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Any template will work just fine; this is honestly for your own convenience. No histories need to be necessary unless you have consistent details in it... Since the scenarios surrounding a duel will change constantly.

4/5/2012 #1
Xen Kenshin

I'll be storing a cahracter here if you don't mind. I'll be using the template from my forum - anyone can feel free to modfiy it for their own use here if they'd like. If you use it elsewhere, at least give me some credit please. UPDATED 8/23/13

-Still pending- * means I'll have to add more detail.

Name: Slade

Nickname or Alias: 'Red Hat' (May or may not be thinking of a way to adopt the Player image from Tag Force games into an original character)

Age: ???

Gender: Male

Physical Appearance: Brown hair the covers down to the bridge of his nose. Caucasian and Japanese features. Stands between 5 foot eight and six feet (Height and weight still undecided)

Clothing Appearance: A red cap with a matching vest on top of a black tee shirt. Blue jeans and black boots accented with brown elbow and knees pads and a necklace on brown wire with five brown rings. Wears a gold earring on his left ear.

Personality*: Aloof, quiet, has a strong sense of 'right from wrong' and will seek to correct things in the name of self-driven justice.


Weaknesses*: Even though he is a great conversationalist, Slade falls short during moments that are even remotely romantic with the opposite gender. This trait started out as being intentional as a means to remain faithful to his significant other, but traits become habits and so forth...

He's a very curious person, even to the verge of risking life or limb to have a question answered.

Biography*: He's the mysterious, cool and aloof, strong and silent archtype, but I'll work on that.

Hobbies*: Dueling, shopping, sleeping in late

Likes*: Conversations, shopping, duels - tag duels especially,

Dislikes*: Having other speak for him, being asked a question only for it to be answered for him - this is especially annoying if the person who asked the question answers it as well

Powers: Unknown*

Skills: He's a great people person. He's great at putting two and two together in a wide array of situations, even romantic ones.

Extra Details: No one knows the color of his eyes

Deck Name: 'Dragonic Enigma'

Deck Forte: An old-school Dragon-Type beat-down centered deck that focuses on Special Summoning Dragons through various means from various places (Grave, hand etc...) backed by some Synchro Support (and XYZ support, if applicable)

The main focus is to swarm the field with key monsters Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Trident Dragon, Tyrant Dragon and even Five-God Dragon (renamed to Five-Headed Dragon) and beat down the opponent's defense and life points. He utilizes 'Dragon's Rage' in order for his high attack monster to inflict Piercing Damage.

His Ace in the hole is a terrifying 'Dark Paladin, DNA Surgery(plus)Declaration of Rebirth/Rebirth Judgement combination that changes all monster Types on the field and in the graveyard into Dragon-Type monsters, potentially making his Dark Paladin a 10,000plus attack beat stick.

Deck Strengths: Can contend well against decks that prohibit Special Summoning since he has many powerful cards that require one or less tributes.

Since it's a battle themed deck, Slade is able to bounce back from having his monsters destroyed by battle - in fact, that's his deck's main source of momentum. The main monsters for this 'battle-milling' strategy being 'Troop Dragon' and 'Masked Dragon'. As a footnote, Twin-Headed Behemoth works well, too.

Since beat-down decks are rather basic, Slade implemented a number of way to defeat opponents in battle. Aside form the FHD and Dark Pally combinations above, Slade also has a number of custom cards to compliment his Dragon themed deck such as 'Ambidextrous Shift Dragon', a dual-effect monster that gains its effects in his hand or grave, 'Javelin Dragon', a direct attacker, and to round out that trio 'Flame Launcher Dragon' a dragon with a unique search effect. And what trio would be complete without a Fused state?

His spell cards typically aid Slade's deck in gaining advantage while his Traps protect his monsters. Slade makes sure to have at least one or two cards of each Type that can disrupt his opponent.

Deck Weaknesses: Stop battle, and you typically stop Slade's deck.

Most of Slade's strategies require card multiples, and that sometimes hinders him greatly - particularly since his deck is a bit monster heavy.

Main Cards: Five-Headed Dragon, Dark Paladin, Trident Dragon, Exploder Dragon Wing Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Tyrant Dragon, Exploder Dragon, Masked Dragon.

Duel Disk Design*: gold trimmed white duel disk

Duel Runner Design: A competent Rider, but still rough around the edges. The most advanced Riding techniques are better left to the pros. (Not sure if he's a riding duelist as well)

6/15/2012 . Edited 8/23/2013 #2
Under construction

Dryden Winters

(Age: 20)(Male)






- - - -

Deck type: Ritual

Emphasis: Summoning (multiple) lesser known Ritual monsters using the special "Ritual Djinn" and various other cards. Dryden's deck is infamous for being an incomprehensible mishmash of cards that, though most support his theme of Ritual summons, many contribute to a 'wildcard' factor. On occasion the entire deck is mixed up to support one particular type or attribute of Ritual monster. Rumor has it he even has a hold of a few exclusive Synchro-Ritual support cards.

*Ritual monster(s):

  • Dryden's "standard" deck: Fiend's Mirror. Skull Guardian. Legendary Flame Lord. Reshef the Dark Being.
  • "Normal" variant: Cu Chulainn the Awakened. Herald of Perfection. Lycanthrope.
  • "Dark Assault" variant: Dokorurider. Dark Master - Zorc. Magician of Black Chaos. The Masked Beast.

*Synchro monsters (required tuner): The Soothsayer (The Dreamer). The Prisoner (The Sinner)

*Generic Ritual Support: Ritual Djinn (Disserere, Prognosticator, Releaser, Cursenchanter, Presider). Sonic Bird. Senju of the Thousand Hands. Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands. Advanced Ritual Art. Ritual Foregone. Preparation of Rites. Fulfillment of Contract. Ritual Weapon. Ritual Cage. Ascending Soul. Ritual Buster.

*Indirect Ritual Support: Trials and Tribulation.

*Unrelated cards: Deep-Sea Diver. Morphing Jar. Tour Guide from the Underworld. Tour Bus from the Underworld. Marauding Captain. Rai Rider. Newdoria. Dark Jeroid. Armageddon Knight. Mystic Tomato. D.D. Warrior Lady. Hunter of Black Feathers. Dragon Ice. Allure of Darkness. Magical Mallet. Reinforcement of the Army. Sebek's Blessing. Enemy Controller. Shard of Greed. Widespread Ruin. Kozaky's Self-destruct Button. Broken Blocker. Sound the Retreat!. Penalty Game!. Dark Bribe.

**"Normal" variant: Mokey Mokey. Enchanted Fitting Room. Dark Factory of Mass Production. Human-wave Tactics.

**"Dark Assault" variant: Ritual Raven. Contract with the Abyss.

*Anime cards: Spellbook Inside the Pot. Shock Draw. Power Balance.

12/1/2012 . Edited 12/6/2012 #3
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