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Quite simply, this is our theoretical dueling field. It may be utilized for anything and everything regarding duels - You can even test out unapproved custom cards here (so long as you have a willing opponent). Something else I would like to see worked on is creativity in duels! Don't always use the same cards, and if you do use the same ones, make sure it's for something that will become your trademark combo!

*Pretend this is like the anime - You only have one copy of each card in a duel. This will breed creativity and clever combos.

*Any card that necessitates a coin flip or die roll will have it done by an RPer that is currently not involved to avoid cheating or unfair play.

*After the first player goes, you must warn the opposing player (or give them some idea) of any cards you intend to activate during their characters turn. Or discuss it in the chat/over private messages.

*During Duels, please keep track of your own field during your turns. Even if it seems like a pain, you should keep tabs on your hand, field, and graveyard at all times along with your Lifepoints, the ATK/DEF scores of your monsters, and any counters that may be lying about.

*Please avoid spam! Moderators, if any spam occurs in this thread, do not tolerate it. Delete it immediately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: users should both avoid having a winning streak and decide on a winner before the duel begins. Then, as it progresses, you and your opponent may discuss it to your hearts content; this is practice, not necessary going into the RP or Story.

4/5/2012 #1
Hikari Shiromoto (KingCheshireZorua) vs Majora Skull (NPC, played by Lord D'hegran Elysion)

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Hikari lost track of how long it had been since the reunited and reimagined Light Brigade had entered the Duel Monsters Realm to chase after his now God-like brother to save mankind. He didn't even remember the last time he'd been in the Human Realm. It was probably merely months, but with the way progress had been going recently, it all suddenly started to feel like years, decades even. This was only made worse by the sight in front of him: the sight of his love in utter pain.

Eryn Laluby. Once a member of the Shadow Masquerade back when he was trying to tear down the Director, a force directed specifically at putting down rebels, especially the Light Brigade. When they had met, she was going undercover to infiltrate the Light Brigade's base. However, looking back, Hikari could only guess that she, like him, didn't plan on one thing: falling in love HARD. Desperate to protect him, she made a deal with her precious Director Chisei; if Hikari lead the Light Brigade to a trap, then he would've received a full pardon and the two could've been allowed to live together in peace, either in the cities or anywhere else they wanted. Hikari, however, refused, and the two Dueled. Essentially, they had a bad breakup, to say the least.

But looking back for the past few days that he had been ceaselessly watching her, he couldn't blame her. It wasn't her fault; just as he truly believed there were no alternatives at the time, she felt the exact same way. Plus, Chisei was a powerful man; although old, he had skill and smarts, and power of a non-physical variety. He could've done anything to Hikari as punishment, and no matter what, it would have been painful and severe, maybe even fatal. Eryn was only trying to protect him. Hikari should have never yelled at her.

But now, all that mattered was that now she was vulnerable. In her latest attempt to protect Hikari, Yami had destroyed her Dark Creator, which she had already used numerous times to protect him, instantly sapping her strength down to almost nothing. She risked her life trying to protect him; and now he was returning the favor, tirelessly watching her, never leaving her side where she layed by the tree these past two or three days. His eyes had grown baggy from the worry, and he hadn't eaten either; in trying to protect her, he had neglected himself. He never felt over these two or three days that leaving her alone just get some lunch was a stupid thing to do; if he knew Yami right, which he was certain he did, Yami would have sent someone after her to finish her off, and he couldn't leave her open to danger like that. He had to protect her... like she had been protecting him.

10/19/2012 #2

Eryn lay against the tree trunk, basking in the light of an alien sun, the only sign of life being the gradual rise and fall of her belly; even then though, her breath was shallow. Her beautiful face was twisted into an expression of terror, despite her comatose state, she shifted restlessly in her weakened state. Even so, her beauty was radiant; blonde hair, spread around messily and sticking to her face. Her clothes had been ruined by the attack, and she was sporting an innumerable number of bandages... Overall, she was in bad shape. Her 'spiritual pulse' was barely holding on, and anyone who came near could feel that she was on the precipice of death itself. A single touch could push her into the final darkness of death.

Cautious footsteps approached the sentinel, "Hikari." Came the gruff, familiar voice. Often insulting or blunt, this time it was filled with something foreign - a touch of concern. Recuk stood his his arms at his side, a few bandages on his chest covering the wounds of the past few days. Emerald eyes bore down on Hikari, "We need to talk, everyone's worried about you."

The man gestured for Hikari to come beside him as he walked away, toward their 'base'; a nearby cave.

10/19/2012 #3

Hikari turned to look at Recuk. He noticed that Recuk gestured to the cave. Which was, of course, a significant distance away from the tree. Hikari was really beginning to wonder if nature was doing that to him on purpose. He turned Eryn's weak, unmoving form, back to the cave, then to Eryn again, as if he couldn't decide if he should stay with Eryn or go talk with Recuk. However, he noticed Recuk's concern, and deciding that the coast was clear, he leaned over to Eryn, whispering how he would be back soon, before he followed Recuk.

"All right, Recuk," said Hikari, cautiously looking back over his shoulder to Eryn's unconscious position under the tree's branches. "You've lured me away from Eryn. You have my attention; I politely ask that you be quick."

10/19/2012 #4

Recuk breathed, placing his hands on each of his friend's shoulders and forcing him to face him, eye to eye. "Hikari, I understand how you feel for her, but it's beginning to affect the others." He began seriously. Since they'd arrived in this strange land and been hunted down by human and monster alike, The Light Brigade had been under tremendous amounts of stress - most accompanying them were on the verge of mental breakdown. "They need their leader, but you aren't there. Instead, you're standing over a half-dead woman. You can feel it well as I can, Hikari, there's no way of telling whether she'll make it. Furthermore, caring for her physically doesn't seem to improve her condition. You've done all you can and she's still comatose. Yes, I know you feel she needs you now more than ever, given how she ended up in that state..."

Recuk wasn't unsympathetic toward his friend's dilemma, but he knew when and where he was needed, and where he would be put to better use. Even now, his white hair stained with brown dirt, filthy and on the run from an insane 'god', he knew to stay put. "But everyone else needs you as well. They need their leader. Especially given our enemy is your younger brother - only you know what could possibly be going through his head."

10/19/2012 #5

Hikari stared down at the ground as Recuk talked to him, telling him the basic facts that he knew deep in his heart were true. They did need him, more than anything. His sisters, his brother, Reyna, William, even Takan of all people... Everyone needed him to be there. Especially because it was Yami, and even moreso because of the terrain. Back in the Human Realm, they had all the allies in the world. But here? This was Yami's town, Yami's streets, Yami's forest... Yami's world. The only allies they had here were each other and the Monsters in their Decks, but even then their numbers paled in comparison to Yami's forces, which included... well, just about everything else.

Hikari grabbed his arm. He felt like a child... But he still couldn't shake this feeling of guilt for what happened to Eryn. "I'm scared for her, Recuk," said Hikari, eyes still downcast, hidden by his sweat covered hair that used to be so clean. "I'm terrified. If anything happens to her life... you know as well as I do that it's all on me. Because I was too... too foolish to do anything. And I can't help but wonder... if this is how you felt when Reyna was imprisoned..." A tear, barely visible in the daylight, shimmered down to the ground. "But... I can say the exact same thing for if anything happened to any of you as well. Eryn or you guys, it doesn't matter... I wouldn't be able to forgive myself is something happened."

Hikari shook under the weight of his own words. "What should I do? What should I say? Everyone's gotten hurt because of my brother... How can I look even my own siblings in the eye after this?" Hikari clenched his arm, getting dangerously close to drawing blood. "I'm so pathetic... I broke Eryn's heart two years ago, when we were fighting the Director, only for her to put her life on the line to save me... I'm worrying everyone when they need me the most... I couldn't even fight my own brother on an equal level, those days ago..." Hikari unclenched his hands, and looked Recuk dead in the eye. "Recuk, I have to know... Am I anything that I used to be? Or have I just become a burden to you all, something that can only lead others to harm?"

10/19/2012 #6

Recuk closed his eyes and pulled his friend into a close hug, patting him on the back before separating. "You help no one by being indecisive." He told him firmly, recalling all the times where Hikari had remained fearless before his soldiers - staring the director down, eye to eye, despite the impossible odds. Scratching heaven and dragging the would-be puppet god down to earth with nothing but sheer determination. The Light Brigade was and always would be a renegade band of hooligans causing chaos in the streets of Neo Domino: that was their heart, that was Hikari's heart. "But, I've always persevered by believing that one must struggle before emerging as a greater power. You've been suffering, my friend, for far too long. Eryn's allegiance and departure hurt you, like nothing else before, we all knew. We knew, Hikari. Despite your facade."

"When you saw that monster... The Dark Creator, here in this world, protecting you, we saw your head swivel in search of her." Recuk breathed carefully, staring his friend down adamantly. "Your eyes sparkled with something I hadn't seen in ages. Happiness. Though we'd been dropped into the abyss, you had hope. The same happened to me when Reyna was taken. For days, weeks even, I agonized over it. Lamented my weakness. Why couldn't I protect her? Would the pain in my heart subside if I pretended I'd never known her, or her love?"

The snowy-haired man hated acting as a superior to his friend in this situation, but he needed a shoulder. "I endured because of the hope I would be reunited with her again. No... It wasn't hope. I knew she wouldn't surrender, so how could I? The same applies to Eryn, now. I may not trust her, I may not like her - but she's fighting death in your place. That's a true sacrifice. But she's fighting it, Hikari. She hasn't succumbed. She knows she needs to return to you, to apologize, and I'm sure nothing will stop her."

He paused to think before continuing.


A shadow moved in the background, hidden against the other side of the tree trunk. "kukuku... Idiots, all of them. Leaving such a... Valuable prize unguarded." Behind his oddly shaped mask, Majora observed the two commanders at a comfortable distance. He'd encountered the two before, and undoubtedly the two would recognize him from the Director's reign - he'd worked alongside Eryn as a member of the shadow masquerade. But now, he served a higher purpose; Yami, the ascending God, as a member of "God's Masquerade". With new-found power, he was dispatched to tie up 'loose ends'...

"What an event it will be, I wonder, to dress you up in the throes of death, hmm, Eryn?" He purred as he peeked out, moving like a ghost and raking his fingers across her features. The woman was visibly chilled, stirring from her frozen state, eyes opening slowly to be greeted by the face of a Devil. She would scream, but found herself silenced by some otherworldly force: Majora held a finger over her lips, and she imagined the cruel smile behind his mask, twisted beyond human. "Splendid."

10/19/2012 #7

Hikari still looked down at the ground, still very much ashamed of himself. "I know. I know that she's strong." Hikari was really starting to look down on himself. He had made everyone worry, and wasn't there when they needed him. All because he was worrying himself silly over the state of the girl he loved, despite knowing that she was strong enough to take care of herself, and that he shouldn't coddle her like a child. He smiled slightly, although it was a sad one. "Thank you, Recuk. I guess we're even now." He looked Recuk right in the eye. "I used to bring you out of your funks, and now you brought me out of mine." He turned to the tree. "I guess should at least leave my jacket with Eryn as a blank-"

Then Hikari saw it; something peeking out from behind the tree. An odd shaped, creepy looking mask with a dark hood. One that was all too familiar too him. All too familiar.And this familiar face was too close to Eryn, and that wasn't a good thing. "MAJORA!!" shouted Hikari suddenly, eyes fixed into a bloodthirsty glare. "A DISGUSTING PRICK, GET AWAY FROM ERYN!! I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU HORRID CREEP!!" Hikari bolted over to the tree, performing a lunging kick at the owner of the mask, the former member of the Shadow Masquerade. "DROP DEAD!!"

10/19/2012 #8

Majora wagged a finger at Hikari as he approached, wrapping his gloved fingers around the woman's throat and lifting her off the floor with a single hand. Her strangled breathing sounded like something of a nightmare, her hands trembling as she tried to reach up and pry off the man's steel grip. "Now now, Founder of the Light Brigade, Hikari Shiromoto. Pleasure to see you again."

The masked man's head tilted to the side as he watched the two commanders approach, unfazed by their distance it seemed.

It didn't even take much effort for him to dodge the flying strike, simple stepping aside. Hikari stood on one side of him, and Recuk the other...

"Impeccable timing, if I do say. Now you have a front row seat to the death of your lover!" The God's Masquerade member cackled before slamming the woman's frail body against the tree trunk, the tree quivering with the force. Eryn 's eyes widened.

"Hi... kar... i... I..." She managed to whisper, voice coarse. Majora didn't let her continue speaking though, bashing her up against the tree again, only a pained gasp escaping her this time. It was all too much for the woman, sitting on the verge of death as it were, adding this on top of it...

"Come, Hikari Shiromoto. Show me sweet anguish! Curse your fate, your very own heart! The heavens and beyond!" The madman continued, "

Recuk was panicked. One wrong move would mean certain death, if not for Eryn, then for Hikari. "Hikari, remain calm. We'll figure out a way." He tried to reassure the man, not believing his own words. After all his training and experience, not once had he seen a hostage escape a situation like this. Majora was insane - no doubt. Majora was also tasked to kill Eryn - so why on earth would he relinquish his grasp on his target? No reason, no reason at all. Still he had to try... Beginning to reach for his deck box, he intended to summon a smaller Fabled to distract the man...

"Don't even think about it," Majora interrupted the thought, "Any cards and she dies on the spot. You'd hate to see that, wouldn't you, little Commander? Your precious night lily, plucked before your eyes. A shame though, truly, to leave her so... Pure. Had circumstances been different, I'd always wondered what she looked like without clothes."

10/19/2012 . Edited 10/19/2012 #9

Hikari breathed heavily as his face contorted into one of pure, unspeakable rage. Rage that could only have come from the deepest depths of Hell itself. "You disgusting... Condenscending... Sadistic PERVERTED COWARD!" If anyone sane was nearby, they would have been intimidated by this rage. Forget the night that Hikari and Eryn "broke up". THIS was the worst his anger had ever been. "You keep your filthy hands OFF of her!!" Hikari's teeth clenched to the point where they might have broken in any other circumstance.

His heart was hurting like mad. Eryn was getting beaten up by this pervert, and if Hikari summoned a Six Samurai to kill him, Majora would kill Eryn. This rage was a terrifying mixture of hurt and anger; the worst things to ever mix in the mind of a man. "Don't you DARE TOUCH ERYN!! If you so much as TOUCH HER, I'LL... I'LL... I'LL..." Hikari couldn't spit it out. He was so mad, and wanted to do SO MANY THINGS to this man for even hurting Eryn that he couldn't put words to them. The only thing he could manage to get out of his mouth in his rage was a simple, but cold. "I'll kill you six times over." He clenched his fists so tightly that blood began to trickle from his knuckles. There had to be something he could do. There had to be...

10/19/2012 #10

"Ohoho? Have I upset you, loverboy?" Majora purred as he watched the boy's mounting wrath, picking her away from the tree and closer to himself, admiring her form and tracing the edges of her face with the other hand, mask not facing away from the Commander. "Summon a Samurai, I won't stop you... She'll just be dead before the blade reaches me, don't worry."

The mask tilted, "Such sweet agony, sadly it must end..." His finger trailed beneath Eryn's chin and toward her chest before freezing in place. The God's Masquerade member went silent for a moment as a foreign entity sent a clear message, resounding through his head.

'Harm my servant, peasant, and you will suffer a death beyond imagination.'

Majora noticed the shadows cast by fingers on her slim neck were dancing, out of place. A duel spirit? A powerful darkness attribute one, no less. Even capable of influencing the world with an incapacitated wielder. When had she obtained it, he wondered briefly. Either way, it wouldn't permit her to come to harm under normal circumstances like these...

"I've had a most wonderful idea, Commander." Majora began, "Let us duel, with your life wagered for hers. Should you win, I spare her. If you lose, I'll end you both!"

The snowy-haired man had remained silent on the side up until this point, looking for an opening and frustrated to find there was none... His eyes widened at the challenge. "Hika..." Before he could tell the man to refuse, he knew the response would be shouted out.

10/19/2012 #11

"Fine, then! Let's play!" Hikari's Duel Disk- a completely ivory one with silver gems and Card Zones that had replaced his old Duel Disk long ago- activated instantly, everything lighting up at once. Hikari knew that Recuk- no, that everyone would probably call him an idiot for the rest of the time that they were here for this... but he had to save Eryn. And Majora was insane; he had to be destroyed for the good of everyone. This was his only chance to do both.

"Well, Majora?" asked Hikari coldly. "Get out your Disk; let's get this over with." Anger was still in Hikari's eyes like a newfound fire; it was anger mixed with sheer determination. He wasn't going to back down, and it was clear no one was changing his mind. If this gave him the chance to protect Eryn, he was willing to take a chance. 'Eryn,' he thought, almost like a prayer. 'Please, just hang on...'

10/20/2012 #12

"Patience, Commander. I've yet to setup the best part of our game..." Majora breathed in, body swelling up to inhuman size before he exhaled pure shadows: which enveloped the two, forming into a dome. Majora released Eryn, her floating in midair between the two. A duel disk took form from the shadows, quickly being attached to his forearm, zones glowing an ominous purple. "Avoid losing life points, Commander, because you aren't the only one who will suffer..."

(MLP: 8000)

Majora didn't hesitate to take his sixth card, "I'll set a single card, and pass over to you, Commander."

10/20/2012 #13

(Do you mind if we go over to the Discussion Thread to... discuss how to go about this Duel? It worked with the previous HikariXEryn thing we did.)

Hikari drew his card hastily. Without even looking at the card he just drew, he placed another card into the Duel Disk, pushing a button. "I activate Six Samurai United!" Upon activating the card, a large symbol of the Six Samurai appeared behind him. "I'll get to it's effect later. Before I do that, I Normal Summon to my field The Six Samurai - Kamon!" A stick of dynamite rolled on the ground in between Hikari and Majora, exploding into a cloud of smoke. The smoke cleared, revealing the Samurai, clad in red armor seemingly MADE of dynamite, to be on Hikari's field. (ATK: 1500) At this same moment, the outer rim of the symbol behind Hikari lit up. "And now that I Summoned a Six Samurai, I can now place a Bushido Counter on this card. But what it does will come later."

"For now..." Hikari turned Kamon, a serious glare on his face. "Do it!" he barked out, much like a shogun to a subordinate. Kamon, knowing fully well Hikari's reasons already, pulled off a piece of dynamite that sparked instantly, before chucking it full force at Majora's direction, before it stuck onto Majora's chest. "3.. 2... 1..."

10/20/2012 #14


Majora's clothes where singed by the ensuing explosion, though he was otherwise unaffected as his lifepoints dropped (MLP: 6500). "Oh dear, it seems you've activated my trap card. Not the brightest of the Brigade, are you?" He laughed as his trap card lifted, revealing it to be one of Recuk's favorites that Hikari was sure to be familiar with; Damage Condenser!

The masked man discarded a card before a hideous, floating fiend with four faces (one on each side of it's body) appeared (1500 ATK). "Melchid the Four-Face Beast rises. Oh, and since I discarded a little birdie named Mask of Intrigue..." The image of a one-starred monster was imposed over his field for a moment, "I can add any 'Mask' card from my deck to my hand... This one will do, for now."

10/20/2012 #15

Hikari growled. "Fine, then," he said. "My turn is over!" Hikari looked up at Eryn's floating form. She looked so helpless like this, and it was killing him to see her like that. 'Eryn, I'm sorry, but that's all I can do this turn.' Hikari still had this gnawing feeling in the back of his head. The edge belonged to Hikari for now. But... Hikari felt this gnawing feeling that Majora had some evil trick up his sleeve.


Hikari's LP: 8000

Hand: 4

Monsters: Kamon (ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000)

Spells/Traps: Six Samurai United (1 BC)

10/20/2012 #16

Majora drew a card and one could feel the intense, sickening joy radiate from him as he did so. "Enjoy this duel, Commander. For it will be your, and her, last time together in existence. I play the Equip Spell - Mask of the Accursed!" An odd mask appeared with thorns sticking out of it, a 'blank' expression carved into it. "Now, let's dress up your Samurai, shall we? His outfit is dreadfully outdated."

The mask flew onto Hikari's field and attached itself to Kamon - who struggled against it, viciously trying to pull it off before eventually falling to his knees. "But that won't be all - oh no, much more pleasure is to come! Your Samurai is as useless as Eryn here - even better, he does to you what she has. Eat away at your life."

Two facedowns appeared behind Melchid the Four Face Beast, Majora patting his duel disk affectionately. "Ah, I'd forgotten the rush of dueling... My blood is boiling. Come, Hikari Shiromoto! Show me the depths of suffering! If you can, that is!"


Majora LP: 6500

Monsters: Melchid the Four-Face Beast (1500 ATK)

S/T: Mask of Accursed (to Kamon), 2 facedowns.

Hand: 3

10/20/2012 #17

Hikari's eyes widened when he saw the mask on the Kamon's face. "What?" Hikari growled to himself. 'Of course. MizMask Deck; duh. I'm such an IDIOT.' Hikari drew his next card. He examined his hand of five. 'Calm down, Hikari. You're not gonna save Eryn by getting hot headed. You can think of a way around this guy.' Hikari slapped a Monster onto his Duel Disk. "I'll now Summon Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho! Come forth!" A spinning ring of fire suddenly appeared out of the bushes behind Hikari, flying around Majora in a circle, followed by a second one. Then, the two rings of fire circled around each other in the space in front of Hikari, creating a funnel of fire as the speed picked up. Two hands grabbed the rings, revealing them to be some fusion of an axe, tomahawk and kama. The funnel of fire then extinguished, revealing, in the burning grass, Mizuho in all of her glory. (ATK: 1600) Behind Hikari, the symbol of the Six Samurai was completely aglow. "And now, with two Bushido Counters on this card, I can send it to the Graveyard to draw one extra card for each Bushido Counter! So I'll now draw twice!" The symbol then disappeared in a flash of light, which converged into Hikari's hand, placing the next two cards of Hikari's Deck into his hand.

Meanwhile, Mizuho was completely shocked by the scene before her. Her Lordship's love was unconscious, floating between them and their opponent, and Kamon was on his knees, obviously in severe pain from the mask on his face, judging from the needles on it. She turned to her Lordship, before facing the enemy again with a glare on her face, knowing fully well what she had to do. "I will now use Mizuho's activate Mizuho's ability! By Tributing my Kamon, thus putting him out of his misery, she lets me destroy one card on your field!" Hikari made the call with a wave of his arm, and Mizuho, whispering a "Gomen nisai", positioned her weapon to behead Kamon...

10/20/2012 #18

When Hikari was drained of 500 lifepoints via Mask of the Accursed, Eryn screamed; Majora reveled in this, breathing in fresh air. "How delicious."

"Oh poor, poor Commander, how little you know - your brother has informed me all about your toy samurai... And I came prepared for them. Trap activate!" one of Majora's facedown's lifted quickly, a red aura surrounding him (MLP: 5500) and then spreading to all monsters on the field, sapping the two Samurai. The infamous visage of Skill Drain became apparent to the Commander. "Beautiful, simply magnificent! Entertain me, with your soulless puppets! Your 'noble murderers' have been reduced to normal monsters!"

10/20/2012 #19

(HLP: 7500)

"ERYN!" Suddenly, Hikari found himself enraged all over again. "You cowardly bastard! You dickless, gutless coward!!" His rage filled him up even more when he saw the ever horrid image of Skill Drain, a card that he, like many other people, feared more than anything. Hikari pointed a condemning finger at Majora. "Don't be so arrogant, you heartless monster!! Thanks to that card, my victory is 1000 points CLOSER!!" Hikari, however, wasn't so sure. "Mizuho, punish this bastard for his cowardess and foolishness!! Lone Samurai Technique: Sun Goddess Axe!!"

Mizuho lunged forward, tomaxe-kamas completely ablaze with fire as scarlet as her armor, ready to cut down Majora for a whole 1600 worth of damage.

10/20/2012 #20

"Shouldn't you be worrying about yourself? Walking right into my traps... How could someone like you be a Commander of The Light Brigade? The supposed formidable group who took down the Director? What a joke." Majora shook and head and wagged a finger at Hikari, his other trap lifting and materializing a great Wheel... Mizuho strapped to it. Nightmare Wheel had taken her prisoner. "See? Your soldiers are powerless before me, just as you are to save the woman you love. Each time your life decreases, she will suffer - and you have only yourself to blame!"

Melchid cackled on the field, all four faces creating a hellish symphony of sounds.

10/20/2012 #21

Hikari clench his fists and teeth even tighter than previously as he heard his own soldier, Mizuho's loud gasp of pain. Nothing was working like it was supposed to. This monster... Everything he was doing was unforgiveable. Everything he HAD done was unforgiveable. 'He better hope he doesn't screw up... because the moment he does, I'll cup him up so bad that NO ONE will recognize him!!!' Hikari took two cards in his hand and set them down, the cards appearing in front of him face down. "Your move..."


Hikari's LP: 7500 LP

Hand: 4

Monsters: Kamon (equipped with Mask of Accursed; ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000), Mizuho (equipped with Nightmare Wheel; ATK: 1600/DEF: 1000)

Spells/Traps: 2 facedowns

Graveyard: Six Samurai United

(Last post of the night; sorry that I didn't post this sooner. TT-TT)

10/20/2012 #22

"Don't snarl like that, Commander. Wouldn't want to have your precious lover see you turn into a monster, now would we?" The masked man's irritating reply echoed in the darkness of their duel as he drew a card, snickering. "Consider yourself lucky, I am unable to inflict more serious damages at the moment... However, I do believe these two cards will suffice for now. First, one facedown."

The black back appeared vertically behind Melchid.

"And then the infamous Dark Room of Nightmare." One could imagine the dark smile behind the 'heart' mask, "Eryn will be sure to appreciate it's effect, I'm sure."


Majora LP: 5500 LP

Hand: 3

Monster: Melchid the Four-Face Beast (1500 ATK)

S/T: Skill Drain, Mask of the Accursed, Nightmare Wheel, Dark Room of Nightmare, 1 face-down.

10/20/2012 #23

Hikari looked downcast as he drew his next card. "Eryn, I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." he whispered as he felt the tremendous shock of losing 1600 Life Points, screaming in time with Eryn. (HLP: 5900) He noticed that Eryn began to bleed a little, and Hikari glared at Majora. 'No one does that to her... Majora, you're gonna pay...' Hikari placed a card onto the Monster field, a small blue flame appearing before turning into a small samurai clad in green. (ATK: 400) "I will now Tune my Level 2 Kagemusha with my Level 3 Mizuho! Which, in turn, frees both Mizuho and myself from you Nightmare Wheel!" The Kagemusha turned into a ring of blue fire, which became a ring of light that surrounded Mizuho, before causing a pillar of Darkness to shoot out of the ground where she was tied up, destroying the Wheel. "Dark Shogun from a war of Olde, lead you army to a bright future of hope that you desire! Synchro Summon, Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En!" (ATK: 2500) The Shogun himself arrived on the field, surrounded by black, purple and light pink flames. However, just as this armor of fire surrounded him, a large amount of the flame got sucked away by the Skill Drain card, causing Shi En to growl in pure rage at losing the powers he needed to help his master, only having enough to launch attacks.

But Shi En was also mad about another thing: the position his master was forced in. This dishonorable coward, hiding behind a mask of anonymity, was focing his Warlord Hikari to fight to the death to save the girl he loved. So when Hikari, voice filled with rage, barked the order of "Attack with Nobunaga's Blade!", Shi En couldn't refuse. The flames moved from his body, to his jagged sword, coating it, before Shi En charged in with one great leap, before performing a vertical cut on Majora's Monster to deal damage.

10/21/2012 #24

Melchid only laughed madly as it was bisected, slowly dissolving into particles with a grin on all four of it's faces. Majora didn't seem perturbed in the slightest by the turn of events (MLP: 4500). "Really now? Where's that fire from earlier? That burning rage? Is it ebbing away as you realize that control of this duel isn't yours?" The thin, masked man taunted. "Muster everything you can, and still the traitor will perish before your eyes. What a sight to see, a most grand occasion! Trap activate!"

"The Grave of Enkindling! Now, each of us can return a monster to the field in defense position... I'll bring forth my Mask of Intrigue."

The oddly shaped, almost deformed looking stone mask appeared. (0 DEF).


Outside the dome, a panicked Recuk found himself circling the circumference of the shadow multiple times, searching for any opening or weakness to the barrier. Even going so far as to call out and consult Fabled Raven, to no avail. "This is bad, extremely..." He whispered to himself, eyes wide and tearing at his hair. Banging on the dome he screamed, "You'd better win Hikari! Otherwise you might've just doomed us all!"

Without another word he knew they needed a backup plan. With haste he rushed to the cave to alert the others, they needed to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

10/21/2012 #25

The rage Majora spoke of returned to Hikari with avengeance when Majora kept taunting. He pointed his fist in Majora's direction, teeth bared and snarling. "You just shut up!! I will win this!! And when I do, you're as good as DEAD!!" Hikari reached into his Graveyard, pulling out Mizuho's card. "I choose to return Mizuho to my field!" Mizuho reappeared in a large spark of scarlet flame, crouching and breathing heavily, as if she were filled with nothing but relief. (DEF: 1000)

Hikari glared fiercely at Majora. 'Good. I have two free Monsters to attack with next turn, and only one card will burn me on my next turn. Hang on, Eryn; I am this close to victory!' Hikari sweeped an arm in front of himself dramatically. "I end my turn! Your move, freak!"


Hikari's LP: 5900

Hand: 4

Monsters: Kamon (equipped with Mask of Accursed; ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000), Shi En (ATK: 2500/DEF: 1400), Mizuho (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1000)

Spells/Traps: 2 facedowns

Graveyard: Kagemusha, Six Samurai United

10/21/2012 #26

"Your words are as threatening as a mewling kitten, Commander." Majora purred, "On a side note, your resurrected Samurai is trapped in defense position thanks to my trap card... Sorry to boost your morale. But let's keep things simple, shall we?"

Two new facedowns appeared on his field; a monster, and another 'surprise' behind it, leaving the masked madman with but two cards in hand. "Attack me if you dare, Commander. After all, your love will suffer the consequences. Would you risk hurting her, again? Possibly killing her?"


Hand: 2

10/21/2012 #27

Hikari growled like a dog backed into a corner, drawing his card and clicked a button on his Duel Disk. " I know what you're like, Majora! You're nothing but a trickster; you're bluffing in order to get an edge! Trap Card, activate! Return of the Six Samurai!" The card flipped up, and Kagemusha reappeared in a spark of blue fire. (ATK: 400) "This card is one of the older ones, but it still serves its purpose. If I have a Six Samurai in the Graveyard, for one turn only he gets to return to my field. After that, he goes back." He pointed towards the Mask of Intrigue. "But that's all the time that I NEED for Kagemusha to be on the field; he's here to clear away your Mask Monster!" The small Samurai pulled out it's equally small sword, performing a diagonal cut on the Mask.

(Chain? Or reaction?)

10/21/2012 #28

Majora's laughter grew three shades darker as the attack charged in, "Bluffing?" He repeated, making the act sound incredulous, placing a hand over his heart and stepping back in an over-dramatic fashion. "Suffer for your mistake, Commander. Trap activate - Ceasefire..."

The six monsters on the field began to glow with an eerie, ominous light. Even Majora's facedown monster, which flipped to reveal an odd chest with tendrils slipping in and out (1000 DEF). "For every effect monster on the field, you take 500 points of damage. Factoring in Dark Room of Nightmare, that makes for 3300!"

The light pulsed and surged into Hikari's chest, Eryn giving out a cry of sheer agony at the same time, struggling against her invisible restraints before moaning lowly as the pain subsided. She went limp, like a marionette, and didn't make a sound after that. "Oh? It seems she may have succumbed to the darkness already, how ironic."

Kagemusha's attack sailed on through the storm and removed the mask, "As with last time, when sent to the graveyard, I can add a 'Mask' from my deck to my hand... This will do, for now." He muttered, taking a specific card.

10/21/2012 #29

(HLP: 1800)

Hikari's mind went blank when he saw Eryn's precious form go limp with a quiet moan like a ragdoll. '...No... No. No! NO! Nonononono NOnononNOnonoNOO ERYN!!' Hikari's eyes shrunk down into dots as rage filled his mind and he screamed out the orders to Shi En. "MAKE THAT MIMIC SUFFER FOR EVEN BEING ASSOCIATED WITH THAT MONSTER!!!" Shi En, filled with nothing but pure rage at Majora for inciting his Lordship Shiromoto's wrath, did exactly as he was told; he didn't just cut him in two. He stomped on Dark Mimic, twisted it under his heel and made it squeel for its Master, before finally setting it ablaze, still screaming as it burned to ashes.

Hikari looked severely downcast when it had ended, as Kagemusha returned to the Graveyard in a flash of blue fire. It was because if his anger, his rage and temper that Eryn had been put through so much pain. "...I'm done..."


Hikari's LP: 1800

Hand: 4

Monsters: Shi En (ATK: 2500/DEF: 1400), Kamon (equipped with Mask of Accursed; ATK: 1500/DEF: 1000), Mizuho (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1000)

Spells/Traps: 1 facedown

Graveyard: Kagemusha, Return of the Six Samurai, Six Samurai United

10/22/2012 #30
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