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I've seen this on other sites but wanted one for ff. Basically if you have a line/some dialogue/song lyrics etc that could serve as a prompt that you would like to see turned into a fic/oneshot/drabble post here!
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So as stated before, I've seen this done on other sites and thought what better place to have story prompts than ff? This may not be very clear/make much sense at the moment but I'm hoping that once it gets going it will be easy to use! Please post away prompts and come here for inspiration to create stories! I should tell you now that I am a very unorganised person and not very familiar with forums and such so I would LOVE if a couple of people would like to help me staff this! Inbox me and I will get back to you.

At the moment I've set it that a new topic can only be started by a moderator, so you would have to message me to get one going, but if you think this should change please don't hesitate to let me know. I am very new to this and apologise for making anything confusing!

Please keep your comments clean. The forum is open to all and has to obey by the forum rules.

Little drabbles, mini-fics, oneshots, multichapter fics are all encouraged! Even really short pieces that focus on one scene alone. It can be completely AU, whatever couples you like, any genre, whatever!

One hugely important note: If there's a prompt you would like to fill, it has to be posted as a story and not here. But please put a link to your story so that we can all read, enjoy and give our thoughts! Hopefully if this forum gets used by a good number of people then more people will become aware of some of the authors who perhaps have slipped under some people's radars.

Thank you and enjoy, Lexie :)

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Hello lovelies!

How great is this forum? I am loving all the input so far! And of course the stories that have been inspired by the prompts.

Lexie asked for people to help staff this forum, and here I am :) If you have any questions, suggestions, if you like to see another topic, or just like to run some ideas - you can now message me as well!

Have fun!

- Mariaana

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I love brucaa and write brucas but I was wanting to rwad a Rachel and Lucas family fic
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I know this forum is old now. But if anyone is still reading this, I have a prompt for a FFVII story I'd like to see.

The prompt is (the modern-day) MAN CAVE and the main characters are Cloud and Johnny.

I tried writing this and 600 words in I realize I write cheesy and wordy and I wrote Cloud as an aspie.

I'd love to see a MAN CAVE story. Go ahead, post one.

For more ideas/prompts within the prompt, I can email/pm the story I attempted to write; I am robot warui at gmail dot com

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