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In the future where time is currency and your life, society is controlled by a strict system that keeps the rich people wealthy and kills the poor every day. Let's RP!
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Role in Society: (Citizen of Zone 12, Timekeeper, Minuteman, one of the rich, that sort of thing. If something original, specify. Like how mine is below.)

Age: (Time-wise, obviously.)

Personality: (Please make this believable.)

Appearance: (This depends on the level of society they're in. Most of the characters look like they could be models, I know, but show a BIT of restraint in this area.)

Background: (Not too contrived and Mary-Sue/Gary Stu-ish, please.)

Extra: (Anything you want can go here, misc. wise.)


Name: Claudia Lorenthis

Role in Society: Timedealer (similar to the man in the movie who gave time to those who lined up for it. She steals time from Minutemen and sells in large quantities to those who are willing to afford it, while stealing some from them for her own time.)

Age: 15 days, 41 minutes, 7 seconds. She's 37.

Personality: Claudia is generally a pretty reserved person, and prefers to be a loner. Underneath her quiet exterior is a clever and witty side that comes out when she's dealing her stashes of time. She tries to be as crafty and resourceful as she can, especially when it comes to being near greedy Minutemen who dare to try and rob her or watchful Timekeepers. Under pressure, she's prone to mistakes, which is something she's desperately trying to remedy before she gets captured by Minutemen or Timekeepers.

Appearance: Claudia has short, choppy dark brown hair that waves down to her chin and frames her heart-shaped face. Her eyes are slightly narrowed and are a dark grey in color. Her skin is fair and flushes easily in heat or cold, particularly with her celestial nose. She stands at 5'7. She usually wears turtlenecks and collared knee-length coats, along with jeans and lace-up boots. She wears a long glove on her left arm that she hides under her sleeve, as if mocking the rich's tradition of women doing the same.

Background: Claudia was born into a family consisting of her mother and father, and an older brother. Her father timed out when he gave the rest of his time to his dying mother when Claudia herself had just turned 25. Her mother fell into depression and quit her job, trying to waste her time away and die. Claudia hurriedly took up a job as an substitute school-teacher and kept her mother alive with the time she earned from her job. While her older brother ran off to avoid responsibility (and probably became a Minuteman), Claudia stayed behind to ease her mother along and tried to help her beat her depression.

Then she found out the hard way that being a middle-school sub wasn't exactly the richest job in the world, and both she and her mother continued to struggle by each day. It wasn't until Claudia was almost mugged by some Minutemen on her way home and accidentally stole some time from one of them when she discovered her true calling; to steal time from the Minutemen and to deal it behind their backs, all while setting up a special supply for her and her mother.

Extra: Claudia holds up small throngs of Minutemen whenever they're alone, especially when they're drunk and distracted in bars. Her method is to drug them when they're aren't looking and leech off of them in their state of drowsiness.

Also, her occupation is sort of a pride thing for Claudia; she wants to sort of establish a sort of empire. She wants to look reliable and a sort of high authority figure amongst the poor. She has a sort of superiority complex, and she also figures that if the more wealthy deal with her, she gets rewarded in turn. If she kept all the money she stole for herself, that would make her more valuable to Minutemen and more suspicious to Timekeepers.

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This sounds fun! :D


Name: Charlotte Dupont

Nickname: Usually goes by 'Charley'

Role in Society: Citizen of Zone 12/Minutemen informant—Details in the Background section

Age: 2 days, 6 minutes, 14 seconds. Age 29.

Personality: Charlotte mostly tries to keep to herself and mind her own business to stay out of trouble. However, she does have a sharp tongue that tends to come out at times when she's annoyed, although it tends to get her into more trouble. She is quite cunning, but tends to shrink away and do her best to keep her true thoughts to herself when the Minutemen are around. She has a strong dislike for them, but doesn't express this aloud in fear of her and her family's safety. She has also learned that she does a fairly good job at lying when she needs to.

Appearance: Charlotte has wavy blonde hair that reaches a few inches past her shoulders. She has hazel eyes and light skin. Her body is slender, maybe a little on the underweight side as growing up in the ghetto, she doesn't tend to eat big meals on a regular basis. She is around 5'4", with a few light freckles around her nose. She wears simple, affordable clothing; mostly jeans and solid colored tops with a pair of sneakers. On colder days, she also tends to wear a zip-up hoodie or pull over sweaters.

Background: Growing up as an only child to a single mother, Charlotte and her mother struggled to make it by on a day-to-day basis. Her mother had a job at a small grocery store, but it barely made ends meet, she having to eventually take out loans in order to obtain more time. Eventually, she got so far in with debt that the rent collectors came and took most of what little time she had left. After Charlotte's mother timed out, Charlotte was sent to live with her aunt and uncle when she was seven.

When Charlotte's clock began, she found a job at one of the local bars as a bartender, finding a small apartment for herself. One night, as she was closing down the bar, a group of Minutemen came in, looking for a certain man whom she didn't know. Because she didn't have the information they demanded, they went to take her time from her instead. After pleading with them, she managed to convince them that she could be helpful to their group as she saw many men every night at the bars, often knowing how much time each of them had on a nightly basis.

Agreeing to spare her life in return for her service, Charlotte now informs the Minutemen whenever someone with an unusually high amount of time comes in. For each person turns over to them, they generally give her anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour as payment. Although she knows it isn't much, the little extra is somewhat helpful and a lot better than the alternative of them possibly killing her.

Extra: Recently, the Minutemen have become more demanding, coming to see her more often for information or leads on certain people. Because of this, she has tried to start smooth talking certain customers for information or anything else that may be useful for the Minutemen.

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Proffesor I.P. Freely

Name: Jacob Atler

Role in Society: Time Thief, separate from the Minutemen, and much more precise.

Age: 0000:000:03:04:22 ((that should be three hours, four minutes, twenty two seconds.)) Twenty-five for the sixth time.

Personality: When not working, is a pretty happy guy, usually seen just walking, instead of running. Bit of a perfectionist, and enjoys the thrill of being low on time. While normally laid back, he does go into an off the wall rage every once in a while, normally triggered when those low on time are robbed of what they have.

Appearance: 5' even, pale, blackish-green eyes, dark hair that's too light to be black, and to dark to tell what it is. Numerous knife scars along his arms, and a single bullet wound just below his heart, and his back right next to his spine.

Background: Normal childhood, for someone in the ghetto, anyway. He timed in as normal, but his parents were heavily in debt to the Minute men, who had, slightly, better interest on loans. His year was used up in a day, but they still hadn't fully paid back the gangsters, and after fighting his mom and dad, they only let him go because he had less then two hours left. Furious, he grabbed his dads gun and the one bullet, and shot the guarding minute man in the.. ah, crown jewels. With the guy on the floor, and bleeding fast, Jacob did what both of his parents never wanted him to do, and stole time from the Minute man. He left the guy two hours, just like he had been left. The gangster, reasonably pissed, shot back, on bullet, before fainting form blood loss. Almost dead for the second time, Jacob managed to patch himself up enough to get to a hospital, and lost the two days he had stolen getting healed. He's now trying to live relatively off the grid, building unique weapons and tools for low prices, and stealing time when he needed it.

Extra: The reason his parents were so worried he would resort to theft is that he was gifted with an exceptional mind for picking locks, disassembling windows, and building contraptions, like his spring loaded knife deliverer. Also, while he has three days capsuled, he never keeps more than a few hours on him.

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I love both of your characters, guys! ACCEPTED!I thank you for joining this RP!

3/26/2012 #4
Proffesor I.P. Freely


Is it sad that it took me an hour to remember how the numbers were arranged?

3/26/2012 #5

I'm jealous you even did in the first place! I tried looking up pics on Google, but I couldn't find any, so I was just went by the actual hours and days and stuff ^^''

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Proffesor I.P. Freely

Well, I knew there were thirteen altogether, and the first seven were arranged four: three:, then it was easy to figure out the rest. It just took forever

It's arranged four digits for years, three digits for days, two digits for hours, two for minutes, and two for seconds.

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Yay! :D I've never RP'd this movie before, but I think it'll be something very interesting and fun to do.
3/26/2012 #8
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Hey grinny, I can't make another topic for five-ish hours, WYK make the rp thread?

3/26/2012 #9

Ah, alright, that makes sense! a nickname I can call you guys?

I don't think anybody else has RP'd this either, seeing as how this is the only In Time RP on here at the moment. But I hope we can make this work!

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Proffesor I.P. Freely

People take all the parts from my name, but you can call me my real name, Bryce.

3/26/2012 #11

Anything is fine by me. You can just shorten my username to Orton or something. Or real name Amanda is fine by me too :)

3/26/2012 #12

Alright, you all can call me Xian, which is my real name. Long story behind that name, but that's for another time. Anyways, I'm making the RP, so hang tight for a couple more seconds!

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Name:Elliot Saunders

Age: Real-25 Physical-25 6 months 3 days 2 hours 15 minutes 30 seconds

Time Left:She's hours away from being 25 so 1 year.

Time Zone:Daton

Occupation:Works at a car shop.


Personality:Elliot is a loner.People normally stay away from her.She is sly and elusive most of the time.She is very nice but knows when to be mean.(I'll reveal more in the RP)

Appearance(pictures are welcome):


Strengths:She is fast.

Weaknesses:She's cut off from everybody else so she generally has no idea whats the latest talk.

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Better a Freak Than A Fake

Name: Rolice Caud

Role in Society: (Citizen of Zone 12, Timekeeper, Minuteman, one of the rich, that sort of thing. If something original, specify. Like how mine is below.) Citizen of Zone 12, prostitute

Age: (Time-wise, obviously.) 0000:000:04:24:53 (Four hours, twenty-four minutes, fifty-three seconds) 25 for the 8th time

Personality: (Please make this believable.) On the outside: Confident, cool, flirty, indifferent, constantly checks her timepiece when she thinks no one is looking.

On the Inside: Nervous, paranoid, regretful, depressed

Appearance: (This depends on the level of society they're in. Most of the characters look like they could be models, I know, but show a BIT of restraint in this area.) Blond hair drapped to her shoulders in a tangled mess, very skinny being from Timezone 12, hazel eyes always on alert.

Background: (Not too contrived and Mary-Sue/Gary Stu-ish, please.) When she was twenty-one her dad was killed in the ghetto then when she was 25 for the 2nd time her mom had passed out leaving her alone to fend for herself. She tried getting a job at the factory but with the rising prices and lowering wages she quickly found that it wasn't nearly enough to make it through to the next day so she turned to prostitution for an hour a peice not having any other options.

Extra: (Anything you want can go here, misc. wise.)

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