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A Twilight RP :)
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If you have an idea about what we should do next you can post your plot here and a MOD will check it out.

Make sure it is believable and not something totally wild and out there. :3

4/6/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #1

Was wondering what you all thought of a flashback RP set in Maria's camp?

4/7/2012 #2

Ooooh! That sounds creepy and fun. Well....I play Maria but still! :3

4/7/2012 #3

That would be fun. ^_^ Not just for the people in the army, but it would sort of be like a pre-bella type thing too because of what time it would take place, right?

Even though I'm not a mod, can I still discuss this stuff sometimes?

4/8/2012 . Edited 4/8/2012 #4

Yeppers!! That's the thought (since we don't have a Bella or a Renesmee currently :) You could play an OC newborn in the army. :) Or Charlotte, if you wish. If you don't want her, I might take her.

And this is meant for discussion by everyone!! It's just that an idea has to be approved by all or most MODs before it is put into action.

4/8/2012 #5

*clap, clap, clap* I'm all for the idea!!! I love that part of Jasper, and it'll let me bring Sarah back into the story in a new and different way, don't really like how I end making her sometimes.....but here's chance to change that! :) And I may even start with her as a human, if someone will volunteer for Isaac at the very beginning (her husband as a human). Anyway, it does open the door for a lot of possibilities! :)

4/8/2012 #6

I might change Robyn up and start her out as a human as well. :)


I might volunteer for Isaac, but I wouldn't be up for playing him for long and would have to know a little about him.

4/8/2012 #7

So, since we all like it, I think this should be our next RP. :D

How much longer do you all think we should keep going on our current one?

4/8/2012 #8

Not sure? Do you want the babies to at least be born and maybe have a couple days to show how the families all get along or just stop as soon as everyone is happily settled in?

4/8/2012 #9

I am with Miracle. But I also wanted the babies to be borns XP

4/8/2012 #10

I agree with you both! I just wanted to get a feel for what you wanted. So I'll check back with you guys a few days after the babies are born and we'll think about starting it then. :)

4/8/2012 #11

YAY! *happy dance*

4/8/2012 #12

At least we can all agree. And I can play either of the two characters, Charlotte would be fun, but Ill have to learn more about her.

4/8/2012 #13


Its been about three years, and Robyn(human) decides its best to see her mom and dad again. She was in college, and her parents were the ones that are paying for her. But she know's its too much and wants to pay them back, so she gets a job. She knows it will take times but goes along with it anyway. (You decided the job :P) The Cullen's have just moved back to Fork's and are setting things up. Jasper, Emmett and Edward could be given list from Esme, telling them to go get the things she needs so they can seem "normal." All agree and go out shopping, Emmett get's lazy and decides to follow Jasper around. They go to the store that Robyn works at and then chaos happens.

(Just a thought!)

7/5/2012 #14

Because don't Robyn and Jasper lose contact, and then he gets with Alice and then they meet again later? I like that idea you said, Light! We should try to do just a normal un-themed rp sometime too.

7/5/2012 #15

Oh, no, grace. I think you're getting a little confused. In the original jasper/Robyn RP he never met Robyn in the army, those were two seperate storylines. :)

That sounds like an interesting idea, Light! I just have a few questions!

1. Is there an Alice and are she and Jasoer together in this idea?

2. Would this be post or pre twilight/breaking dawn?

7/6/2012 #16
So their only togther in the flashback?
7/6/2012 #17

Well, they were together in the one we were doing before, but they met under different circumstances. Jasper was with Alice, like in the books, but then he met Robyn as a human and eventually discovered that she was his real mate and she stepped out of the way so they could be together.

7/6/2012 #18

Ah I get it.

7/7/2012 #19

Any other questions you have for me Biv?? Oh, and if you want you can edit out my idea to have it make more sense :)

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #20

Hmm... Not as of now, let me rephrase this so it makes sense:

Robyn is a college student living in forks with a distant family member and is working to help pay her tuition fees. So she goes to university in Seattle and makes a commute?

Esme sends Jasper and Company out for groceries on a regular basis to help them appear normal and chaos ensues on one of Robyn's first days working in the store.

Alice and Jasper weren't together in this version, as Jasper is mated to Robyn, which Ali w has k iwn all along, so she did bring him to live with the Cullen's.And this is post-Renesmee and post- big-chat-with-Volturi.

Sound about right?

7/9/2012 #21

Hmm, yeah about right. :))

7/14/2012 #22

I like the idea! :) Can't wait to see how it actually plays out! :) :)

7/15/2012 #23

Great!! So, if everyone is on board, I'd like us to do this as our next RP. I think we should wait until some/most people have escaped the camp for real after the battle we're going to have when I get back and do it then, whenever that is. And if we ever want to go back to it, we can do a time jump to "present day" for them. How does that sound to everybody?

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #24

I think that sounds awesome, Biv! :) :)

7/15/2012 #25

Terrific, Miracle!! :D

7/15/2012 #26

Horrah!! People like it! XD

7/15/2012 #27
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