Mass Effect: Flight of the Hastium
Mass Effect RP, taking place after the ME2 Arrival DLC and before ME3. Contains Homeworld crossover.
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Additional Information/Personality:

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Be20 Driver

The ship: Hastium

Initially a smaller craft, has accommodation for a fifteen person crew; the vessel is about 100 meters long, by 50 meters wide and 58 meters tall. The ship houses a primary armament of two kinetic burst turrets in dorsal turrets and a linear mass accelerator running internally along the keel. The bridge consists of stations for the pilot, navigator, weapons officer, defense and countermeasures technician and captain. Behind the bridge is the crew quarters and mess, as well as the medical bay; behind that is the ready room near the airlocks, housing the briefing room and the armory, the the rearmost part of the ship is engineering with positions for chief engineer and two assistant engineers. Various other positions are available throughout the ship, the vessel is small enough to land on any planet so the vessel does not have a hangar/shuttle bay.

After various trials and tests, the original configuration was seen as too small to fulfill the task it was set out to achieve. The weapons have been upgraded, the larger burst turrets replaced with six fast-tracking turrets more able to handle attacking strike craft. The keel has been extended along with a wider beam, the mass accelerator replaced with a Mark XIV Ion Cannon with an 8000 meter range and heavy anti-capital ship fusion torpedoes. Much of the configuration is along similar design schematics, just expanded with a full medical bay, armory, more crew accommodations allowing for a full compliment of 42 crew. Due to a risk of understaffing from casualties, the ship is also equipped with a tactical intelligence going by the name Ifriit.

Crew positions are:

Captain (Marko)

Pilot (unfilled)

Navigator (Marko)

Fire Control Officer (unfilled)

Countermeasures Technician (Ifriit)

Chief Engineer (Sarah)

Ship's doctor (Ayiana)

Gunnery control (unmanned)

Assistant Engineer (unmanned)

Armory Officer (unmanned)

Damage control (unmanned)

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Be20 Driver

Name: Marko Hessler

Race: Human

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Class: Infiltrator

Appearance: Marko is 6'4" and weighs in at 230 pounds due to his high muscle mass. On the ship he wears his old officer's uniform from the Bundeswher and on the field he wears Gladiator light armor and carries a more modern M-92 Mantis Rifle as well as an M-6 Carnifex. His face has quite strong features, dirty blonde hair and dark brown eyes; he has a striking scar on the right side of his neck and one over his left brow.

History: Marko was born in Hamburg, Germany and has been on one battlefield or another for nearly twenty years. Starting off as a peacekeeper in the Bundeswher on earth, he eventually resigned and took a posting with a covert intelligence agency; eventually becoming director of the Terminus desk. Eventually the organization was disbanded and Marko took to working as a private military contractor in private ships throughout the Terminus; during this time he married Sarah; he was out of action for nearly six months that lead to the destruction of his ship, the Bushan-Re because of a betrayal. Having recovered from his injuries and had a new ship built, based on the ideas of the two former crew members he could find.

Additional Information/Perosnality: Although respectable on the battlefield, Marko prefers to spend more time on the ship; he has seen far too much battles already. He tries his best to ensure his crew is well taken care of and happy, keeping them out of the worst of fighting as he can trying to at least bring peace to those under his command. He likes to listen to his crew and get to know them, a religious man but yet does not speak about it unless someone asks; it is his motivation for showing kindness where he can, yet on the flip side he has been known to make decisions that seem brutal, including executions of surrendering mercenaries.


Name: Sarah Hessler

Race: Quarian

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Class: Engineer

Appearance: Sarah wears a navy blue enviro-suit, is only about 5'6" tall and a very light frame weighing only about 130 pounds with her enviro-suit. Her most striking feature being that she underwent retinal surgery, allowing her to wear a clear visor; knowing it garnered much more trust in the crew if her face could be seen. This allowing people to see her silvery eyes and pale features, although most don't stare as she goes nowhere without her M-27 Scimitar that has been modded with an under-barrel grenade launcher; Sarah carrying bandoleers of no less than 15 '40 Mike Mikes'.

History: Sarah was born to a Quarian exile and wife in the Terminus, her parents died when she was 11 due to an inexperienced Turian commander boarding the civilian ship. The commander panicked and ordered his men to fire on the people, Sarah spent the next 6 days hiding in the shafts and vents of the ship until someone found her. Since the transport was registered Alliance, the Alliance took care of her in order for the the incident not to be made public; in that time Sarah became bitter about her own people. She eventually rejected her own Quarian culture, adopting a human name and working as an 'adviser' with the marines. In a co-operative mission with the Bundeswher, she first met Marko and they kept in touch; growing closer and closer, finally they were married one year ago. She was instrumental in getting the Hastium built after the destruction of the Bushan-Re in the Shrike Abyssal.

Additional Information: Sarah is very assertive in the battlefield, yet very quiet in her life; she fights the demons of her past and struggles with nightmares from the death of her parents and although a brilliant engineer she is somewhat unstable and has to deal with episodes from time to time.


Name: Ayiana Lyakhova

Race: Alteran (by all intents and purposes she is essentially human)

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Class: Medical

Appearance: Ayiana has steely blue eyes and a complexion that is almost Hispanic; her traditional Alteran dress is all she goes with in public which is very conservative at covering herself up and going right down to the ankles revealing very few features about her.

History: She was put into cryogenic stasis several million years ago when her people were dying from a disease. She was discovered a few years ago, and using medicine from other races they were able to synthesize a cure, she served from that point on as a ship's doctor; deciding to follow the command of Marko. During their travels they came upon a Human named Annika Lyakhova, after saving her life on a botched mission on Petras Ayiana and Annika began a romantic relationship. Ayiana ran into trouble after that, the Council found out that Ayiana had a highly evolved brain for a human or so they thought so they wanted to study her. Marko got her and Annika off the Citadel, just to be ambushed through betrayal later on, the Bushan-Re was attacked, lost power and falling in a decaying orbit; a private vessel called the Phoenix came to offer support using a docking boom. Marko had been seriously injured and so had to stay to stabilize him until he could be moved, this took too long and the docking boom failed; leaving Marko, Sarah and Ayiana trapped in the Bushan-Re as it entered the atmosphere. Sarah was able to keep enough control to roughly land the ship, the resulting crash lead the council to believe everyone on the Bushan-Re had died, which they did not; not one would be chasing Ayiana. The bad part of it was Ayiana was now separated from her wife, and had failed to contact her yet.

Additional Information: Ayiana is usually very timid in public and can get frightened easily on an emotional level but is able to maintain her composure under fire. Most of the time she is posted at the medical station, and is still dealing with the fact of being separated from 'her Annika' who probably thinks she is dead.

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Name: Lara'Fann nar Tonbay

Race: Quarian


Gender: Female

Class: Engineer

Appearance: 5'8 Black envirosuit with a red stripe across the stomach red stripe down her right arm

History:Lara's parents were part of the crew of a scout ship in the Migrant Fleet. The ship was to small to have a clean room so her mother was taken to the Tonbay to give birth. Lara's mother was a pilot of the scout ship and Lara spent a lot of time in the cockpit. When she was 5 Lara was taken to the Tonbay while her mother went on a mission to scout a new homeworld. The ship crashed and Lara's mother was killed. After hearing about this Lara's father forbid her from learning anything about being a pilot, but that didn't stop Lara from sneaking into the Tonbay's cockpit and learning what she could from the pilots. She is currently on her pilgrimage and looking for work

Additional Information/Personality: Lara is an amazing pilot but knows almost nothing about how to maintain a ship. She isn't as tech savvy as the average quarian. She knows how to hold her own in a fight.

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Be20 Driver

Absolutely. (two thumbs up)

3/24/2012 #5

Name: Droc Jamem

Species: KROGAN

Gender: Male

Age: 240 Human Years

Appearance: He stands at a solid 7' 7", towering over most races. Has a deep scar starting from the top of his left eye going down over the eye, then sharply forward.

Class: Soldier

Bio: Droc was born on Tuchanka and was the lone survivor out of 18 Krogan children, all dieing from the effects of the Genophage. He grew up on the hardy world of Tuchanka and survived it; although it was extremely difficult. He soon left Tuchanka to join the Blood Pack. After rising to the rank to 'Warrior' he was beginning to make a name for himself. Fighting off against insurmountable odds, making impossible missions seem like a cake-walk, and much more, people began to respect him more. Eventually, he caught the eye of Garm on Omega. Quickly becoming allies, they made an unstoppable force. However, Garm and Droc were driven apart by their CEO, Ganar Yulaz, whom was afraid that they would revolt against him. Outraged, Droc left the Blood Pack. He currently keeps a connection with Garm, although they barely see each other. He left Omega to the Citadel, looking for work as a Merc.

Weapons: Claymore M-300, Revenant.


Name: Lea'Foris vas Aktannay

Species: Quarian

Age Around 27 Human Years

Gender Female

Appearance: She wears a 'newer' version of the Quarian Armour, which buffs the strength without taking away agility. The color scheme is: Primary: Dark, faded Red, Highlight: Black, and Secondary: Black. She is an average height Quarian- 5' 8". Aside from that, she looks like an Average Quarian.

Class: Engineer

Bio: Born on the Ship Neemea, she resided with her family in their living quarters. When she was about 4 (Human Years) her mother died soon after returning to the Neemea after they were ambushed by Geth on a planet. Saddened and distraught about the death of his wife, Lea's father became very distant to her, but still cared for her. While she grew up, she helped around the Ship as much as she could, and when it came time for her to leave on her Pilgrimage, there was a tearful good-bye from all of her friends, and then she was dropped off at Illium. While living there, she was taught by the best mechanic in her sector. The Mechanic also cared for her, and taught her a few tricks of the trade (and many Tech Powers.) After another tearful 'farewell' she left Illium, promising to return. When she returned to the Flotilla, she requested to join the Aktannay. After the Captain accepted her gift, she went to her quarters and began to help once again. She quickly became know as the best mechanic and one of the feircest warriors on the ship. She was later told to go back to Omega to help people who are in need.

Extra: Carries a Widow-M98 Sniper Rifle and a Claymore M-100 (I don't remember the number for the Shotty.) Her Powers are the Sentry Turret (It's in ME3) Incinerate and Sabatoge. She can hack more than half of the locks in the systems, alsocan repair damn near anything.


Name: Kol'Xirel nar Dinbi

Race: Quarian

Gender: Male

Age: 27 in Human Years

Appearance: Wears a standard Marine Armour, with some added protection in the front. The only difference is that the primary color is Black. He armour plating has some wear and tear because of the battles he has been in.

Class: Soldier

Weapons: Kol uses a M-3 Avenger Assault Rifle and a M-5 Phalanx.

Bio: Growing up as a normal Quarian child, Kol quickly began to train for combat because his father was a Marine. He enlisted in the Marines to put his training to use... but was rejected because he has not proven his adult-hood. Unhappy, Kol waited for 3 long years until his pilgrimage. He was dropped off at Omega, and wanted to get into a fighter's group. Seeing as the Blue Suns had an opening, he signed up and was accepted. Over the next few years, he participated in many hit and run mission, assaults, and much, much more. He gained a sinister reputation for taking no prisoners. However, one day, Kol killed a Blue Sun operative. Being claimed a Rouge, he was wanted to the Suns. He left Omega for Illium. He now works there as a Merc, waiting for work.


Name: Geth Unit number 2538 (Open to be named.

Species: Geth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gender: Robot :D

Appearance: Looks like a Standard Geth Hunter, however there is damage scattered (scratches, indents, etc.) around hiw whole body.

Class: Infiltrator.

Bio: Created by the Quarians long ago, this Geth unit managed to stay alive throught the time since then. He has seen many battles, and had fought against all races. He has recieved many combat-related injuries, and all of them have been repaired -for the most part. After a few missions, he was told by the Old Machines to board the Phoenix and destroy them and the ship. How ever, upon infiltrating the Phoenix, a long-term injury that managed to damage his central processer and he was put into shut-down until activation. After a few Geth had communicated with his inactive form via data transmission, they managed to rewrite him to fight against the Reapers and help anyone aboarrd the Phoenix. (Hope that works.)

Weapons: Javelin, Geth Plasma Shotgun, and M-6 Carfinex.

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Be20 Driver

Works for me, just remember I need people on my ship that can operate turrets, accelerators and various other systems when they are not fighting on the ground, so keep that in mind. Not sure how we are going to work a Geth onto the Hastium, but we'll get to that.

3/24/2012 #7

Geth can have something like EDI in ME3, Quarians are Engies, Droc is Armourer/Gunner.

3/24/2012 #8
Be20 Driver

Sounds good.

3/24/2012 #9

Name: Janeso Arok

Species: Salarian

Age: 35 Years

Appearance: Has a medical dress that he recived from STG. (Looks akin to Mordin.) His skin tone his a faded olive.

Class: Medic

Bio: After being born on a small city in Sur' Kesh, Janeso's parents raised him to be in the medical field. His mother was a Nurse (Or the equivelent) and his father was a Surgeon. After attending a medical school to learn the biology of all races and subraces (ex. Yahg), he went deeper into the career and gained knowledge about all of the sickness/diseases. Another few years, he was taught how to treat major wounds (ex. broken/fractured bones, organ problems, gun related accidents, etc.) and finally was announced as a master of the major injury arts. He left Sur'Kesh to Thessia to learn more about the Asari.

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Be20 Driver

Of course, a starship isn't a starship without a scientist Salarian.

4/2/2012 #11

Nope. :P

4/2/2012 #12
Be20 Driver

Name: Major Tigris

Race: Salarian

Bio: Secondary character, part of the plot; open bid for anyone who wants to control him and give him a background. Will probably be around for the next few pages.

4/4/2012 #13

Approved :D

4/4/2012 #14
Be20 Driver

So are you bidding?

4/4/2012 #15


4/4/2012 #16

Name: Talen Vapid


Age: 29

Gender: Male

Class: Sentinel

Appearance: Talen has the average Turian size of 6'8. Two of his facial horns span parallel from each other on the cheek all the way to the back, with another horn spanning from the top of his head to an inch from the back of his head. The two parallel horns nearly touch each other along with his for-head horn. Talen's skin color is grey along with his white facial tattoo's that span in a tribal marking that all colonial societies have for the Turian identity. Being a part of the Turian armed forces, Talen's dressing is exceptionally formal and his face showing a scar, one across his entire face and right eye .

History: Being born into the Turian home-world Palaven, Talen was raised under a militant family with his brothers and sisters being trained for active combat in a molecular level. His father and mother being his inspiration for the great trials ahead in his life. At the age of 16, Talen along with the line of his family, joined in the Turian Armed forces as a private. After a gruesome 8 years of fighting in wars and seeing the death of his brother on a suicide mission. Talen was boosted up to a Lieutenant Commander for surviving and completing the suicide mission. Leaving the Forces and saying a last goodbye to his family, Talen is now on a civilian freighter headed to who-knows-where.

Powers: Fortification, Throw, Warp and Overload.

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Be20 Driver

Sure, the Hastium's main gun needs calibration.

4/7/2012 #18


4/7/2012 #19

-Shepard walks in on Tali and Garrus.-

Tali: Oh! Umm...

Garrus: Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the middle of some... Talibrations.

4/7/2012 #20

And then I walk in falcon punch Garrus and take Tali!

4/7/2012 #21

Actually the Tali and Garrus Romance option is only avaliable if you romanced niether of them :/

4/7/2012 #22

Holy s*** I think I figured something out, when the Normandy crash landed into that unknown planet, I think the planet is Vermire!

Other than that then I'm ok.

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #23

DHC, mind if I change Ayala's name? I want to have Eric and Ayala make cameo appearances later

4/10/2012 #24
Be20 Driver

Sure, it might confuse the hell out of some people but oh well...

4/10/2012 #25

I took 2 days but I finally came up with a name!

4/11/2012 #26
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Name: Solan, Urdnot.

Race: Krogan

Age: 1492

Gender: Male

Class: Sentinel

Appearance: Solan has the general giant size of a krogan, standing at 7'8 with ash-gray skin, his eyes blood red and the shell on his head a matching black. Solan generally wears a simple, but useful, set of warlord armor class X. He has a Carfinex hand cannon strapped to his left thigh, and a Claymore heavy shotgun right above his tail.

History: Solan was born just after the genophage, being a lucky krogan. Born a krogan warlord, many tabs were kept on Solan as well as many krogan believing he was a worthy challenge to fight. They all began to think otherwise when he showed a greater interest in breeding all krogan and attempting to unite them all, much like Wrex. It was not long before several krogan attempted to kill him. Thanks to his more defined tech abilities, he survived and fled to the citadel. There he took a occupation as a krogan scientists, literally blowing the minds of several, if not all, of his co-workers.

Additional Information/Personality: Despite being a krogan, Solan acts more like a Salarian than anything else. Although, you can't take the krogan in him away completely. He still has the incredible urge to slowly and brutally mutilate a person every now and then.

4/15/2012 #27
Be20 Driver

Accepted, if you can tell me what position he can fill on the Hastium.

4/15/2012 #28
Jack of Blade's Daughter

Either as a krogan version of mordin Solus, or a tech expert.

4/16/2012 #29
Be20 Driver

Accepted, I'll slot you as main gunner's assistant (serves under Talen).

4/16/2012 #30
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