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Ike: Hm. *takes computer from Reef and types a few keys* you know, besides some structural damage, this computer is usable. I could probably fix them up for you now if you wanted. What do you say? I'll do it for free since your a new buisness and you have more important matters on hand. *looks at mess* How about it?
3/31/2012 #61
Reef:"Really? You would help us like that? Thank you!"*hugs him tightly*Reef:" It would really mean a lot to us! At this rate, the café will be fixed back like, if not better, than it was before!"*grabs a broom and dustpan and starts sweeping up the little pieces on the floor*
3/31/2012 #62

Kitty; Thanks Ike, I'd love any more help we could get. ^^

3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #63

*girl with long brown hair walks in*

Jamie: Hi, can I get a...yikes! What's with the mess in here?!?!?

3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #64

(Doesn't look like you tried out...probably should do that soon)

Mira: Don't ask... :(

Jessie: Let's just say that there was a "little" problem with some robots.

3/31/2012 #65

(don't worry MH, AJ here PMed me, and we worked it out. ^^)

3/31/2012 #66
Reef:"Um, hi! Sorry about the mess. It's a long story. I'm Reef. Nice to meet you..."*Realizes she doesn't know the girls name*
3/31/2012 #67

Jamie: (runs hand through hair)

Oh, okay...well my name is Jamie...*looks to Kitty* Any way I can help clean up?

3/31/2012 #68

Kitty; *looks around* Well... *looks at broken mug* we do need to sweep all the shattered glass off the floor...

3/31/2012 #69

Mira: Thanks for helping out here, Jamie. I'm Miranda, Mira for short.

Jessie: And I'm Jessie.

Zach walks into the cafe...

Mira: *looks over* Oh no! What are you doing back here?

Zach: You had enough time to talk with your friends, now you have to go.

Mira: Look here, Zach! I'm not going anywhere with you! I HATE YOU!!! *throws broken glass at him*

Zach: Hey! Watch it!

3/31/2012 #70

Kitty; *sends death look at Zach* Get out of this cafe... NOW...

3/31/2012 #71
*Reef is closest to Zach, so she starts attacking him with her broom*Reef:"She said GET OUT!!!"*keeps wakking him until he leaves*Reef:"And stay out!"
3/31/2012 #72
Jamie: Nice to meet you guys, but, um...who was that freak? A former employee you guys hate?
3/31/2012 #73
Jamie: Nice to meet you guys, but, um...who was that freak? A former employee you guys hate?
3/31/2012 #74

Kitty; *growls* the freak made all this mess...

3/31/2012 #75

Mira: Zach, just leave us alone!

Zach: Maybe I don't wanna even listen to you...

Mira: Ugh! You're so annoying! I wish you were NEVER born! *storms off with a few tears in her eyes*

Zach: Oh whatever... I don't care!

3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #76
Reef:"Mira, wait! Grrr, ZACH!"*tackles him and starts strangling him*(someoe hold me back.XD)
3/31/2012 #77

Jessie: *grabs Reef before she could kill Zach* You should get Mira, I'll handle Zach...

3/31/2012 #78
Reef:"...Fine."*Glares at Zach*Reef:" You are SO luck she saved you."*Walks off to find Mira*
3/31/2012 #79
Jessie: I cannot believe you Zach! You made your own sister cry! What is wrong with you?!?! Zach: There is nothing wrong with me... Jessie: *glares angerily*
3/31/2012 #80

Jamie: *blinks after watching whole scene unfold* Gosh, their family has some deep psychological problems that I've yet to figure out! o.O?

Ike: *walks over to Jamie* What do you mean?

Jamie: *blushes and stammers nervously* W-well, what I-I meant was t-that...

*everyone stares at her weird*

Jamie: Um...nobody likes you, Zach!

Zach *offended* Hey!

4/1/2012 #81
Jessie: Well it's true. Anyone find Mira yet?
4/1/2012 #82
Jessie: Well it's true. Anyone find Mira yet?
4/1/2012 #83
Reef:"(yelling from in the kitchen)I found her!"
4/1/2012 #84

Ike: *clutching his shoulder blade loosely* Um, Kitty. Do you by any chance have a first-aid kit? When Mira threw the glass at Mr. I-play-with-robots, it sort of ricocheted off the wall and hit me in the shoulder. No rush though since you have more interesting matters at hand.

Zach: I do not play with robots, I program them for mass destruction. *Picks up computer Ike was working on and smirks* Plus, I know how a computer works.

Ike: *Narrows eyes* You're going to wish you didn't say that. *Picks up computer plug with his good arm and whips it at Zach before wincing again at arm* (Sorry for spelling mistakes)

4/1/2012 #85
*Reef walks out of the kitchen awkwardly supporting a crying Mira(Since I'm way shorter than her, being 14 and all). Leads her over to a chair that wasn't damaged and lets her sit down. Sees Zach standing around.Reef:"Ugh! He's still here? What do you want?!?!"(Don't worry about them! I make them all the time! I font even think I saw one. Ps- happy April Foos Day guys!)
4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #86

Jamie : *to Zach* Dude...just get out of here before someone kills you. And if they don't, I just might . *Looks at Ike with concern, gently touches his forearm* Are you okay?

4/1/2012 #87

Kitty; *comes out with first aid* I could never picture so much would happen in the first day of the business... :/

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #88
*Walks over to help with the bandages*Reef:"Yeah. Today has been crazy! To think, I just came here for a snack."
4/1/2012 #89

Kitty; XD Yeah! And I was hoping it to be a more 'peaceful' cafe...

*Suddenly, the door's opens with a ring, and Martin walks in whistling.

Martin; *stops and looks around* Um... O.o this is the cafe, right?

4/1/2012 . Edited 4/1/2012 #90
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