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As some of you know I'm working on a really. really. really. strange piece called Les Cartes De Destin (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7900186/1/Les_Cartes_de_Destin) and I am currently working through issues and ideas for the development of the main characters. There are still a few things which I am trying to make a decision on and would like feedback on.

1. Enjolras - I initially wanted him to be fairy or half-fairy, but in the end I have decided that this somehow seems to undermine his essential power as a character, simply saying 'oh he's like that because he's not human'. While it's acceptable in the arena I'm setting the story in (a world in which fantasy creatures thrive and at least half the protagonists seem to have some sort of other-worldly talent or origin) I feel in my gut that Enjolras is a more powerful figure if he is a human. Opinions? I did want him half-fey or fey for a reason, in that I thought of developing a relationship between him and Combeferre where Combeferre had worked it out and was subtly protecting him from things like iron and holly. Also, it would link in nicely to Grantaire's perception of him, as Grantaire is a classicist (and a seer - but in a very negative way) he would also be likely to recognise what is going on, but so far doesn't do much active about it.

2. Combeferre - in the case that Enjolras isn't the half-fey/fey I had an idea of letting that person be Combeferre. Not actually a fairy brought up with fairies, but one brought up by people who naturally is the very awesome and brilliant person we know and love as Combeferre. This decision was twofold - firstly he is the most unlikely person to be a fairy, and secondly he could then be the reason behind why Les Amis have been kept safe from the supernatural forces trawling around Paris.

3. Javert's final destiny. Okay SPOILER alert. If you ARE reading this story and don't WANT a spoiler - don't read this paragraph. In fact don't read this thread. Otherwise, read on: Initially, my plan has always been for Javert to end up facing his fate and challenging it, sort of dueling death. He dies, but his adopted son would survive him and work with the rest of the Amis in freeing the magicians from their oppression by the guild. I'm not overly certain whether I want him to die - not emotionally, but rationally. If all this story has been about how Javert and others have been trying to avoid or outright flee their fates, then the ultimate message is 'your destiny rules you, the best you can hope for is to be able to make a profit off how it does that'. Thoughts?

Finally - I need help with the fourth chapter. It's Javert's first meeting with the Strong Man (Valjean) and while I have a relatively good grasp on prisons back then, I've read biographies and so forth, I'm just finding it very hard to structure in my head. Any tips on good settings for the scenes - i.e. it might be after Valjean has been recaptured one time and he might be with the escaped horses, so chained down? Or just general information on how a prison like this might be set out, what kind of duties a young Javert might find himself doing, so forth. If I know it already, I don't mind. Even repeat information is good information at this point.

Any other comments on the story, ideas for characterisations or suggestions for other characters will be welcome. I have ideas for Marius, Cosette, Joly, Lesgle and Gavroche - but I'm not sure on the rest of the Amis.

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Just popping for a quick reply, more later. :)

I absolutely think Enjolras should be human for all the reasons you listed, on top of everything else you have to love the irony of it.

Combeferre as a supernatural creature also works for me since he is so human in his looks and ideas. So on the whole I would stick with that idea. :)

6/2/2012 #2
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