Saw Roleplay!
This is a Saw Roleplay. Come to create a character or choose a Canon character! Enjoy!
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This is for anyone who is in the roleplay.

Just something extra to do.

Basically, its a discussion topic, so you discuss stuff about Saw... get it?

Ill start... my favorite Saw is the 6th one and Hoffman's my favorite character, along with Brent... He's cool too.

Okay... your turn!

4/18/2012 . Edited 4/18/2012 #1

I can dig this!

My favorite Saw movie is the fifth one and Hoffman is also my favorite character.

To be honest, I have always also loved Strahm and John. But Hoffman wins. Every time.

4/20/2012 #2
I never really liked Strahm ... I don't know why, I just didnt! But I do like Detective Kerry too, now that I think about it.
4/20/2012 #3

Favorite Saw film has to be VI. My favorite Saw character.... either Kerry, John or Laura (just because she's so adorable.)

4/24/2012 #4
I love Kerry! She was cool.
4/24/2012 #5

Can't forget Jill... gotta have Jill in my favorites list!

4/28/2012 #6
Yeah... I like Jill too, I didn't like her in the end of the 6th movie though. She made me mad then.
4/28/2012 #7
I wasn't too shaken when Hoffy took care of her in the last one.
4/30/2012 #8

I was happy... mostly because of what she did to him.

4/30/2012 #9


4/30/2012 #10

When I first saw him put in the trap, I was like "NOOOO!" and scared my freind lol!

4/30/2012 #11

I actually saw the Sixth SAW first. (I do everything out of order...) But I was thinking, "I don't know exactly who this guy is, but I like him and you (Jill) are a b***. Don't you dare put that trap on his head!" Then he escaped and I thought about it and concluded, I love the scar. Makes him look rough.

4/30/2012 #12

Lol! Ikr! The scar makes him look even better :)

4/30/2012 #13

Of course, after Gordon stuck him in the bathroom, I got very angry at the other characters. At the end, I was yelling at the screen.

5/1/2012 #14

I did that too!

5/1/2012 #15
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