Dusk before the Dawn
A Twilight RP :)
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This RP is a little different from what we usually do, but I think it'll be fun! :)

This is an all human AU. All the characters are humans; they're actors in a tv series that's centered around vampires and wolves. Think of it as a twist on the Vampire Diaries... Almost like Twilight was made a TV show instead of a movie series. Except, the TV show takes place in a universe parallel to twilight, not with the same plot and characters, but with the same general laws of what vampires, werewolves, and the world is like. Your characters can be filming on sets, or reading lines in their trailers, or going over movie and other TV show proposals. Whatever you want! Keep in mind that your characters are actors on a TV show, but you don't just have to be filming. They're in hollywood with everything that comes along with it (paparrazi, agents, cafes, clubs, etc).

I really think this will be a fun opportunity for us to mix things up!

8/7/2014 #1

Jasper: *chugging down a bottle of water as he jogged through the back door of his West Hollywood home after his extended run through one of the many trails that bordered his property. It was rumored that the home had originally been built for the original vampire Bela Lugosi, so it was only fitting that one of the lead actors in the new hit teen vampire drama would be living there now. Grinning smugly to himself as he made his way into the kitchen to fix a small post workout breakfast. He employed a small staff consisting of a gardener and a maid that doubled as his cook, but he wasn't helpless and did still prefer to at least make his own breakfast. Today it consisted of a bowl of oatmeal and a slice of lightly buttered toast. Quickly finishing the meal and taking a nice hot shower before settling down in the reading room with the latest copy of the script for the pilot episode they would begin filming that week* Twilight. A fitting title for a vampire show. Let's just see what I'm getting myself into here. *chuckling as he began to read the background synopsis and act one of the one hour premier*

8/7/2014 #2

Rosalie: *allowing her personal stylist to continue to work on perfecting her nails as she answered her chiming cell phone with her free hand* Hello....Oh, hi, darling.....Yes, I remember......They did?.....Oh really?......Well, that's just fantastic......How much?......I see......Yes.....Yes.....Of course, you can tell them I'll do it. Even if it is just a small role with only a minimal chance of becoming a recurring character after the pilot, I would still love doing it. I intend to knock their socks off and force the writers into keeping her as a regular!....Oh, darling, you let me worry about that. It's about time I managed to land a role as something more than a girl with fantastic hair in a shampoo commercial, you just don't understand the stereotype that's out there for model turned actresses.....Of course, darling.....Yes, thank you. I'll be in touch. *hanging up her phone with a subdued grin as she proudly proclaimed to her curious stylist* That was my agent. I just landed a leading roll on a pilot show. Something about vampires and werewolves and other supernatural stuff like that. There's really high hopes for it out there. I can't wait to see what filming it is actually going to be like! Oh, and sweetie, you missed a spot on my nail, please be more careful if you want to earn your tip. *giving the girl an almost nasty look*

8/7/2014 . Edited 8/7/2014 #3

Robyn: *fumbling with the heavy script on her lap clumsily as she sat on a stool, feeling her heart palpitating heavily in her chest as she sat in front of a white wall in front of the director, producer, and two cameras that were much too close for comfort to the new, inexperienced actress* Sorry, sorry. *mumbles softly as she caught the script before it fell, her fingers trembling as she turned to the page the director had asked her to read from* [Scarlet] What— *pausing abruptly to clear her throat when her voice cracked nervously* What are you doing here? *channeling the nervous anxiety she was feeling at the moment into the fear the lines required* [Scarlet] I told you to leave.

Carlisle: *reading the part of the vampire Jasper was supposed to be playing, his voice unusually flat as he read the same line he'd been reading with the actresses they'd brought in for callbacks* [Eric] We both know you didn't really mean that. *watching her closely for her reply*

Robyn: *sitting up a little straighter as she did her best to embody the character she was supposed to be playing* [Scarlet] You don't know anything, Eric. *taking a steadying breath as she raised her chin to look defiantly into the camera, mocking the way she would have been looking into Eric's eyes for the tape she knew the team would be looking over later when they considered her for the part*

Carlisle: CUT!! *calls out abruptly, signaling for the cameraman to turn off the camera, raising a hand to stop Robyn from getting up when she moved to hop down from the stool* Would you mind... Sticking around for a minute? I... I have a feeling about this one.

Robyn: *quickly as she moved to sit back down* Yeah. Sure. Of course. *taking his continued interest as a good sign, although she wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen next. Usually, there were auditions, callbacks, then second callbacks, then you were called if they wanted you. She wasn't sure what was about to happen. Perhaps the process was being expedited, after all, her agent had said they were in a rush to replace a main character who had dropped out of the show* Does this mean I have the part...?

Carlisle: Excellent. Can somebody get her some water, please!?! *calls out loudly, but only for the sake of being heard, before he stepped away and dialed Jasper's cell phone number, beginning to talk before the other man even had a chance to get a greeting out; of course he had been up for the last 36 hours, so his lack of manners were largely attributed to lack of sleep and too much caffeine* I've been working around the clock to replace Katherine since she dropped out of the show on friday. I guess that's what I get for hiring someone who had done Emmy award winning movies and then expecting them to follow through on a teen drama. *sighing a little to himself as he rubbed his forehead with his free hand* I think I found a Scarlet, but I need you to come in for a screen test. If you two don't have chemistry then I guess I'll just have to keep looking. *mumbling the last part more to himself than to Jasper* So, can you do it? *his voice perking up again as a nearby stage hand passed him an espresso*

8/7/2014 . Edited 8/7/2014 #4

Gabriel: *handing a bottle of cold water over to Robyn as the director had hastily ordered 'someone' to do. He had been a gopher on several major movies and one other tv series before being hired for the new pilot, long enough to know that his name wasn't important, he was simply 'someone' to all the directors and actors and other big names around Hollywood, but that was ok with him. It paid the bills. That's what was really important, and he did learn a lot being around sets all day long. He had a personal blog now, but someday he hoped to turn it into a full blown online magazine, and he would already have made inroads with several celebrities if he continued to play his cards right* Here you go, Miss Summers. You just let me know if you need anything else. *smiling politely and giving her a short nod*

Jasper: *rolling his eyes at the impatient director's words, but instead of snapping off some cutting remark like some might be tempted to do, he chose to exercise a modicum of patience, understanding how absolutely stressed and miserable the director was probably feeling after having to deal with last minute casting changes the way he was.* Of course, Mr. Cullen, I'll be over to the studio shortly. Don't let her go anywhere until I get there. See you soon. *choosing to stay formal with the director since he had never worked with him before and only seen him at the many parties and awards shows they attended together. There were some directors he was free to be more casual with, but only the ones had been on multiple projects with, otherwise formality was his best friend. Disconnecting with the director and calling his driver instead* Five minutes, Ralph. We'll leave through the front entrance and head directly for the studio. Time is of the essence. Thank you. *hanging up the phone once more before taking the stairs two at a time up to his huge room so that he could grab a backpack to ready for the day, complete with a water bottle, an energy drink, packs of nuts, chewing gum, and of course the precious script. The perfect star actor's go bag, it had everything one could possibly think to need in it. It was one reason directors liked working with him so much. He was always very well prepared for anything that would happen on set, before, after, and in between takes, he was always the consummate professional. It didn't take terribly long for the limo to arrive at the studio, and even less time for him to make it to the sound stage where Twilight auditions were being held. Slapping a brilliant smile on his face as he approached the small group of people in the large warehouse like room, not wasting time in making his presence known.* Hey, everyone, I hope I didn't keep you waiting for too long. *his eyes roaming past the director and a few others before landing on the girl the director had obviously been so excited about having him meet and read through lines with* Hello, Jasper Whitlock. *holding out his hand to politely shake hers by way of introduction.*

8/7/2014 #5

Alice: *pushing her way through a rack of well-made men's designer clothes* This isn't what I asked for at all, Melody! *turning sharply to the assistant who she usually relied on to help her with this sort of thing* We're trying to create a wardrobe for a vampire. Sure, he's knowledgeable and sophisticated, but he also has an edge! We have to show that! He has to have... Attitude. I need leather, I need black, I navy. I need dark, tight fitting jeans. Nothing torn, nothing with studs on it, and if I see anything acid-washed or in the pastel family, I swear I'm going to loose my mind. This premiere is going to be shot in less than a week. I can't be dealing with this right now. I'm just supposed to be checking for sizes. We shouldn't even be discussing this at this point. *throwing her hands up in the air as she stepped away from the rack* I'm going to go look through the other character's sets while you fix this. *muttering below her breath as she laid eyes on the next one, instantly hating the hot pink zebra print scarf that popped out at her from the mix* This is a disaster.

8/7/2014 . Edited 8/7/2014 #6

(I really hate to do this right when we've just started, but if I don't go to bed now, then I won't wake up in time for work tomorrow, and that would be bad. I PROMISE I will be back as soon as I can after work tomorrow, and will be around at least part of the weekend, if just Saturday night and Sunday, kind of have plans most of the day Saturday, but will be here as soon as I'm done. Haha, LOVE Alice as the head of the costume department!!!!)

8/7/2014 #7

Robyn: *smiling warmly at the unnamed man who arrived to pass her a fresh bottle of water* Thank you so much. *making sure to take the time to thank him, like she was sure few people were apt to do, in her very limited experience, working as a hand on set was a thankless job, but really, they were the people who made movies and television possible* You can just call me Robyn. *doing her best to be friendly, although she was understandably nervous after being asked to stay, then being promptly abandoned. She wasn't sure where the director had gone, but she could see him anywhere* It's nice to meet you, Gabe. *reading his name off of the name tag he and all the other stage hands wore, probably because the crew for the show was still getting to know one another. She was tempted to try to talk to him, but it seemed like a second hadn't passed and someone else was calling for something, and he excused himself and ran off to help. To try to quell her nerves, she alternatively nursed her water and rehearsed her lines, trying to get a better feel for them so she wouldn't forget them under pressure; after what seemed like an eternity, Jasper Whitlock arrived on set. Of course, she knew who he was the second he walked on set* Oh my god! That's Jasper Whitlock. It's JASPER WHITLOCK! I mean... I heard the rumors he'd be starring in this, but... Wow. He's even more handsome in person. *blinking rapidly to clear her thoughts when he introduced himself an extended a hand to her* I know. I recognize you from Second Sight. I loved your performance in the finale. It was really moving.*blurts out as she shook his hand* Sorry. *laughing self-depreaciatingly as a blush rose to her cheeks* You kind of caught me off guard there. I'm Robyn. Robyn Summers. *doing her best to keep her cool, although, admittedly, she was a little star-struck by his presence*

Carlisle: *capping his hands as he walked back onto set, now free of the espresso he had inhaled minutes ago* Alright, people, all hands on deck!! *shouts, lowering his voice once more as he approached the couple* Good. You two have met. *picking up his own copy of the script from his chair* Now, I thought I'd have you two read a few lines from earlier in the finale.... Page three, line five. Let me set the scene for you... Eric is returning to his hometown after decades away, only to find an unfamiliar family in the home he abandoned years ago. When he goes to visit, he meets Scarlet. Now, he's trying to coax an invitation from her, but she doesn't fall under his spell. *directing his gaze to Jasper* Remember, Eric is used to always getting what he wants. At the beginning of the show, he's written to be cocky and overconfident, but we start to see underneath that when his bravado doesn't work for him. Not so much just yet—just a peek—just enough to entice. *turning to Scarlet* And I want you to remember that Scarlet is also a deep character, with layers. She's a young woman, paradoxically shy and bold. *stepping back to give them room, waiting until he got the signal from the cameraman before he, in turn, signaled to the actors* ACTION!!

8/7/2014 . Edited 8/7/2014 #8

(As disappointed as I am to stop, I know you have to go to get your sleep. It's okay! :) REALLY looking forward to more tomorrow and this weekend!!! I think we have something really great started here... And I'm glad you like the part I cast Alice in. I was thinking of making her an actor, but wardrobe just seemed to suit her better! Besides, this way, she and Gabe both get to be on set together! ;) That bit wasn't actually planned, but it was a very happy accident!)

8/7/2014 #9
Jasper: *grasping Robyn's hand in a firm shake when she offered it. Grinning a little half-smile* yeah, that wasn't exactly the easiest episode to pull off either. Very emotional. You kind of get attached to a character after five years. I mean the audience just finds out what Sam has been hiding all this time and he gets the chance to fix it only for things to go worse than before. It was a difficult one to pull off. For the first time ever I was actually afraid to read the morning after blogs to see how it was received. I'm glad to know you liked it. *snapping his fingers when she said her name for him* now I know what I know you from. You had a three episode guest spot on "First Things Last" last year. Emmett said the camera didn't do you justice. And I got to say now, I agree. *allowing his eyes to pointedly roam over her body. Backing off only when the director called for attention and gave them a few notes before beginning. Quickly finding the right place in the script and moving to his mark on one side of a stage door and stretching slightly and clearing his throat once as he got into character. Flipping an internal switch the second the director called for action reaching out to knock on prop door faking the actual force he was using by tensing his muscle just prior to the soft taps knowing how unsecured doors were apt to collapse if you actually pounded on them. Reading his line from the folded script in his hand but pouring loads of frustration into his voice.* [Eric] Come on Scarlet, I'm not going to go away. I just want you to hear me out. Please. *raising his voice a little in the last word and looking upwards as if to a second story window.*
8/8/2014 #10

(Sorry, Biv. My PM isn't working this morning, but hereee is what I typed before it froze..)

I like it, but I definitely do have some questions.

Most I can't think of right now, because I'm rushed and about to head to work butttt....

Are their human names still their vampire names?

Is there like one singular project everyone will be working on?

I can't see Esme doing as much of the acting thing, so producer and stuff work, right?

I kinda get the whole idea, and I'm sure I'll get it in time. I'm just wondering how much of our characters are still them, y'know?

B/c does that mean that couples and stuff are erased? Or that it just they meet differently here?

Maybe eventually we could have a plot that makes them actually vampires. It would be interesting to see all of them meet a different way than the books and be turned at different times, but still end up being kinda like a family of vampires o.o idk.

8/8/2014 #11

(Hi everyone! I haven't been on for so so so so long because of summer homework and everything which sucks but I'm back now. I love the new topic by the way :) I'm not exactly sure about the whole Auditioning thing. I'm assuming that you do the audition then you get a callback a few days later?)

Embry: *Embry was sitting on his couch, eating strawberry ice cream straight out the tub while watching old episodes of Friends. He stretched out his arms and sighed, smiling* Life is so good right now *He stood up to put the empty ice cream tub in the trash when his phone rang suddenly, scaring the bejesus outta him* Hello? ... Yeah ... Okay ... You're serious? Oh my... thank you, I'll be there in ten! ... bye! *Embry shut his phone with a snap, ending the call* I am literally on cloud nine right now, I haven't had a callback from an audition in ages! This is so great! *He quickly grabbed his keys and took off out the door with the biggest grin ever* Bye Mom!

8/8/2014 #12

(Hey, Grace, Lucy! :) I'm so glad to see you on! To answer your questions...

Their human names will probably be their acting names for the majority of them, i.e.. Jasper Whitlock, Bella Swan, Edward Anthony Masen, Emmett McCarthy, Rosalie Hale, Mary Alice Brandon, etc. The only exceptions to this might be Esme, because she's married to Carlisle [unless you'd like to play her as pre-Carlisle Esme Anne Platt], and Renesmee, who has had no other last name. I was thinking Renesmee Cullen could either be a young actress who happens to be the daughter of a director, who might play a featured spot or two. But the direction Red wants to take her in is something she will have to decide when she gets on.

Yes, there is one project they're working on, the first season of a new vampire/werewolf drama called "Twilight" [ha ha]. As I said in the topic head, it does not have the same plot or characters as the cannon, but it will have the same universal rules [ie vampires are cold, while werewolves run hot]. If you've seen "Vampire Diaries", it will be that sort of format.

Esme could easily be part of the crew if you want her to be. I was thinking producer might be a nice role for her, since Carlisle is the director. Gabriel and Alice are already doing behind the scenes roles, as you can see if if you read their posts.

Our characters are cast/crew on a show in Hollywood, with entirely different pasts, so of course they are going to be at least a little different from the characters we know. They can have as much or as little of their original canon personality as you, their writers, decide. Since this in an all human AU, there is a little more leeway for that sort of thing.

On that same note... The couples are as established as the characters decide. I thought it might be fun for them to be stabled during the show, or they can be onset from the beginning. I think either might be fun—we'll just have to see what people decide to do! :)

I don't think they'll end up being vampires in this particular RP. As I've said, it's an all human AU, basically a universe where vampires don't actually exist. If they did, the Volturi would be shutting down their show in a hot second!

Basically, the way getting a part goes is, your agent sends off headshots to a bunch of people they think might be interested, they call in a big group for "cold" auditions, where they do lines with a director/producer and a camera filming. The directors and producers look over the tapes later and choose a handful of people for callbacks. Sometimes, there are second callbacks or screen tests to either make sure an actor/actress is a good fit or to narrow down the position further if it's a hard choice.

Feel free to ask me any more questions you might have!)

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #13

(Also, Grace, Lucy, I think it would be a great chance for you two to RP if Esme was a producer and she was the one to take Embry's audition—I also thought it might be cool for the vampires to play mostly vampires and werewolves to play mostly werewolves... Or you could switch it up! Just play with it and have fun!! :D)

8/8/2014 #14

(I was really surprised [and happy!] to see a post up this morning, Miracle! :))

Robyn: Emmett? He must mean Emmett McCarthy. Of course he knows him. He must know everyone who's anyone around here. Although, I'm surprised Emmett mentioned me. He hardly seemed to notice I was even there. I mean, I was just a guest star, after all. *opening her mouth in silent disapproval at the way his eyes brushed over her body, wanting to tell him off, but not knowing how to reprimand someone she had idolized for years. Then again he was only doing what everyone did in Hollywood—judging her for how she looked. Before she could think of anything even slightly appropriate for the offense, the director cut in. She did her best to let it go. After all, she was a professional and largely, looks was what the industry was all about* This is what you have to deal with. You've dealt with it before. *taking a moment more than Jasper to find her place at the top of a set of stairs, a wall with a window made for the second story of her house, it was already open for her. After taking a second to get herself in character, her popped her head outside, leaning her hands on it's frame* [Scarlet] I'm not going to let you in. You can just forget about it. *stepping back and shutting the window, however it was a cheap prop window, so instead of closing easily and quietly, it was difficult and when it shut, it slammed itself down with force. Thankfully for her, the abrupt close was perfect for the scene and didn't interrupt the flow of it at all* Going to have to be more careful with that thing next time. *Not allowing the abrupt noise to startle her, channeling the improv classes she took year after year to keep her skills sharp. She looked unwavering as she stared down at his form at her front steps, that it, until her teeth came out to grasp her bottom lip, gnawing on it indecisively to show her character's inner battle as she paused the five seconds the script had asked for* [Scarlet] I can't believe I'm doing this. *whispering the words to herself, but just loudly enough for the microphone to pick them up as she went back down the stage stairs and to the door that Jasper stood on the other side of. She stepped out, only to close the door behind her. She channeled her incredulity at his actions just before the director had called action as she delivered her next lines* [Scarlet] You have one minute to explain why you tried to buy this place out from under me, then had the audacity to come knocking at my door, asking for the keys. This is my home, you know. *her harsh words softening immediately as she looked at him, as her entire body did, as if she sympathized with him without having any reason to, just as she thought her young, innocent character would* ...Why do you care so much about this place? There are a hundred like it in town.

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #15

(Okay! So I've been thinking about it and I think I've decided what to do with the rest of my characters!!! :) Will have something up for the rest of them in a few!)

8/8/2014 #16

Peter: *switching to the last notecard in his hand, taking less than half a second to read it before he set the stack down and leaned back in his chair to address camera 2 once more* Tomorrow on Encore!, we have an exclusive with the one and only Jasper Whitlock! *pausing to allow the live audience before them to cheer madly for the heartthrob* I know, I know ladies. *smiling charmingly to get the crowd to settle* It'll be good to have him back. Last time we had Jasper, we talked about the finale of "Second Sight". This time, we'll be discussing his summer block buster "Shoot the Moon". And maybe we'll get an answer about the rumors that he'll be playing a leading role in this fall's new TV series, "Twilight". It's all be very hush hush, but hopefully, we'll get some answer soon. *chuckling a little as he threw the cards away* That's all the time we have, folks! See you tomorrow!

Charlotte: *waiting until the camera had panned across the audience, who kept chanting "Encore!" as Peter smiled and waved at them, to call cut, then grinning as she switched from work to play mode as she approached her husband, who was unclipping the microphone that was affixed to his lapel for the shooting* That was wonderful, honey! *pressing a chaste kiss to his lips as he finally detached the microphone* They should let you in the writing room more often. *walking with him backstage as the audience began to clear out through the studio's front entrance*

(I wasn't sure exactly how it would come out, but Peter is a talk show host, as we can see here. It's kind of a Regis and Kelly type thing, where it's shown in the daytime, but it's very popular and done in more of a late night talk show style. I thought it would give our characters another fun thing to do if they could all come on the the show once in a while, talk about themselves, each other, what projects they have going on, etc. Just a neat little idea I had. Hopefully it plays out well. :))

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #17
(Mmmk. We'll see how this goes. :) I'll post tonight! And sure about Embryos audition.)
8/8/2014 #18

(Great! Can't wait!! :))

8/8/2014 #19

(Yep! Knocked that one out just before leaving for work! :) :) I just couldn't wait, I was too excited. Gonna eat real fast and then work on some responses)

8/8/2014 #20

(I was really psyched to see it!! :) honestly, I'm just plain psyched about this topic in general! Can't wait until you finish dinner!!! :) *bouncing up and down in seat*)

8/8/2014 #21

Jasper: *his line quickly following on the heals of the one that Robyn had just delivered, and delivered well, shaking his head emphatically as if frustrated with the stubborn woman before him now, the words from the script coming out easily and naturally* [Eric] No, no, there aren't. There's barely even a hundred houses in this backwater town, and not a single one of them has what this house has. I don't have to justify my actions to you. I offered to pay good money for this house, more three times what it's worth. This is MY house. I lived here for years..... *pausing as his character realized the mistake he was close to making in revealing far too much information to an inconsequential human, then hastening to cover the near slip.* [Eric] As a child I mean. I grew up in this house. I know more about this house than you could ever hope to. As far as I'm concerned, you're an unwanted guest, and I'm offering to pay you for your time acting as a caretaker, and asking you as nicely as I know how to vacate my house. *huffing heavily and running a hand through his hair at her continued stubborn look* [Eric] Would you like me to prove it to you? Just let me inside, and I'll show you. I can show you the marks on the walls where my mother use to keep track of my height. I can show you the loose floorboards in my room where I hid my collection of baseball cards, and I can show you the tally marks on the wall of my old closet where I kept track of.... *pausing briefly as his character thought on his feet of how best to cover up the true meaning of the marks on the wall* [Eric] Of how many marbles I owned. This is more my house than it was ever yours, and I want it back. Today. *giving her a fierce look to get his desires across*

8/8/2014 #22

Robyn: *pausing just for a moment before she delivered her next lines, but only because she thought the script called for it; after all her character would need a second to process what Eric had just said, only because it was so unbelievable to her* [Scarlett] *letting a small, breathless laugh* You really are something, you know that? I can't believe I stood out here and actually listened to you. I thought we could have an honest conversation. You know, like adults. I thought that was what this was. Instead you stand here and... And lie to me! *her voice rising with incredulity* [Scarlett] What, so money isn't working, you think you can just pluck on my heartstrings a little, and I'll collapse like a house of cards? God, is there anything you won't do to get what you want? Is nothing below you? *her body language screaming disgust as she took a step away from him, her voice trembling with conviction* [Scarlett] I know you're lying. I grew up in this house. This is my home. I've lived here since I was six months old. I took my first steps across the kitchen floor. I used to climb the vines on the back of the house to sneak back into my bedroom when I was a teenager. You see that treehouse out back? My Dad built that—for me! When my parents died, they left it to me, and it'll be a cold day in hell before I ever sell it to anyone. *huffing with exasperation as she turned away, making her way toward the door, and throwing her last lines over her shoulder before she turned the handle* [Scarlett] If you're not gone in five minutes, I'm calling the cops. *her voice sounding dull, almost tired as she deflated, stepping into the house quickly and going through the motions of deadbolting the door, although the lock didn't actually work on the hollow prop*

Carlisle: And—scene! *smiling and giving the couple a brief, but well deserved, round of applause* Perfect! That was perfect!! *grinning from ear to ear as he stepped onto the set now that the cameras had stopped rolling* I loved you two together. You have great chemistry. I could feel the tension, but at the same time, that connection—it was wonderful! *his jitters showing a little as he raised his hand to his face, grasping his chin for a brief moment* There's just one more thing... Do you think you two could kiss for me quickly before I let you go? *saying the words rather casually; after all, it was a normal request for a love interest pair, they had to look right together in a romantic context, not just on screen*

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/8/2014 #23

(At first it was a little difficult, but writing the lines for the TV show has turned out to be really fun!! :) I think I would actually watch this show... If it existed.)

8/8/2014 #24

Jasper: *a smug smile on his face as the director ended the scene, taking only a second to leave Eric behind and return to his normal charming self, placing his hand briefly on the small of Robyn's back as he led her off the sound stage and back to where Carlisle was sitting watching them, taking a small bow at the raucous applause he offered* I aim to please. *taking all the credit for the success of the trial scene, a smirk on his lips when the director then asked the two actors to kiss* It'll be my pleasure. *turning toward Robyn with a dark smile intended to melt the heart of every woman in America with just one glance, slowly reaching into his pocket and pulling out a tiny box of tic-tacs and popping one into his mouth before offering the plastic canister to Robyn to do the same, knowing how paranoid he always was about having fresh breath for even a simple, short kiss, and assuming that she would feel the same way.* Now, don't be nervous, darlin', I've kissed a lot of girls on screen, there's nothing to it, just follow my lead. *gently entwining his fingers into her hair and leaning forward and slightly downward to compensate for her shorter height, before gently brushing his lips against hers, and slowly applying more pressure to the kiss*

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(I had to look up raucous, nice word choice Miracle! :))

Robyn: *her eyebrows shooting up to her hairline when Carlisle asked her to kiss Jasper. She'd never done an on screen kiss before, and she couldn't say she wasn't nervous about it. Usually, she worked hard to be prepared when she showed up to an audition, but this one had been unusually last-minute. Not to mention the fact that she'd gone in almost sure the director wouldn't choose her for the role; after all she was all but an unknown, except for her short guest spot on "First Things Last" she had only ever worked as an extra. Usually, she came into things like this only to be put in as an extra instead of the part she'd auditioned for, but that was how it usually worked in Hollywood when you were starting out, or so she'd been told* I don't— *closing her mouth abruptly when Jasper spoke up, cutting her off* Yeah, alright. *giving her best smile, although it felt rather plastic at the moment, as she took the proffered mint and did her best to prepare herself. As it was, she wasn't as excited to kiss the handsome man before her as she would have thought only minutes before actually meeting him* You know what they always say: never meet your heroes. *sighing a little as she forced her body to relax, closing her eyes as he threaded his fingers in her hair* It's just one kiss. It's not even in the pilot. They'll probably be saving it for the finale, a big payoff for the end of the season. Just... Pretend he's someone else. *allowing herself to melt into the kiss after a moment, her body beginning to mold against his, while at the same time her hands rested on his chest, half pushing him away, half pulling him closer*

Carlisle: *watching them closely as they kissed, waiting until they slowly broke away to say anything* ...Good. Good. *grinning at them both* You're both dismissed. *looking to Robyn briefly* I'll be in touch with your agent to sort out the details. We should have a contract brokered out by the weekend. If all goes well, filming should start on Monday. *giving them both a brief wave in parting as he scrambled off to check off the next items on the list of things that needed to be done before the day was over* Alice! Where are we on wardrobe!?! *calls out loudly into the sea of people around him*

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(Haha! Glad that you liked it. :) )

Jasper: *chuckling to himself as he pulled away from the very uneasy Robyn. She was a better actress than even the director knew. Hopefully, the kiss had looked more real to Carlisle than it had felt to him. Watching as the man in question left them to move on to bigger issues, and shaking his head as he grabbed up his back pack and carefully stuffed the script back inside, turning back to his soon to be co-star* So, what have you got planned for the rest of the day? Drinks are on me as a way to celebrate if you're interested. I know a great little spot where we shouldn't be disturbed. Even the paparazzi know when to give us a break. Let me give you a word of advice, enjoy the anonymity while it lasts. Once this things premiers, you'll become an overnight sensation, and then you can kiss your private life goodbye. *casually offering to take her out as a co-worker and nothing more in his opinion at least*

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Robyn: *answering as she struggled to right herself, self-consciously putting her hair back in place with her hands as little butterflies fluttered at the bottom of her stomach, her body reacting to the kiss needless of the fact that she knew in her mind that it wasn't real* Well, I didn't really have anything exciting planned. My roomate's working, so I thought I'd take advantage. I'll probably end up spending the day in the living room binging on Netflix or something. Maybe I'll even catch up on some laundry. *chuckling a little uncomfortably as she realized she had probably just been a little too honest with him* I know, I know. I'm very boring. Anyways, I don't know about getting a drink. I mean, I'm not twenty-one yet. *admitting the fact to her chagrin* Besides, it's a little early for a drink, isn't it? *glancing down at her watch at her own words and quietly balking at just how long she'd been on set* I've been on set for FOUR hours? Are you kidding me? No wonder I'm so hungry. I think I'll just grab some dinner instead. Thanks. *turning down his offer politely as she shuffled her own script into the large leather tote she'd brought with her* I've been enjoying the anonymity for a while. Besides, I'm sure it's not so bad when every woman on the street swoons at the sight of you. I'm sure I won't be missed at your little spot. *smiling a little tightly as she remembered the constant rumor mill surrounding the string of girls he'd supposedly dated since he'd broken up with Maria Moreno, one third of the popular country music band Three Sisters last summer* Hopefully the paparazzi really doesn't bother you there. *earnestly, as she hefted her bag over her shoulder*

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Jasper: *expertly catching her elbow and steering her toward the door* I insist that you at least you let me buy you dinner. I have already kissed you after all, you should at least get something in return so I can feel like I earned said kiss. Besides, who wants to sit at home alone watching Netflix all night when you can be out on the town with me? And don't worry about being underage, no one cards one of my guests. If you choose not to drink, that's fine, but just know that when you're with me, nothing is off limits. A glass or two of wine never hurt anyone. *pausing briefly in his gait* Does Cullen know how old you are? You'll be playing older. That's kind of unusual in today's world. Most people play younger, up to fifteen years younger in some cases. I mean, I guess physically, you can pass for older, and you certainly are more mature than most, I just hope you can pull it off for the long haul. It's just the first season. Who knows how long we'll be renewed for, it could be years of playing older, and then you have a reputation set out for character typing. You could be playing old the rest of your life, just like I tend toward being pushed into more sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural roles. Once you have a type, you never get away from it. Just something to remember. *pushing open the studio door and exiting into the bright sunlight, quickly pulling on a pair of dark shades and pointing out his waiting limo* Come on, my driver can take us wherever you want to go. What are you in the mood for? Chinese? Italian? Vegan? You name it, and we can find a place.

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Robyn: Alright. *sighing a little, reluctantly as she allowed him to lead her to the limo* I swear, if I ever become famous, I'm not going to let it change the way I live like this I'll drive my own car. I'll have a normal, three-bedroom house. I'll wear normal clothes instead of buying expensive pieces the price of a used car. *glancing at him, vaguely noting the Armani logo on his shirt, everything else looked equally expensive. And then there was his watch, a Rolex. She couldn't even imagine how much that was worth* I bet you could feed a small country on the net worth of his wardrobe. *tearing her eyes away before he mistook her gaze for something it wasn't, instead directing it to the tinted window to her left as he stepped in and closed the door behind him* I'm really hungry. Starving, actually. I don't know what you... Diet is, or whatever, but I'm dying for a big, American cheeseburger. And a chocolate shake. Do you like In-N-Out Burger? I mean... I know they're probably not as fancy as what you're used to, but I swear they have the best burgers in California. *her enthusiasm lessening a little as she addressed the other subjects he'd brought up* It wasn't a real kiss, you know. It didn't mean anything, so you don't owe me anything. It's part of the job and I get that. I just don't have a lot of experience with that sort of thing. Besides, if we had really kissed, you wouldn't have earned it by buying me dinner. I'm not that kind of girl. If I kiss a date it's because I like him, because I want to, not because I feel like I owe him. *moving on from the subject quickly, more eager to talk with him professionally than personally, given the circumstances* Director Cullen has all of my information. He knows how old I am. I kind of thought he'd pass me over because of it. I usually show up to these sort of things hoping for an extra spot... Now that you mention it, thought, I do have a problem with... Looking more mature. I mean, I can dress younger, and I can act younger, but I guess I just have a more mature... Vibe? I always get passed over for age appropriate roles. The spot you recognized me from, I was playing a woman three years older than me... Anyways, it might be a good thing, in this case. TV shows don't always move at the pace of real life. If "Twilight" does get renewed a few times, I'll have a chance to age into the role. Besides, if I do get typecast for something, I'd rather by typecast as someone more mature than the ditzy, young types most women my age end up playing.

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