In the Streets of Paris
In the shadows of Notre Dame, in the streets of Paris, bustle life. Join us in the regalement of the stories of the streets. This is a general roleplay for those who wish to explore the city and the people. Lose your mind, gain your soul. Join us.
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Stories glow in the streets of Paris. Listen to the richness of the tales, learn some lessons, earn your friends, mock your foes. Just beware the soldiers and the Palace of Justice...

3/29/2012 #1

Clopin lounged on the rooftops of Paris, basking in the sun. He was a summer-creature, no doubt about it. He took a deep bracing breath, feeling immense satisfaction. He was King of all that he saw...all these streets and alleys, graveyards and shops...No-one knew them better than he. He turned his attention to the street right below him, watching the people come and go, like waves in a tide. Who knows what beauties these sheep had to offer him today?

3/29/2012 #2
drgn grl

Elizabeth walked down the streets, glancing at the various shops while almost practcally dragging her taller yet younger brother with her. She was dressed in deep blues and creams, with a small decorative hat pinned to her piled golden hair. Her brother was dressed just as neatly and richly, though it was comfortable to move around in, unlike Elizabeth's. "Johnathan. Honestly. Can't you stay focused for two minutes? You are absolutely hopeless." "If I'm hopeless," the young man grinned, "then you might as well give up hope and trying, and let me be, sister."

3/29/2012 #3

Clopin slowly smirked as he watched the two down below. Richly dressed, check. Distracted, check. Now, to find out who was carrying the purse...He jumped from roof-top to roof-top, keeping a sharp eye on the two.

3/29/2012 #4
drgn grl

"Honestly, you could at least pretend to act like a grown man." "You're too up-tight, sis. Seriously, relax. Father won't know if we spend a few days relaxing before we get to work." Elizabeth sent him a glare. "You do nothing but play around. Now come on. It can't be too much further."

3/29/2012 #5

Clopin's overly curious nature started to creep up. Now where were they going? Obviously brother and sister, obviously rich...and obviously conflicting personalities...perhaps he could separate them...

3/29/2012 #6
drgn grl

They continued to argue as Elizabeth led them down the street. She let out a satisfied cry as she spotted the best inn in Paris and headed straight for it.

3/29/2012 #7

Clopin snapped his fingers. Then he got an idea. He jumped down and slid into the shadows of an alley, waiting for them to pass.

3/29/2012 #8
drgn grl

Elizabeth was first, striding determinately for the inn, while Johnathan was a few steps behind, walking backwards as he looked around, following the path of a pretty girl that passed by.

3/29/2012 #9

Clopin quickly stepped out, put an arm about the man's shoulders and was walking down the street after the pretty young thing. "I see you are a man with a keen eye for the finer things in life, yes?" Clopin winked, grinning chummily at the man. "Believe me, there are far finer things in the streets of Paris." He was quickly separating him from his sister. Good. He gestured warmly about him at the sights of the grand city. "What say I show you the greatest choice morsels of Paris? For a modest fee, of course..." He brushed road dust from the man's fine coat and smiled, quickly snagging a bottle of wine from seemingly no-where. "After all, a man of your taste deserves the best." He turned the man down another street, quickly approaching his favorite cat house on Paris. "Genevieve is the best in town."

3/29/2012 #10
drgn grl

Elizabeth didn't even notice his disappearance until she got to the inn door and turned around to speak to him. She gawked for a moment in disbelief before yelling angrily, "Johnathan!!" She stomped her foot angrily and growled. "Oooo...That man is so dead when he shows up again..." The blond took a moment to calm herself before she entered the inn to request some rooms.


Johnathan finally managed to slip away from his grip and take a step back. "I appreciate this and all, my good man," he said with a grin, "but I really can't afford to dally so right now. Perhaps another time."

3/29/2012 #11

Clopin laughed. "Come now! When was the last time that you got to enjoy yourself?" He tossed a small purse filled with gilders to the man and winked. "All I'm asking for is a few hours of your time with pleasurable company. Is that so bad?"

3/29/2012 #12
drgn grl

Johnathan narrowed his eyes a bit in suspicion. "And why, pray tell, would you be willing to foot the bill? You seem awfully eager to get me out of the way of something..."

3/30/2012 #13

Clopin shrugged. "A pretty a terrible thing to waste."

3/30/2012 #14
drgn grl

"Well, I'm honored you would think of sharing your favorite spot with a man you've never met before," Johnathan said, tossing back the bag. "However, I really should be getting back to my sister. Perhaps I will come back in the weeks we are staying here." He started back the way they had come.

3/30/2012 #15

Clopin bowed in his direction. "The offer always stands." He watched as the man walked back around the corner. So he wasn't the one with the purse...That left the woman. He chuckled to himself as he walked in the direction of his favorite place. That was more his style anyway...

4/1/2012 #16
drgn grl

When Johnathan got back to the inn, Elizabeth was waiting for him in the lobby, and she showed him, politely, where their rooms were. And then proceeded to hiss and yell at him for leaving her alone like he did.

4/1/2012 #17
Yoru Ryuu

After tossing out a few rather unruly guests, Lilith sighed heavily and dropped onto a couch. She sighed again, resting a forearm over her eyes. Running a business in this city could be so tiring at times.

4/2/2012 #18

Clopin entered his favorite house with a bright smile. "Darling!" he shouted, beaming. "I'm baaaaaack!"

4/2/2012 #19
Yoru Ryuu

Lilith smiled, rising to her feet. "Clopin, its always a pleasure to see you."

4/5/2012 #20

Clopin bowed low, gently kissing her hand. "My dear, it is always a pleasure to see the beauty of your face."

4/5/2012 #21

Lily peeked over the edge of the wall that she was hiding behind at the time. She was deep in the industrial side of Paris, where the blacksmiths and silversmiths and brick-makers and fish-mongers and fishermen and workmen all were, slaving away in the hot sun to thankless jobs and soldiers abusing the goods. She hated seeing the long, miserable faces. They needed joy and light in their lives of constant work. And she loved providing it. She looked both ways for soldiers before hopping down, her coin skirts jingling merrily.

She gestured for the flutist to join her. He was her younger brother, Clotaldo. He jumped down and followed her to the street. She nodded at him and he started to play his pipes merrily and she began sing a local ballad about a frog and toad who fell in love and despite being different, lived their lives with lots of tadpoles.

4/5/2012 #22
drgn grl

A few minutes later, the door to the smithy a ways down the street opened, and two guards were roughly shoved out onto the street. Gahiji's massive frame took up the entirety of the doorway as he growled at them. "Unless you two thugs are coming to do business and buy something, stay out of my shop." When he saw one of them make a move for his sword and back towards him, Gahiji growled again and raised his smithing hammer threateningly. He was glad to see they decided he wasn't worth the beating.

4/5/2012 #23

Lily laughed and winked to Clotaldo who started up a mocking sounding hornpipe. She belted out, "Well, I've a whale of a tail to tell you lads, a whale of a tail or two! There once was a Tiger, with claws made of steel. When he roared out his rage, the hellish jungle quaked. Those little mice with little swords couldn't stand upright! Oh, I've a whale of a tail to tell you lads, a whale of a tale or two! When the good ships sail and the soldiers wail, that's the real meaning of justice!"

4/6/2012 #24
drgn grl

A guard elbowed the other. "Get her. Stop that racket." The other guard nodded and they both advanced on the gypsies.

4/6/2012 #25

Lily nodded to her brother, still singing the mocking hornpipe as they leaped up onto barrels and then up onto the roof of the nearby bakery. They stood on the roof and performed still, Lily dancing out the story line for the merchants. "Up on a hill there sits a dungeon called the Palace of Justice. It's neither rich nor fair and the minister's a sinning fool. Knowing every line in every last Commandment isn't gonna help him, it's just gonna hurt! First he's gotta read them, then he's gotta heed them! He thinks he's never ever gonna need them. Just like old Elijah said to Jezebel...If he doesn't learn his lessons well...!!" She belted the line beautifully. "The minister's gonna burn in Hell!"

4/6/2012 #26
Yoru Ryuu

Lilith laughed softly. "I'm sure its not just my face you're glad to see." She grinned flirtatiously. "Your charm is always refreshing."

4/7/2012 . Edited 4/7/2012 #27
drgn grl

Gahiji barked out a laugh as he watched the guards try to clamber up after them, barking at them to get down.

4/8/2012 #28

Clopin laughed merrily, sweeping Lilith into a hug. "Ah, you know me so well, darling!" He grinned warmly at her. "And don't worry, I brought my own money this time."


Lily laughed merrily as a soldier's face poked over the edge of the roof. "Ay, and why should I listen to you now?" She set her foot on the soldier's face and pushed, effectively kicking him back to the street. "All you're doing is barking like the dogs that Frollo's made you!" The soldier crashed back down. "You all don't know the meaning of the word 'justice'!"

4/8/2012 #29
drgn grl

"It's best not to taunt them too much, little missy!" Gahiji called out wuth a laugh.

4/8/2012 #30
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