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(Alright.... I know it's a bit of a jump, but I felt like there needed to be a seperate topic for this one. I've been thinking about which trap to throw Johnny and Taylor in. Any ideas? I'm particularly fond of the Butterfly Trap or the Saw table. However, I have a feeling that a whole game might also be beneficial. Perhaps the Nerve Gas House? Also, I think that John is doing this without Hoffman's permission. Nobody goes on untested. Anyway.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA! Thoughts so we can start this sucker?)

5/21/2012 #1
(I think the new topic is best. I think it's better to do more than just one trap and then that's it. A whole trap would be better. I think this is how Hope should die also, just because I was going to kill her off with a trap mist didn't know how. But this is perfect! So, Taylor kind of has to be alive when her mom dies. And Johnny and Taylor just got together. So I don't know if they should die. But Hope will die and we can always create characters to kill off. Also, their reasons, Johnny's is kind of easy. But Taylor's and Hope's I'm having trouble with. I don't think Hoffman would have known about it. Maybe he can find out right in the middle of their whole trap and try to go, but John doesn't let him. Anyway, yeah, this is a good idea.)
5/21/2012 #2

(Great! I have an idea for a trap... Keep the Nerve Gas and the Bathroom, but add our own along the way. To be fair, it won't match up exactly with the movie. A few strangers wake up in a house. Jigsaw tells them that they must escape before they're poisoned to death. There's a code to the front door in every trap. Someone has to die in each one. Johnny and Taylor survive. No one else does. Yes?)

5/21/2012 #3
(That totally works! So Hope IS there?)
5/21/2012 #4

(Why the Hell not?! I'll start in...)

Johnny- I slowly opened my eyes. Everything f*** hurt. I rolled over on to my stomach, cool ground creeping up through my shirt. Things started to swim in my vision. "F***..." And then I remembered. My eyes shot open. "TAYLOR!"

5/21/2012 #5
(Cool!) Taylor- I heard my name called, I tried to sat up... but couldn't. "Johnny?" I whispered. I coughed loudly, "Johnny!" I yelled.
5/21/2012 #6

"Taylor!" I sat up, rubbing the back of my head. It was warm and sticky. "... the f***?" I found Taylor. She was chained down to a table, screaming. I jumped up, running toward her. I felt a tug on my ankle and I fell face first onto the ground. A shackle was clamped tightly around my ankle, worn with disuse. "Taylor, hold on!"

5/21/2012 #7
"Johnny!" I cried, finally opening my eyes. I looked around, now knowing why I couldn't sit up, "No... no... NO! Johnny! Please!"
5/21/2012 #8

(Sorry! Yearbooks came out and I flipped through and got very distracted...)

"Calm the f*** down!" I ordered. I reached down, tugging at the shackles, but to no avail. I heard another groan. And another. There were more people in here. "Hang in there, Tay!"

5/21/2012 #9
I breathed heavily, wondering how to get out. I heard more and more people. One voice was very familiar... Hope... "Johnny?" I heard her call, she must not see me. (It's cool!)
5/21/2012 #10

"H... Hope? Oh God..." I followed my chain to its berth. I pulled, but I was stuck. There was a switch above me. "Hang on, guys..." I flicked it on, blinded as the light flooded the room.

5/21/2012 #11
I groaned as the light came on... but very thankful for light. I could barely see Hope out of the corner of my eye, "Hope?" I called. She ignored me, "Johnny?" She called again.
5/21/2012 #12

My eyes adjusted quickly. There were four identical tables, each with someone strapped to them. Hope wasn't among them. She was pulling at her ankle. Four tables, four shakles. "Hope? Are you alright?"

5/21/2012 #13
Hope looked around frantically, "I think so..." I still couldn't move, no matter how hard I tried. "Hope!" I screamed. Hope looked up at my table, "Taylor? Is that you?" I nodded and cried more.
5/21/2012 #14

"WHAT THE F***?!"

My head jerked around. A man, far larger than I was tugged at his shackle. He eyed me suspiciously.

5/21/2012 #15
I tried to look around... but of course, couldn't. Frustrated, I groaned, "Johnny... what does this place look like? And how many people are here?"
5/21/2012 #16

Startled, I shook my head. "Um... there's eight of us. Four tables. The rest of us are on the ground. It looks... like a basement of some sort."

5/21/2012 #17
"Four tables. Four on ground. Basement..." Thinking, I repeated his words in a mumble. "Johnny... do you think its...?"
5/21/2012 #18

"I... I f*** hope not." People were starting to wake up. The man that had addressed me was realizing the full extent of his chains. Everybody started talking.

"Where are we?" "Who the f*** are you?!" "Shut up!" "Get me out off here!!"

"QUIET!" I snapped. "Everybody quiet. Now... my name's Johnny. Does anyone know what's going on here?"

5/21/2012 #19
"Johnny..." I whispered, just loud enough to hear me, "... I don't want to believe it... but I think that's it..." I cried. A women who was on the floor called to me, "What's it?" She was crying... probably terrified.
5/21/2012 #20

(Would you like to take two extra OCs? I'll get Johnny and three more if you get two more past Hope and Taylor.)

"No... no..." I shook my head. "Why would he do this to you...?"

5/21/2012 #21
"I don't know!" I screeched, "... it may be Jigsaw himself... but I don't know..." I sighed, "I cant see... look around for something... that can tell us what to do? That's what he does right? I don't know... just look around!" (Sure! That way we each have four.)
5/21/2012 #22

There was another person strapped to a table. He looked to be around my age. When he looked at me, his gaze turned cold. "Are we going to die?"

"Of course not." I got on my hands and knees, searching everywhere for a sign... for something. My hands found a lever hidden right behind my chain. Giving a yelp of triumph, I pulled the lever. A TV flickered to life.


5/21/2012 #23
"No!" I groaned, "... I was right... it was him..." I felt the tears form in my eyes.
5/21/2012 #24


By now, you should all be awake and are planning how to get out of here. Welcome to the Nerve Gas House. Every minute you waste, small amounts of carbon monoxide are being pumped into the basement. In small portions, it isn't deadly, but if you get enough of it, you will die. You have approximately two hours until the carbon monoxide level reaches critical. It is up to you to survive. You must travel through the house, but I warn you: every room has a price. To escape this particular room is easy, the key to your shackles are in the people in front of you. There are four keys, each with its own corresponding lock around your ankles. Pain will be incurred. Live or die. Make your choice.

I started to shake. "Taylor... It's... oh my God..."

5/21/2012 #25
I was crying full on by now, "...why would he do this?" I asked. I shook my head, "Johnny... Hope... we're gonna get out... what do we do?"
5/21/2012 #26

"You know each other?" Another woman snarled. She was the last one strapped to a table.

"F***..." I hissed. I took a step forward. The chains raked and released, making me fall forward again. A beep resounded through the basement. A digital clock showed 2:00 and counting down. Scalpels dropped from the ceiling on strings, making everyone on the ground jump back. The large man stepped forward, loosening the knife. "What are you f*** doing?!"

"Getting out of here." He approached the boy, knife slightly shaking.

"NO!" But it was too late. The boy screamed as the man sliced at his side.

"Calm the f*** down. It's a surface wound." The man dug out the key, presenting it to me. He bent down and undid his chain. "See." The boy writhed on the table, blood coming out of his side. "It's alright. I'm a doctor." The man loosed the boy from the chains and helped him to his feet. "I'm not doing it for you..."

5/21/2012 #27
"Johnny! Please... get the key!" I screamed looking over at Hope and her person. Hope was never good with surgery or blood. "Hope... do you want to die?" I snapped. My friend shook her head, I nodded, "Then do it..." Hope hesitated but continued forward. I looked at Johnny, "Johnny... you have to..."
5/21/2012 #28

I approached her, pulling the scalpel free. I lifted up her shirt. A long scar ran along her side. I pressed the knife down, but jerked back. "I... I can't..." I was shaking so badly now, fear gripping me. "Taylor..."

5/21/2012 #29
"Johnny!" I screamed, looking at the clock, "... it's either that or we both die!" I screamed. I looked over at Hope was free... but puking. I turned back looking into Johnny's eyes, "It'll be ok... just do it."
5/21/2012 #30
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