A certain esper story
To Aru roleplay. You arrive in Academy City to join the esper programme.
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This thread contains a list of abilities that an esper may get.

New abilities can be added(some with various names), which can be compared against the ones on the list.

Each ability will have its own unique leveling system which will have set criteria to be met to advance.Note: Some abilities mix and match; eg Psionics as they're all closely linked.


Feel free to post any about esper abilities here, but don't discuss your character or if your character may get such an ability.. discuss that in the chat thread. This thread is purely for keeping track of what ability does what without information being lost in alot of chat discussion.

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Telekinesis abilities go here.. All abilities here revolve around moving an item or source and/or creating it for it to become possible to move it.The term 'Electro-master, or Hydro-master.. etc' is a kentitic user who is not limited to the applications of their abilities and most are level 3 or higher.


Telekentitic (Anything that doesn't fit in the below)

Hydro-kentitic (Liquid manipulation)

Aero-kinetitic (Air manipulation)

Geo-kinetitic (Earth manipulation)

Therma-kentitic (Temperature manipulation)

Electro-kentitic (Electricity manipulation)

Bio-kinetitic (Plant life, healing/mutations)

Photo-kinetitic (Photons & Light manipulation ~ not time)

Microwave Manipulation (limited form of a Electro-kentitic)

Gravity Manipulation (force of gravity can be redirected to make things float or crushing force applied to a wall)

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Psionic abilities go here.. Psionic abilities are based on using the mind to mess with other people's minds, so illusions or making somebody or something act differently because of you counts as Psionic abilities.


Telepathy (Read the thoughts of others or/and mentally communicate with others)

Empathy (Read or sense emotions and/or control emotions or feelings of others)

Memory Reading (Read or/and alter memories of a user)

Measure-Heart (Change the place somebody lies in their heart. A potential murderer could suddenly feel like they can't live without you with this ability)

Precognition (See possible future events)

Psychometry (See past events that have happened)

Dream-Telepathy (The user sees a past event and possible future events of the person they used their ability on in their dreams)

Dummy-Check (Removes your presence from a room/scene while still being there)

Copy-Cat (Gain a skill from another user; eg. Playing the piano, or painting.. for a limited amount of time)

Eagle Eye (Use other users sensory input to increase your sight and awareness)

Mind Control (Take control of another user, even if its making them do something small and insignificant)

Clairvoyance (See through objects / X-ray vision)

Dowsing (Ability to locate objects)

Scrying (Use an item to see events from a distance)

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Abstract abilities go here.. All abilities here are odd and have their own unique laws/rules. Most of these abilities are very rare to the average user and are only likely if you have a passion for one of them or your personal reality has been severely altered by something.


Vector Manipulation (Control direction of a vector)

Scalar Manipulation (Set the scalar value of something)

Sound Manipulation (Sound is made by pressure, so if your not controlling that you have a weird ability)

Probability Manipulation (The likelyhood of something happening)

Resurrection (Bring yourself or somebody else back from the dead)

Radiation Manipulation (Control the intensity of radiation)

Intangibility or Phasing (Walk through walls or solids)

Invunrability (Immortality for a limited time)

Density Manipulation (Size & mass alteration, making objects bigger or smaller)

Time Manipulation (Unusual ability which is hard to prove; more likely to see future travelling than past)

Energy Absorption (The user can absorb certain types of energy and release it as another type)

Teleportation (One minute your here.. the next you could be 5 miles away..)

Portal Creation (Similar to teleportation but you have to take gravity into account like the game Portal)

Shapeshifting (Alter your appearance)

Friction Manipulation (Stick to surfaces, slow yourself down or let yourself slide without loss of speed)

Dark Matter (Creation of objects which defy the laws of thermal-dynamics)

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Passive abilities go here.. All abilities here are always active and most of them are considered level 0 or 1 abilities.


Absolute position (User always knows where they are at any given time. - Getting lost isn't possible)

Eidetic Memory (Remember absolutely everything with high detail. You could describe something as if you were there)

Adoptive Muscle Memory (Adapt your movements by watching others once ~ similar to Skill-up)

Feline Grace (Have extremely good balance. Jump on a bouncing trip-wire and still land perfectly)

Computation (Act like a calculator and be able to calculate complex mathematics and logic puzzles with ease)

Sensory Enhancement (Sense of smell, hearing, eye sight is improved beyond normal)

Image processing (Once your eye has seen something you can process the image like a computer being able to tell where projectiles were fired immediately after a bullet is shot in front of you; despite not even being aware of seeing the projectile your mind has already processed where it came from despite the speed of bullet meaning you could not register seeing it.)

Night Vision (Night? Your character always thinks its daytime because to your point of view it is)

Omni-Language (Read any language as if it is your native language, also includes speech.)

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