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I've seen this on other sites but wanted one for ff. Basically if you have a line/some dialogue/song lyrics etc that could serve as a prompt that you would like to see turned into a fic/oneshot/drabble post here!
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Prompts for Brooke/Lucas stories. Romance, friendship, angst...all subjects welcome! And please introduce yourself (screen name, pen name, made up name, whatever) and say hi!

Remember clean comments please and no stories posted here; post a link to your published work on the main site.

3/19/2012 #1

Hey, I'm watched 2 much tv..

I always thought there was something behind Brooke's "Anorexia is not a fashion statement" and "Zero is not a size" lines. Maybe something that happened during that four year gap between season 4 and 5? Or maybe it was during high school and nobody noticed? Anyways, I wanted to see a Brucas story where Brooke has an eating disorder and Lucas finds out/catches her in the act/etc. Any takers?

7/26/2012 #2

Hi There!

Welcome to the forum and thanks for being the first contributer to the Brucas 'page'. Honestly, I think that prompt has such legs. Personally I would never do Brooke and Lucas the justice that SL deserves, but as I keep promoting the forum I hope that more will use it and someone will snap that beauty up!

Lexie :)

7/30/2012 #3
"She's going to break my heart, and I'm going to let her."
12/15/2012 #4
Romanticly tragic perfection
Hello, I'm T. I wanted to see if someone would be interested in doing an Eternal Sunshine version of Brucas starting from season 6. It would take place shortly after Lucas proposed to Peyton. Instead of her store getting robbed, Brooke went to Lucas's house but he was gone. So by the time she went to the store it was already robbed. Then she went to Lacuna Inc. To get her memory erased after Peyton called to say she and Lucas were engaged. So when Lucas came back she didn't know who he was. Then Lucas, angry that she forgot him, decided to do the same unaware of the consequences. After losing her memory of Lucas, Brooke would go back to acting the way she did in season one before the Lucas/ Peyton betrayal. Lucas will be forced to watch his memories of Brooke fade in reverse and gain a new prospective of his and her relationship. Reliving the break up, their arguments , and their love then watching them disappear. And he'll relize his mistake in choosing Peyton but will be unable to do anything about it as Brooke 's memory disappears. Also in the background Jake Will be there having gotten his memory of Peyton erased after she left Savannah. The last memory Lucas will lose will be Brooke saying "That's when it all changed ". Then he'll wake up next to Peyton with no memory of ever dating or being friends with Brooke. I really want to see this written but i'm too busy with my other stories. I might get around to writing it but if other people are interested it would make me really happy to read their version.
11/5/2014 #5
Romanticly tragic perfection
A Songfic to : Remember pt2 by kesha Cole. I think this is the perfect song for Brucas.
12/7/2014 #6
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