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All right, how many have read Abelarda's fics? Because, quite honestly, you should. Beautiful literature from all points of view, including plot, characterization, anything you could want. I feel terribly sad that she has essentially left fanfiction net because nobody comments and that makes it look like nobody reads. There _is_ a tendency in the fandom for the more serious works to get no comments. Are we too lazy to read actual complicated writing and only usually pause when we see shorter or campier pieces? Not that there's anything wrong with campy, I both write and read it and quite often need it. But if some of you never stop to put some effort into... let's call it Reading for the Advanced Level, you are missing on absolute gems. Case in point, we don't have the full translation of the Picture of Lucien Chardon and some other things because the author and her translator got tired of nobody saying anything. My advice? Find Abelarda's livejournal, find the worsk in question in Polish, go to google translator and _read_ the damned thing. Yes, even with the horrible English google translator is going to throw at you, you should still enjoy it. I know I did. More on the fic itself a bit later.

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I would love to finish reading this same story. I stumbled upon it after searching for more Huzac fics (a crossover between one of Balzac's stories and Les Mis), and fell completely in love, only to find that there were only three chapters translated. I agree with everything that storytellers said in the above post. The fact that no one reads the advanced fanfiction on here except a select few readers makes me so sad because it is so brilliant. For instance MdeBahorel's fic Corner of the Sky. I haven't seen a single review on there outside of my own since chapter 38, and she just recently uploaded chapter 46. The same goes for authors like Colonel Despard (go read her story The Sleep of Reason), or AMaurgerite (go read anything she has written about the Amis and be prepared to laugh and cry and feel every emotion in between), or The Highest Pie (her stories Crimes of the Light and The Author of a Crime Hid in Darkness were what got me hooked on Les Miserables fanfiction). An author who just recently started posting her work on here, lucifer ravana (although she has been writing for a long time), has barely received twelve reviews total, spread out between five Les Miserables fics. Her writing is brilliance incarnate, yet no one will read it because it takes a little time to understand. I'm sorry if I offend anyone, but that just seems wrong to me. I understand that sometimes people won't read things because they disagree with certain things (i.e. slash), and I know I have stopped reading a story because of that reason, but please don't not read something because it is too "hard." Also I would love it if you could put a link up here or pm a link to me to Abelarda's livejournal so I can read the rest of that story.
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Hey, welcome!

As for a link - I'm not sure it will show up so just google "Abelarda live journal" click on Journal entries and find the 2010 fic masterlist. I must say, beware of slashy themes but not actual slash in the story. Not much more than Hugo himself inserted in LM. Huzac fics do seem to work well a lot of the times.

I have indeed noticed that you are a very active reviewer and you have my love for that, especially since your comments are much on the helpful and meaningful side. I myself am rather slow to review usually because one, it's an enjoyable occupation for me and I like to devote it enough time rather than scribbling a quick note (nothing wrong with quick notes of course) and two, I prefer to review all chapters of multi-chaptered fics in detail which takes a lot of time and it is very easy to fall behind. I'm currently working my way through the chapters of Captain Scaramouche, The Sleep of Reason and View for the Future and I haven't yet started reviewing the others you have mentioned.

In the case of the Picture of Lucien Chardon, I would love to discuss the fic but I may well be the only non-Polish person who has read it (albeit badly translated) in its entirety so I will be either spoiling or talking to myself if I start discussing here. So when someone finally does read further than chapter three, please let me know so we can hopefully talk about it.

I think one of the things that hurts her here is that Grantaire takes a while to show up and fans just don't have the patience. To some LM fans Balzac's characters will simply look like OCs if they haven't read about them and we all know that OCs don't get much love. Lucien and Bernice are both delightfully complicated but a fandom is sometimes like a... well, I don't want to make a negative comparison but it's like we're addicted to certain tropes and characters and looking for a quick fix. There is nothing wrong with that but there is much to be gained from being a little patient. If you haven't read further than chapter three, you don't know that this story has one of the darkest and simultaneously most sympathetic Grantaires I have ever seen.

As for the other fics you mentioned - why not go ahead and start a thread for a fic or an author? I think I'll do that now for the Sleep of Reason, it's my current pet. :)

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I will definitely do that soon then. As long as it is only implied and not shown, I'm good with it. I love Huzac fics as I am a huge fan of both writers. If you like The Portrait of Lucien Chardon, then you should read TheHightestPie's fic Daisies. It also features Lucien Chardon, but juxtaposed with Jehan Prouvaire instead of Grantaire.

I try to be, although lately it seems like I never have time to leave a review. I try to leave helpful reviews, so I'm glad they come across that way. I agree in trying to review stories chapter by chapter instead of just leaving one blanket review at the end of the story. As I'm sure you understand, every chapter seems like a new baby, and as authors we like to know that the reader enjoyed every part of the story, and not just the story as a general whole (although we like to know that too). I just currently worked my way through them all, and wish you the best of reading. :) They are all brilliant pieces of writing (and I am particularly attached to View for the Future). I would definitely suggest reading Mme Bahorel's fic Corner of the Sky as well.

I would love to get into a discussion of it with you as soon as I read it. :) It's always enjoyable to really get down to the nitty gritty of story discussion with someone, and you seem like a really good person to have those kind of conversations with.

I could definitely see that. I mean personally I am huge fan of Balzac, and have actually just started reading Lost Illusions recently, so I was familiar with Lucien Chardon already, but if they weren't familiar with the story or Balzac, they could easily be put off by the idea of supposed OC's. I think that is an accurate comparison to describe a lot of the fandom unfortunately. I wish it wasn't so. I look forward to reading more when I have the time to. Personally I am pretty booked up for the rest of this month, but over the summer I should have time to start reading till freshman year of college starts.

I shall soon. :) I could make a master list of recommended fics as well if you think that would be a good addition to the forum.

5/6/2012 #4

Oh, I have read a big portion of Corner of the Sky, not all of it yet. Just haven't had the time to sit down and start reviewing because it _is_ a rather large fic. I'll refresh my memory and I would love to discuss it.

And, of course, anything would be a good addition to the forum. There are no rules about what should be posted.

On another note, congrats on entering college. I nearly envy you. I'm just out of uni and out into the big bad world ;P

5/6/2012 #5

I look forward to discussing it with you whenever you have the time. No rush.

I will try to get around to doing it then by summer.

Thank you. :) I am very excited about it.

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