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This forum will be used to discuss ideas about the protagonists of Leviathan as well as the state of the world in the aftermath of Goliath. I'm not gathering story ideas for my own neferious purpose, I'm just intrigued with what you think about the depres
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What sort of technology would The Soviet union use in the leviathan world. Would it be Darwinist, Clanker, or a fusion of both. It might be the latter, because Russia was a darwinist power in Leviathan, and Stalin might have brought clanker tech to modernize the country. Share your thoughts.

3/29/2012 #1

Darwinist, definetly Darwinist.

If I recall, Stalin believed that the best way to control people was to make them feel pain, or was that the other communist?

Either way, I say Darwinist, because a gigantic, man-eating monster would probably be used by the communists to take over, considering how intimidating and powerful they are.

Of course, there could be a bit of Clanker tech in there too.

By the way, I am PioneeringAuthor, the pioneer with a heart for people and a thousand stories to tell.

I hail from the anime Hetalia fandom, but I'm a Leviathaneer as well.

How are you doing?

4/1/2015 #2
Is this forum still open? If so, I figure that USSR will be Clanker. Stalin, who was inspired by Hitler, would have killed Trotsky, and turned communism to his views, and he was inspired by Hitler.
5/22/2015 #3

Ah, maybe so... but still, it's hard to completely go from being fully Darwinist to suddenly Clanker---maybe they would be half and half.

Besides, Stalin liked using pain to manipulate people, as far as I know, and again, it would be quite easy to amass an army of fighting bears to attack the populace and terrorize them.

As I mentioned before, they already have so much Darwinist technology that I'm sure they wouldn't completely abandon it.

6/3/2015 #4
I suppose. Not that clanker or Darwinist would mean anything in WWII. After all, Darwinist Italy, Darwinist/Clanker Japan, and Clanker Germany would make up the axis powers, and their first move would be to attack Austria, a Clanker country. On the other hand, the allies would be mostly Darwinist.
6/3/2015 #5

Indeed, political lines change over time. Of course, that also means that Austria could have turned Darwinist and Italy could have turned Clanker, which may spawn a war between them logically.

By the way, I'm glad I'm not the only one replying to this forum. (n_n)

6/6/2015 #6
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