with Cancer...or rather they had been beaten by Cancer. Tilted her head to the side, she said something. Taking the care to enunciate her words carefully, if he listened close enough he could make sense of the things she said. It sounded a lot like, "the rest of your minions?"

3/17/2012 #13

"Ah, yes." He nodded, and pointed the general direction towards cancer.

"Zey are being rather loud with zee cancer! I wonder ven zey will stop playing around?" He held a hand over his goggles, as if shielding the sun from his eyes. "I'm glad you arrived when you did, zough. Because I was getting razer lonely. Can you prove to your Captain what you can do?"

He turned to her, leaned his head to one side, and pointed to her with his mug.

3/18/2012 #14

Oh gosh, guys, I'm so sorry! I had completely forgotten to subscribe to the forum!

(I'm so sorry that I'm interrupting your RP... It's really good!)

@InsaneMistake-- Would you mind if I joined? :)

3/21/2012 #15

I don't mind at all. :) Sorry for taking awhile to make up a reply.

3/21/2012 #16

- As Pyro -

Looking in the direction of the Cancer, Pyro made a confused sound before she shifted her grip on her flamethrower. Cocking her head to the side as she looked at the Captain. Pyro stepped closer and said something, although muffled it sounded a lot like 'just what do you want me to do to prove to you what I can do?'.

Already the Pyro was slipping into loyalty for the Captain, and she was willing to do all kinds of stupid things just to prove it. It's been awhile since she had last been bossed around, and while back before the war happened she was a fiercely independent woman who would have punched him in the face for calling her his 'minion'....things have changed to say the least.

3/21/2012 #17

Yay! So, here's my OC, then! :D

Name: Soul Cyanide

Goes by:Soul Cyanide, Soul, Cyanide, Cy, etc.

Age:Unknown, but somewhat obviously between 14 and 17 (for maturity reasons)

Weapons:two Bone-handled Daggers, one on each side of her hips. So well-concealed, most people don't recognize them there. Excels in close combat, but can also handle a gun quite well.

Appearance: Kind of short (around 5'5). Black hair, Silver eyes. Usually seen with a tank top and Ripped skinny jeans (when the radioactivity is low). Otherwise, she's sporting tan, ripped skinny jeans, with more than a few dark red blotches splattered throughout the fabric and a trenchcoat that's been torn at the hem almost to the point of decay. Sports a gas mask with a removable filter for high or low radioactivity.

Love interest:Probably Engie or Captain. She's Power-oriented from traveling alone since she was young , so she would want someone Who's either powerful in brain (Engie) or leadership (captain). She doesn't show her feelings, though.

Past life/attitude:A hothead at heart with no real fear for fire (based off at me, I'm a bad pyromaniac :/), She stumbled upon Captain's army while walking through the wasteland one day and really couldn't leave; her food rations that day had finally run out. At least with them, they would starve together. Having lived with the Wasteland almost her whole life, she's made friends with the mutated wildlife and refrains from killing them if she can. Her original name is unknown as she had forgotten it in the long years by herself.

She's got a 'Mr. Snippy' Outlook on life, so she's constantly melancholy with him (though she doesn't hate Pilot nearly as much). She doesn't do well to being bossed around but if you have a problem, she's the one to confide in. The first rule you learn in the wasteland is that secrets can't be secrets when the last living people in the world know them, so she knows how to be a friend; even if she is a bit hostile at first, she quickly becomes loud and (occasionally) happy when she's among friends. She's generally quiet, though, and her emotions change quickly.

(I feel like I wrote too much ^^;)

3/22/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #18

-As Captain- "I vant you to fetch Snippy and Pilot with your firestraws!" He said as if it was obvious. Pyro took a moment to think it over before shrugging and beginning to walk towards the Cancer. "Hey!" Captain caught her arm and pulled her into him accidently. "I am your Captain, Ma Cheri."

Vat could he say? His mother vas German. But his father vas French ;D

-As Meddy-

She sneaks a peek behind the corner of a building. The big red monster was still there and blocking her path. Holding her medic box close, she thought over her options. Run. Hide. Die. Hm. Well, the first led to the last anyway so...

A horrible wail of pain echoed across the streets. Another one. She covered her ears with her gloves and clenched her eyes closed under her goggles. That man, the one with the blue goggles that was snatched up before, he was hurt. Bad. And she couldn't do anything. As a doctor, she tried her hardest to get to patients fast. But what could she do for him? He was in the monster with a huge hole in his stomach.

A few stitches could not fix that.

But... She took a quick glance over her shoulder ...he looks like he's in so much pain. The Green one looks like he's unconscious... what should I do?!

3/22/2012 #19

@SoulxCyanide :D This is how we have been doing it.

-As (love intrest)- blah blah blah...


-As (OC)-

Then anything else :)

3/22/2012 #20

(Had bit of a writer's block, still do actually. :|)

- As Snippy -

Groaning as he found himself still stuck to Cancer, Snippy looked up at the Pilot with general dislike. He was in shock and the pain was barely registering in his mind. However he soon found himself back in those...memories, whatever you called them. They couldn't be memories...right? Snippy wasn't sure what to make of it. Looking down, he realized that there was a hole in his stomach when the girl pointed it out. "When did this happen? It hurts something awful!"

However Snippy barely had time to react, for the girl grabbed him by the shoulders. Once again she tried to warn him about the mug.

- As Pyro -

Looking up at the Captain, the Pyro nodded quickly. However before she did not get the chance to go fetch Snippy and Pilot. Somewhere, from the Heavens a great beam shot down and for the most part destroyed the giant red beast that was known as 'Cancer'. Confused, Pyro mumbled a few quick sentences before looking at the Captain, obviously wanting to know what the Captain wanted her to do.

3/24/2012 #21

(Let's see how I do, I was completely blank for Ideas :/)

As Engie:

He glanced out again through the window to his (somewhat) safehouse. Beyond the eerie moans of the Biomass, a small group had assembled around where the Beast had consumed the Ninja. One person had what looked like a flamethrower, and the other had a... CO's hat. Seven, he thought bitterly.

It was best to stay put for now.

As Soul Cyanide:

I can to this, she thought, as she stopped walking yet again to check her pack. Her food store remained the same from when she checked it an hour ago.

Three small fish and a gallon of non-radiated water.

She didn't know how long it'd go for, but she was determined to make it last.

3/28/2012 #22

@soul I can actually be Engie, considering Pyro and I are each other's love interests. Meddy likes Snippy, Pyro likes Captain, and Soul likes Engie, I presume? :)

-As captain-

The beam of light shot down from the heavens. Pryo, to his left, didn't flinch at the sight of zee flames. He watched her through the corner of his eyes, not really paying much attention until the flower sprung out of his hat. He then proceeded to pour tea into his lap....


-As Meddy-

She looked up at the large creature, the flames, and only lived for about one more second. She died the next, not turning to ash or bursting to flame, but from the radioactive blast that took the life out of her. She had a side-thought about the blue one, how he couldn't have made it out alive....

Then she died.

... moments later a warmth flooded her, green sprung up, but looked black-ish through the red-tented goggles. The source of it patted at her head, checked to see if she was living (she was) then trotted off. How?

3/29/2012 #23

@qualls-- I see! I was wondering how that was working xD Do you want me to be a sub-character, or no? It's up to you guys!

As Soul:

A beam of light burst from the sky in the city. It looked small from where she was, though she knew that it wasn't an ordinary beam of sunlight from the skies.

She hit the ground, doing the always-usedul 'armadillo' position, protecting all vital organs.

But she was far enough away that all she got was a blastwave, sending her sliding fifteen feet backwards. She'd never gone back to the city, not after what happened two years ago when she went in, alone and unarmed, emaciated and terrified. She shivered from the memory, suppressing the bile that rose in her throat.

When she stood up, everything seemed... quieter.

She checked her pack again. Same as before. She knew she had to at least get closer to the city, or else she would starve. It probably wouldn't hurt to find out what that lightwave was, either.

She shouldered her pack and began the long trek towards the Blast scene.

3/31/2012 #24

-as Captain-

He strolled up to the skeleton casually, standing a few feet away. It began talking to him, saying it would destroy him, but he simply could not concentrate on zee creature. "Zat is rather fashionable scarf!" He says, pointing admiringly. He rips it away from the skeleton and smiles as he wraps it around his neck. He thought he heard the scarf say something, but it mattered not. "Most trendy!" he turns then and looks to Pyro, who had been somewhat alarmed by the whole thing. He did not understand why she was reaching for her firestraws.

"You like my fashion senses, da?" He asks, strutting about. She doesn't begin to relax, but for some reason, after seeing him walk around with it, she lowers her weapons.

"I knew you vould!"

-as Meddy-

Getting up from her position on the ground, she tries to walk, but falls. She had been too close to the blast... it had made her weaker. She digs around in her first aid kit and finds a old pill bottle of Ibuprofen. It wouldn't heal the jelly-feeling, but it would get rid of that awful headache.

Now, she had to set out to find the green thing that brought her back to life. But just as she had finally found the green organism, she found that it was not alone.

As he stood and the green-cat-with-antlers thing moved to the other man on the ground, the one with blue goggles turned around and saw her there, staring in shock.

"You're alive...!" She murmurs in a stunned panic.

3/31/2012 #25

(@ Soul I'm cool with whatever, it's your character. :) )

- As Snippy -

Feeling himself pulled back to reality, or rather life- though he was not aware of that at the moment -Snippy opened his eyes which now were glowing very faintly with life once more. His limbs felt as though they were filled with lead as he slowly pushed his hands down on the debris covered Earth and began to push his upper body off of the ground. Skeletons surrounded him, making him frown from beneath his mask. Looking up at the sky, Snippy realized the sky was red and that glowing embers were slowly dimming as they floated around. Letting out a pained filled gasp, Snippy picked himself up. His legs felt like jelly and his body swayed as he looked around. His eyes scanned the area for any signs of life. However he could find none.

The green creature that brought him to life looked so brilliant in the landscape and so out of place, how could one lose sight of it? Hearing something behind him, Snippy whipped around to see someone new looking at him. "You're alive!" she said in shock.

Unfortunately Snippy thought, then shook his head. Deep down he knew that he did not mean that.

"Who're you?"

- As Pyro -

Seeing the way that the creature was talking to the Captain, threatening to destroy him, Pyro felt protective. She began to walk towards them, her flamethrower lit and ready to burn said creature to a withered little crisp. However the Capain, in all of his greatness, ripped the creature off of the skeleton unknowingly.

Her eyes widened from beneath her mask, and she stopped mid step. The Captain wrapped it around his neck, obviously not hearing the pain and defeat filled 'nooooooooo' as he did so. Or perhaps he ignored it. Pyro was not sure. Nodding when the Captain asked her if she liked his fashion sense, Pyro lowered her weapon after he had been strutting with the scarf around his neck for a few moments.

Slowly, she walked over and began to reach towards the scarf curiously.

4/2/2012 #26

(Will you guys be bringing Pilot into the mix? I could be him, if you'd like... I'd hate to feel like I'm making you do all the work!)

-as Soul-

She had reached the outside of the city. Even in its dilapidated state, it was still as massive as it was when she was younger. It had lost most of its charm, but it was still magnificent.

She had been going through a bunker, in search of food (with no luck), when, in the distance, she heard an eerie, spine-tingling 'Nooooooooo...!' somewhere in the distance. Her head shot up from the cupboard she was searching and she reached for her knives, slowly advancing towards the door.

An enemy had presented itself. Fight or Flight were her only two options. She glanced at her pack, lying beside her on the ground. She would most likely obtain some goods if she killed whatever made the noise. Flight would keep her safe; at least, until she starved. She contemplated for a moment, weighing her options.

Listening to her trustworthy instinct, she picked up her ever-lightening pack and continued into the city.

4/7/2012 #27

It seems as though the role play as died. :(

5/5/2012 #28

aw no! please dont be dead ive been searching for an ra rp forever!!!!! D:

2/7/2014 #29

aw no! please dont be dead ive been searching for an ra rp forever!!!!! D:

2/7/2014 #30
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