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A brand new RP forum for anyone who wants to RP! We will include video game characters, anime characters, and manga characters! Interested? Stop in and enroll! OCs and Canons alike are allowed
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Lilly Lotus

A woman with an army bun hairstyle dressed all in camo looks down at you. "Hopefully you'll read these carefully and not force me to see your face at detention."

1. No GMing, Mary-sues, controlling other people's characters, etc. I want fair play, people!

2. You may create up to 8 students. It's suggested they are each in a different dorm in case a certain dorm seems to die, but that's personal preference

3. This is a cross-anime/video game/manga forum, so play anyone you like! Go ahead and take your OC from a different one and plug them in here(so long as you fill out the form)

4. While weapons are on the form, please do not handle them during class or on school grounds. If you do and end up injuring someone, there will be phone calls and Masaki-sama really hates that.

5. Skipping classes is okay once in a while, but please do not make a habit of it.

6. If you are part of a dorm, do not go to another dorm's board and bash them/annoy them. This is a nice forum.

7. Keep everything appropriate. We do not want students running around doing drugs or other bad stuff.

8. Cussing is allowed when kept at a minimum. Any more than that and you're in trouble.

9. Please use proper grammar while roleplaying. We may allow chatplaying on some boards(which is where you go "Axel: Got it memorized? *touches head*") but we prefer paragraph format roleplaying.

10. Have fun!

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