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(:'-( It's finally here. Uh oh. Taylor, lead the way!)

6/3/2012 #1
(You do know that this is the saddest title EVER right?) It felt like forever, and my mom still hadn't come back. I looked at my dad, "Should we go... check on her... or something?"
6/3/2012 #2

(That's the point.)

I stopped pacing. I breathed in slowly. "Yeah." It took us less than a minute to get out the door and into the car. "We'll stop by her work."

6/3/2012 #3
I nodded quickly, "Ok..."
6/3/2012 #4

We pulled up to her workplace. I parked the car, running inside. "Hey!" I ran up to the front desk. "Is Olivia here?"

"No, she left a couple hours ago." The receptionist yawned.

"Erm... thanks." I rejoined Taylor in the car. "She's not here."

6/3/2012 #5
"So where could she be?" I asked. (Maybe they could get a phonecall or something...)
6/3/2012 #6


I shrugged. "Let's go home." I sighed. I pulled out of the parking spot when my phone rang. "Tay, get that for me."

6/3/2012 #7
I nodded and grabbed his phone, "Hello?" I asked. It was hospital... my mom was there, "Ok... we'll be right there." I told them. I looked at my dad after hanging up, "She's at the hospital... she was in an accident." My voice was shaky.
6/3/2012 #8

I slammed on my brakes. "What?" I turned around. I speeded ahead. Some j*** flipped me off. I flashed my badge through the window. Before long, I pulled out in front of the hospital. I raced inside, Taylor at my heels. "Olivia Hoffman."

"She's in the ER. You can't see her."

"F*** you." I pushed past the doors into the emergency room.

6/3/2012 #9
(Hey... I have to eat dinner... ill be back in like 10 mind! Sorry!)
6/3/2012 #10

(You're fine! Take your time!)

6/3/2012 #11
"Dad! No!" I yelled, grabbing his shoulder before he could go farther, "She'll be fine..."
6/3/2012 #12


I pulled back, breathing as slow as I could. Taylor was right. She was going to be fine. I was just being dramatic... I let her guide me back to the waiting room. I collapsed on one of the chairs, tapping my foot impatiently.

6/4/2012 #13
I sat down with my dad, nervously. I looked at him, "Can I go see Johnny?" I asked.
6/4/2012 #14

"Go ahead." I leaned back on the chair. "I'll... get you when there's news."

6/4/2012 #15
I nodded, walking to Johnnh's hospital room and slowly opening the door.
6/4/2012 #16

Johnny- I jumped as I heard the door creak open. I spun around, fists raised. My eyes widened when I saw it was Taylor. "F*** Tay! I could have killed you!" I returned to the hospital bed, opening a duffel that my Dad had left me. "Why are you here? I mean, I don't mind seeing you..."

6/4/2012 #17
I was silent as he spoke, but finally told him, "My-my mom's here..."
6/4/2012 #18

Johnny- I stopped. "Oh God, what happened?" I hugged her softly.

6/4/2012 #19
"She was in an accident..." I closed my eyes, hugging him, "...I'm scared for her..."
6/4/2012 #20

Johnny- "It'll be okay." I released her. "Go to your Dad. I'll be out in a minute. I need to get into something other than itchy hospital gowns..."

6/4/2012 #21
I laughed slightly, "Ok... hurry up!"
6/4/2012 #22

Johnny- I took off the gown, noticing that she was still standing there. "Well?" I tugged my jeans on, repressing the urge to hide under the bed.

6/4/2012 #23
"Right..." I pointed to the door, "... I'll leave."
6/4/2012 #24

Johnny- "Good idea." I laughed. "Well, it's too late now." I tugged a tee over my head, straightening it. "Let's go check on Dad, why don't we?"

6/4/2012 #25
I sighed, hugging him again, "I don't wanna leave this spot..." I whined.
6/4/2012 #26

Johnny- I buried my face in her hair. "Nuh uh." As she pressed against me, I flinched, my hand caught in the crossfire. I held onto her shoulders, but pushed her a little bit away. "Look, we need to check up on your mom. Alright?"

6/4/2012 #27
I pulled back fully, nodding. I turned around without another word and continued to walk towards my dad.
6/4/2012 #28

(Alright... bad news soon. You want to do it, or me?)

Johnny- I followed closely, glaring slightly at Mark.

Mark- I met Johnny's glares. "Feeling alright."

"P*** off."

6/4/2012 #29
(Hm... you can do it! I'm back and forth between cleaning and stuff...) "You guys... c'mon..." I told them, before pulling Johnny aside, "What is wrong with you and my dad?"
6/4/2012 #30
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