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I had an idea: What if there was a RP that was based on our OCs? Here it is! Create your own bender/non-bender and begin your adventure! Canon characters are allowed, too!
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In a world different from our own, there are peoples with the ability to control the four elements. Earth. Water, Fire and Air. These people are known as benders. They formed into four different nations. The proud Fire Nation, on their large Island. The adoptive Northern and Southern Water tribes that inhabit the cold icy poles. The stout Earth Kingdom and their immense continent. The un-materialistic Air Nomads and their isolated temple near Republic City.

And of all these nations, there is one person who can control all the elements; The Avatar who tries to bring balance to the world.

At present the world remains balanced and peaceful due to Aangs guidance and legacy, Republic City. What will the future hold for the four nations and young city?

With the horizon full of hope and awe as some make their way to the city, one may wonder just what the future holds for them.

Will you help the expand the equalist movement or will you join in arms for world peace?

We are a MUSH, a online text based roleplaying game. You can download a client(i suggest MUSHclient or SimpleMU) to connect to us. We just opened a few days ago, and we provide a wonderful story.

avatarmush.mushhosting.net is the website with information that tells you what to input to connect.

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