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Lilly Lotus

You walk into an office with papers flying everyone. There is a girl kicking a copying machine violently as it spits out more and more paper. She looks up nervously at your entrance. "Head right in," she says.

You walk past her and into a much large office with a fountain in the corner and a young woman sitting on the desk. She turns to you, a large grin on her face. "Hello. Welcome to Otaku Academy. I take it you plan on enrolling? Well, then you will need to fill out a few forms depending on your classifications. After you fill them out you will be given a class where you will need to introduce yourself."

She hands you a stack of papers. One is titled "Canons" the other "Original Characters."

Taken Canons:

Tales of Vesperia


Form for Canons:



Anime/Manga/Video Game:


Appearance(at list link a picture):



Original Characters:











Anime/Manga/Video Game based in:


Guide to years:

1st Year=10th grade

2nd Year=11th grade

3rd Year=12th grade

End of forms

"Isn't this nice?" the woman asks. "Once you fill out a form I'll show you to your room, dorm, and class. Oh, and you can call me Masaki-sama. I'm the principle." She winks. "Misaki-sensei is fine if you are a 1st year student, though. Maybe you'll be in my class. Oh, and before I forget, the uniforms appear as below."

[Please note teachers are not preferred, but if you want to play one I can create a form. And I drew the uniforms myself! ^.^]

3/31/2012 . Edited 4/11/2012 #1
Lilly Lotus

Name: Karumi Takeda



Grade:1st Year

Species:Noble Vampire

Abilities:When she sings, whatever she pictures in her mind is what everyone that hears her sees.


Personality:Karumi is often quiet and alone. She loves to sing, but she never does while around other people because she only sang for the one she liked. She often sneaks out to watch the moon because it brings back nights when she talked with the one she liked. She often laughs while around others, but if alone she often breaks down crying. She is not the kind to make many friends, and she always sings songs from American, Japan, China, and Korea when alone. Often she'll sneak out and hide herself extremely well from Naoko and will just sing, remembering her times with the one she liked.

Appearance:She has a scar starting at two fang marks on the right side of her neck and extending across her back in a thin line until it hits her left thigh. Karumi has brown hair and gray eyes with extremely pale skin. She wears a pair of black thick-framed glasses.

Bio(History):Karumi refuses to say who it was she loved. She gave up her life with him so the pain that hurt her every day would leave her. Even so, it is obvious it pains her. She often cries when alone, but she smiles while around others and tends to lose her temper while with Naoko(her best guy friend). When she was little, she was attacked by a Level E when she tried to prevent it from attacking a human. Her sister(Hikari, a year younger) died, but she was saved by her parents.

Anime/Manga/Video Game based in:Vampire Knight


3/31/2012 . Edited 3/31/2012 #2

Name: Yasu Watanabe

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Grade: 1st Year

Species: Human

Abilities: Darkness

Weapons: Yami- A black katana with a white hilt. The hand guard is hollow circle with a design similar to Yin Yang

Personality: Yasu is often smiling while in public, but really she's quite reserved. She hardly lets anything about her slip. She enjoys being in the snow or by a river/spring. She is often found outside, drawing the things she sees. She is rather shy and tries not to resort to violence. When she has freetime, she often goes somewhere wooded and draws until she falls asleep. She seems cold hearted to those who she dislikes and she will do anything to protect her sister

Appearance: Long black hair that stops mid-back. Her eyes are green. She usually wears her hair up in pigtails, but at other times she doesn't. She usually wears contacts to make her eyes look brown so that she looks like her sister. She keeps a white scarf and an inhaler in her bag so she is often seen using them.

Bio(History): Yasu grew up with her sisters in Twilight Town. She was older than Uinde barely, so she always acted like her job was to protect everyone. She practiced defense and combat. When Uinde's boyfriend broke up with her, she didn't hesitate to punch him in the nose. She actually was upset when she learned it wasn't broken. When she entered high school, Yasu felt as if something bad would happen, so she always waited for Hanako to get out of middle school before heading home. One day, she didn't and Hanako ended up having an asthma attack. She died. Yasu comforted Uinde, but it tired her. So, she visited Hanako less and just focused in trying to go far in life and move on

Anime/Manga/Video Game based in: Kingdom Hearts

Other: None

3/31/2012 #3
Lilly Lotus

Approved. Yasu is president of the Sakura dorm. If someone else steps forward to request the position, I will respect your wishes and take you down.

3/31/2012 #4
Name: Judith toma age: 17 video game: tales of vesparia gender: female appearance: http://www.google.com/m/imgres?q=Judith+tov&start=1&site=images&imgid=ANd9GcSZAYngXIIASkh359b3-n3gpHwLXEir_7sVmOxH136f91kGRAXon3dzSYrb&imgsz=117588&imgurl=http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-16/art/tov-judith.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.creativeuncut.com/gallery-16/tov-judith.html&ht=1100&wd=700&tbnh=150&tbnw=95&ei=tr2FT5jBO4z1sQeUbg&ved=0CAwQ9QEwAQ abilities: she uses a lance. She uses particles in the air called aris. She can form these particles into energy and unleash it at her foes. (is that good or did you want more) other:she is a prankster. Grade: second year
4/11/2012 #5
Lilly Lotus

Can you please separate it into paragraphs? And for some reason that image won't work. Did you right click and say "copy image URL"? Because it won't load.

4/11/2012 #6
Heh ya sorry about that. Im using my phone so i can really only do basic stuff. Ill be on a computer later today so i can fix it when i get done with work.
4/11/2012 #7
Lilly Lotus

She's a canon, right? I found her on the "Aselia, The Tales" wiki. So, she would look like this:

Right? And also, based on the wiki entry, she'd be a warrior. Is she open to being dorm president? (Poor Yasu-chan isn't the biggest fan. She likes being vice-president.)

4/11/2012 #8
Yes, yes and yes lol sorry didn't get a chance to get on today
4/11/2012 #9
Lilly Lotus

Thanks. Yasu-chan will be the happiest person when she is ungrounded and finds that she is no longer dorm president.

4/11/2012 #10

Is this Rp dead? If not:

Name: Rini Nakamura

Age: 16

Gender: female

Grade: First Year

Species: Anima

Abilities: Has bird wings and can fly.

Weapons: When she wants to fight her feet turn into claws.

Personality: Friendly but a bit rude. She can be cynical and sarcastic. Many people don't like her and don't bother to get to know her but once you get to know her she's funny and very reliable. She would never betray her friends.

Appearance: She has short ruffled auburn hair and slightly tanned skin. She is tall for her age and very slim. Her body is streamlined so she can eat almost anything and not gain weight. Her wings are brown with bits of ginger and white. Her eyes are dark brown. Her anima markings are diamonds on each of her shoulder blades.

Bio(History): She had a huge family with lots of brothers and sisters. One day she was mucking around with one of her older brothers and she climbed onto the roof of the house she lost her balance and slipped. She got her anima, grew wings and flew. When she came back home her parents ignored her and decided to send her as far away as possible.

Anime/Manga/Video Game based in: Plus Anima my computer won't let me put the sign

Other: No

12/5/2012 . Edited 12/5/2012 #11
Name:Alexandria Fate. Age:16 Gender:Female Grade:First year Species:Human, with a zodiac curse. She changes into a.black cat when hugged by the opposite sex. Abilities:Transform. Weapon:A bow and arrow. Personality:Alexandria is shy and quiet. She is very.calm and collected and she loves to prank and have fun. Appearance:Mid length black hair, Pale skin. She also has eyes that change colour due to her emotions. Bio:(May be revealed in the rp) Anime they we're based off:Fruits.basket
1/30/2013 #12
Roger Man

Can I join?

2/18/2013 #13
Roger Man

If so: Name:Jr. Troopa


Anime/Manga/Video Game:Paper Mario


Appearance:a very young Koopa troopa wearing an eggshell.

Abilities:Jumping,Flight,Magic Blasts,Lightning Strikes,and healing




Anime/Manga/Video Game:DragonBall Z


Apperance:a blue cat



2/18/2013 #14
Name: ?(goes by Kuro) A/M/VG: Shoulder-A-Coffin Kuro Gender: Female Appearance:...Difficult to describe...Shoulder-length black hair, glasses, wears all black, carries a coffin the size of her strapped to her back, she always has Sen(a human-turned-bat) with her. Abilities: She has a swarm of bats inside the coffin. Other: Under a curse that is slowly taking over her body and takes the form of a spreading blackness. Often mistaken for a male.
3/25/2013 #15
Kai Kuroshi

(Can I still join? If so....)

Name: Meimu Sumizome

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Grade: 10th grade

Species: Hybrid

Abilities: Can make illusions

Weapons: a black scythe

Personality: Quiet and shy, always nervous to talk to other people, but when she fights or stuff, she isn't shy and she's really serious.

Appearance: Black hair and silver eyes, almost pale skin. She wears a necklace that her mother gave her before her parents died (you'll find it out soon). She also has white cat ears and a white tail which she hides in her coat or jacket.

Bio (History): Her parents wear murdered by a mafia family, right in front of her (she was just hiding). She and her brother were adopted by a family, and they both became a mafioso. Their foster parents sent both of them to a school.

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Other: Loves music, sweets and cats. Dislikes dogs only a little bit.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________

Name: Nero Sumizome

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: 11th grade

Species: Human

Abilities: .....

Weapons: A dagger and a sword

Personality: Cheerful and talkative, he's immature at some times. He's over-protective to his sister

Appearance: He has white hair and dark grey eyes, and peach colored skin.

Bio (History): His parents wear murdered by a mafia family, right in front of him (he was hiding with his sister). He and his sister were adopted by a family, and they both became a mafioso. Their foster parents sent both of them to a school.

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Other: ?

11/17/2013 . Edited 11/17/2013 #16

Name: Kris Gaia

Age: 16

Gender: male

Grade: first

Species: human

Abilities: Able to summon Toy Pokemon out of nowhere

Weapons: Toy Pokemon

Personality: Hyper go lucky, cheerful, playful

Appearance: 173 cm, weighs 70 kgs. has spiky brown hair and blue eyes. he commonly wears a messenger bag, and a pair of pilot goggles on his forehead. the messenger bag has toy pokemon accessories, such as Wonder Keys, and the Charge Flag.

Bio(History): Kris gaia lived in a universe where Pokemon was just a cartoon and video game created by GAME FREAK, however, the same company decided that stuffed toys wernt enough and decided to create clock work toys known as Toy Pokemon, could live as pets, or be Pokemon in general. upon thier release Kris attempted to get a good started, but was trampled and bullied meaning he was stuck with a terribly weak Rattatta who snuck into a Battle Royale. Kris was once again humiliated by his peers....

Kris was undeterred and decided to enter the Toy Shop in secret and played the ToySets in order to earn enough Poke, and respect to earn new Pokemon to his army, and eventually win Battle Royale after Battle Royale... he was undeafeated and defeated Mewtwo, the Toy Champion, and claimed the Legendary Key, a Wonder Key capable of using memories as Toys, but the memories have to be tamed, like a Wild Pokemon battle beforehand.

after kris' victory in the Grand Battle Royale, Kris decided to try a weak Pikachu, and begin his journey anew and met the Toy Cobalion who stole the Toy Pokemon;s healing power, the Glowdrops in order to combat Rust. Kris became angry at Cobalion bending his Wonder Key and decided to go to the Temple of Keys to repair and regain his Legendary Key once again, despite the fact he never used it!. Kris eventually regained his Toy Pokemon skills and met Cobalion once again, who told him about Dark Rust, and together, defeated it once and for all.

Anime/Manga/Video Game based in: Pokemon Rumble

Other: theme song: Journey Through the Decade by Gackt. in the RP he comes with Makoto Naegi, Leon Kuwata and Sayaka Maizono, becoming fast friends with them


Name: Makoto Naegi

Age: 17

Anime/Manga/Video Game: Danganronpa

Gender: Male

Appearance(at list link a picture):

Abilities: strong heart, able to make anyone his friends, and will never give into despair.

Other: is known as Super HIghschool Level Hope

Name: Sayaka Maizono

age: 17

Game: danganronpa

Abilities: none


other: is known as the Super HighSchool Level Idol. she was murdered by Leon Kuwata (who was executed by Monokuma in turn) however, she's been revived for this RP. she dates Makoto naegi

Name: Leon Kuwata

Age: 19


game: Danganronpa

abilities: a master baseball player. sometimes he pitches so fast the ball goes into flames. same with his batting.

other: known as the Super Highschool Level All Star, but he wants to be known as SHSL Musician. ever since unpleasantness (as in EXECUTION by MOnokuma) he's developed a fear of baseball. he's been brought back by forces unknown for this RP

11/30/2013 #17
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