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a goner

Yeah, I'm making a list. So what!? These are the gods and goddesses you can use for the parents of your demigod!


  • Zeus, god of the sky, king of Olympus.
  • Poseidon, god and king of the sea.
  • Hades, god of the dead, king of the Underworld.
  • Ares, god of war.
  • Apollo, god of the sun and music
  • Hermes, god of travel and messengers.
  • Dionysus, god of wine and party.
  • Hephaestus, god of fire and metalworking.
  • Eros, god of love and...*coughsexcough*
  • Morpheus, god of dreams.
  • Ouranos, god of the sky.
  • Phobos, god of panic.
  • Pan, god of nature.
  • Helios, god of the sun.
  • Hypnos, god of sleep.
  • Aether, god of light.
  • Astraeus, god of stars and astrology.
  • Comus, god of revelry, merrymaking and festivity.
  • Erebos, god of darkness and shadows
  • Chronos, god of time. (No, not the father of Zeus! There's a difference!)
  • Asclepius, god of medicine
  • Cratos, god of strength and power
  • Moros, god of doom
  • Hedylogos, god of sweet talk and flattery
  • Pontos, god of fish and other sea creatures
  • Plutus, god of wealth
  • Harpocrates, god of silence
  • Silenus, rustic god of the dance of the wine-press
  • Priapus, god of garden fertility
  • Boreas, god of the north wind and of winter
  • Eurus, god of the unlucky east or southeast wind
  • Notus, god of the south wind
  • Zephyrus, god of the west wind
  • Aristaeus, god of bee-keeping, cheese-making, herding, olive-growing and hunting
  • Zelus, god of eager rivalry, envy and jealousy
  • Hermaphroditus, god of bisexuality and effeminacy (I HAD TO I'M SORRY)
  • Deimos, god of terror
  • Momos, god of mockery
  • Pothos, god of yearning and desire
  • Geras, god of old age
  • Thanatos, god of death
  • Demeter, goddess of agriculture and the harvest
  • Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy
  • Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty
  • Selene, goddess of the moon
  • Aglaea, goddess of beauty, adornment, splendor and glory
  • Chione, goddess of snow
  • Nyx, goddess of night
  • Themis, goddess of justice
  • Nike, goddess of victory
  • Euphrosyne, goddess of cheer and goodwill
  • Acesco, goddess of healing of wounds and the curing of illnesses
  • Hecate, goddess of magic and witchcraft
  • Nemesis, goddess of revenge
  • Hebe, goddess of youth
  • Thesis, goddess of creation
  • Melinoe, goddess of ghosts
  • Hemera, goddess of daylight
  • Chloris, goddess of flowers
  • Macaria, goddess of blessed death.
  • Aura, goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning
  • Eiar, goddess of spring
  • Theros, goddess of summer
  • Pthinoporon, goddess of autumn
  • Cheimon, goddess of winter
  • Palaestra, goddess of wrestling
  • Lynx, goddess of the love charm
  • Ariadne, goddess of passion and mazes
  • Eris, goddess of discord
  • Bia, goddess of force
  • Enyo, goddess of destructive war
  • Pasithea, goddess of rest and relaxation
  • Eunomia, goddess of good order and lawful conduct
  • Harmonia, goddess of harmony and concord
  • Tyche, goddess of fortune, chance, providence, and fate
  • Eileithyia, goddess of childbirth
  • Persephone, goddess of spring growth
  • Ate, goddess of infatuation, obsession and mad impulses
  • Eirene, goddess of peace
  • Nemesis, goddess of revenge
  • Amphitrite, goddess of the sea
  • Pheme, goddess of gossip
  • Maniae, goddess of madness and insanity
  • Lyssa, goddess of mad rage and frenzy
  • Epione, goddess of soothing pain
  • Philotes, goddess of affection and friendship
  • Terpsikhore, goddess of choral song and dance
  • Ichnaea, goddess of tracking.
  • Eos, goddess of dawn.
  • Thalia (not the muse or Thalia Grace. :P), goddess of festive celebrations and rich and luxurious banquets.
  • Antheia, goddess of flowers and flowery wreaths.
  • Despoina, goddess of mysteries.
  • Aphaea, minor goddess of agriculture and fertility.
  • Eunostus, goddess of the flour mill.
  • Karpo, goddess of the fruits of the earth.
  • Ceto, goddess of the dangers of the ocean and of sea monsters.
  • Brizo, patron goddess of sailors, who sent prophetic dreams.
  • Alectrona, solar goddess of the morning or waking up.
  • Herse, goddess of the morning dew.
  • Hyigeia, goddess of cleanliness and sanitation.
4/5/2012 . Edited 2/19/2014 #1
An Inconveniently Large Rabbit

Add nemises because it sounds cool

4/9/2012 . Edited 4/9/2012 #2
Broken to Bitz

hey u mind if my charri be half titan?

4/10/2012 #3
a goner

No, go right ahead!

4/10/2012 #4

You should totally put Gaea or Gaia however ya spell it XP

4/12/2012 #5
Broken to Bitz

add HELIOS!!

5/5/2012 #6
An Inconveniently Large Rabbit


5/10/2012 #7
a goner
Artemis is one of the virgin goddesses so she wouldn't have children. You can have a Hunter of Artemis though!
5/11/2012 #8
An Inconveniently Large Rabbit

Oh yeah I forgot. * Facepalm* I will make a huntress then! Once I think up a name.....

5/11/2012 #9
Broken to Bitz

Can you add Aelous?

7/14/2012 #10
a goner

Yes, it doesn't mean your triplets are accepted. Just change their parent to whoever's on the list. It's simple.

7/14/2012 #11
Broken to Bitz

*SIGH* Fine Nae fine you see what you did you made a lazy guy do extra work! :(

Fine I'm gonna do it.

7/14/2012 #12
a goner

That's good. Makes ya less lazy :)

7/14/2012 #13
Broken to Bitz

Nae can u add Thesis goddess of creation?

7/16/2012 #14
a goner


7/16/2012 #15
Hey! Can you add Melinoe? She's the goddess of ghosts
7/21/2012 #16
a goner

Sure! :D

7/22/2012 #17

You is putting titans on the list? Cuz Helios Ouranos and, and Selene are titans......

7/22/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #18
a goner

Yep. I know that.

7/22/2012 #19

Mreh...Okay Nae...Oh BTW I read a story and someone GENDER BENDED PERCY! I was like, WHY YOU NO MAKE YAOI INSTEAD! =_=

7/22/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #20
a goner

Really? What story?

7/22/2012 #21

I forgot the name lol lemme CHECKERZ!

7/22/2012 #22
a goner


7/22/2012 #23

It's called The Kisses of the Sun It's actually a really good story...It got really popular....I read it a while ago and I was re-reading it right now *Still would've preffered yaoi* Oh it's Percy/Apollo :3

7/22/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #24
a goner

Yeah, but what kinda threw me off was the fact that Fem!Percy's name is still Percy, it's not changed or anything....I've never heard of a girl named Percy...but it looks good.

7/22/2012 #25

Yeah...I read another one when her name was Perci...I forgot the name, all i remember is that it was a Percy/? 'cause like every god and camper wanted the end people voted and it turned into Percy/Hades...

7/22/2012 #26
a goner

...Never would've thougt of Percy/Hades...but whateves...

*Lets take this to the chat topic pwease!*

7/22/2012 . Edited 7/22/2012 #27


7/22/2012 #28

So it's only Greek or Roman..?

8/5/2012 #29
a goner

It's only Greek.

8/5/2012 . Edited by A Fujoshi, 8/5/2012 #30
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