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In the future where time is currency and your life, society is controlled by a strict system that keeps the rich people wealthy and kills the poor every day. Let's RP!
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Proffesor I.P. Freely

Jacob tipped his head, and slipped a phone with one button on it, "Let me know if any more come by, would you? I'd hate for anything bad to happen. Oh, and where is the closest garbage compacter?" He asked, slipping the knife into his sleeve, after wiping it off with the napkin.

3/26/2012 #31
"Yeah, of course." She agreed to let him know if any more came around. What was she saying? Could she really just sell out the Minutemen so easily? What would they do to her if they found out? Swallowing, she didn't want to think of that at the moment, she couldn't help but let out a small laugh that even surprised her at his last request. "I'm not sure where one is...I'm sure you can just put him out back in the alley..." She told him, it wasn't like there wasn't already bodies in the streets.
3/26/2012 #32
Proffesor I.P. Freely

"I don't want him to be linked to you. They'd probably notice he had time left, and that would destroy the whole point of bribing you two." HE raised an eyebrow, like it would be obvious, "Feel free to call if you wanna talk, or if you find yourself low, I normally have some extra time."

3/26/2012 #33

"He did? Crap," Claudia hissed, her nose visible twitching in distaste. She had been hoping to snag some free time. Seems that some higher force up there had decided that she had enough time for the moment.

"What're you gonna do when the Minutemen find out? Surely, with..." she gestured to all the frightened-looking patrons of the bar. "...all these witnesses?"

3/26/2012 #34
Proffesor I.P. Freely

"Well, I'm sure they've heard of me. Or heard from someone who's heard of me." Jacob said, "and all of them know that those who help these gangsters are considered the same by me. Think about that."Jacob said, throwing the corpse out the back door.

((I need a cool name for him((Like they don't know his real name, and think of a fake one))... preferably something to do with how he takes from the minute men... hmmmm.))

3/26/2012 #35
Charlotte was definitely surprised when he said she could call him whenever, but even more surprised when he offered his time whenever she may need some. It made her wonder how much time he actually had. However when he said the comment about those who help the gangsters, she couldn't help but drop her gaze. She wasn't exactly innocent herself, having giving more than her fair share of information to the Minutemen. Though for the moment, she knew it was smart to keep quiet about it, especially after seeing what he had done to Xavier. ((Hmmm...I'll try to think of something...))
3/26/2012 #36
Proffesor I.P. Freely

((I'm going to bed))

Jacob walked out, and before he left he said, "Stop staring people, you don't have any time to waste."

3/26/2012 #37

Claudia merely nodded, pressing her lips together as she watched the dead man being tossed out the back door. If only he had remained alive for just a minute more...!

(How about Tempore Fur? Translates to "Time Thief" in Latin, according to Google Translate. Anyways, I have to go finish washing the dishes, so I'll be back.)

3/26/2012 #38
Proffesor I.P. Freely

((I didn't know google translate did latin...))

3/26/2012 #39
((Good night!)) When he left, Charlotte cast her eyes back to the time capsule that was apparently meant as the bribe. Four days was quite generous, so she couldn't help but glance at the other woman. It was tempting to take it all for herself, but couldn't help but think that the woman might object. Either way, she went to grab the capsule, not liking the extra time being left out in the open so freely.
3/26/2012 #40

(G'night guys! It was really frun RPing with you guys today!)

Claudia watched as the one known as Jacob exited the bar, causing the other patrons to glance at each other easily as they considered his words.

Shaking her head and turning away, she noticed the other woman gazing at the time capsule that the Minuteman had left behind. She knew what she was thinking; if she were her, Claudia herself would be thinking the same thing. "Go ahead," she told the other woman, gesturing to the time capsule. "Take it. That Minuteman won't be back to claim it, but I'm sure his buddies'll be. I'd take it and run, if I were you."

3/26/2012 #41
((Same here! Fun times!)) --Charlotte looked back at the woman when she spoke, her hand grasping the capsule as she then glanced back at it. "Are you sure?" She asked, holding the capsule delicately as it was a precious trinket. Hell, in a way, it was. She would've at least thought the woman would want to split it, if not take the entire thing. However, when she mentioned the Minutemen coming back, she felt her stomach grow sick. If she had this much extra time on her arm, they would know something was up for sure. Her best bet was to keep it safe in the capsule until this whole situation blew over...if it blew over...
3/26/2012 #42

Claudia nodded. "Positive," she affirmed with a tight smile. Looking around for greedy eyes, she pulled her left sleeve once she was comfortable. Revealing her clock, she showed it to the woman. "I'm set for a while. Think it's better you have it."

3/26/2012 #43

When she revealed her clock, Charlotte looked at her in disbelief, not knowing where this woman could have possibly gotten that much. Being in the ghetto, you didn't see that much time very often...unless they were a Minuteman of course. Normally, this would have been an ideal piece of information to pass along to the Minutemen, but after what had just transpired, she was hesitant in contacting them so soon. Not only because of the fact that they could link her to their group member's death, but also for the fear of what the man with the knives would do if he found out. She felt like she had to choose sides, both having potential dangerous consequences.

Instead, she simply nodded in understanding, putting the capsule in one of the bar cabinets for now until her shift was over where she would then find a more suitable hiding spot. "Can I get you anything?" She finally asked, figuring she might as well see if she could return the favor by getting her a free drink or something.

3/26/2012 #44
Proffesor I.P. Freely

I did not abandon you, I'm just stuck...))

3/27/2012 #45

(Hmm...I'll try to think of something.)

Claudia glanced over at the back door, where a dead man was lying behind it. Transferring her gaze to the front entrance, she pursed her lips. "I'm up for some scotch, but I don't think it'll be ideal for us to stay any longer. Minutemen can be pretty paranoid sometimes; take out one of their guys, the whole damn army comes rushing in."

3/27/2012 #46
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Jacob was waiting across the street. The normal thing that had happened, was one of the first people out would be going to tattle on him. He never killed them, at first, he just followed them. While it didn't always worked, when it did, it worked perfectly.

3/27/2012 #47

As the two women near the bar counter started talking after what had just happened with that Minuteman, young Halley McDowell slipped out the front door and hurried out into the street, balancing on her precariously high pumps. Whipping out her cell phone, she pressed speed dial on a number.

"Hey, Rist? Hi, it's Halley. I got somethin' you might not want to hear..."

3/27/2012 #48
Proffesor I.P. Freely

((Thank you kindly))

Jacob stayed absolutely still, barely breathing. He was in the shadows, and he was wearing dark clothing. He listened carefully, searching through his memory for someone named Rist.

((Whose Rist, and whose Halley?))(Are they from the movie?))

3/27/2012 #49

(No prob. And they're just some characters I whipped up on the spot. Halley is the girlfriend of Rist, who is a Minuteman working for Fortis.)

Halley stopped at an intersection for a quick second to readjust the straps on her heels, glancing around nervously as she did so. ", babe, they got him. He, I mean...yeah, I dunno who he is, but he just sort of walked out. No, I...yeah. Yeah, I'm fine...ten minutes? 'mkay. Love you too, baby." And with that, she hung up and waited for an old battered car to drive away before beginning to cross the street.

3/27/2012 #50

Charlotte listened to the woman's words, but then sighed, feeling a bit of anxiousness suddenly. "I have to stay." She admitted, knowing she couldn't just suddenly leave the bar during her shift. "You can go though. I can handle things here." She said with a weak smile, knowing she couldn't exactly 'handle things' against a group of Minutemen searching for answers. But she figured if she made up a convincing story, they might believe her.

3/27/2012 #51

Claudia frowned, contemplating her decision.

"You know what? If you don't mind, I think I'll stay," she finally said, giving her a calm smile. "Just in case those creeps show up, I'll vouch for you."

3/27/2012 #52

Charlotte gave her a slightly surprised look, but shrugged nonetheless, "If you're sure..." She said with a slight frown, not knowing if this woman knew the type of danger she was putting herself in. "I'll get you that scotch." She told her, immediately going to grab the bottle, feeling her hands slightly shake as she looked over towards the front door instinctively.

3/27/2012 #53
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Jacob had followed Halley from the rooftops, moving to the other side of the street by on of the above ground land lines. "That's right, take me right to him."

3/27/2012 #54

Claudia smiled again and leaned forward on the counter, crossing her arms on top of the surface. Noticing the woman's paranoia towards the front door, she decided to try and calm her. "Hey, I don't think I got your name," she noted.


Halley sped up to a trot down the streets, surprisingly skilled with her heels. She continued jogging until a black car pulled up next to her. The driver's window opened, and man's head poked out. "Hey, babe, you alright?" He asked with a smile.

"Yeah, like I said, I'm fine. Though, don't think that Xavier guy is."

Rist nodded. "I'm headin' over there now. Get in," he leaned to his right and opened the passenger door. With a squeaky giggle, Halley hurried over to the open door and sat in. The door closed, the winow went up, and the car turned around and headed for the bar.

3/27/2012 #55

Setting the drink in front of the woman, Charlotte's thoughts were distracted at the woman's question, "Huh? Oh, sorry...I'm Charlotte." She said with a smile before pouring herself a small scotch. She figured it wouldn't hurt. "How about you?"

3/27/2012 #56
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Jacob grinned, sure it wasn't his normal haul, but three in one night was nice. Taking a sprinting start, he jumped to the ground, rolling to a stop. He stood up and headed back to the bar, knowing that was where they were headed

3/27/2012 #57

Claudia took the glass that was placed in front of her. "Claudia. Nice to meet you, Charlotte," she said politely before taking a swig of her scotch.

Rist drove down the road, ignoring Halley as she ran her hand through his short dark hair. He didn't have to ignore it any longer, seeing as how the designated bar was pulling into view.

3/27/2012 #58
Proffesor I.P. Freely

Jacob was waiting next to the door, leaning against the wall next to the door, playing with a knife, balancing it on one gloved finger.

3/27/2012 #59
"You as well." She returned, taking a sip of her drink. She couldn't help but glance at the clock, glad that it was close to closing time. The sooner she could get out of there, the better. "Don't think I've seen you here before." Charlotte began, not meaning to be rude, but simply making conversation.
3/27/2012 #60
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