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Here is our new format

Name:(first and last if possible)





Education: (For rping purposes)



Backstory: (OPTIONAL)



4/3/2012 #1

Here is our new format

Name: Mordecai

Age: 17


Gender: Male

Clothing: Black combat boots, black cargo pants, and a tight red shirt with a vest overlapping it

Education: College graduate

Weapons: Sniper and pistols

Appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, facial hair, muscular

Backstory: After graduating college, Mordecai returned to his hometown to bring the news to his family. Upon arriving, the town was completely deserted. As he began to be consumed with anger, he walked to the house he knew was his and found his family slaughtered. On the walls, "Weakness is a disease." Mordecai has been out for revenge ever since.


Pet: Bloodwing - A bird that attacks on command

2/11/2013 #2

Name: Alan Winterford

Age: 28

Race: White British


Clothing:Black beanie hat, blue jeans, open short leather jacket

Education: He in the uni of life

Weapons: butterfly flick knife and one semi automatic pistol

Appearance: clean, has a up right and alert position, always with a smile, a face you can trust

Backstory: Alan was born in Surrey England to wealthy parents, went to a good school and graduated at uni with a degree in life as he calls it. Once leaving uni he sort to make a name for him self in America, getting the attention of a mr Ryan as an entertainer, Alan realized his skills for making others do as he wanted, and even make them do the most wildest and horrible of things for his own gain.

Other:Alan has a big love of singing and a fond love of comedy

Pet: His right hand (his own words again)

4/5/2013 #3

Name: Jack/Kid last: divine (split personality syndrome )

Age: 21

Race:human (genetically engineered)


Clothing:a black fedora , black button up v neck short sleeve, blood red pants, red dress shoes,

Education:collage graduate masters bachelors major:tech/weapon building

Weapons:(plasmids) fire manipulation, devils kiss, sonic boom, and peeping tom.(blades) big time buster (Clouds buster sword) deaths scythe(guns) AK-47, glock/ desert eagle, dub-step gun

Appearance:6'1", long white and red streaked hair, caramel skin, red eyes

Back-story: he was a genetic experiment a test for plasmids vigors and animal fusing one night we fucked up and he became fused with part wolf, fox, and bear also thanks to that his genetics were fucked up with fire so now his body gives off smoke and can super heat along with the superstructure of the alpha and omega proticall they are amassing don't piss him off he will activate kid to kill them all shit run *static gun shots and blade sounds are heard a loud laugh is herd as the tape ends*

Pet:owns a husky named nightmare

11/12/2014 #4
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