Welcome to Berk
Welcome to Berk. It's twelve days north of hopeless and a few degrees south of freezing to death. It's located solidly on the meridian of misery. The village? In a word, sturdy. It's been here for seven generations but every single building is new. RP
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Berk will soon have a festival.

3/27/2012 . Edited 5/29/2012 #1
Jen shot up out of bed. She dressed and about 5 seconds later, was flying on the back of a Cheese loving dragon. "YEE HAW!" Jen screamed. Cheese did several twirls and placed her paws on the ground, gently.
3/28/2012 #2
Luna awoke to the sound of someone yelling. She jumped out of her bed and opened the window "What's all the yelling abou'?" she cried.
3/28/2012 #3
"Oh, uh, sorry! Just, uh, well flying awesomely, waiting for Hicc-" "Here!" Jen turned from the girl to see the teen walking up. "Luna ,right?" He asked, knowing his dad had said something about her.
4/7/2012 #4
"Tha' would be me" Luna grinned lopsidedly and jumped out of her window onto the ground. "You guys owe me an hour of sleep" she declared, yawniing widely. "Seen Astrid around? She can usually wake me up by nearly killing me" (Sorry I haven't been on lately)
4/10/2012 #5

(( Its fine! ^^))

"Yep. That sounds like her." Hiccup replied. "Sorry, and I wish I could buy time back! Sadly, I'm not a wizard. I mean, witch." Jen said, retuning the smile. "I'm Jen, by the way." "And, I really hope you know who I am." Hiccup said, walking up to the girls.

4/10/2012 #6
Luna yawned widely and looked at him, trying to remember who he was in her dazed state "Right! Hiccup! I'm Luna" she smiled sweetly and looked over Jen's shoulder "ASTRID!" she yelled and glomped her "My bestest friend in the whole wide wooorld"
4/11/2012 #7
"Wooorld? That's a word?" Jen asked. "I dunno look it up." Hiccup replied. "Yo! Human Dictionary!" Jen pointed at the teen and snapped. "Aw, not that again!" "Yes, lovemuffin (( Volleyball Wars!! ^^))" "Great more nicknames!" "I have more, fishface!" "Oh how flattering!" Jen smiled teasingly, then ran up to the large torch in the center of the village and screamed, " HICCUP IS IN LOVE WITH GOTHI!!" (( The healer)) " OH, TOO FAR!" Hiccup shouted. 'And the chasing begins.' Cheese thought. Then, the young dragon looked over at Luna. Cheese gave a 'You should do something.' look at the viking.
4/22/2012 #8

Luna sniffed and looked at the couple, then at Cheese "What? I'm not getting into that! They scare me. Way too mushy for my taste." She smiled and turned to Astrid "You should do something" Astrid shrugged and ran after the two, yelling for them to stop chasing each other or they'd get an axe in the head.

5/3/2012 #9

Kestrel was sneaking some food from the village store. She'd done it loads of times before. Then she heard yelling and the pounding of footsteps, getting closer and closer. Something about an axe in the head.

5/4/2012 #10

Luna drifted around and wandered into the village store where she saw Kestrel "Hi. 'ow's it going?" she attempted to make conversation with the girl.

5/4/2012 #11
"Fine... wait, you're not going to chop off my head with an axe for stealing?" asked Kestrel cautiously.
5/4/2012 #12
"No, why would I? That's Astrid's job." Luna grinned lopsidedly and looked out the window at her blonde friend who had gotten out her ax. Luna looked back at Kestrel and saw she was taking something "'Ere let me get that for ya" she held out her hand.
5/4/2012 #13

Kestrel reluctantly returned a bit of cheese. "Oh, I've seen her. I like to watch the training sessions. She's violent. And awesome."

5/4/2012 . Edited 5/5/2012 #14
"Me, too. I've tried training sessions, they aren't my thing." Luna bought the cheese for Kestrel and handed back "Go get a job, please. I don't wan' Astrid to nail you with an axe for stealing... I'm Luna, by the way."
5/5/2012 #15

"Thanks. I'm Kestrel." Kestrel thought about what she said for a minute. Maybe a little extra money wouldn't be that bad. At least Shadow and Stryke might stop bugging her to go fishing in the middle of the night. She went off to the docks.

5/5/2012 #16
((GRR sorry I've been off!) Jen and Hiccup laughed after hearing the 'axe in the head' comment. Jen stopped abruptly causing Hiccup to bump into her. They laughed and began to wander off. *Meanwhile* Cheese wandered around until she saw a girl talking with Luna. Soon, the girl began to leave. The young Night Fury curiously perked up her ears and trotted over to the girl, trying to stop her. 'Hi' her look almost said. She nudged the girl curiously and then sat down, her tongue lolling off to one side. She stared at the Cheese in the girls pocket, then began to beg.
5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #17
Luna nodded and wandered off to be with Fluffy and take a midday flight. ~Whilst~ Astrid rolled her eyes at the couple and wandered away seeing a different girl, she decided to be friendly-for once. She walked over "Hey"
5/6/2012 #18
Cheese saw the viking warrior coming in her direction and began to trot towards Luna, ears perked. 'Got cheese?' Her look begged for the yellow snack.
5/6/2012 #19

"Hi." Kestrel replied. She took the bit of cheese out of her pocket and broke it in half, giving one half to the Night Fury. Nobody could resist Night Fury puppy eyes.

5/6/2012 . Edited 5/6/2012 #20
"Anything you'd like to confess?" Astrid said smirking, not really expecting her to say anything. Luna saw Cheese coming towards her and threw a huge hunk of cheese "I'll get you more tomorrow- promise!"
5/6/2012 #21

"Not really." said Kestrel.

5/6/2012 #22
"Good, I don't feel like cleaning my axe" Astrid smiled and walked away to go train. *Meanwhile* Luna was riding Fluffy happily, going in circles and loops.
5/7/2012 #23

"And I don't feel like cleaning my dagger." muttered Kestrel as she continued doen to the docks. Maybe she could get a job there.

5/7/2012 #24
Cheese, happy being given her favorite food, lingered off. She walked over to the cliff edge. She could see most of Berk here. Hiccup and Jen were on the hill, making out. 'Yadayadaya.' Cheese thought, rolling her huge blue eyes. She then headed to the training ring, to watch Astrid train, eagerly. 'Hey, maybe I'll work on target practice with my flames, too!' She thought, excitedly.
5/7/2012 #25
Luna saw Hiccup and jen making out from her spot on Fluffy so she decided to drop a gift of fruit on them-literly. *Meanwhile* Astrid threw her axe into a target, hitting the bullseye.
5/7/2012 #26

(The new layout is weird.)

Kestrel hummed happily. She'd gotten a job hauling stuff off the boats and transporting that kind of stuff. Now off to go flying with Shadow.

5/11/2012 #27

(I know right.)

Luna landed Fluffy in an area where there were no trees and she could see the ocean. She sighed happily, watching the waves crash against the rocks "This is the life, Fluffy."

5/13/2012 #28

(The silence is deafening.)

5/24/2012 #29
(Is the forum dead?)
5/24/2012 #30
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