Rune Factory 3 RP!
A new generation has populated the peaceful town of Sharance, and I need your help with populating it!
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NOTE: Once you make a character, you MUST wait for a mod to approve him/her~ Character limit will be up to 10 until more people join in :3


Nickname: (Optional)



Species: (Human, Half-monster, Elf, Dwarf, Univir, Mermaid, Witch)


Appearance: (I'll accept links, but try to describe your OC with your own words as well~)


Occupation: (Must be appropriate for Rune Factory, like a Blacksmith or a Bathhouse~)

History: (Nothing Mary-sue-ish 'kay?)

Pet: (Optional)

Others: (Anything I missed?)

Played by:

Player's preferred nickname:

3/17/2012 . Edited 4/5/2012 #1
Mythology Rose

Like this?

Name: Katlyn

Age: 16

Gender: female

Species: witch

Birthday: winter 21

Appearance: silver hair that falls to the middle of her back and dark blue eyes

Personality: She is a little shy but likes attention and enjoys practicing magic. She is considered cute, but she doesn't think about that kind of stuff very often, so some boys don't bother in pursuing her. She is very talented in wichcraft. Although she has had to deal with a lot of hardships, she is a very happy person, which amazes the people who know about her past.

Occupation: Hotel owner

History: When she was little, she was neglected by her parents and had to raise herself, as well as her little sister. When she was 11, she and her sister decided to run away. After weeks of running, they found themselves in a small town. The mayor took her and her sister in and raised then until she was 13 and her sister was 10. A sickness was spread around the town that year, killing the mayor and her little sister. She ran away again and found herself in a town called Sharance. The hotel owner took her in and made Katlyn her apprentence. When Katlyn was 16, the hotel owner retired and lives in the hotel with Katlyn, who runs the hotel now.

Is this okay?

4/6/2012 #2

Ah this is okay ;3 She's accepted. You can go ahead and put her application in the Accepted Character's topic now~

4/6/2012 #3
Mythology Rose

I thought it was about time I made another character, so here you go! Name: Hunter

Age: 17

Gender: male

Species: half-dwarf, half-elf

Birthday: summer 9

Appearance: black hair and dark brown eyes

Personality: He is considered very good looking and is flocked by girls quite often. He is very social and has many friends, but his best friend is Katlyn. They hardly go anywhere without each other. People who don't know them often think they are a couple. Making weapons is his passion and he loves adventure, so he and Katlyn love going outside of town to fight monsters together.

Occupation: Apprentice Blacksmith

History: Hunter grew up in a large city with his mother and 4 older sisters. His mother (who was an elf) was obsessed with fashion, as were his sisters. They were all either models or designers. His dad (who was a dwarf) died when he was 2. When he was 14, he left home, deciding the fashion life was not for him. After weeks of traveling, he came to Sharence, where he found work as an apprentice blacksmith and lives with the main blacksmith in town.

4/29/2012 #4
Mythology Rose

I'm on a role today! Kinda.

Name: Mina

Age: 65

Gender: female

Species: human

Birthday: fall 12

Appearance: white hair in a bun and dark green eyes

Personality: She's kind of like the old lady you think of when you think of a kind grandmother. She's a great cook and loves children, though she never had any of her own. She is highly respected in town and is very involved in the community.

Occupation: Retired Hotel Owner

History: Mina grew up in Sharence with her parents, who ran the hotel together. When she was 22, they died in a fire, leaving Mina to run the hotel/bath house by herself. She never really bothered with love, but regreted it later in life when she realized she was too old to have any children. When she was 62, a girl named Katlyn moved into town, so Mina took her in and raised her like her own daughter. She retired when she was turned 65, feeling that Katlyn was ready to run the hotel by herself, with a little help from her, of course. She recently took in another girl (who I will make later) who is pretty much the opposite of Katlyn, so they fight a lot. The new girl runs the bath house.

4/29/2012 #5
Mythology Rose
Name: Stacey Age: 16 Gender: female Species: human Birthday: summer 21 Appearance: Boy short spikey black hair and gray eyes Personality: She's a punk and very much a tomboy. She has a rebellious attitude and fights with Katlyn a lot. She doesn't have many friends because most people in town are afraid of her. Some even go as far as to call her a demon. Occupation: Bath house History: Stacey grew up with her father and brother in a kingdom outside of Norad. When she was was 10, her father and brother were murdered. The murderer tried to kill her as well, but she lived through it. After the guy was caught, she was placed in a foster home. She ran away after a few months later and traveled around for 3 years. That's when she entered Norad and found Sharance. Mina took her in and she started helping run the bath house until Mina decided to give the bath house to Stacey and the hotel to Katlyn. She still helps them run the places sometimes though.
5/3/2012 #6




Species-half human/elf

Birthday-summer 13

appearance-Short Black hair,tall (about 6ft. 5in.) Green eyes, freckles, fast and muscular.

personality- He is very childish (which drives most friends away) near his close friends, but near strangers he is very shy. Allen also is very athletic though he never boasts.


History-After being cast off by his love he moved to Sharence to get a change of Scenery.(I have no clue what mary-sue-ish is but hope its ok)

Pet-A fat dog named Butter

others-he moved to this town to find a new love

Played by-Musicbee13

Preferred nickname-Musicbee13 or mb13

6/14/2012 #7

Name: Liliana

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Half-monster

Birthday: Summer 28

Appearance: Short for her age, long brunette hair always in a braid, emerald green eyes

Personality: Cold, tomboyish, sarcastic and aggressive and sometimes a bullying-bad girl but it's only a wall so people won't get too close to her but once you get to know her she's really nice, sweet, caring, and witty.

Occupation: Warrior

History: Her parents died in a fire and she has no loving relative she knows so she grew up on her own. She traveled a lot until she arrived at Sharance and stayed there.

Pet: A wolf named Tancred

5/22/2013 . Edited 5/22/2013 #8

Name: Rubro

Age: 100 (young for an elf)

Gender: Male


Birthday: 15 spring

Appearance: tall,slender, pointed ears,big eyebrows and some facial hair.

Black eyes

purple (and a little too feminine) short hair.

always wearing boots

Personality: try to act as a noble gentleman, but his clumsiness make it really hard

hates cold weather

Occupation: merchant

History: born in a faraway tropical land.

Since young age, wanted to live in a City and being a soldier or knight, but ended up living as a traveling merchant until arriving in sharance town where he was accepted as part of the town residents.

Others: picks up his Axe when angered.

10/21/2014 #9
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